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Full text of "A bibliography of the historical literature of North Carolina"

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Bibliographical   Contributions 



ISTo.    -tS. 


OF    TMB 


STEPHEN    B.    WEEKS.    Ph.D. 

iMutH  bg  thr  libraru  of  Jbarbarli  mnibrre^ 


Already  issued  or  in  preparation: 

[Somt-  of  these  Contribulioiis  jtrc  out  of  priat.] 

VOL.    I. 

I.  Edward  S.  Holdek.    Index*C^talogncot  Books  and 

Memoirs  on  the  Transits  of  Mercury. 
s.  Justin  WiNSOR.   Shakespeare'i  Poems:  a  Bibliography 

of  the  Earlier  Editions. 

3.  Charles  Eliot  Norton.     Principal  books  relating  to 

the  Life  and  Works  of  Michelangeloi  with  Notes, 

4.  Justin  Winsor.     Pietis  et  Gratulalio.     An  Inquiry 

into  the  authorship  of  the  several  pieces. 

5.  List  of  Apparatus  in  different  Laboratories  of  the 

United    States,  available    for    Scientific    Researches 
involving  Accurate  Measurements. 

6.  The  Collection  of  Books  and  Autographs,  be- 

queathed to  Harvard  College  Library,  by  the  Honor- 
able Charles  Sumner. 

7.  William   C.   Lane.     The   Dante  Collections  in   Uie 

Harvard  College  and  Boston  Public  Libraries.    Pt.  I. 

8.  Calendar  of  the  Arthur  Lee  Manuscripts  in  Harvard 

College  Library, 

9.  George  Lincoln  Goodalb.    The  Floras  of  different 

10.  Justin  Winsor.    Halliwelliana:  a  Bibliography  of  the 
Publications  of  James  Orchard  Halliwell-Phillipps. 

11.  Samuel  H.  Scvdder.    The  Bntomologlca]  Libraries 

of  tlie  United  States. 
First  List  op  the  Publications  of  Harvard  Uni- 
versity and  its  Officers.     1870-1880. 
Samuel    H.    Scudder.     A    Bibliography  of  Fossil 

NVlLLiAM  H.  Tillinghast.    Notes  on  the  Historical 

Hydrography    of    the    Handkerchief    Shoal    in    the 

J.  D.  Whitney.     List  of  American  Authors  in  Geology 

and  Palxontology. 
Richard   Bliss.      Classified    Index  to  the    Maps  in 

Petennann*s    Geographische    Mittheilungen.      1855- 

Richard  Bliss.     Classified  Index  to  the  Maps  in  the 

Royal   Geographical    Society's    Publications.       1830- 


18.  Justin  Winsor.      The    Bibliography   of    Ptolemy's 


19.  Justin  Winsoh.      The  Kohl  Collection  of  Early  Maps. 
ao.    William    C,    Lane.       Index    to    Recent    Reference 

Liste,  no.  i.     iSS^-iSSj. 





VOL.   II. 

11.  Second  List  op  the  I^blications  of  Harvard  Uni> 
versity  and  its  Officers.     1S80-1SS5. 

93.  Justin  Winsor.  Calendar  of  the  Sparks  Manuscripts 
in  Harvard  College  Library, 

33.  William  H.  Tillinghast.  lliird  List  of  the  Publica- 
tions of  Harvard  University  and  its  Officers.  1885- 

14.  William  C.  Lane.  Index  to  Recent  Reference  TJsts, 
00.  a.    1SS5-1SS6. 

35.  W.  G.  Farlow  and  William  Tbelease.      IJst  uf 

Works  on  Nortli  American  Fungi. 

36.  William  C.  Lane.    The  Carlyle  Collection. 

37.  Andrew  McF.  Davis.    A  few  notes  on  the  Records 

of  Harvard  College. 
»8.  William  H,  Tillinghast.    Fourth  List  of  Publica. 
tions  of  Harvard  University  and  Its  Officers.     1SS6- 

99.  William  C.  Lane.     Index  to  Recent  Reference  Usts, 

no.  3.     1SS7. 

30.  Facsimile  of  the  autograph  of  Shelley's  poem  "To  a 

Skylark,"  with  notes. 

31.  W.  G.  Faklow.      Supplemental    List    of    Works    on 

North  American  Fungi. 

33.   H.C.  Badger.     Mathematiail   Theses,  1783-1839. 

33.  William  H.  Tillinghast.     Fifth  list  of  Publications 

of  Harvard  University  and  its  Officers.     1SS7-1SSS. 

34,  William   C.   Lane.      The  Dante  Collections  in  the 

Harvard  College  and  Boston  Public  Libraries. 
35-  George  E.  Woodberry.   Notes  on  the  ms.  of  Shelley 
in  the  Harvard  College  Library. 

36.  William   C.   Lane.    The  Treat  Collection  on   Rilu- 

alism  and  Doctrinal  Theology. 

37.  Frank  Weitenkampf.    Bibliography  of  Hogarth. 

VOL.   III. 

j8.  William  H.  Tillinghast.  Sixth  List  of  Publications 
of  Harvard  University  and  its  Officers.     i8$S-lSS9. 

39.  Alfred  C.  Potter.    Bibliography  of  Beaumont  and 


40.  William  C.  Lane.    Index  to  Recent  Reference  Lists, 

no.  4.    1890. 

41.  William  H.  Tillinghast.    Seventh  List  of  Publica- 

tions of  Harvard  University  and  its  Officers.     1S89- 

4a.  William  H.  Tillinghast.     The  Orators  and  Poets 

of  Phi  Beta  K.ippa,  Alpha  of  Massachusetts. 
4j.  Charles  Gross.    A  Cl^isslSed  List  of  Books  relating 

to  British  Municipal  History. 



William  H.  Tillinghast.  Eighth  List  of  Publica- 
tions of  Harvard  University  and  its  Officers.  1S90- 

William  C.  Lane  and  Charles  K.  Bolton.    Notes 
on  Special  Collections  in  American  libraries, 
45.  The  Class  of  iSaS,  with  a  list  of  the  publications  ot 
its  members. 

47.  William  H.  Tillinghast.    Ninth  list  of  Publications 

of  Harvard  University  and  its  Officers.     1S91-1S93. 

48.  Stefhe.v  B.  Weeks.    A  Bibliography  of  the  Historical 

Literature  of  North  Carolina. 

49.  M.  H.  Morgan.     A  Bibliography  of  Persius. 

50.  Andrew  McF.  Davis.     An  Analysis  of  the  Early 

Records  of  Harvard  College,  1636-1 75C1. 



STEPHEN  B.  WEEKS.  Ph.D.  (Joiixs  IIoprixs  Uxiv.). 

*•*  Tb«  tillrmli^  MM  caa  kt  cmuUitti  H  amfchu  man  lliaa  *  fnllMiauy  «atalo«a»  lu  M-n*  m  k  baato  fer  teMra 
woct  u>»»nl  «  fca  lad  r— >liti  Btl»B««»«yfcr  «f  th»  Ill*»rinil  iMmtmn  at  K««tli  C«rDU»».  Tb*  raUKtkoa  of  Ibi  HtMr 
IB  BaMcb.  orUw  VBi*OTM7  U  Clia|wl  liill.  ef  Ttiaitf  CaUrgii,  mhI  W«k«  Fomt  CMba*.  of  llw  JokM  BcpUM  t'BlTenilT. 
lk«  Mafykad  Hhteriral  aoctaqr,  lad  Ika  PrabaJj-  liitHBW  af  BahiaMn,  kan  k««a  nuariavd.  W«hl«a  aaarroiu  priTU- 
ftlittliaa,  n«  vork,  bfc**  la  1W7,  ha*  bxa  daaa  M  add  aoaHali  aad  aodrr  diarakka.  (or  caaplM*  trtii  of  magulon. 
Ska  Ika  JIbra  CWWiaa  CmtmnUt  JfmfmHm*,  Om  UHmf  mmd  Omr  Armf.  JUnd  r*  Ittt,  aad  AmU  MlmmHt.  whlrb  coalaia 
laaaar  kNory,  a««Ta«y  laia  aad  ala—t  iayaaitkla  la  ablala.  Tli«r»  to.  ■aiaeTir,  aa  Ufpa  eanactlon  of  th> 
rpapanaaaarkMa>yiaaxlM*Ma.  tiaa  diln  kan  kcaa  lakm  feaa  kaek  catalagBH^  kal  «kf  ncrrr 
pMrfUa  Ika  caOaliaa  kaa  kan  *aai  tiM  book  MMlt 

Jane*.  The  Malory  of  IW  Ameiiemii 
Indlatw;  partlcvlu-ljr iboM utlow ■4ioiaiac to Um 
MiMiaippi  [lu],  Eaat  and  W««t  Florhia,  OoorgU. 
Sovth  ami  North  Carolina,  ami  Vtryinla :  coirtafal- 
faif  an  accooDl  of  their  oriyia,  Ungiiafc,  maimeri. 
rtlifiooa  and  ciril  coaloma,  lava,  furm  of  go*tra- 
mrat,  fmaMumntU,  condnct  In  war  and  domntic 
life,  tbtir  fcaWti,  diei.  acricnliurc,  maoafaetam. 
dlitaaei  aad  Mctlioil  of  cure,  and  other  partieulart, 
•aflcteal  to  render  ll  a  i-omplete  Indian  tjMtwk. 
With  obaerrationi  on  formt-r  hiatoriant,  tlto  eoa- 
doct  of  our  colunjr  gox-mnrs,  •uperintendMita. 
■dMiaaarlM,  4e.  Alto  an  appenHix,  cuniaining  a 
deaeription  of  th«  Floriilaii  anil  Iha  Miaaiilppi  [nVJ 
laoda,  with  their  productiona — The  beneflia  of 
colonizing  Georgiana,  and  cirilizing  th«  Indiana  — 
Ami  the  wmj  to  make  all  the  colonlaa  aior*  rala- 
ablc  to  the  mother  coanlrjr.  With  a  nev  map  of 
tb«  eoontry  referred  to  in  the  history.  By  Jamra 
Adair,  Eaqaire,  a  trailer  vith  the  Indiana,  an'l 
rtaident  in  their  roontry  for  furty  yran.  London  : 
Printed  for  KIward  and  CharUa  Pilly.  in  Ihi- 
Poultry.     MUCCLXXV.     r.     pp.  tC4.     Map. 

A  Otnan  cdWM  ifpaafad  at  BrMlaa.  ina,  r ;  Is  K.  K  lii*-> 
AadqaWaa  af  Mexlea,  TaL  »,  LaMhm.  IMt^  r.  — Piixixu, 
nkdagrapky  ef  llw  Inqaataa  Laagaaara. 

Adab  paMa  a««  rariaw  cMaaa  af  Dm  laiBaaa  kartair  a 
•uMag  WHBiklaaci  la  Ihaa*  af  llw  inn;  aad  Ika  §mt 
ak^artaf  kl»  weifc  aypaaaa  la  ka  t»  fron  ihal  Ika  akintglan 
af  AaKitea  aea  daacaadad  feaa  Ikal  laca.  Ssan  dtitraac 
taaaatakaeaklkaapaa  kla  i«ati«iali.  ikkiagk  ka  klaa- 
aalf  aaya  Ikat  Ma  aaaanam  aiakir  HiifutlHrlMtmot 
Hi)adin.  —  Rich. 

lirrbert  Baxter  (I860-),  n.O.,  LL.D.. 
IVoftttor  of  Amrritait  and  lnttitiitiuKnt  History, 
JeknB  ttopkimi  f  aivrmfy.  Editor.  ( 'untribatioiu 
to  Ameriran  Eluralional  IlUlury.  Stt  SMmi. 
C.  L. 

Editor.  Johna  ilopkini  Unireraily  Stndica 

in  Ili'lorical  anil  I'oliliral  Scienre.     Srt  Wuaa, 
8lrt>li.  n  It. 

liov  lew  of  Draper'*  "  King'*  Mountain  and 

lu  lli-me*."      Tkt  \atiom,  I>er.  I,  18l«l. 

Alkoaiarlo  MaoHaM  of  North  Carolina,  traT- 
eranl  l>jr  tlie  Norfolk  A  Soulliero  Rallroail.  Nt-w 
Yiirk :  John  ('.  lUnkin.    I8M4.    f.    pp.81.    Map. 

rii|ia*iil  tnt  Nartk  dfOKI^BfatllVrm  at  1«M,  bjr  T.  S. 

The  Norfolk  A  Soothem  IUilroa.1  ami  ita 

commerrial  trilmtarie*,  by  Frank  A.  Hcywond. 
Norfolk :  Lanilmark.  IMI.  8*.  pp.  (M.  Map, 
tl I  utt  rations. 

TIm>   career  of    the   Cunfetlerate 
ram       Ctnl'iry.  IWW.  xxxri.  42O-440. 

Ilrr  ttrntmniou  aad  •rrrir*.  bjr  her  balklrr,  Cllbfn 
TMiott;  th«  "Albraiarlr"  and  Uw  '■8a«wu>,"  TAmut-i 
lloklra;  lb*  dr>UTa<nlaa  of  lli«  Allwaiiirlr,  W.  B.  ru>liliiir; 
Botrbyrapuiaof  lb*  Albnaartr,  A.  Y.  Warlrjr;  (//■•OrvMao* 
aad  mop». 

AlWrt.The  New  Hotel,  New  Bern,  N.  C.  1887. 
8*.     pp.  8S.      Tiro  ittuBtration: 

A  baMi  ailTrttlarawat,  bul  rooialnlnit  •nUH-  bll>  of  Inral 


Albrisht,  John  G.  A  sketch  of  the  senior 
reserves  of  Alamance  county.  Our  Living  and 
Our  Dead,  1874-75,  i.  134-137. 

Alderman,  Edwin  Anderson.  Address  at  the 
Guilford  Battle  Ground.  Greensboro,  N.  C. :  C.  F. 
Thomas.     1893.     8".     pp.  10. 

Dclirered  15  Oct.  1392,  at  the  dedication  of  tlie  monument 
to  the  Maryland  soldiers. 

Alexander,  S.  C.  An  historical  address  de- 
livered at  the  dedication  of  Baclc  Creek  church, 
21  March,  1857.  Salisbury  :  Herald  office.  1857. 
8°.     pp.  20. 

American  Exposition,  Boston.  Catalogue  of 
the  North  Carolina  exhibit  at.  Raleigh.  1884. 
8°.     pp.  63. 

Anderson,  George  Burgwyn,  (1881-1862), 
lirig.  (Jen.  C.  S.A.     See  Gales,  Seaton. 

Anderson,  Micajah.  His  life,  by  himself. 
Written  from  dictation  by  Benj.  Johnson,  J.  P. 
(colored)  of  Logsboro'  Township,  Edgecombe 
County.     Tarborougli.     1870.     8°. 

This  is  a  perfectly  natural,  unadorned,  and  unconnected 
narrative  of  the  religious  experience  and  domestic  troubles 
of  an  Edgecombe  Kehukee  Baptist  of  the  more  ignorant  type. 

Anderson,  Walker  (d.  1857),  LL.D.,  Chief 
.Justice  of  Florida.  Oration  on  the  life  and  char- 
acter of  Joseph  Caldwell.  Raleigh.  1835.  8". 
pp.  48. 

Delnered  ut  Chapel  Uill  il^ISSS. 

Arohdale,  John,  Governor  of  Carolina.  A 
new  description  of  that  fertile  and  pleasant  prov- 
ince of  Carolina,  with  a  brief  account  of  its  dis- 
covery, settling,  and  the  government  thereof  to 
this  time,  with  several  remarkable  passages  of 
divine  providence,  during  my  time.  London. 
1707.     4".     pp.  40. 

It  opens  with  a  homily  on  divine  providence,  deals  almost 
exclusively  with  South  Carolina,  and  does  not  state  expressly 
that  the  author  visited  Noith  Carolina.  Reprinted  in  Charles- 
ton, ]8'22,  and  included  in  Carroll's  ColUctionn,  New  York, 

and  some  of  hia  descendants.    SeeWKEKs, 

Stephen  B. 

A[»h],  T.[homas],  Oent.  Carolina;  or  a  de- 
scription of  the  present  state  of  that  country  and 
the  natural  excellences  thereof.     London.     1682. 

.\s)i  was  clerk  on  board  the  "  Richmond,"  which  was  sent 
out  in  1380,  with  instructions  to  inquire  into  tlie  state  of  the 
country,  and  returned  iii  1682.  This,  like  the  work  of  Samuel 
Wilson,  published  the  same  year,  is  a  glowing  description  of 
the  soil,  climate,  and  productions  of  Carolina.  I!e  consid- 
er* it  a  "  rich  Jewel,  which  it  has  pleased  God  to  add  to  the 
crown  of  his  king."  It  is  reprinted  in  Carroll's  //itiorlcai 
CollfctionUt  vol.  ii. 

Ashe  Family  of  North  Carolina.  See 
Wheeled,  John  II. 

Ashe,  John  (1720-1781),  Revolutionary  Gen- 
eral. Sketch  of,  in  a  letter  from  A.  M.  Hooper 
adilressed  to  Hon.  John  B.  Ashe.  N.  C.  Univ. 
mag.,  1854,  iii.  201-208. 

See  a  more  extended  memoir  by  A.  M.  Hooper  and  G.  J. 
McRee  (chiefly  by  the  former),  Ibid.  368-376.  Privately 
printed,  1854. 

Ashe,  Samuel  Acourt  (1840-),  Editor.  The 
battle  of  Moore's  Creek.  Wilmington  Journal, 
Feb.  187C. 

Centennial  address,  1876. 

Oration  on  Sir  Walter  Raleigh.  Proceed- 
ings North  Carolina  Press  Association,  1884,  8", 
pp.  13-20. 

A    chapter    of    North    Carolina    history 

[proceedings  at  Brunswick,  Feb.  1766].  Raleigh 
(N.  C.)  News  and  Observer,  Dec.  16  and  17, 

A  chapter  of  North  Carolina  history  re- 
vised,    /iirf.  31  Dec.  1886;  reprinted.     8°.    pp.10. 

Our  own  pirates  —  Blackbeard  and  Bonnet. 

Ibid.  June,  1887. 

The  adoption  of  the  Federal  Constitution. 

Ibid.  16  Aug.  1887. 

The  seven  years'  strife  over  unequal  rep- 
resentation.    Ibid.  7  Sept.  1887. 

North  Carolina's  delay   in   adopting  the 

constitution.     Ibid,  11  Sept.  1887. 

North  Carolina's  attitude  as  to  the  ratifi- 
cation of  tlie  constitution.  Fayetteville  Observer, 
Nov.  1889. 

Delivered  at  the  Fayetteville  centennial,  Nov.  21, 1889. 
The  special  tax  bonds. 

The   charge   at   Gettysburg.      Reprinted 

from  News  and  Observer.     [Raleigh.]     8°.    pp.  16. 

An  historical  review  of  North  Carolina. 

Introduction  to  "  Eminent  and  representative  men  of  the 

Carutinas,"  ii.  Madison,  Wis.  1892.  See  Brant  and 

AsheviUe,  N.  C.  n.  p.  1886.  12°.  pp.  66. 

A  pamphlet  intended  to  present  the  advantages,  resources, 
possibilities,  and  attractious  of  Ashevillc. 

Album  of  scenery  of,  and  surrounding  sec- 
tions of  country.  New  York  :  Adolph  Witteraann. 
N.  i>.     24°.     [Copyright  1887.] 

Assembly  Sketch  Book.  Session  1877. 
Raleigh.     1877.     8°.     pp.  45. 

Called  for  this  year  "  Legislative  Record,  vol.  i.  no.  1,"  of 
winch  no  more  were  published.  <»ives  titles  of  acts  passed 
as  well  as  sketches.  Prepared  by  R.  A.  Sh<ttwell  and  Nat. 
II.  Atkinson. 

Session  1879.   Raleigh.    1879.   8°.  pp.162. 

Session  1883.    Raleigh.    1883.    8°.    pp.  4. 


Session  1885.    Raleigh.    1885.    8".    pp.  48. 

Biographical  sketches  of  legislators.    Books  for  1879, 188C. 

1885,  prepared  by  J.  S.  Tomlinson. 

Session  1887.    Raleigh.    1887.    8°. 

Session  1893.   Raleigh.   1893.   12' 

pp.  48. 
pp.  134. 


AtUaaam,  George  F.  Sketch  of  NichoU*  Mmr- 
eellat  Menu.  JoarnaJ  Etiika  MUektll  StxeniiJU 
Society,  1887,  ir.  pt.  1,  pp.  13-16. 

Preliminary  caulogne    of    the  bird*   of 

North  Carolina,  with  notes  on  come  of  the  specie*. 
Ibid.  pL  2,  pp.  44-«7. 

Atklaam.  JoMph  M.  Addreu  before  HiMori- 
eal  Society  of  North  Carolina.  .V.  C  U»i9.  wtrng., 
1856.  T.  885-408. 

Oa  <ari]r  mtlitmrmt  la  5onh  Camllaa 

Atlriaa— .  Thoraaa  (1807-1881).  D.D.,  LL.D., 
Prot.  Eitit.  Bp.  of  .V.  C.  Sermon  commemoratiTc 
of;  portmlt.     Stt  Lat,  Henry  C. 

Editorial  on  death  of.      Scmtik  AtUuUit, 

1880-81,  Ti.  497-MS. 

Atw^ti.  Battle  of.  Soulktm  Uittorieal 
Socitly  I'aptrt,  tU.  ;  Gen.  WiUlam  B.  Taliafi-rru'i 
report  of,  pp.  81-84 ;  Captain  Graham  Dare*'  cor- 
rection, lift-IM;  General  Taliafirrro't  lettar  of 
eiplanation,  rJJS.     Aw  IIcClcbo,  A.  C. 

ATwry.  Alfonao  Calhoun  (IM35-),  LL.D..  Jut- 
Mm  Suprtwu  Ct.,  A'.  C.  Sketch  o£  S*»  Smhh'i 
Wttttm  Korlk  Carolina. 

Sketch  of  Burke  eomty.  X.  C.      SaMi** 

Wttttm  .\'»r1k  C^roiimM,  pp.  8S-1SI. 

nm  pablUh*!  hi  Mii^liia  MraM,  Jbm,  Jalr,  Aaf., 

Awmrj.  luac  Erwin  (18M-188S),  Cot.  C.  8.  A. 
SkMch  of.     .V  C.  rate.  Ma^..  1890-91,  x. 
8m  alto  Smith'*  Wttttm  Xorlk  Carolina  tor 

AvMT.  Waixhutill  (1745-lHSl).  Blocraphical 
aketch  of,  with  illaitratir*  mm.  X.  C.  Vmio.  wutf., 
1M5,  ir.  243-264. 

Awarj.  William  Wai«hl«till  (1816-1864),  M.  C. 
(Conftdtratt).  Adilreaa  before  literary  locietiea 
of  the  Univrnity  of  North  Carolina.  Jane  4,  18S1. 
Raleigh:  W.  W.  Holden.     18S1.     8*.    pp.  SS. 

On  pro«rM*  aad  niMoa  of  Xacth  CafoUaa. 

Awary.  William  Bailey,  Capl.  U.  S.  A.  The 
marine  artillery  with  tlie  Bomaiile  expedition,  aad 
the  battle  of  Canxlen.  N.  C.  ProTidance.  1880. 
nn.  4*.  Ptrtonal  Xnrralirtt  of  tin  Solditnf  and 
Sailort'  Hifterical  Sotitty  of  Rkodt  Iiland,  mtIm 
2,  no.  4 


lar.GMTge  Edmund  (17M-1866),  LL.D., 
iVary,  U.  8.  Staalor.    Sketch  of,  by  WilUao 
Eatoa.    Land  Wt  Lot*,  1866, 1.  88S-SS8. 

Dedal  rnBUaoMMM  ot    lUd.Kt-tM. 

Diaconrae  on  the  life  and  character  of. 

8**  Obaham.  William  A. 

Bailey.  Chrittopher  Thoma*  (183A-),  D.P.. 
KdUor.  North  Carolina  Baptist  Almanac  Raleigh. 
I8I»S,  to  date.     V. 

I  ilufchM  ef  BaytM  ■Inltwn  aad 

BaOay.  William  H.  (I831-),  LL.D.  Col.  Ben- 
jamin HilL  A'.  C.  Unit,  tag.,  1889-90,  iz.  41-«2 ; 
correction*  to,  143. 

Slate  of  religion  in  the  proTlnce  of  North 

Carolina,     fbid.  1S9-I88. 

Provincial  reminiieence*.    lUd.  1890-81, 

X.  31-48. 


Baiji.  Donald  William  (1841-1893).  HUtory 
of  Edenlon  *treet  Sunday  ichool  of  the  Methoditt 
Bpiacopal  Charch  Sooth,  Kaleigh,  N.  C,  with  per- 
gonal ikytcbf*  and  notice*  of  the  intrutloction 
of  the  Sunday  *chool  work  in  Raleigh.  Raleigh, 
N.  C. :  Edward*.  Broughton  *  Co.  1881.  24*. 

Bameroft,  George  (1800-1891).  History  of  tba 
United  State*. 

TIM  wctioas  niadac  le  Uw  ••MteaMat  aaJ  growth  s( 
Naitb  CwaUaa  Sf*  nty  Ml  aad  I 

A  centennial  historical  a<l<lreM, 
delivered  before  the  Presbytery  of  FayetteTillc,  at 
thr  Blutr  Church.  18  October,  1868.  Fayetterille  : 
Pmbjfttrian  oAce.     1858.     8*.     pp.  14. 

— —  Address  on  border  warfare  in  North 
Carolina  daring  the  ReTolution.  FayetteTiUa. 

SketchofJaoM* C.Dobbin.     If.  C.  Unit. 

1859-60.  iz.  ni-SlT. 

(ar.  Daniel  Morean  (1806-1878),  M.C, 
HimiMtr  to  Spain.  Sketch  of.  Liring $ton'$  Bio- 
frapkieat  mof.  [(.  1850],  i.  51,  portrait. 

Barria«ar.  Kufu*  (18S1-),  Brig.  Otn.  C.  8.  A. 
Cavalry  •keti-hf*  ami  the  cavalry  flgbt  at  Cham- 
berlain's Run.  Our  Liring  and  Oar  Dtad,  1875, 
iU.  787-744;  also  in  Land  Wi  I,ort,  1867-68. 
It.  1-6. 

Early  German  settlements  in  eastern  Ca- 

barms  county.  WhSeflrt  Ktminitctntt$  and  Me- 
moirt  of  A'ortk  Carolina,  xxziz.-xlviii. ;  also  in 
y.  C.  Unit,  mag.,  1888-84.  iU.  S75-S89;  also 
printed  separately,  8*,  pp.  10. 

r,  John  (1749-1831).  Early  history  of  John 
Barr,  written  by  himself,  with  a  *ketch  of  his  char- 
acter by  S.  M.  Andrew*.  Phila/ielphia :  Presby- 
terian Board  of  Publication.     1853.     S4*.    pp.  80. 

Coataia*  a  few  Iwidental  pictam  of  tocittj  aad  cnltor* 
la  Boa  sa  eoantj  *o<l  A^ljointng  M-ctlon*,  litii  t«  oioatjy  a 
hMorr  of  Ch«  Innrr  lifr. 

WillUm  (1789-1838).  Sketch  of 
John  (1699-1777)  and  William  Bartram.  Popular 
Stitne*  Monthly,  1892,  zl.  837-«89. 

TU*  artiel*  sseltoa*  a  Joamal  of  •  trip  made  cbroagh  Iho 
CtooUaasialTMaadsrallelmiiaadlnlTM.  A  pottiatlaf 
WnHaai  Baitraas  sppsand  la  lb*  aamb«r  for  Rvpt.  IMt. 


William.  Travels  through  North 
t  South  Carolina,  Georgia,  East  &  West  Florida, 
the  Cherokee  country,  the  extensive  territories  of 
the  Muscogulges,  or  Creek  confederacy,  and  the 
country  of  the  Chactaws ;  containing  an  account 
of  the  soil  and  natural  productions  of  those 
regions,  together  with  observations  on  the  manners 
of  the  Indians.  Philadelphia :  James  &  Johnson. 
MDCCXCI.      8°.     pp.  xxxiv.  522.     Copper-plates. 

English    editions :    London,    1792,    1794. 

Dublin,  1793. 

A  German   edition :    William  Bartram's 

Reisen  durch  Nord-  und  Sud-Karolina,  ***  Aus  dem 
Englischen.  Mit  erliiuternden  anmerkungen  von 
E.  A.  W.  Zimmermann,  Hofrath  und  Professor  in 
Braunschweig.     Berlin.     1793.     sm.  8°.     pp.  469. 

A  French  edition  :  Voyage  dans  Ics  parties 

sud  de  rAm6rique  septentrioiiale ;  savoir :  les 
Carolines  septentrionale  et  meridionale,  **♦  trad. 
de  I'angl.  par  P.  V.  Benoist.  Paris.  An  VII 
[1799].     2  vols.     12°.     pp.  457,  map,  436. 

Another  edition :  An  IX  [1801]  C/.  Pillinsr's  Bibliography 
of  the  Iroquoian  Languages. 

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A  North  Carolina  monastery.       Mag.  of 

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Battle,  Jeremiah.  The  county  of  Edgecombe 
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i.  145-158. 

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Univ.  of  N.  C.  and  Prof,  of  history  there.  History 
of  Christ  Church.  Raleigh:  Raleigh /)at7y  ^en^tne/. 

History  of  the  counties  of  Nortli  Carolina. 

Not  same  as  the  **  I^Aines  of  the  counties  "  below. 

Sketches  of  the  early  history  of  the  city  of 

Raleigh.  Raleigh  :  Raleigh  JVews.  1877.  8°.  pp.71. 

Centennial  wMress,  July  4,  1876,  delivered  at  request  of 
board  of  aldermen. 

Address    before    alumni    association    of 

Univ.  of  North  Carolina,  Jan  26,  1881.  Pro- 
eeedings  Alumni  Association.  Raleigh  :  Edwards, 
Broughton  &  Co.     1881.     8°.     pp.  12-32. 

'■  Benjamin  Smith,  soldier,  statesman,  phil- 
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Address  on  the  history  of  the  buildings  of 

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iii.  75-89. 

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vii.  1-6. 

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The  names  of  the  counties  of  North  Caro- 
lina and  the  history  involved  in  them.  Winston, 
N.  C.  :  William  A.  Blair.     1888.     12°.     pp.38. 

First  published  in  the  .Schoolteacher  (now  The  Southern 
Educator),  for  January,  February,  and  .March,  1887. 

Sketches  of  the  history  of  tlie  University 

of  North  Carolina.     1889.     8°.     pp.  63. 

An  address  on  the  history  of  the  Supreme 

Court[of  N.  C.].  Raleigh:  Edwards  &  Broughton. 
1889.     8°.     pp.  76. 

Delivered  in  tlie  hall  of  the  House  of  Representatives, 
February  4tli,  1889,  at  the  request  of  the  members  of  the 
court  and  of  the  bar,  in  commemoration  of  tlie  first  occu- 
pancy  l)y  the  court  of  the  new  supreme  court  building, 
March  5th,  1888.  First  printed  as  an  appendix  to  volume 
103  of  the  Reports  of  the  Supreme  Court  of  North  Carolina, 
and  reprinted. 

Reasons  for  North  Carolina's  delay  in  rati- 
fying the  constitution.  Fayetteville  Observer, 
Nov.  — ,  1889. 

Address  on  the  life  and  services  of  Briga- 
dier General  .Tethro  Sumner,  at  the  battle  ground 
of  Guilford  Court  House,  July  4th,  1891.  Greens- 
boro :  Reeoe  &  Elam.     1891.     8°.     pp.51. 

The  same  article  condensed  in  .Vagazine  of  American 
m»tory,  Dec.  1891,  xivi.  415-t33. 

Colonial     laymen    in     North    Carolina. 

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Justice  Supreme  Ct.  of  N.  C.  Sketch  of;  portrait. 
Livingston's  Biographical  magazine  [c.  1850], 
ii.  771-778;  reprinted. 

Obituaries,  funeral,   and   proceedings  of 

the  bar  in  memory  of.  Raleigh,  N.  C.  :  Uzzell  & 
Wiley.     1879.     8°.     pp.  32.     Portrait. 

Remarks  by  Hon.  Joseph  B.  Batchelar 

and  Chief  Justice  Merrimon  at  the  presentation  of 
the  portrait  of,  to  the  Supreme  Court  of  North 
Carolina.  Raleigh  :  Edwards  &,  Broughton.  1892. 
8°.     pp.  20. 

The  best  sketch  of  Judge  Battle  published. 

Address   on   the    life    and    character    of 

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Memoir   of  Leonard   Henderson.      Ibid. 

1859-60,  ix.  193-202. 


BsttU.  WillUm  Horn,  LL.D.  Utmoit  of 
CUef  Joitice  John  LoaU  Taylor.  fUd.  1859-«). 

Judge  Haloed  and  hia  early  cooumpo- 

rariet  at  the  bar.     Ibid.  1M0-6I,  x.  a04-Sl<. 

Jadge  Gaaton  ai  a  Iherary  man.      Hid. 

lMO-61,  X.  257-269. 

Addrcaa  befora  literary  tocietiea  of  Uni- 

varaily  of  North  Carolina,  Jane  1,  IMS.  Rakigh : 
WUliam  B.  Smith  *  Co.     186«.     V.    pp.  19. 

Ob  nriy  kMeir  of  Vtimwttj. 

A  Report  of  the  proeeedingi  In  the  Habea* 

Csrpoa  Caies,  on  the  petition  of  Adolphn*  O. 
Ifoere  and  olhen,  from  tlie  coanty  of  Alamance, 
and  of  John  Kerr  and  otlierf,  from  the  eowi^  of 
Cajwell.  before  the  Chief  Jnatice  «f  the  Bmfnm* 
Conrt  of  North  Carolina  at  chamber* ;  and  in  the 
eajee  of  the  mum  petitionen  before  the  >IUtrict 
jodge  of  the  United  State*,  for  the  dUtrict  of 
North  Carolina,  in  the  dl*trict  court  at  Saliabury, 
and  aftervard  at  Raleigh ;  and  aUo,  In  the  eaae  of 
tjent.  Culoncl  Burgen,  before  the  United  Slate* 
drcnit  Jodge,  for  the  foorth  drcnit,  at  chamber*. 
In  the  district  of  North  Carolina.  Raleigh :  ViA- 
ola  4  Ooraaa.     1870.     •*.    pp.  UI. 

Digeet  North  Carolina    Saprema    Ce«it 

de«ajioni,  rol.  lii. 


I  eean  lapMWn,  tnt-UM. 

-V.  C. 

BatUe,  WilUam  Jamee  (1870-),  t%.D. 
dieation  of  the  aettler*  of  North  Carolina. 
Umi9.  mag.,  1887-M,  tU.  >5»-M1. 

EiUur.    Otalogaeofthe  —mbewofthe 

Dialectie  Society  inititoted  in  the  Univerdly  of 
North  Carolina,  June  8,  1795,  together  with  hia- 
torical  tketche*.   [Baltimore :  I*aac  Fricdenwald.] 

i8sa   r. 

,»t.t-M.    ri«al«oi.  pp.  tl-im.    Ka«nrlacor 

B«ya*4,  Thoma*  Franda  (1888-).  8«c  Stait, 
v.  S.  Addre**  at  the  celebration  of  the  Mecklen- 
barg  DecUration  of  lad*pail*iie* ;  reprinted  fhMB 
Cbwiotu  Daiig  OUtrtmr.    IMS.    r.    pp.  IS. 

■•  Ob  Uw  IMk.  ar  «■  Ih*  IM  af  May.  17T».~ 

f,  W.  F.  The  Forty  .eighth  North  Caro- 
lina troop*  at  Sharpebnrg.  Our  Lwimg  and  Our 
Dtad,  1874-75,  1.  830. 

f.  John  D. ,  Jr.     Sketch  of  Oen.  Robert 
How*.     [Wilmington,  N.  C.    «.  1879.] 

Darid.       General    hi*tory    of    ttie 
Baptiat  deoominatloo  in  America.     1848,  I8M,  tU. 


Xonli  C*nll*B,  pp.  «-1W;   npihuJ  la  CW.  «m.  ^ 
jr.  C  latT,  V.  1 

Daniel  K.  (IA.tO-),  Bapt.  mimitttr. 
Chronology  of  North  Carolina,  showing  when  the 
moat  remarkable  erent*  connected  with  her  history 
took  place,  ftrom  the  year  1584  to  the  preient  time, 
with  wplanatory  note*.  New  Tork :  Jame*  M. 
Edney.     1858.     13*.    pp.  144. 

OKrt*  BMa  af  lb*  foraiBon,  Jade**  of  Ih*  aeperior  umI 
•Vaaa*  aaaita,  apaafcan  o(  Ih*  kat/t  of  eaaawa*  lad  at 
aaaalc,  aMw—jra  giainl.  a*u*laila»  af  itara,  tiiaaaraia, 
iiilHiiillin,  iiaalnaa  aad  iipwaiflltia,  wkb  a  Uat  ef  Ih* 
■ewipapcn  peUlnUd  la  lUa. 

,Ri*den  Tyler  (1840-).  Biographical 
iketch  of  Atla*  Jone*  Dargan.  Wmdiiore  Inlrl- 
UgtHttr.  July  19,  tA,  Aug.  1,  1888. 

Biographical  akelch  of  Brig.  Gen.  Janin* 

Dairiel.  Soulhtm  llUtorieal  Socittj/  Paptrt, 
inc.  xrUi.  840-849 ;  eondenaed  in  Raleigh  AWm 
and  OitTTtr,  M«y  — ,  1888. 

John  (17S6-18S8).      Retrospcctiooa 
of  America,  1797-1811.      New  York:    Harper  ft 
Brother*.     1887.     IT. 
Tka  CareUaaa,  riMp.  la.  pp. : 

0.  D.  (18*7-),  Luik.  minitUr. 
Hiftory  of  the  German  (cttlement*  and  of  the 
L«lheran  Cbnrch  in  North  and  Sooth  Carolina, 
from  the  carlleit  period  of  the  coloniaation  of  the 
Dutch,  German,  and  Swiu  leitler*  to  the  clote  of 
the  flnt  half  of  the  preaent  century.  Philadelphia : 
L«lheraa  Book  Store.     187S.     IT.    pp.  567. 

n*  Batkor  I*  a  llii— *  by  Uftk  aad  tuun  tally  iats  <b* 
ipMl  at  kk  week,  b  la  baMd  aa  ocigiaal  teeRw,  and  th* 
n«rek  Ibr  aBliilali  w««  rxlMaadn.  Xvcty  eoloay  of  U«r. 
BMa*  la  Ih*  naralhMi  waa  mead  M  M*  origla;  ailialiiMiy 
Ji*ia*h,  tKmt  U  hat*  b**a  **al  by  th*  Ifsl  ailalalan  la 
Xartb  CkraMaa  «•  Oamaay  aad  pabiiabad  Chan,  be*  a* 
laae*r  fcaowa  to  asM,  wan  »eegbt  fee  *ad  *blata«d  la 
Sanvai  ekarrk  ncarda,  turn  raeaada,  wlaani  af  ayBods 
aad  priT»N  >D«rBBU  war*  caaMaatly  aaad. 

The  flr«t  twenty  year*  of  the  hiatory  of 

St.  Faul'a  Erangelical  Lutheran  Church,  Wilming- 
ton, N.  C.     WilmingHB,H.  •  :  8.  O.  Hall.     1879. 

t*.  pp.  n. 

Batkamy  Caataaalal.     5m  Johhbtok,  F.  H. 

Bic«a.  Joseph  (1776-1844),  PUttor  of  Bapiitl 
Church  at  Skticarktjf.  A  concise  history  of  the 
Kehakee  Baptist  Association,  from  its  original  rise 
to  the  present  time.  Printnl  and  published  by 
George  Howard,  ofllce  of  the  Tarborongh  (N.  C.) 
Frtt  Preu.     1834.     IT.     pp.  297. 

This  Is  s  wiartBeaHoa  of  lb*  hl*lacy  of  EMrn  Barkitt  and 
Baad  (q.  *.]  aad  part  I.  lapiodac**  Ibair  work  «xr«pt  th* 
blataay  at  tb*  ibawb**.  Part  II.  b  a  eoBUniiatloB  to  in*. 
wMh  a  MalirT  *f  th*  *■  ibii  l>«a  to  tb*  aaaorlattoo. 

BlaakaaU.  Oscar  W.  (1853-)  [puvdonym. 
David  Dolge].  Free  negroe*  of  North  Carolina. 
AUantU  MoHtUf,  Jan.  1888,  IriL  SO. 

Domeatlc  economy  in  the  Confederacy. 

rhid.  Aag-  1886,  Will.  229. 



Blaobnall,  Oscar  W.  Tlie  cave  dwellers  of 
the  Confederacy.     Ibid.  Oct.  1891,  liviii.  614. 

Home  scenes  at  the  fall  of  the  Confed- 
eracy.    Ibid.  May,  1892,  Ixix.  661. 

A   word   for  winter  in   North  Carolina. 

Outing,  March,  1891 ;  xvii.  452. 

The  runaway  negro.  Kate  Field's  Wash- 
ington, Oct.  12,  1892. 

Blakeley,  Johnston  (1781-1814),  Capt.  U.  S. 
sloop  of  war  "  Wasp."  Biographical  sketch  of. 
See  Johnson,  Joseph,  M.D. 

Blome,  Richard.  The  present  state  of  His 
Majesties  isles  and  territories  in  America,  viz.  : 
Jamaica,  Barbadoes  .  .  .  New  Jersey,  Pensilvania, 
Carolina,  Virginia,  New  England,  Maryland,  New 
York,  &c.,  &c.  With  new  maps  of  every  place. 
Ix>ndon.     1687. 

Carolina,  pp.  150-182,  map,  which  is  reproduced  in  the 
JVar.  and  Crtt.  Iliit.  America,  v.  341.  Tliere  were  later 
editions  in  1688  and  1697. 

Description  of  the  island  of  Jamaica,  with 

the  other  isles  and  territories  in  America.    London. 

Has  a  "  General  map  of  Carolina." 

Bloomt,  William  (1749-1800),  Gov.  of  Tenn. 
Account  of  life  and  services  of;  portrait.  See 
Wright,  Marcus  J. 

Bond,  W.  R.,  Capt.  C.  S.  A.  Pickett  or  Petti- 
grew?  An  historical  essay.  Weldon,  N.  C.  :  Hall 
&  Sledge.     [1888.]     8°.     pp.  40. 

Claims  the  honors  of  the  assault  the  third  day  at  Gettys. 
burg  for  Pettigrew's  North  Carolinians  agiunst  Pickett's 

Boyle,  E.  Mountain  slopes  and  river  banks  of 
North  Carolina.  Overland  Monthly,  May,  1883, 
N.  8.,  i.  536. 

BroKK.  Thoma.s  (1810-1872),  Gov.  of  N.  G. 
Sketcli  of ;  portrait.     See  Cowpek,  Pulaski. 

Branoh,  Lawrence  O'Bryan  (1820-1862),  Brig. 
Gen.  C.  S.  A.  Oration  on  the  life  of;  portrait. 
See  Hdguks,  John. 

Brant  and  Fuller,  Compilers.  Cyclopaedia 
of  eminent  and  representative  men  of  the  Carolinas 
of  the  nineteenth  century.  Madison,  Wis. :  Brant 
&  Fuller.     1892.     4°. 

Vol.  i.  South  Carolina. 

Vol.  ii.  North  Carolina.  Preliminary,  pp.  viii. ;  historical 
sketch  i>y  S.  A.  Aslie,  pp.  17-3" ;  biographical  sketches, 
38-fl61 ;  4M  f ketches,  58  portrait!. 

While  this  book  is  largely  of  the  "pay  and  go  in"  type, 
there  is  much  to  recommend  it.  Many  of  the  engravings  arc 
excellent,  and  it  really  covers  the  wliole  history  of  North 
Carolina.  Many  of  tlic  sketches  of  the  earlier  men  are  tlie 
work  of  Capt.  S.  A.  Ashe,  who  undertook  the  task  largely 
because  of  the  opportunity  here  offered  to  preserve  their 

Brewer,  Fisk  P.  (d.  1890).  Memoir  of  David 
L.  Swain.  N.  E.  Historic  and  Genealogical  Reg- 
ister, Oct.  1870,  x.xiv.  349-353,  portrait.  Re- 
printed, pp.  8. 

Poor  and  unreliable. 

Brlokell,  John,  jtf./J.  Sketch  of .  5«<  Weeks, 
Stephen  B. 

The  Natural  History  of  North-Carolina. 

With  an  account  of  the  trade,  manners,  and  customs 
of  the  christian  and  Indian  inhabitants.  Illustrated 
with  copper  plates,  whereon  are  curiously  en- 
graved the  map  of  the  country,  several  strange 
beasts,  birds,  fishes,  snakes,  insects,  trees,  and 
plants,  &c.     Dublin :  James  Carson.     1737.     8°. 

Title,  1  1.;  preface,  iii.-vi;  subscribers,  vii.-xv.;  Natural 
History,  1-408 ;  republished  with  new  title-page  in  1743. 

"An  almost  exact  verbal  transcript  of  Lawson's  History, 
without  acknowledgement  on  the  part  of  the  author,  or  even 
a  hint  that  it  is  not  original.  Periods  and  paragraphs  are 
transposed;  parts  are  occasionally  omitted,  and  words  here 
and  there  interpolated;  but  as  a  whole,  a  more  daring  piece 
of  plagiarism  was  never  executed."  —  Jarkd  Sparks  in  No. 
Am.  Rer.,  xxiii.  288. 

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A  commencement  oration  at  the  University,  delivered  with 
the  design  of  raising  an  endowment  for  a  chair  of  history. 


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pp.  xxl.  427.     Portrait: 

Th«  Mum/  aid  addwKM  ddlTCrad  at  Um  Irat  ccalcnaial 
MM  aMtiiw  btM  ia  BaWck.  March  n  to  M,  167«. 

Prt»etpmlcm>ti»l»:  Th»  picaief  fcaaehaw  rf  With  Cai»- 
Uaa— tbcir  itfacflfa  1011  Btaavfea,  by  lUr.  W.  M.  Bobqr, 
pp.  I«^;  «aa».  br  V.  C.  Doab,  a»-T«:  Tha  ittntudOtm 
•ad  MMary  of  MxhodtHB  la  Haleifb.  N.  C,  hj  Bar.  JL  W. 
Miataw  pp.  T*-Ua;  UlMarkal  (kxcfc  o(  Ufambara  Fa- 
■ab  CoOofft,  b7  Bar.  Dr.  T.  II.  Joaao,  pp.  IM-in;  BlMorl- 
ral  •«»<<*  oTTltBitrOaikta,  by  Bar.  Dr.  &  Craraa,  pp.  IT*- 
IM;  HiMaftcal  •ktarb  of  DoTcapatt  Fnaili  OaOtga,  br 
BcTv  W.  M.  Babaj,  pp.  MS-SM;  Bak«7  ■■  *a  M*  Md 
tabar*  of  Bar.  FMar  Doab,  D.D..  by  Bar.  M.  L.  Woad. 
pp.  S44-«>;  FMMa  la  N'octh  CaroUaa  BlMcy,  f.  tH; 
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LMNel  (1 750-1807),  and 
Jew*.  Bmft.  mtimitltrt.  Hiatory  of  iIh>  Kehukve 
Bapliat  aMocfalion.  Halifax  (N.  C.)  :  Abrmhan 
Hodce.  1808.  le*.  pp.  319.  RrpobUah«l,  FhUft- 
delphis,  18M. 

a—  aln  Biaaa,  Iwipb,  lirf  lliaaiii,&  B^mdM^tm 
hlitoiy  aad  aoatfaaaUaa  af  Ihia  vaik. 

I  cblkk  ibb  to  Iha  tarHaM  1  liiai  Imad  to  Iho  aiata  •■ 
pay  part  of  bor  binary. 

Bar,  Jamea  Qr«M  (18I7-).  Tha  ThaUu 
uMK-ialion  of  WUnlogtoa,  V.  C,  with  iketehca 
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Sketch  uf  Si.  Jamro'i  pariah,  WUniin(ton, 

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Tb*  "UlMarteal  Xacteao**  of  Bar.  B.  B.  DiaM  («.  r.), 
»alar(T4  oad  biuagbt  da»a  Is  dot*. 

The  Harmitagc.     188ft.    8*.    pp.  18.     Be- 

prinlmi   aa    "  The    HarmitaKC,    Borgwin'a    leat.' 
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■■IT.  W.  II.  The  Mccklanbvrf  daclnrmttoa, 
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Jane,  1887;  alao  7V»/*  Strkrr.  Aok  X).  IMS. 

»,  Falrio*  Hayood.  The  wrvicca  of 
tha  North  Carolina  Jooior  RrMrrea  (drll  war). 
Raklfh  A'twt  mmd  OUtmr,  SO  Umj,  IWi. 

Addrrao  bofcn    lb<    I.«IIm    Mowwlal     Hiiiiihllw    of 

Ralficli.May.  I«n 

at,  Ooorga  Marie.  HIalain  tt 
I  da*  coloolea  Aagloiaea  dana  I'AmMqaa 
»,  o4  Ton  troore  I'itat  actoel  d«  latir 
I  at  4at  detaita  cniienx  far  la  cowlHa- 
tio*  da  laar  (ovranaMat,  priocipalement  lar  ccini 
da  la  HoaTille  An(lMam,  da  la  Caroline  et  dc  la 
OaoTfia.  ALoodrM.  (Paria.)  17t«.  1>*.  pp.szlT. 

TV rr  wrr*  tiro  lOtiiai  al  hfia  aad  oao  01  La  Rayr  la 
1TM.  Apart  cfHwaatnaihl  I  ao  IV  Prttmt  SlmU  ^ 
Mwrtk  AmtrUm,  aad  pabWihil  la  I 

Batd-DaaoM  waa  Iba  aatbor  of  Mmairm  aar  la  liom. 
(tfaao,  ITia,  Ac.  Ha  wa*  aa  oOoor  fai  tha  nrriea  of  rraace 
aad  waa  cnplayod  twoaty  tre  year*  la  Lo«»Woa»  A  Span- 
toll  trmaalalloe,  naalir.  appnred  la  Madrid,  ITW.  — Rica. 

I.  Jarri*  Barry  (1792-1851).  D.D.  Bio- 
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3S.  Near  Tork :  D.  Appleton  A  Company.  1852. 
8*.     pp.  694.     Portrait. 

Burton,  Jarria,  D.D.,  EpU.  aiMtufer.  The 
chnrcb  in  America,  particnlarly  in  North  Carolina, 
in  ill  early  hi*tory.  Amtriean  Church  Rerinr, 
reprinted,  pp.  16. 

Byaa^,  Emeat  Taylor,  A.B.  Seven  yaara  of 
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Byrd.  William.  The  Weatorer  ManuacripU : 
cunuining  the  history  of  the  dJTiding  line  betwixt 
Virginia  and  North  Carolina;  A  journey  to  the 
land  of  Eden,  A.t>.  17S3;  and  A  progrcH  to  the 
Written  bum  1728  to  1786.  ami  now  fint 
Frtanbnrg:  Edmnnd  and  Julian  C. 
IMl.     r.    pp.  It.  14S. 

DlrUlaglter.  1-iaS;  Load  of  Bdoa,  M»-Ut;  Pragioaa  la 
the  Blasa.  ia-l4a. 

New   edition.       Riehmood,    Va.       1886. 


mt  talHibil  al  the  aapaMa  of  llmBaa  H.  Wyaaa  ol 
Blobanal.  Thk  illia  waa  tnm  tha  otlglaali;  tha  odMea 
Of  lou  oony  Bwpowoi  mbb  Mroaipino* 

"Tbo  ■aaaaolpti  adbr  abaadaac  lalaiaai  atkteaer  that 
Ibay  wore  aihua  Btrolylfar  tha  ■■anaiat  of  Ibt  aatbor 
aad  tor  tbt  penal  of  bla  luaUy  aad  MnMla,  aad  aot  with 
aay  rlaw  la  tbrir  bda«  prtotad."— rtadM*  ta  ad.  af  IMl. 

«  Maay  lagndaw  m^  abawrf  la  IM>  ■■■oli  by  Byrd, 

wUrhhiaMlaradahaiaaaf  tkapoaplaof  htaowa  6uu 
•ad  af  daprMdadaa  of  'poor  paaalii  CbnUaa.' . . .  Byrd 
aad  thai  dM  wbola  luaaliy  froai  Capa  Cad  to  Capo  Sabk- 
bala^ad  la  bar;  tba(  iba  waa  tbo  groM  plaaW  •roaad  wblHi 
an  Iha  alhar  eahalai  aerad  aa  baabla  aatalllna  "—J.  U. 
Wnaaian  la  Jfoa  aad  Him*  ^ftmrtg  JItimaHt. 

••  CoL  Byrd  waa  pUaly  dcal^ud  by  a  ipiitt  of  raUlrkb«. 
waraa.  Tslgar  biBii.'lBH^mi  achhar  Mead  aor  lb*. 
Thatbawaawniag,  bowarar.  tadoMI  laitlra,  area  at  tbo 
axpaaia  af  Vhgials  la  aMHan  of  aafioaa  aabaiaalial  bapart, 
la  ■laifl  1  -     r  I   W.  L.  Bamoaaa  la  JTarM  ChraMao 

••O"  I«Man.  The.  Oreenaboro,  N.  C. :  Th* 
Aerf*  StaU.     1878.    8*.    pp.  54. 

A  aariaa  of  btlara  rigard  "C"  pabUabrd  la  T%4  .V«rM 
Statt,  a  lapabHcaa  aawapaprr  of  (iKcaabon,  dralinf  with 
paBUn  lad  daaocratir  polltirlam. 

OhUwdL  Cbarlei  (d.  1858).  M.D.  Autobi- 
ography of.  Philadelphia :  Lipplncolt,  Orambo  A 
Co.     1866.     r.     pp.  454.     Portrait. 

Pnftea.  aalaa,  aad  appoadlx,  by  Barrlot  W.  Warner; 
•arly  Hto  aponl  la  5ofth  Oarollaa. 

Education  in  North  Carolina  before  1800. 

Awt.  Jour.  BdtuaUvn,  1846,  xrl.  109. 





CaldweU,    David    (1726-1824), 

CABDTHER8,    Eli  W. 

Dr.  Caldwell  was  born  in  Pennsylvania.  He  was  gradu-  j 
ated  at  Princeton  in  1761  and  came  to  North  Carolina  In 
17«4.  He  was  a  pasitor  for  nearly  sixty  years,  and  during 
much  of  this  Ume  was  actively  engaged  in  teaching.  For 
many  years  *'  bis  log  cabin  served  North  Carolina  as  an 
academy,  a  college,  and  a  theological  seminary." 

CaldweU,  Joseph  (1773-1835),  D.D.,  Prest. 
Vnie.  of  North  Carolina.  Autobiography  of; 
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1-25,  65-93;  reprinted,  1859.     8°.     pp.  68. 

Oration  on  the  life  and  character  of.     See 

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The  late  President  Caldwell.    N.  C.  Univ. 

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Dr.  Caldwell  and  our  University.     Ihid. 

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Sketch  of.     See  Spencer,  Mrs.  C.  1*. 

The  Numbers  of  Carleton,  addressed  to 

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On  the  importance  of  rail  roads  and  intenuil  improvements 
in  North  Carolina. 

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Memoir    of    Edmund    Strudwick,   M.D. 

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A  review  of  Judge  Schcnck's  book  of  that  title. 

A  Wide- Awake  Rip  Van  Winkle.     Ibid. 

1890-91,  X.  75-89. 

Old  Map  of  North  Carolina.     Ibid.  153- 


The  map  was  published  between  175&  and  1766. 

The  late  Paul  C.  Cameron.     Ibid.  183- 

206,  portrait. 

The  poeU  of  North  Carolina.  The  Ly- 
ceum (Asheville),  Nov.  1890. 

Hand  Book  of  North  Carolina. 

Set  Appbmduc. 

Cameron,  Paul  Carrington  (1808-1891). 
Sketch  of;  portrait.     See  Spencer,  Mrs.  C.  P. 

The  late  Hon.  Paul  C.  Cameron ;  portrait. 

See  Caheron,  John  D. 

Historical  address  at  dedication  of  Memo- 
rial H^,  U.  N.  C.  (q.  v.).  Raleigh.  1885.  8°. 
pp.  30. 

Caatwell,  Edward.  Oration  before  the  Wil- 
mington Light  Infantry,  on  their  twenty-fourth 
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S.  (J.  Hall.     1877.     8».     pp.  26. 

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II.    The  Moore  and  Barnwell  expeditions, 

1711  and  1712.     Ibid.  June,  1879,  pp.  157-169. 

Fort  Barnwell  by  moonlight.     Ibid.  Dec. 

1878,  176-180. 

Insurrection  and  conquest  of  the  Tusca- 

roras,  1711-12.  Magazine  of  Western  History, 
June,  1889,  x.  152-163. 

Attributes  the  revolt  to  Cary  ami  tlie  Qualters. 

Cape  Fear  and  Tadkln  Valley  Railway. 

Descriptive  gazette  of.  Raleigh :  Edwards, 
Broughton  &  Co.  1884.  8°.  pp.  85.  Map, 

Intended  for  the  information  of  investors  in  its  securities, 
and  contains  much  relative  to  the  economic  condition  of  the 

The  Cape  Fear  and  Yadkin  Valley  Rail- 
way (from  Mt.  Airy,  at  the  base  of  the  Blue  Ridge, 
to  Wilmington,  N.  C).  Its  origin,  construction, 
connections,  and  extensions.  Embracing  descrip- 
tive and  statistical  notices  of  cities,  town.^,  villages, 
and  stations  ;  industries,  agricultural,  manufactur- 
ing, and  mineral  resources  ;  scenery  of  the  route ; 
trans-montane  extension,  &c.  Philadelphia  :  Allen, 
Lane  &  Scott.  1869.  8°.  pp.119.  Map  of  C.Y. 
&  Y.  V.  and  its  connections. 

Of  value  for  the  illustrations  of  scenery,  buildings,  etc. 

Caravan,  Geo.  W.,  Bapt.  minister.  Sketch 
of.     See  Sparrow,  Thomas. 

Carlin,  William  P.,  Brev.  Maj.  Oen.  U.  S.  A. 
The  battle  of  Bentonsville,  in  vol.  iii.,  Sketches  of 
War  History,  1861-1865,  prepared  for  the  Ohio 
Commandery  of  the  Military  Order  of  the  Loyal 
Legion  of  the  United  States. 

Carolina,  in  1710.  N.  C.  Unir.  mag.,  1865, 
iv.  289-305. 

A  letter  from  a  Swiss  gentleman  in  South  Carolina  to  a 
friend  in  Bern.  It  is  not  found  in  Carroll's  Collections.  It 
was  printed  in  London,  1710,  pp.  C3,  sm.  4';  also  1732,  8°; 
and  possibly  in  1718  (c/.  Kicn,  p.  17). 

Surrender  of  seven-eighths  of,  from  Lord 

Carteret  to  His  Majesty.     N.  p.     1774.    4".    pp.22. 

Mentioned  in  Thomas's  History  of  Printing  in  America, 
ii.  612.  See  also  the  act  of  surrender  in  Col.  Rec.  of  y.  C, 
iii.  32-»7.  • 

The  History  of  the  New  World,  called 

America,  and  of  the  first  remarkable  voyages  of 
several  Englishmen  to  divers  places  therein.  With 
a  view  of  Newfoundland,  New  England,  New  York, 
Pennsylvania,  New  Jersey,  Maryland,  Virginia, 
Carolina,  Georgia,  &c.,  &c.,  with  the  customs,  re- 
ligion, and  manners  of  the  INDIANS.  Dublin. 
N.  D.     [e.  1776.]     pp.  158. 

A  scarce  little  volume,  apparently  undcscribed  by  Sabin 
I^Cf.  Sabin  32194);  "  illusti-nted  with  maps  and  figures  of 
strange  Animals." 



Carolia*.   EiiftlUb  MttlenMala  io.   Mtif.  Awttr. 
Hi*t.,3tn.  1888,  ix.  60-61. 

CmroUnai    during   the   Rerolntion.      Sc. 

Lit.  Mat.,  xi.  144,  231. 

CaroUnaa    and    OcoTfia,   CathoUeitT'  in. 

JToaiA.  xxzTi.  84S.     B;  A.  0.  KBight 

Cwr.  John  Weatqr  (1814-1889). 
Sn  WnftTOR,  O«orfe  T. 

Sketch  of. 

CuToU.  R.  B.    Hlnorical  CoHcctioM  of  So«lh 
Carolina.    New  York.     1838.     V.    S  Tola. 

ThtM  Totaan  ea«M  turn  bMa  eallwi.  lad  vllk  MMr 
"Hlilofkal  CoUMtlaM  of  Ih*  CHallMa  awl 
Ihajr  eMtaia  aaay  ma  ad  faiaaMi  faapUal* 
aad  aifcw  <iia«ian  iilnhn  io  «m  UMafyaf  ihMa  Btam 
bMDtbfirtntdlKvnTjraadMttlciMatloina.  ToLLka* 
a  aap  of  tba  CanHaai  areanuir  copiad  from  tha  aaf 
•r  JasM  Ceeh,  Lnrfoa,  ini,  aad  Vim*j  Maaaaa,  int. 
(Tkaaa  vara  both,  m  wcU  a*  o(b«n  of  Ikla  partod  firtiapa, 
■ada  ftaa  Ikat  erWtaabia  hi  ina.  «ad  waia  aM  af  data  aad 

CwatWra.  Eli  W.  (-1885),  A.M..  D.D.  A 
Sketch  of  the  life  and  character  of  tlie  Rcr.  DaTid 
Caldwell,  D.D.  Near  •iztj  ^ear*  paator  of  tba 
rharebea  of  Buffalo  and  Alamance.  loclnding  two 
of  bla  •erinon* ;  aome  account  of  the  Regulation, 
together  with  the  Rerolulionary  traniactiona  and 
IneUeato  In  which  bo  wm  eoneamed ;  and  ■  twtj 
brief  node*  of  lb*  acelaainailcnl  and  Moml  aoadW 
tioB  of  North  Carolina  while  in  iia  colooial  atala. 
Qreenaboro.  N.  C. :  Swalni  *  Sherwood.  184t. 
r.    pp.  S04. 

TMa  Tola—  i  iialalai  — ib  nwa  aad  TalaaMa  ■aurial  kr 
tW  Mrial  Wa  af  lb*  catM^. 

ReToluiionary  Incidenta :  and  •kelehea  of 

character,  chiefly  in  the  ■'Old  North Suie."  PWln- 
dclphia:  Harea  4  ZeU.  W.  Fim  aertw,  ISM. 
pp.  431.     Second  aeriea.  18M,  pp.  448. 

Tba  Int  TolaaH  la  drraud  la  Iba  (atbar  dara  af  Iba  Baea- 
lallaa  aad  Mi  caaMa.  Tba  Tufj  aiiniMtal  ta  Warib  Omo. 
laaHidlMarbtia  k  twinHMj;  wacb  aMaatiaa  U  (Ivan 
lalba  kattl*  orMaofv'terMbadtelbacafeararCaLDaTid 
raa»na.  Yol.U.  manlaaanauwaatef  tka  Brttltb  laTatlim 
sT  ini ;  a  daftaea  af  ibr  tandan  af  tba  Kortb  CanHaa 
■lUUa  MUaBferl  CanrtBawa;  BlHataHaaaiBcMMtaand 
pafaaaal  tluacbaa,  wlib  a  aapibewiagtte  laatHaf  Oanr 
walte  aad  Oaaaaa,  aad  a  flaa  aflba  balda  af  OMUfctd  Cent 
Banae.  Taa  aalaaMa  da  aaa  parpait  to  be  giat a  bMavjr, 
«c  l»  ttaaa  tba  mmt  \mt  iiitiat  artta  tMj,  bat  a«a  awda  ap 
of  ■•  hMldoti  "  fBlbafad  baa  Iba  Bwalba  af  iba  pMpla,  (aha, 
IHiadi,  aad  riaiiam  tt  Iba  aUaa  dan,  aad  an  of  ancb 
*alaa  tor  aadal  a*.  Barlawad  la  X.  C.  Unl*.  •»•$.,  KM. 

n«a  Toiaaao  aa  labaM  aa  back .  "TbeOUHaMhSau 


OnarvaU.  Richard  (1734-1789).  Oot.  of  Jf.  C. 
Outline  of  the  life  of,  with  a  telection  of  letter*. 
y.  C.  Vmit.  mag.,  1855,  It.  68-84. 

Sketch  of.     8*»  Rcbbabi),  F.  M. 

8k«lBh  «r.     Am  Ot-oBAn,  Edward  A. 

Cateabjr.  Mark  (1679-1749).  The  Natural  Hia- 
tor}'  of  Carolina,  Florida,  and  the  Bahama  lalanda, 
ariih  flgnrea  colored  after  the  life.  London.  1781. 
P.    t  Toll.    Va  plaits. 

Thio  lapoitani  work  wu  brcaa  Ibi*  year  aad  cooiiBaed 

la  aawban  or  paru  aatU  ITW,  wbca  Iba  appcodlx  rompkt- 

Btba  JMiwi 

lagtba  ArkwaalaUMd;  acoad  edilioa  bi  KM;  third  la 
I7T1:  laztlaKaglbbaad  Fnaeb.  Tha  tdUoa  of  mi  wa« 
■*Tl*Ml  bjr  Mr.  Uwafdi,  aad  a  Uaaaaa  ladas  af  aaiaali 
aad  platre  aras  added,  f*.  S  Tolaf  fli  celw«J  platca. 
Caiaabjp'a  plataa  waia  ttdMdbjrUawlf  IVaaUaewadiaw. 
taji  and  ralwad  aadarbb  laepmloa  Tb*  Mcaad  aad  Ibbd 
adWiae  are  aiaililiia*  IbHiIui  te  Iba  tr«  la  rapact  to  the 

CMaabr  'V-t  lb*  T*an  ITW-ITM  uaTcUlac  la  Aaaiica. 
B»  caaa  eat  a«ahi  la  ITSt  aad  riaelaiii  aaiil  Vm.  A 
Qrraaa  odtdaa  of  Iba  MtlocT  appoatad  at 

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coal  flclda  to  the  department  of  agriculture. 
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Tbaebapurntan^wiha  CaioUaaa  (XVIII.  of  book  L) 
wa*  lapriaad  la  CamU'*  eWbcMMie,  II.  (IS.  Fa  book  tL 
a*  CWtM«M«of!(awTaffcRM.SarlrtrlbrUML 

It  WM  aafhataaaa  kr  Iba  Baa  that  Cbafaatn  waa  Iba  tiat 

aaabwNottbCaiabai:  baeaaaa  Ua  wart  tea  baaa  Maadaid 
ambirilf  wkb  aU  laar  biMnrtiai  af  CaaaUM,  wbOa  bia 
■an  af  hct  b  by  aa  aaani 
'MMw  pcaMiaa  M  a  laraiiM  raadar  bla 
■Hnljr  aantUtak"— Oal.  W.  L.  Batncoaaa  la 

PMbca  a  <w.  «ab  jr.  a,  I.  lu. 

la  ad  caan  of  Iba  ktad  aaa  ba  ra- 

Tba  ealartag  I*  alwajra  wraag; 

Iba  fecM  aaaalijr  pamtail.     He  wilaa  Hka  a  lawyar  and 

I  pebtlrlaa.  aoc  Ilka  a  aJa  Intahar.    Hie  M*a. 

Ma  aapM  bx  Oiabaaa.  abaaaid  bj  Martla,  aad, 

a  ay,  ezaggaiaad  by  Wllaaina  "— BaBcnen. 

Fa  Cbaiaara'  eappcaaad  iMradacMaa  a  Uu  MtlUf  ^f 

a»  CMMitM  (IT*),  MO  ^itnwlla  aad  CHt.  Bit.  daarlaa. 

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lina in  Ckatitrt  and  Conttilutiont  of  Ikt  UniUd 
StattM,  compiled  by  Ben.  Perley  Poore.  ii. 

OMtntto.'  — Salelsb'iCbuirr:  Cbanm  nf  1M3  oad  )•«; 
rmlinntil CiiaMkaliiai, ia« ;  Makltabirg BwolaMoa. 
int;  CoaMMBdaa  af  ITT*,  wtU  aaiadaiati  (CanaMlaHea 
of  lot);  Oidhaaea  yreMbmag  Waaay.  MM ;  CoiMtHaHoao 

a.  I*hilip  8..  Litut.  Col.  U.  S.  A.  Serrice 
with  battery  F,  first  R.  I.  light  artillery,  in  North 
Carolina.  PtrMonal  Snrralittt  of  thi  Solditr$' 
and  SaHort'  J/itiorital  Sodtti/  of  Rkodt  hiand, 
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Expose  de  la  situation  politique  et  militaire 

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An  account  of  the  sufferings  of  Friends 

of  North  Carolina  Yearly  Meeting  in  support  of 
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With  porlnit*  of  all  BKmbcn  of  iIm  cooit  tmpt 
Bafla  (MiGtlin)  aad  Aniiatnd  BwwcU.    8m  alw 
nM  (kMik  af  Chiif  jMiie*  Maiteaa  IB  Dm.  aMks.  I»- 

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PaMMMd  b7  X.  C  AcrtnlMfBl  IspntaaM  aHHw. 

CIli«M«a,  Tkonaa  Lanier  (181S-).  LL.D., 
U.  S.  Senator,  Brig.  Gim.  C.  S.  A.  Skalcfa  of. 
St  Cahbboii,  J.  D. 

Topograph}'   of   Black   Moanlaln.      Omr 

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Cliagmaa'a  brigade  at  CoU  Harbor,  tUd. 

1875.  iU  »l-»9. 

Selcctiocu  from  the  ipaechea  and  wiWaga 

oC     Raleigh :  John  Nichob.     1877.    R 

.  Collier.     Map  of  North  CaroUna.     1880. 
Tlilnl  Mlldae.    Uai. 
North  Carolina  In  colonial  dajri. 

WttM    (tt   WtldM 

,  X.  C.)  la  IK 

•a  n« 

CMUa  sf  Kartk  Ou«llma.  DaTia't  ReTiaal. 
Newbero:  Jaine*  Davii.     1705.     4*.     2  Tola,  in  I. 

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ins,   r. 

Iredell'a  ReTisal.      Edenton:    Hodge  h 

WUIs.    1791.     r. 

Far  MMoty  sod  eoUatioiM  of  Ibe  elghtaemh  rentnry  rcTi. 
•laaa  —  mj  fr—  fa  ITorik  Oartltmm  fa  (A«  tifkUmU 
emiwv,  pp.  M-M,  H-M.  M.  W,  «;  M,  •,  Tl.  I  un  bow 
«o»»lt»d  Ikas  Ibara  wai*  bo  wtMmm  pitatrd  In  ITTT  sod 
ITW,  —  I  «bU  aa  pp.  as,  «. 

Martin  * 

The  phyaical  history  of  the  North  Caro- 
lina coast.  Ooldtkwailt'i  Otof/rapkiaU  wtag., 
Jan.— Feb.  18M.  t.  71-71. 

C*kb,  Necdkam  Bryan.  Poetical  geography  of 
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1M47.  IS*.  6S  laaTea.  printed  on  one  side  only. 
I'ttrtrmit,  iUutlrmHom: 

"  TIM  Mlewlag  fbyaw*  aa  d 
'  naaai,  bay*,  sad  a— faiaa  atVmttk  OwHna  iraw  inspaml 
It  th*  aelbar  to  aM  Mi  am  pupil*  la  ■wwriilng  Cha  gaof 
r>phr  of  dMIr  aatfr*  8toir.  Itoy  w*ra  ailma  eal  aa  tba 
>'  i  k-baaid,  a  few  Uaa*  a*  a  dm*,  aad  Um  vbaia  icbanl  ra- 
^  .^nitofapaatdMmtaeaacatt.  Alter  this,  dUhrtat  part* 
'vtrre  parcalM  aet  to  aaab  papU  . . .  aad  aa  Frtdaj  altor- 
■MM  Um  whala  waa  nbaansd  la  Iha  pcsaeaca  af  TtriSon. " — 

CmUo  of  Nortk  CaroUas.     Swann's  ReTiaal. 
Newbem :  James  DaTis.     1751.     r. 

Mwann'* ReTisal.  Newbem  :  James  DaTls. 

1 76  J.     r. 

Davi*'*  Rerlsal.    Newbem  :  James  DaTls. 

17M.     4". 

A  fTMoa  of  la«>,  ITH-ITM. 

Martin's  RcTlsal.    Newbem: 
1804.     4*.    2  Tols.  in  1. 
RcTision  by  Potter,  Taylor,  and  Tancey, 
J.  Gales.     1821.     8*.    2  toIs. 

Taylor's  RcTisal.      Raleigh:  J.  Galea  4 

So*.     18S7.     8*. 
OtUwt  DMswl  IMI-MM. 



RerialMi  by  Nash,  Iredell,   and   Battle, 

Raleigh  :  Tamer  4  Hagbes.     IU7.     f.     2  Tola. 

Moore's  ReTision.    Boston :  Little,  Brown 

4  Co.     1866.    8*. 

Battle's  RcTlsal.     I87S.     r. 

ReTision   by   Manning,   Henderson,   and 

Dortch.     New  York:   Banks  4  Brothers.     188S. 
r.    2  ToU. 


Farpriiiiiih^i  af  gaasfal  MiiM>Ha*  aad  fee  MbHogn. 
phlss  sf  attsr  canaMha*  tt  law*,  sm  <hlmlmt  Ktmrtt  rf 
JKMtt  Otntimm,  Watka**  MbUocrapiij  of  tha  alirtNMalli 
ctaiafy  pma  to  Mi  rrtm  U  Strtk  OunUmn  fa  Vu  Kik- 
Untk  Cmfmrp,  aad  J.  C.  BMas^s  Cblafafw  ^  ttkt  la 
Xorth  Caraltaa  BtoU  llbnrr. 

Gate.  J.  H.  Skctchea  of  the  22d  regiment  of 
Nurth  Carolina  Stat*  troopa.  Our  lAtimg  and 
Our  Dtad.  1874-75.  i.  306-SIS. 

For  int  Iwn  jrrsn  of  Ih*  war. 

C*lo«lal  Raoorda  of  North  Carolina.  Indexes 
to  documents  relative  to  North  Carolina  during  tlie 
colonial  existence  of  said  State ;  now  on  file  in  the 
of  Um  Boand  of  T^ade  and  8uie  Paper 
tal  Londoa;  MBMM  in  1827.  Raleigh: 
T.  Loriag.     1848.    r.    pp.  ISO. 

PatMsbrd  by  Isglalataia  of  IMK*.  aadar  dtraotoa  of  Joha 
H.  Whaalar,  pablic  Uruunr.  Tba  taaa  •bacta,  wHh  a  aaw 
earar,  swud  aa  aa  appeodli  to  jr.  C.  P»l».  sMf.,  IH4,  toI.  L 

The  I  Colonial  Records  |  of  |  North  Caro- 
lina I  PnbUshed  nnder  snperTision  of  the  Tras-  | 
tees  of  the  Pablic  Librerie*.  by  Ordpr  |  of  the 
General  Assembly  |  Collected  and  Edited  |  by  | 
William  L.  Saunders  |  Secretary  of  State  | 
Vol.  I-[— X]  1642  to  1712  |  Raleigh  |  P.  M.  Hale. 
Printer  to  the  State  |  1886.     4*. 

▼sL  L.  !«•  [Mai)-im;  tHI*.  1  l«ar;  adtaar'a  prafeer, 
pp.  ■BtM;  prifctuiy  aato*  by  adllar,  ta-txzlT:  eoloalal 
faeanb,  l-ees.    lUMfb.    UM. 

▼al.  ii.,  ITU-ITMi  pnfetory  aato*,  pp.  Ut-sU;  eoloalal 
raeac^,l-«».    RaMgli.    ISM. 

Tal.  Ul.,  ITM-ITM;  ptafetofy  aatoa.  pp.  IB-XTtU:  eoloalal 



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records  1-I3M.    Raleigh.    1886. 

Vol.  v.,  1752-1759;  prefator>'  notes,  pp.  iii-lxi;  colonial 
records,  1-1228.    Raleigh.    1887. 

Vol.  vi.,  175&-1765 ;  prefatory  notes,  pp.  iii-xxxr ;  colonial 
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Vol.  ix.,  1771-1775;  prefatorj*  notes,  pp.  iii-xlTll;  colonial 
records,  1-1285.    Raleigh.    1890. 

Vol.  X.,  1775-1776;  prefatory  notes,  pp.  iil-xli;  colonial 
records,  1-1041.    Raleigh.    1890. 

Not  until  the  publication  of  these  records  has  it  hecn  pos- 
sible to  write  an  accurate  account  of  any  particular  phase  in 
the  historical  development  of  North  Carolina,  for  the  original 
records  in  the  office  of  the  Secretary  of  State  in  Raleigh  were 
remarkably  incomplete,  and  of  the  first  fifty  years  almost 
nothing  remained. 

Tliis  was  due  very  largely  to  the  lack  of  towns  and  of 
suitable  buildings  where  such  records  might  be  preserved. 
This  lack  of  materia  hUiorica  has  been  long  felt,  and  as 
early  as  1827  the  Governor  was  Instructed  by  the  Legislature 
to  procure  from  the  British  Government  copies  of  all  papers 
relating  to  the  colonial  history  of  the  State.  Correspondence 
was  begun,  and  in  that  year  minister  Gallatin  forwarded  to 
Gov.  Burtonalist  of  such  papers  as  related  to  Xorth  Carolina- 
Tliis  list  was  printed  in  1843  [»««  lupra].  Utiier  efforts  were 
made  in  1849, 1855, 1857, 1359,  and  1861,  to  furtlier  the  work, 
bat  nothing  was  accomplished.  In  1881  the  Legislature  di- 
rected the  Trustees  of  the  Libraries  to  print  what  colonial 
documents  were  then  in  the  State.  The  gaps  in  these  records 
were  found  to  be  so  many  and  so  great  that  the  Trustees 
determined  to  ask  the  State  for  aid  toward  making  the  records 
more  complete.  This  aid  was  given  by  the  Legislature  of 
1883.  Col.  Samuel  McDowell  Tate  of  the  House,  and  Hon. 
iTames  L.  Robinson  of  the  Senate,  being  especially  instru* 
mental  in  securing  its  adoption. 

The  work  of  compiling  and  editing  devolved  on  the  Hon. 
William  L.  Saunders,  LL.D.,  the  accomplished  Secretary  of 
State,  who  brought  to  it  a  tireless  energy,  a  love  that  knows 
no  bounds,  aud  a  devotion  unsurpassed.  "  How  he  has  per- 
formed the  task  thus  assigned  to  him  It  is  not  for  him  to 
determine.  He  can  only  say,  that  for  near  seven  [eleven] 
years  he  has  devoted  himself  to  it,  and  that  he  has  done  the 
very  best  he  could,  without  reward,  or  the  hope  of  reward 
land  this  when  suffering  untold  agonies  from  rheumatism,  a 
part  of  tlie  proof  being  read  while  lying  on  his  back  and 
unable  to  turn  from  side  to  side],  and  solely  because  of  the 
love  he  bears  to  North  Carolina  and  her  people."  —  Pre/act 
to  vol.  i.  p.  vii. 

Mr.  W.  Noel  Sainsbury,  of  the  British  Record  office,  was 
employed  to  search  the  British  i.rchives.  His  work  was 
thoroughly  done,  and  there  are  perhaps  few  papers  in  Eng. 
land  relating  to  North  Carolina  of  which  copies  have  not 
been  secured.  Unfortunately  the  work  does  not  seem  to 
h»TC  been  so  thoroughly  done  on  this  side  of  the  Atlantic. 
A  supplementary  volume  containing  omitted  documents  is 
much  needed.  The  prefatory  notes  by  the  editor  form  a  run- 
ning politii-al  history  of  the  colony.  Of  editing,  in  the  exact 
sense,  thtre  is  none.  There  is  Terj'  pressing  need  for  an 
accurate  and  taW  index. 

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grew,  by  H.  C.  Graliam,  9-26. 

For  other  Confederate  memorial  addresses,  see  Bennett, 
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Constitutions  of  North  Carolina.  See  Cliar- 
ters  and  Constitutions  ;   Conventions. 

Conventions  of  North  Carolina.  —  Conven- 
tion of  1788.  Proceedings  and  debates  of  tin' 
convention  of  North  Carolina,  convened  at  Hills- 
borough, on  Monday,  the  21et  day  of  July,  1788. 
for  the  purpose  of  deliberating  and  determining  on 
the  constitution  recommended  by  the  general  con- 
Tention  at  Philadelphia,  the  17tli  day  of  September, 
1787.  To  wliich  is  prefixed  the  said  constitution. 
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Reported  by  David  Robertson,  of  Petersburg,  Va. ;  lOoti 
copies  printed  at  the  expense  of  W.  R.  Davie  and  James 
Iredell.    As  far  as  practicable  the  speeches  were  submitted  | 
to  their  authors  for  correction.    Tliey  will  be  found  in  the  I 
first  ed.  of  Elliot's  Debate). 

Second  edition,  iv,  1-252. 

r  convention  of  North  CarolinaJ 
>ert  Ferguson.     ri"88.'l     sm.  8".'' 

Journal  of  i 

Hillsborough:  Robert  Ferguson.     [1788.] 

Convention  o/1789.  Journal  of  the  convention 
of  the  State  of  North  Carolina.  At  a  connentior 
begun  and  held  at  Fayetteville,  on  the  third  Monday 
of  November,  one  thousand  seven  hundred  antf 
eighty-nine,  agreeable  to  the  resolutions  of  the! 
last  general  assembly,  bearing  date  the  seventeenth 
of  November,  one  thousand  seven  hundred  anrt. 
eighty-eight.  .  .  .  [Colophon]  Edenton  :  Printed  b;(. 
Hodge  &  Wills,  Printers  to  the  State,  sm.  4"] 
pp.  16.  i). 

This  convention  adopted  the  Federal  Constitution.    Thek 
la  a  copy  of  this  very  rare  pamphlet,  together  with  the  origf^ 
nal  minutes,  in  the  office  of  the  Secretary  of  State.    It  was! 
reprinted  in  full  by  the  State  Chronicle  of  Raleigh,  Nov.  15,'' 
1889.  — Weeks'  bibliography  of  eighteenth  century  press  iiii 
North  Carolina,  no.  81, 

Convention  of  1822.  Proposed.  Debates  on 
the  convention  question.  Raleigh  :  J.  Gales  &  Son, 
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Comteniioit  of  1835.  Debkte  in  the  l«gUUture 
of  Korth  Cmroiina  oa  m  propoied  approprUtion  for 
re-baililing  the  cmpitol  and  on  the  conrentioo  qnc*- 
Uon.  Dec.  1831,  Jan.  183S.  Raleigh.  I8SS.  V. 
pp.  IS6. 

Datwt*  on  conventlan  i|a«tioa,  Jan.  U. 

ins.    8*.     pp.  73. 

-  AddrcM  to  the  freemen  of  North  Carolina 
o«  iwiHiig  the  State  conititution.  Raleigh. 
ins.    tfl    pp.  18. 

Proceedings  of  a  meeting  of  the  member* 

of  the  legiaUtarc  held  in  Raleigh,  Jan.  II,  1834, 
with  an  addrcM  to  the  people  of  North  Carolina  on 
dw  ralfject  of  amending  the  State  conattaMion. 
Baleigfa.     1834.    V.    pp.  SO. 

A4di«M  of  the  Wake  count;  committee. 

[BnMgh.]    18S4.    8*.    pp.  4. 

Statement  of  the  number  of  rotca  on  the 

convention  qne*tion,  given  in  April,  I88A,  and 
Ang..  1833.  Raleigh :  J.  Gale* 4  Son.  18S5.  8*. 
pp.  4. 

Journal  of  the  convention  called  bjr  the 

freeman  of  North  Carolina  to  ammd  th«  eonaliln- 
tion  of  the  State.  Raleigh  :  J.  Oaha  *  Boa.  MSA. 
r.    pp.  106. 

Cancattoa  OMt  la  Rakicb.  4  Jur.  \tU,  tmk  ifllBiaiil 
II  Jolj. 

Proceedings  and  debate*  of  the  conrention 

of  North  Carolina  called  to  amend  the  coostitntion 
of  the  State.  Raleigh  :  Joseph  Oatee  4  Son.  1836. 
r.    pp.  4S8,  6. 

TW  c«a**artaa  sel,  Ih*  MMwtaeM',  and  vau  •■  Ihs  ea«- 
MiMtiM  ss  saMdad.  an  *dd«<L 

a»a*<aiio«  of  I8S1,  PropoMtd.  The  wcatom 
•ddrcs*  to  the  people  of  North  Carolina  on  consti- 
tntional  reform.     [Raleigh.     1831. J     r.    pp.16. 

Speech  of  William  B.  Shepherd  on  the 

bill  to  ascertain  the  sense  of  the  people  on  calling 
a  eoaTMMlon.    8*.    pp.  5. 


*c«  WiuiT,  C.  H. 

(^mttntion  of  1861.     Jonmal  of  the  coaTMUion 
of  the  people  of  North  Carolina,  held  tha  SOIh  day 
of  May.  1861.     Raleigh :   John   W.   STme.      r. 
<pp.  198. 

Second    Baasion.  Not.   and    Dec.    1861. 

lialeigh  :  John  W.  Sjrve.     IMS.     r.     pp.  86. 

'«    Third    Session.    Jan.    and     Feb.    1862. 

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''    Fourth   .Session.    April   and    May,    18«5S. 

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IhtavasA*  ssesislia  ssOTsMtsa,  sad  tbs  >MnMi«  of  iha 

(^iitntwn  of  IW6S.  Jonmal  of  the  conrention 
of  the  Stale  of  North  Carolina.  Raleigh :  Cannon 
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Conrtntion  of  1666.  A^onmed  Session  of  I8<UI. 
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Ezecntire  Documents  of.  Raleigh :  Can- 
non 4  Holden.     186S.     8*. 

—  Meassfs  sf  pisTMiiasI  Oortnwr  UoUea  lo 
pp.  m;  Tlssiniii*s rsooct  to  nms,  pp.  U ;  Br- 
port  ef  sspsrlinsadsnt  e^  inssni  u^omt,  pp.  11;  of  dsafsad 
•Inmb  sad  Ihs  bllad,pp.l;  CsnMlMlliwi  of  Koith  CsroUas. 
pp.  I-M;  Onttasae**  sad  n  inlaHnas,  M-TI. 

Conwtnlio*  of  1868.  Journal  of  the  constitu- 
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at  iu  session  1868.  Raleigh  :  Joseph  W.  Holden. 
1868.     8*.     pp.  489. 

Conttntion  of  1675.  Journal  of  conrention,  and 
amendments  to  the  constitution. 

Amendments  to  the  constitution  of  North 

Carolina,  proposed  by  the  conaiitutionsi  coaren- 
tion  of  1875,  and  the  constitution  ss  it  will  read  as 
propoMd to bt unwidod.  Raleigh:  JosiahTnimar. 
1878.     r.    pp.  70. 

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Crad*  in  western  North  Carolina,  184S-1861. 
NewTork:  JanitsPott4Co.  1880,  W.  pp.141. 
A  manoir  pisparsd  la  rampHsTS  with  lbs  rxpmssd  wiah 
sf  BIshsp  Alktasoa  from  ButsrW  AuBisbsd  by  s  aasbor  o( 
gjrasa  who  wsn  lbs  wiiansniuisilss  of  Mr. 
la  ths  dlecsss  of  North  CteellM. 

Sdward  R.  Lift  of  the  Hon.  Nalhanial 
Maoon,  of  Nurtli  Carolina;  in  which  there  is  dis- 
played striking  instances  of  rirtue,  enterprise, 
courage,  generosity,  and  patriotism.  His  public 
life  :  Illustrating  the  blessings  of  political  union,  — 
the  miseries  of  faction,  —  and  the  mischiefs  of 
despotic  power  in  any  goremment.  His  prirate 
life :  Furnishing  ii-iSM«  u^n  the  science  of  social 
happiness  and  religions  freedom,  of  greater  Talnc, 
perhaps,  than  are  to  be  found  in  the  biography  of 
any  other  character,  either  ancient  or  modem, 
"  baring  lired  and  died  without  an  enemy."  Bal- 
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Prrfaspa  Iha  peornt  biogrsphjr  arer  silllaa. 

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DsUrsied  In  Ralal«b.  10  ^Iki,  IMT,  bafora  Lsdia*' 



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A  description  of  the  English  province  of 

Carolana  by  the  Spaniards  called  Florida  and  by 
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First  published  in  1722;  republished,  with  new  title,  in 
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Reprinted  in  St.  Louis.    1840.    8°.    pp.  90.    Hap. 

Ecprintcd  in  B.  F.  French*8  Historical  CoUectiont  of  Lou- 
Uiana,  11. 221-276.  Philadelphia.  ISSO.  8°.  A  part  of  the 
map  is  reproduced  in  the  Nar.  and  Orit,  Hitt.  America, 


A  crude  performance,  drawn  up  from  various  journals  and 
voyages,  to  impress  the  public  with  the  great  importance  of 
the  region  described,  and  to  make  them  jealous  of  its  occu- 
pation by  the  French.  —  Rich. 

"  Carolana  and  Carolina  are  two  distinct  though  border, 
iug  provinces,  the  east  of  Carolana  joining  to  the  west  of 
Carolina.  The  former  was  granted  by  patent  unto  Sir 
■Robert  Heath  in  the  beginning  of  the  reign  of  King  Charles  I* 
.  .  ,  This  province  of  Carolana  is  extended  north  and  south 
from  the  river  St.  Matheo,  lying  according  to  the  patent  in 
31  degrees  (though  by  later  and  more  accurate  observations 
it  is  found  to  lie  exactly  in  80  degrees  and  10  minutes)  unto 
the  river  Passo  Magno,  which  is  in  36  degrees  of  northern 
latitude ;  and  longitude  from  the  western  or  Atlantick  Ocean 
unto  New  Mexico,  now  in  possession  of  tlio  Spaniards. . . . 
It  comprehends  within  its  bounds  the  greatest  part  of  the 
province  of  Carolina." 

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and  whose  son  Henry  White  (1636-1712)  lived  on  Little  river 
in  Pasquotank  county.  It  includes  not  only  the  White  family, 
but  their  connections  in  other  families. 

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This  edition  is  a  revision  of  an  earlier  publication  made  in 
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Reprint,  with  many  additions  and  emendations,  the  result 
of  farther  research.  Reprint  with  Hs.  additions  and  index 
by  Dr.  James  F.  McRec. 

An  account  of  some  new  and  rare  plants 

of  North  Carolina.     ISilliman's]  Amer.  Journal 
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Dated  Hillsboro,  N.  C,  Nov.  1, 1842. 

New  and  rare  plants,  chiefly  of  the  Caro- 

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"  This  paper  demonstrated  the  thorough  knowledge  Dr. 
Curtis  had  obtained  of  the  botany  of  the  old  travelers  and 
explorers.    Dr.  Hawks  bad  drawn  with  too  free  a  hand  the 



wvailcn  of  oar  Draly  woadnfU  Cgmu  lad  tehta,  tat  had 
kMB  M  tnj,  nam  nmeaatkm^j,  bjr  Ik*  tecM  accooM*  •( 
HuiatMdAaadMMdButmnuul  LaviOK  Tktaaaljifa 
wUeh  Dr.  Cwtte  mmI*  left  bat  Itnla  of  Iba  khalou  lUM- 
■M«u  of  tha  awiir  ekraairWn  illiprortd,  aad  proved  Dr. 
lla«k*  to  kav^MS  alicbUjr  laforaMl  aboat  aatanl  kiMaty. 
Tka  paptr  la  aa  afaMat  caaptMa  kqr  to  Lawaaa-a  aiMaty. 
••  Iv  a*  Uw  Mtanl  Malarr  luaa  ara  (MKafBfd,  aMtawkK 
la  aet  a  rnathiinaa  aanathra."  —  Dr.  T.  T.  Wooo  la  tkruh 


Edible  fnngi  of  Xorth  CaroUna. 

dnur^  CkroniHt,  Lomlon,  Oct.  9,  1M9. 

Stt   alao  Geological  Soireya  of  North 


Ovtla.W.  A.  8ketchea  of  Co.  A,  Mcowi  regi- 
ment North  CaroUna  caraJr;,  Ma/  1,  IMl,  to 
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■MM*7  of  LooU  I).  WiUon.     Raleigh :  WllUam 
W.  HoMm.     law.     ir.    pp.  IX. 
Drilmad  at  Tafkae«a«li.  Mar  a,  ItM. 

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■ell.  a  pMriot.  (Raleigh,  N.  C.)  Simt*  Chnm- 
uU,  Jnly  14,  1S8T. 

Sketch  of  Adolphaa  WlUUwiow  Mai^wm. 

y.  C.  fate.  aut^..  IWI-M,  «1.  1-W. 

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*»«  HaxjrETr.  Riaden  T. 

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IW3]     •*.    pp.  100.     nimMtrati«iu. 

AilihiM  ilallTand  f>ri.  U,  |M^  u  Mm  Uallftad  BaWti 
"****'  ""  ">*  "taatua  af  aaraOhv  the  aMaoaaal  la  Iha 
nHlui  afiha  Marylaad  Uat. 

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Tnt.  Dana  ha*  fcmtd  a  plaa  la  pOTrhaM  awl  ptaarrra 

Graham  (1«««-).  Ma,.  C.  S.  A.  A 
aketch  of  the  miliury  career  of  Captain  John 
I>aTea  of  the  North  Carolina  Continental  line.  .  .  . 
with  aome  facta  of  local  and  family  hiatory.  Balti- 
more: Friedenwald  Co.  18W.  r.  pp.  16. 

The  Society  of  the  Cfawinaati  in  North 

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—  Town  an'l   coonly  retolutiona  of   1774. 
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March,  leiTS,  pp.  S81-39I. 
«•«  aJaa  aaith'a  ffiatarir  4^  JIfaMrtlaa  te  X  C. 

The  lemi-centennlal  caulogne  of  David- 

•on  College,  Daridaon,  N.  C  (1837-1887).     Ra- 
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UUad  by  W.  A.  WHhart.  A.M.  (eUaa  er«),inth  the 
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(•»),  W.  a  Lacy,  D.D.  ('«•),  H.  L.  Smith.  A.M.  (tl). 

Semi-centennial  addreaaea,  hirtorical  and 

eommomoratiTe.      Raleigh :  E.  M.  L'uell.     1888. 
ir.     pp.  tU.  165. 

DaliT«TMi  at  Um  aaaaal  feaMBiiiii  lanat.  Jaat  tt,  IHT. 

AaiMto.-  8aaM<aaMaary  addma,  by  A.  Laaaer,  pp. 
I-*l;  HMMkal  akatrh,  by  Jathra  Roapte,  D.D..  pp.  ».n: 
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Klrkpalnck,  D.D..  by  Prot  J.  R.  Blak*.  pp.  ISI-lli;  Ad. 
■MHtraltoa  of  O.  WDaaa  McFbaa,  D.D..  LL.D.,  by  W.  A. 
MItaar,  pp.  Ul-M:  A  d»lalitnHea  oimLl.%.  Blaka, 
rkatnaaii.  by  Cal.  Ales.  R.  Baaka,  pp.  14T-IU:  AdntaiNni. 
Itaa  of  A.  D.  Hapkaia.  DJX,  LL.D..  by  K.  C.  SaMi, 
pp.  UT-I«». 

B*vto.  William  Richardaon  (1758-18S0).  Life 
of.     St  Hf  aaABD.  F.  M. 

Oratioa  of  A.  I).  Jonea  on.     If.  C.  Unit. 

wuig.,  1887-88,  tU.  41-46. 

*»«  alio  CuKB,  Walter. 

D*Tta.  Oeorge  (18JO-),  LL.D.,  AUornty  Gtnt- 
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the  L'niircrsity  of  North  Carolina.    Kaleigh.    1866. 
r.     pp.86. 
On  lb*  tarty  li«a*a  aad  a*a  a(  Iba  lower  Capa  Prar. 

A   tlody  in   colonial   history :    A   lecture 

delivered  before  the  llittorical  Society  of  Wil- 
mington, Not.  96,  1879.  Wiluii^tofL  1879.  8*. 

Aa  aaaaUMtteo  al  dia  ««l1i  %  Ilawki  with  refciaaw  to 
Iba  "V»wj  lUbfUuio,"  aad  lb*  earaar  of  Joba  Poctar  aad 
■dmd  Moarky,  la  whicfc  iha  kanb  Jad«B<iil  or  Iba 
hMarlaa  la  wril  aaawrrtd. 

An  epiaode  in  Cape  Fear  hiatory.     Sonik 

Atlanti€,  Jan.  1879,  yf.  146-969. 

BaprlMad  la  aptaafa  «Mat«  V^  Cb/w  raar  Matory. 

SkTUtJoacpb  John  (1828-1899),  LL.D.,Jugtu* 
Sitfr*mt  Cl..  y.  C.  A  Tindicatinn  of  North 
Carolina.  H'aki  Part$t  StmUni.  1890-1891.  i. 
1-13;  reprinted. 

Addma  drliTrml  lirfon  tb<  alanni  aaaoeialioa  of  Wake 
PomI  CellaK*,  Jan*  10,  IMO. 

Doaf  aad  Damb.  North  CaroUna  inatitaUnn 
for  the  inatmction  of.     8*i  Parr,  Henry  P. 

SMbf.  Dank  a««  BUa4.  InalituUon  for  ilie 
education  of.  Early  hiatory  of.  Our  Lirimg  and 
Our  Dtod,  1874-75,  i.  957-161. 



Daolsratioa  of  Indapendenos.  Papers  on 
the  ratification  of,  by  North  Carolina.  HUtorical 
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SaFoe,  Daniel.  Party-tyranny ,  or  an  occasional 
bill  in  miniature;  as  now  practised  in  Carolina. 
Humbly  oJfered  to  the  consideration  of  both 
Houses  of  Parliament.  London.  1705.  sm.  4°. 
pp.  2,  30. 

ReprinteU  In  Col.  Rec.  of  N.  C,  ii.  891-923,  althouRli 
relatlnK  »olelj-  to  South  Carolina.  Said  to  have  been  tlic 
work  of  DeFoe. 

Da  Oroffenreidt,  Christopher,  Jiaron  and 
Landgrave  of  Carolina.  The  narrative  of.  N.  C. 
Colonial  Records,  i.  905-990. 

Hi8  account  of  the  establishment  of  his  colony  of  Swiss  at 
New  Bern,  N.  C. 

The  original  MS.  is  in  the  public  library  of  Vverdon, 
Switzerland;  translated  by  A.  DuFour  ami  now  first 

A  genealogy  of  the  De  Graflenreidt  family  in  Europe  and 
America  is  now  being  prepared  by  Miss  Clare  De  Gratt'cu- 
reidt  of  Washington,  D.  C,  a  descendant  of  the  Baron. 

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Reprinted  from  the  Mag.  of  Amer.  HUt. 

The  battle  or  affair  of  King's  Mountain, 

Saturday,  7th  October,  1780.  Being  the  address 
delivered  at  the  annual  meeting  of  the  New  York 
Historical  Society,  on  the  evening  of  Tuesday,  4th 
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Discourse  upon  the  life  and  character  of 

Thomas  Ruftin.  Greensboro :  Recce  &  Elam, 
1889.     8''.     pp.  22.  , 

DellTered  before  ttiii-  and  citizens  of  Guilford  county, 
27  Aug.,  188B. 

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Memoir  of,  by  Thomas  F.  Wood,  M.D.  A'.  C.  Med. 
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A  sketch  of  the  topography  and  of   the 

diseases  which  have  prevailed  in  the  town  of 
Wilmington,  North  Carolina,  during  the  decade 
embraced  by  the  years  1841  and  1850.  Trans- 
actions Medical  Society  of  North  Carolina,  Wil- 
mington, May  1852,  pp.  10. 

Report  on  the  topography  and  diseases  of 

North  Carolina,  delivered  before  the  American 
Medical  .Association,  1860. 

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An  incident  in  N.  C.  (ionnected  with  taxation;  portmit  of 
M  rs.  Barlcer,  president  of  the  party. 

Declaration  of  Independence  by  a  colo- 
nial church.  Ibid.  Dec.  1892,  xxviii.  401-410, 

By  the  vestry  of  St.  Paul's  ciiurch,  Edenton,  19  June,  1776. 

Bimook,  Susan  T.,  M.D.  Sketch  of.  See 
Clarke,  James  Freeman. 

Dismal  Swamp  Canal.  Exhibition  of,  etc. 
1825.     Perkins's  Check  List. 

Dix,  Dorothea  L.  Memorial  soliciting  a  State 
hospital  for  the  protection  and  cure  of  the  insane. 
Raleigh  :  Seaton  Gales.     8°.     pp.  48. 

Submitted  to  the  Gen.  Ass.  of  N.  C,  Nov.  184S. 

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.S'liry.     Sketch  of;  portrait.     See  Banks,  James. 

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ministration, y.  C.  Univ.  mag.,  18S7-88,  vii. 

A  criticism  of  the  traditional  view.  lie  sliows  that  the 
colony  grew  in  spite  of,  rather  than  because  of,  Gov.  .John- 
ston's work. 

Dodge,  David,  pseudonym.  See  Blacknall, 
O.  W. 

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&  Broughton.     1888.     12°.     pp.  320. 

Edition  1000  copies;  contains  147  sketches,  but  all  the 
subjects  are  not  prominent  men. 



9«7l«.  John  And  rev.  The  EoglUh  in  Americm. 
S  ToU.     London  and  New  Tork.     1882-47.     •*. 

Vol.  i.  nlaiM lo Ik*  SoMiMnraloatM ;  rolt.  U.  ud  lU. la 

,  William  (rf.  I«77).  Hr$i  gowtm»r 
•f  Sarik  Carolina,  IC«4-1M7.  Sketch  o£  &• 
Wnnii,  Stephen  B. 

I>B41«y.  OaUfofd.  IUUIM7  (erricee  of,  in  the 
RevohUion.  So.  Lit.  Mtt$.,  Mar  mmI  JaiM*.  IM*^. 
li. .  pp.  i81-M7,  870-875. 

r,  Lyman  Copeland  (1815-1891),  LL.D. 
Biogr^kical  *krlch  of,  by  Reuben  Gold  Thwailee. 
PnettdingM  Tkiiiy-.Vintk  Annual  Mtttinf  Wit- 
«MMUi  StaU  llistorieal  Soeirtg,  1891.  pp.  74-88. 

Kinf**  Moaotain  and  lu  heroc* :  Hialory 

of  the  battle  of  Kiny'i  Mountain,  October  7tb, 
1780,  and  the  erenu  which  led  to  it.  Cincinnati : 
PeterO.  Tbamion..l881.  8*.  pp.  818.  PortrwiU, 
maf»,  and  plmwa. 

MmiimwU  to  Th*  XmUun.  Pmrtii  I.  1«1,  bjr  PnT. 
Btrttft  B.  AitaM,  Fk.D.,  Jekaa  nopUnt  Vittwittf. 

-mmmmA  oUwn  ham  oWdHd  It  ■»  1 1  iiiilnthe 
kiriM  wMth  karc  eeir  Urn  tiw>lfiai  la  Dr.  Prnpii'i 
HI— atenitaMMirial:  a  U*n  f  Iw  lai  jiliip«<lii,  m<  a 
lack  of  ynft  hMoricml  prnprctlr*.  Bat  rtnt  with  ihea* 
fcahi,  Khi^i  Mommtnln  la,  M  a  balkjr  wowboiwe  ef  I 
Hm  •MalaMi  ••  f  n(  kaaal  manll^  the 
la  the  Sootk,  •  p*naaarall7  nIaaU*  CMliI 
kMorlnl  Huiatara."— R.  U.  TswAiraa  la  thMcb  abe**. 

The  Mecklenburg  Declumlioii :  lu  ori(in, 

hiatory,  and  artom.  With  a  bibliography  of  itj 
literature,  and  explanatory  document*.    (*.   pp.474. 

L>ft  iBlilii*  la  HH.  br  Dr.  Draper  M  U*  dratb.  Aaf .  M, 
tm.  iMi  at  yat  aapablMMd. 

Itrmjtam,  John.  Memoin  at  the  American 
Rerulution,  from  iM  commeocemeat  lo  the  year 
1776,  incluiire,  aa  rrlatlng  lo  Um  SUte  of  Sooth 
Carolina,  ami  occaaionally  to  the  ttatea  of  North 
Carolina  and  Georgia.  Charleaton,  8.  C. :  A.  E. 
MUkr.     r.    ToL  i.,  pp.  azrii.  480;  toI.  U.  8M. 

Fna  OMlffWi  eaOwttd  by  Ma  Mber.  WUHaa  litary 

,  Shepherd  Monroe.     Balaam  grore*  of 

Um  Grandfather  Mountain.     Banner  Elk  [N.  C]  : 

Shepherd  M.  Dogger  [I'ret^ei  of  J.  B.  Lippincott 

Company].     1898.     13*.    pp.  187.     lUuttrmiion*. 

A  mlm  of  tb*  WMtwa  Sorth  C»f»llaaawatala«,'*  iMiAl 

Robert  B.,  Epit.  min.  Hidorical 
■oUce*  of  St.  Jamet'i  pariah,  Wilmington.  Phila- 
delphia.   1848.     ir.    pp.  86. 

Sermon  on  life  and  character  of  Tboma* 

H.  Wright,  U.  D.     Wilmington.     1881.     IK 

Drma*.  Robert  B.,  Jr.,  Spit.  mim.      St.  Paal'i    i 
pariah,   Edenton.      Pcrry'i  Aaur.  Bpii.   Ckmrth, 
I.  888. 

Colonial    pariahea  and    church    achooU.    > 

SktUktt  o/CkurA  History  in  X  C,  pp.  161-178. 

ntatd  aqd  laaraad  of  tbt  dty,"  wkh  IsfonaatUm  relatlag  lo 
the  wetlna.  lu  hotab.  halgbl  of  Boaalaiat,  Me.  —  tb*  whole  a 
Jaaible  of  rbolafle  lad  bathos. 

Dm^Lomt,  v.,  editor.  North  Carolina  aa  a  place 
for  inreatment,  manufactoriei,  mining.  Mock  raid- 
ing, fruit  an<l  farmiiig.  What  northern  reiident* 
in  North  Carolina  aay  of  it  ai  a  place  to  lire  in ; 
reaumi  of  material  rraoorcen,  etc.  Raleigh.  1879. 
r.     pp.  88. 

ItmjtIktMak,  Evert  A.  Memoir  of  Francif  L. 
Hawk..     New  Vork.     1871.     r. 

Earll,  R.  Edward.  North  Carulina  and  ili 
Athene*.  Tkt  PiMktriei  and  Fitkiny  Indtutritt 
of  tkt  Uniltd  Staltt.  f  U.,  1887,  put  xU.  4M-518. 

KmUm,  William.  Memoir  of  Hon.  John  Hall. 
y.  C.  t'nir.  mag.,  1889-80.  ix.  449-4U,  portrait. 

mAtrmrin.  John  Elli*  (18U-1A91),  />./>.  Tbe 
personal  hiatory  of  the  Virginia  conference.  Vir- 
finia  Con/trtnei  Annual.  Richmond.  188S.  8*. 
pp.  125.141. 

I'DtU  1«M  Nonh  CaroUao  wu  lacladni  ta  lb*  Virgtaia 
nalnaac*;  tbt*  addt*** 8*al*  Iart*l7  wttk  rariy  M MbadMi 
•ad  MalbadiM  la  Karth  CanUaa. 

MwM^a,  Morgan  (1711-1795).  HiMoiy  of 
North  Carolina  BaptiaU. 

Pl«»«ii*d  la  MS. ft«a  wbkb cxttacu  w*r*  pabUtlwd  by 
i.  C.  BM*oiw  la  J>tHaa>  Mfrdtr,  IM*. 

E4wsr4a.  Weldon  Nathaniel  (1788-1878). 
Memoir  of  Nathaniel  Macon  of  North  Carolina. 
lUMgh :  RaJeigh  Jb^iffar,     1868.     R     pp.  St. 

Ptabably  lb*  aaly  dlMlaeliTalr  biatorWsl  papar  pablUksd 
ta  Xenb  CaraOaa  datlag  tb*  war. 

Edward.   The  beginning  of  a  nation. 
Cmfary  Hagaxint,  Nor.  188S,  xzr.  61^88. 

Th«  aborigine*  and  the  coloniea.      Md. 

May  188S,  nrl.  tC-lU. 

Far  lb***  iftiel**  Mr.  IniiMaa  pbalAcrapb*<<  a  put  of 
lb*  OrfBTlll*  coOfctloa  of  lb*  ori«l*>l  dra«lD(a,  tnm  which 
Da  Bry'*  *agia»iag»  of  Koftb  Cunllna  Imllana  wrr*  aaida. 
Th*  Ur«aTlllo  1  'Ti  illn  d  ||Hl1t  1 11  the Sloaa*  e«a*etka, 
wblcb  ha*  b***  *appaaad  hlth«tta  to  np««a*at  tb*  iilglnal* 
of  D*  Bey.  Tb*  plieii  *f  th*  OtiarlU*  eoUeclioa  an  abo 
tauMMoly  *ap«Tlor  la  Uchalcai  ^aalUy,  *ad  Mr.  KgglMHa 
afgaa*  la  n*  MmMan  for  April  n,  IWI,  th*t  tb*  GrearOI* 
uBiedia  I  ut«lai  tb*  orlffaal  AT%m\af  aard  by  D*  Bfy. 
aad  aatth*  flkaa*  eoUectioa;  lb*i  thry  "  are  Joha  WhiM't 
arlglaak,  whieb  w«r*  a**d  wkh  tooK  chaosra  by  D*  Brjr, 
aad  thai  tb*  gl»aa»  pletam  ar*  aot  orintDal,  bm  early  *ad 
nthtT  rlamay  ropiv*." 

Elaaa,  Harper  J.  Coodenaed  hiatory  of  the 
battle  of  King'*  Mountain.     [1880.]     8*.     pp.  32. 

Adr*fti**Birnu  on  rrery  otb«r  pogv;  akrtcb  prepared  hj 
W.  R.  C*pp«. 

A  (ketch  of  the  battle  of  Onilford  Court 

Houae.     Oreenaboro.     1887.     8*.    pp.  86. 

Aa  •dTertialag  arlMnM  ■1*0. 

Ellla.  John  W.  (1820-1881),  Got.  of  JV.  C. 
Speech  delWered  before  th*  Democratic  State 
eonrention  in  Raleigh,  March  9,  1860.  Raleigh : 
Standard  offlce.     1880.     8*.     pp.  15. 



Emmert,  J.  W.  Report  on  the  explortition  of 
a  prehistoric  mound  in  Madison  county,  N.  C. 
Report  Peabody  Museum  (Cambridge,  Mass.), 
1884,  iii.  3S1. 

Erwln,  Joseph  J. 
W.  S. 

Memoir  o..     See  Pearson, 

Fanning,  Col.  David.  The  narrative  of  Col. 
David  Fanning  (a  Tory  in  the  Revolutionary  war 
with  Great  Britain)  :  giving  an  account  of  his 
adventures  in  North  Carolina  from  1776  to  1783i 
as  written  by  himself.  With  an  introduction  and 
explanatory  notes.  New  York:  Reprinted  for 
Joseph  Sabin.  1865.  4»,  50  copies ;  8°,  200  copies, 
pp.  xxvi.,  86. 

Sabin'R  Reprints,  second  series.  No.  1. 

A  second  title  page  is  as  above,  but  after  notes  "  Rich, 
mend,  Va.  Printed  for  private  distribution  only,  1861.  In 
the  first  year  of  the  Independence  of  the  Confederate  States 
of  America."  It  was  edited  by  and  published  at  the  expense 
of  Thomas  H.  Wynne  of  Richmond,  and  is  announced  as 
**  Historical  Documents  relating  to  the  Old  North  State, 
No.  1,"  with  introduction  by  John  H.  Wheeler.  There 
were  no  other  Issues. 

Ferebea,  L.  R.  A  brief  history  of  the  slave 
life  of  Rev.  L.  R.  Ferebee,  and  the  battles  of  life 
and  four  years  of  his  ministerial  life.  Written 
fVom  memory  to  1882.  Raleigh :  Edwards, 
Broughton  &  Co.      1882.      8°.      pp.  24. 

Finley,  James  B.  (1781-1857),  Meth.  min. 
Autobiography  of:  or  Pioneer  life  in  the  West. 
Edited  by  W.  P.  Strickland,  D.D.  Cincinnati: 
Methodist  Book  Concern.  1857.  12'>.  pp.  456, 
3.     Portraits  and  5  plates. 

Bom  in  North  Carolina;  died  in  Ohio. 

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Dr.  Smith  is  mild  in  his  censure  when  he  remarks  {Bihtory 
of  Educatton  in  North  Carolina,  p.  15)  concerning  this 
paper  that  Prof.  Fiske  '*  shows  an  ignorance  of  his  subject 
which  is  inexcusable."  See  reply  of  D.  R.  Goodloe  m 
Wheeler's  Reminiicenctt. 

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8°.    pp.     xxxii.,  557. 

Deals  almost  entirely  with  the  Presbyterian  Church  in 
North  Carolina.  It  is  one  of  the  most  valuable  and  accurate 
books  dealing  with  the  history  of  the  State  in  existence.  A 
note  at  the  end  says  that  material  for  a  second  volume  was 
ready,  but  it  was  never  published. 

Foro«,  Manning  F.,  Brev.  Maj.  Gen.  U.  S.  A. 
Marching  across  Carolina.  Sketches  of  War  His- 
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Union  side. 

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Reunion    of    survivors   of.      Ibid.   Mar. 

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-See  ToWLE,  G.  F. 

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Fraud  Commlasions.  Import  of  Thomas 
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Charges  of  corruption  and  fraud  in  the  issue  of  railroad 
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Charges  of  corruption  and  fraud  under  act  of  assembly  of 
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Gale,  Christopher,  Chief  Justice  of  N.  C. 
Sketch  of;   portrait.      See  Haywood,  M.  D. 

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Sketch  of  Gov.  Jonathan  Worth,     k.  d., 

N.  p.[c.  1870.]         8°. 

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Judge  Gaston   as   a   literary   man.      See 

Battls,  W.  H. 

An  evening  with.     See  Ckeecy,  K.  B. 

Sketch    of;    portrait.       Reprinted    from 

National  Portraits.     8°.     pp.  8. 

Life  and  character  of.      See  Strange, 




Omat«n,  WillUm,  LL.D.      St*  Philup*.  S.  F. 

Lener  of.     N.  C.  Cnn.  mmg..  1887-M, 


mt  cbM*  af  tlw  N.  C.  riMMtUtlw  of  ITT*.  Sm  ■!••  Ui 
ifMck  M  tU»  rluM  tai  Ibe  Dtbatc*  at  Ikr  nmrtmkm  al 

imt.  pp.  SM-ao*. 

Q9U»mlotfim,  of  tlie  Blonnt  family.  Wbcclcr** 
MtmtHUftiietM,  iTii.-'fi. 

of  Barrirg  r  famiW.     IhiJ.  LdL 

of  Harrey  family.      See  Hl-bba>d.  F.  M. 

-  of  Haywood  family.  Wbeeler'a  Btmimi»- 
tnut*.  IziiL-tzT. 

of  Fhifer  family.     Ihid.  Ix»i.-lxxiT. 

of    While    and    Newby    familiea.       8*i 

CKBaOAB.  W.  F. 

,  Fr«derick  Angnftn*  {d.  I89S).    Mlnrral 
I  of  N.  C.     Piattital  Jfoftimt,  iii.  *it. 

Mineral*  of  North  Carolina.     Waahinc 

toD :    GoTcnuDcnt    Priotiiif    CMer.       IMl.      S*. 
pp.   119. 

See  aim  (jfoloctral  iurtry^mfS.  C. 

0«olocleal  Sarroya  of  North  Carolina.      I. 
Olmainl-Mitcbelt  Sarr«y.  |rl24-lt<2.H. 
A  tTOlogtral  iimI  ■tombctnl  tmrtrj. 

Report  on,  pt.  i.,  by  Dcniaon  Oh—Hil. 

Raleigti.     I8t4.     \r.    pp.  41. 

pt.  U.,  bjr  D.  OlMMd.    Raldgh. 

ISU.     ir.    pp.  »8. 

lb*  gMtofy  of  K.  C,  pt.  Ui.,  bjf 

Bttahs  Mitchell.     Raleifh.     1817.    r.    pp.48. 

■•pact.  pp.  X-Ti ;  •  p<|XY  aa  fnU  aiaat  of  X.  C.  bf  C.  R, 
bdw.  i«pcM«4  Crva  [MUaoaS]  .iaxr.  Jtummt^SeUmei 
*r  UK.  la  a4it<  pp.  »-<S. 

Report  of  Profeaaor  Mitchell.  I8S9.     ir. 


UMaa  af  Mch.  UM  taptn. 

TM*  aarr*;  ta  af  iatmi  cklairaa  batat  Ibt  nrUnc  oT  Iba 
Aaartraa  BlaM  aarrvy*.    It  ia  UHla 
•aria0nil  neaaaataaaan  af  Hw  8toli,i 
anaatlaa  vaa  gtraa  la  ataanla  af  acaaoartr  taipittaaw.    It 
waa  piapmJ  by  fimL  Ol— «a<  la  a  iron  to 
boora  al  latrmal  tapnrrBaala  of  X.  C.  I  Drr..  lUI. 

II.    Smmtm  Surrey,  I85*-I8«4. 

A  tiaiaglral.  ■laarale^ttal.  b<4aat<al.  aal  a«rtaahwal 
••my.  Ila  gaaaral  parpaaa  waa  Iba  laraatlgahaa  of  tbe 
gialagy,  aatarai  bMary.  aad  aataril  maawaa  of  Iba  flMr. 
In  pam«a>Ma>;>>  ili  nlofaat  >f  Iba  ■hwral.aJalt. 

^—    Report  of  Prof.  Ernmona  on.     Raleigh. 
18«r     r.    pp.  181.  emu  I. 

Report  «■  th«  progrcaa  and  preaent  atale 

of.     Raleigh.     1865.     ir.    pp.  »). 

Geological  report  of  the  midland  conntiea 

of  North  Carolina.  New  York :  O.  P.  Pntnam  * 
Co. :  Raleigh :  Henry  D.  Tomar.  18M.  r.  pp. 
zs.,  8S3,  tngrmrimgi. 

Ooolacleal  awrraja  of  North  Carolina.  It. 
National  foundry  —  Deep  River,  N.  C.  Raleigh: 
Holden  4  WUaon.     1857.     8*.    pp.  14. 

A  apKUl  rtpaat  *a  tha  adTaaui^in  of  Iba  Tailay  of  Dtrp 
Rirer  »m  a  alia  for  Iba  aaubli*liin»nt  of  a  aalkmal  foondrj. 

Agricoltare  nf  the  eaatem  coontiea;  to- 
gether vith  deacription  of  the  fotaili  of  tbe  marl 
bed*.  Raleigh:  Henry  D.  Ttmer.  1858.  r. 
pp.  zvi..  816,  tufmwimft. 

Agriculture  of  North  Carolina,  part  ii. : 

Containing  a  atatement  of  the  principira  of  the 
icience  npon  which  the  practice  of  agriculture  aa 
an  art  i<  founded.  Raleigh:  W.  W.  Holden. 
18G0.     8*.     pp.  112. 

The   awamp    landa    of    North   Carolina. 

Raleigh  :  W.  W.  Holden.     1880.     8*.     pp.  05. 

Tbli  la  part  U.  of  Iba  •array;  all  Iba  abova  by  Prof. 

The  woody  pfauita  of  North  Carolina  by 

M.  A.  CnrtU,  D.D.  Raleigh:  W.  W.  Holden. 
1880.     r.     pp.  1S4. 

Tbia  la  calM  part  UL,  bolaay.  CMMalai  a  eotaloffw  of 
Ibaplaauaf  Iba  Slata.wttb  dnnlpttaM  aad  btatefyeftha 
maa. abraba, aa4  woa><y  vbMa;  iipihaii  lath*  la  Ilalc'a 
■barfa  aarf  Tlmttn^X.  C,  pp.  II-IM;  iv*tawad  by  C.  I- 
Baairr  la  JT.  C  Difa.  aMp..  1M*-«I,  x.  lU-IIt. 

Agricnltvre,  geological  ami    deacrtptire 

•ketche*  of  lower  North  Carolina,  and  the  ail- 
jaoent  landa.  By  Edmuml  Rnffln  of  Virginia. 
BaMgh:  Inatkation  for  the  Peaf  A  Dumb  A  tha 
Blind.     \8r,l.    r.    pp.  iOC. 

——  Report  on  the  natural  retonrcea  of  that 
part  of  North  Carolina  weet  of  the  Blue  Ridge. 
Raleigh,     ir.     pp.  8. 

Lag.  Doc  t», app.  B.  iiiilia IM»-«. 

Report  of  progriaa  oa  anirey.      Raleigh. 

pp.  8. 

Log.  ilae.  M,  aaaaloa  IM»41. 

— —  Cataloffoe  of  the  indigenou*  and  natural- 
ised planu  of  tha  S(|^  ^  M.  A.  Curtia,  D.  I). 
Raleigh:  Inatilntion  for  the  Deaf  *  Dumb  4  tha 
BUad.     1867.    8*.    pp.  168. 

FtotU.    BHaay. 

III.    Kerr  Svrty.  1864- 

A  foologlcal,  alaoialotical.  balaaleal,  aad  agrieakanl 

Report  of  progreaa.    Raleigh.    1887.     8*. 



IHd.     1889.  pp.  67. 

Appenllz  to.  1878.  Raleigh.   187S. 

8*.    pp.  J4. 

Ediuoo.  AOOO  roplca. 

A  brief  abatrect  of  report  of  1878  and  a 

gMMral  deacription  of  the  State,  geographical, 
gaological,  climatic,  ami  agricultural. 

-  Report  of  progreaa.    8*.    pp.  4. 
Pab.  doe.  No.  It,  aaaaiee  1«T*-TS. 



Oeoloclosl  ■nrrer*  of  North  Carolina.  III. 
Report  of,  vol.  i. ;  physical  geography,  r^sumfi, 
economical  geology.  Kaleigh.  1875.  8°.  pp.  xviii. 
816,  120,  plates  8,  geological  map. 

Edition,  1000  copies. 

Report  of  State  Geologist  on  the  expendi- 
ture* of  the  Geological  Survey.     8°.     pp.  17. 

Pub.  doc.  21,  nession  187fi-77. 

Report  of  State  Geologist  concerning  the 

establishment  of  a  department  of  agriculture,  etc. 
8".    pp.  12. 

Pub.  doc.  82,  session  1870-77. 

Physiographical  description  of  North  Caro- 
lina.    Raleigh.     1879  and  1882.     8°.     pp.  32. 

All  the  above  by  Prof.  W.  C.  Kerr. 

Minerals  and  mineral  localities  of  North 

Carolina,    by    F.   A.   Genth    and    W.    C.    Kerr. 
Raleigh.     1881.     8°.     pp.  122. 

Edition,  5000  copies. 

Another   edition.      Raleigh.      1885.      8". 

pp.  128. 

Xliis  composes  chapt.  i.  vol.  U.  Geology  of  N.  C.  See 
GiKTU,  F.  A. 

Map  of  North  Carolina,  by  W.  C.  Kerr, 

assisted  by  Capt.  William  Cain,  C.K.     New  York. 

Scale,  10  miles  to  the  inch. 

Ores  of  North  Carolina.     Raleigh :    Jos- 

ephus  Daniels.     1888.    8°.     pp.  237.    Mining  and 
geological  map,  cuts. 

Chapter  ii.  vol.  ii.  Oeologv  o/  If.C.  (pp.  12S-349);  the 
work  of  Dr.  Kerr,  finished  by  George  B.  Hanna. 

Edition,  3000  copies. 

Prof.  J.  A.  Holmes,  the  present  State  Geologist,  tells  me 
that  no  more  reports  relating  to  the  Kerr  surrey  will  be 

Gibson,  William.  Proposals  by  Walter  Gibson, 
merchant  in  Glasgow,  to  such  persons  as  are  de- 
sirous to  transport  themselves  to  America,  in  a 
ship  belonging  to  him,  bound  for  the  Bermudas, 
CAROLINA,  New  Providence,  and  the  Caribby 
Islands,  and  ready  to  set  sail  out  of  the  river  of 
Clyd,  against  the  20  of  February  in  this  year 
1684.     8°. 

An  excessively  rare,  If  not  unique,  broadside,  probably 
printed  at  Glasgow,  and  apparently  unknown  to  Sabin  and 
other  American  bibliographers.  The  text  refers  only  to 
Carolina,  and  details  the  cost  of  transportation  and  mode  of 
land  tenure,  &c.    Henrt  Stevens's  Catalogue,  No.  25. 

Gllolirist,  Robert  C,  Maj.  C.  S.  A.  The 
Confederate  defense  of  Morris  Island,  Charleston 
harbor.  From  Charleston  Year  Book.  1884.  8°. 
pp.  55.  Map  of  Morris  and  part  of  Folly  islands 
and  plan  of  fort  Wagner. 

Defense  made  by  troops  of  S.  C,  Ga.  and  N.  C. 

Ollner,  John  A.  Sketch  of.  Livingston's 
Biographical  Magazine,  i.  'H^ ;  portrait. 

OUmore,  James  Roberts  [Edmund  Kirke].  The 
rear  guard  of  the  Revolution.  New  York : 
v.  Appleton  &  Co.     12°. 

Ollmore,  James  Roberts  [Edmund  Kirke]. 
John  Sevier  as  a  commonwealth  builder.  D.  Apple- 
ton  &  Co.     1887.     12°. 

A  sequel  to  The  rear  guard  of  the  Revolution. 

"  Mr.  Gilmore  writes  very  well  and  is  an  enthusiast  in  his 
admiration  of  .John  Sevier.  .  .  His  two  books,  above  men- 
tioned, excite  an  interest  cfjual  to  that  produced  by,  perhaps, 
any  historiciil  romances  since  Sir  Walter  Scott's.  .  .  This, 
however,  will  be  accomplished  largely  at  the  expense  of  the 
intelligence,  honesty,  and  character  of  the  governors,  legis- 
lators, and  people  of  North  Carolina."  .  .  Mr.  Gilmore's 
"  zeal  in  defense  of  Sevier  has  prompted  him  wilfully  or  ig- 
norantly  to  libel  the  people  of  North  Carolina,  ile  certainly 
does  slander  them  shamefully."  —  Col.  A.  M.  Waddell,  in 
Newt  and  Observer. 

Gold  Mines  of  North  Carolina.  Description 
and  values  of  the  mining  properties  of  the  North 
Carolina  Gold  Mining  and  Bullion  Co.  [New 
York?]     [1890.]     8°.     pp.  lf>. 

Contains  valuable  historical  items  relating  to  North  Caro- 
Una  mines  and  minerals. 

Ooodloe,  Daniel  R.  Letter  of,  to  Charles 
Sumner,  on  the  situation  of  affairs  in  North  Caro- 
lina.    [Raleigh  (?).     1808.]     8°.     pp.  16. 

Series   of    articles   on  the   Mecklenburg 

Declaration  in  Raleigh  Sentinal,  June  18,  to 
Sept.  6,  1873. 

Mr.  G.  is  "noted  as  the  first  North  Carolinian,  since  the 
unknown  gladiator  of  1830  and.  Prof.  Phillips  in  the  Jf.  C. 
Univ.  mag.  of  18.53,  who  has  ventured  to  dispute  the  authen- 
ticity  of  the  20th  of  May  Resolves."  —  L.  C.  Draper. 

These  articles  were  replied  to  by  Maj.  Clement  Dowd  in 
the  Charlotte  Democrat  under  the  name  "  Hornet,"  and  by 
John  H.  Wheeler.  Mr.  Goodloe  was  sustained  by  "  His- 

Mr.  Goodloe  also  argues  against  the  20th 

May  Declaration  in  New  York  Herald  extra,  May 
20,  1875  and  in  National  Republican,  Washington, 
May  20,  1875. 

North   Carolina  in  the   colonial    period. 

Wheeler's  Reminiscences,  pp.  xi.-xxxvji. 

In  answer  to  John  Fiske's  Maryland,  Virginia,  and  the 
far  fouth  in  the  colonial  Period,    [q.  v.] 

Gordon,  James  B.  (d.  1864).  Brig.  Oen. 
C.  S.  A.     Life  of.    See  Cowles,  Wm.  H.  H. 

Gorman,  William  R.,  C.  S.  A.  Sketch  of. 
Our  Living  and  Our  Dead,  1875,  ii.  18-24. 

Graham,  James  A.  Historical  sketcli  of 
Twenty-seventh  Regiment,  North  Carolina  In- 
fantry. Our  Living  and  Our  Dead,  1874-75, 
i.  97-122  ;  1875,  ii.  409. 

Address  before  Orange  Guards,   1   Oct. 

1878.     N.  C.   Educational  Journal. 

Graham,  Joseph  (1759-1836),  Maj.  Oen. 
Closing  scenes  of  the  Revolution  in  North  Caro- 
lina.    N.  0.  Univ.  mag.,  1852,  i.  182-195. 

Reminiscences  of  the  Revolution.    Ibid. 

1854,  iii.  404-410. 

Corrections  to  various  misstatements  concerning  the  Brit- 
ish invasion  of  N.C.,  1780-81. 



Joseph,  Maj.  Otn.  Hit  decUntion 
of  K«t'olutioiiary  wrTicM,  with  lettere  and  memo- 
rial of  Judge  Mnrpbey.     Ibid.     1854.  iii.  43S-450. 

RcToIntiooaiy  hiatory  of  North  Carolina. 

Britiab  invaaion  of  I780-«l.  Ibid.  1855.  W.  SS7- 
358  (name  of  author  raiaprinted  here  aa  Samnel 
Joseph  Graham);  1856,  t.  1-16,  49-66.  97-110. 
vith  map  of  KUiir'i  Monntain.  145-163,  198-106. 

Orakaa,  WUliam  Alexander  (1804-1875), 
LL.D.,  Gottmor,  U-  S.  Stnator,  Ste.  Aiiry,  Om*- 
didattfoT  Yxtt-Prttidtnt,  C.S.  Stnator. 

Memorial  addreia  on  life  of;    portrait. 

Ste  McOcMBB,  Montford. 

Mcasaceof.    Raleigh.     1846. 

!■  ivgafd  la  N.  C  kMorjr. 

Brili«h     invasion    of     North     Carolina, 

1780-81,  in  Cooke'i  RtroitiltOHary  /f.  C  pp.  147- 
XOe,  t3ft-S8«:  alao  in  .V.C.  Unw.  mmf.,  18U. 
iL  97-117. 

DaUvned  bHbn  M.  Y.  Bl«(af1«ai  SadftT.  •■  Jm..  UN. 

Speech  of ,  00  the  amendmet  of  tha  8(al* 

•eoaatlntfo*.    ■*.    pp.  19. 

Otilvtnd  IB  Smat*.  On-.  It.  ItM. 

Memoir  of  ArchibahtD.  Morphey.    It.C. 

Unit,  mag.,  1860-61,  s.  1-lS,  portrait. 

IXacowae    oa     Ufa     and    character    of 

George  E.  Badger.  Raleigh :  Nicholt.  Gorman  k 
Neatherj.     1866.     V.    pp.  34. 

D*llTtfad  at  nqaaM  of  bar  of  W*k«  CMaqr  la  Balrigfc. 
Jalr  I*.  IMfc 

Memorial   oration   oa    Ufa   of    Thw— 1 

Raffln.  Raleigh :  NlchoU  4  Owiiw  1871.  V. 
pp.  84.     Pertrmit. 

IMlTCfad  k«*n  SlaM  acrtcaltanl  wcWj,  ■(  laaaal  Mr 
la  laMtk.  Orl.  O,  IRI. 

Addreaa  on  the  Mecklenbarg  Declaration 

of  Imlepeodence  of  XOIh  May,  1778.  New  York: 
E.  J.  Hale  *  Son.     1875.     XT.    pp.  167. 

Driinnd  al  CharlMW,  Mk  Ftb,  VKti.    A  laaraad,  ta. 
ilHaiM  *i*aii  af  tb«  dadarattai  of  May  ». 
I  ikMa  paMbbad  by  Um 
laf  lb* 

Oraavllla  Oraya,  The,  C.  S.  A.  Sketch  of. 
Our  l.%nK}  a»d  Our  Dtad.l9'i,  iU.  181-183. 

0*»TM,  Calirin.  Sketch  of.  Lirtngaton*!  Bio- 
grapkimi  HagaxtKt,  i.  187,  portnit. 

Onvw,  Ralph  Henry  (1851-I8a»).  Sketch 
of;  portrait.     5m  WintToii,  George  T. 

Qmj,  Aaa  (1810-1888).  Note*  on  a  botanioU 
ne«rala«  to  the  mo«aUiM  of  North  Carolina,  Ac. 
Awttr.  Jour.  Stitmot,  AprU,  1841.  slU.  1-49. 

awa«.  WhaitoB  Jackaoo.  C.S. A..  M. C.  Sketch 
of  Oea.  Bryan  Qrteaa.  X.  C.  U»i».  tmrng., 
1868-89,  Tiii.  195-900.  portrait. 

Sketch  of  Gen.  Thomaa  Jeffcraon  Green 

(rf.  1868).     Ilnd.  1891-93.  xi.  317-338. 

Sketch  of  Oen.   Robert  Ranaom.      .Vrw 

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George  Washington.  Life  of  Maj. 
Geo.  Nathanael  Greene.  3  toIs.  Nev  York. 
1867-71.     8*.     Portrait,  and  wutp. 

Qtommm,  Nathanael  (1743-1786),  Maj.  Otn. 
Awitritan  Army.  Sketches  of  the  life  and  cor- 
respondence of.     Stt  JoHmoK.  WlUiam. 

Ora— ahore.  Albam  of-  a.  t.,  a.  o.  [(.  1891]. 
8*.     pp.  43. 

Qray,  Robert.  Colontt.  Obaerratioas  on  tha 
[Revolntionary]  war  in  Carolina.  If.  C  Vmit. 
mag.,  18.'^8-5»,  riU.  145-160. 

Sriam.  .Martin  I.  J.  North  Carolina  not  an 
enemy  of  our  faith.  Amtriemn  Catholic  Mittorieal 
Rffartktt.  July.  1890.  rii.  139-183. 

OHsahy,  Hugh  Blair.  The  Virginia  Coaren- 
tioa  of  1776:  A  discourse  deUrered  [at]  WillUni 
and  Mary  College,  WUUamsbnrg.  Va.,  Jnty  8d. 
1865.    Richmood.  Va.     1855.     8*. 

rp.  »-»  argas  agalaM  lb*  satbeatkUy  of  ib«  Msekln- 
barg  Dsdaratlaa  af  Hay  m,  ink 

— —  Address  before  the  PeniisylTania  Histori- 
cal Society,  on  the  Mecklenbarg  DecUratioa  of 

DtUmwi  Joljr  »,  lUT,  sad  4«*ifn*d  u  *a  u«Wfr  to  Dr. 
Bawka.  Us  pmcaM  aa  *labacau  sad  pewnAil  aigaaial, 
dsdaaad  *«•  lbs  Wanaials  sf  Iba  agsd  msa, M  p«Mli« 
•a  lbs  Rssalrta  af  lbs  «•«  a*  tbe  aass  Ibsy  bsaid.  Tba  Bo- 
Hsly  MllriKd  H  Ibr  pabUcadea.  bM  k  baa  wawlaiil  la  aa. 

Biyan  (1838-1880).  Maj.  Otn.  C.  S.  A. 
life  of.     5m  Lokdok.  H.  A.,  and  Obbbh,  W.  J. 

Eztracu    of    I>etters    of    Major-General 

Bryan  Offmes  to  his  wife,  written  while  in  actira 
sarrice  in  the  army  of  northern  Virginia.  To- 
gether with  some  personal  recollections  of  tba 
war,  written  by  him  after  its  close,  etc.  Com- 
piled from  original  roanuscripu.  by  PnUskI 
Covper.  of  Raleigh.  N.  C.  Raleigh,  N.  C: 
Alfred  WiUiams  4  Co.     18^.     V.    pp.  138. 

I.  W.  L..  .Vi'aufrr.     History  of  Metho- 
dism in  Davie  county,    a.  r.    [1890.]    16*.    pp.  88. 
Bspilam  *Ma  BaMgk  OMsKaa  AdtocaH. 

I.  Ben  S..  and  ZaicUr.  W.  B.  Tha 
heart  of  the  Alleghanies,  or  western  North  Caro- 
lina, comprising  its  topography,  history,  resources, 
people,  narratives,  incidenu  and  pictures  of  trarel, 
adventures  in  hunting  and  flihiog,  and  legends  of 
its  wilderness.  Raleigh:  MfnA  Williams  4  Co. ; 
Clereland.  O.  :  WillUm  W.  Williaroa.  [1888.] 
8*.     pp.  374.     Map,  xUurtrationt. 

OmiAm  Book  of  northwestern  North  Carolina, 
containing  historical  sketches  of  the  Moravians  in 
North  Carolina,  a  description  of  the  country  an*! 
its  industrial  pursuiu.  Salem,  N.C. :  L.  V.  4  E.  T. 
Blum.     1878.    long  16*.    pp.  109. 



Onide  to  Capitalists  and  Emierants,  A. 

Being  a  statistical  and  descriptive  account  of  the 
several  counties  of  the  State.  Raleigh,  N.  C. : 
Nichols  &  Gorman.     18G9.     8°.     pp.  136.     Map. 

Published  by  N.  C.  Und  company.  ConMins  letters  from 
prominent  citizens  in  relation  to  soil,  climate,  productions, 
minerals,  etc.,  and  an  account  of  the  swamp  lands. 

Haklnyt,  Richard  (1553-1616),  Editor.  Col- 
lection of  Voyages.     1598-1600. 

This  collection  contains  nearly  all  the  original  material  on 
the  history  of  the  first  attempts  of  the  English  to  fix  settle- 
ments in  America.    He  prints : 

(1)  The  letters  patents  granted  by  the  Queen's  Majesty  to 
M.  Walter  Raleigh,  1584  (iii.,  p.  243,  ««?.). 

(2)  The  first  voyage  made  to  the  coasts  of  America  by 
M.Philip  Amadas  and  M.Arthur  Barlowe,  1584  (iii.  246). 
This  narrative,  as  the  context  shows,  was  the  work  of 

(3)  The  voyage  made  by  Sir  Richard  Granville  for  Sir 
Walter  Raleigh  to  Virginia,  1584  (iii.  251). 

(4)  An  account  of  the  particularities  of  the  employments 
of  the  Englishmen  left  in  Virginia  by  Richard  Granville 
under  the  charge  of  Master  Ralph  Lane,  General  of  the 
same  (iii.  255). 

(5)  The  third  voyage  made  by  a  ship  sent  in  the  year  1586 
to  the  relief  of  the  colony  planted  in  Virginia  (iii.  265). 

(6.)  A  brief  and  true  report  of  the  new  found  land  of 
Virginia;  by  Thomas  Ilariot  (iii.  266).  This  edition  of  the 
*•  Brief  and  True  Report "  is  abridged. 

(7)  The  fourth  voyage  made  to  Virginia,  with  three  ships 
In  1587,  wherein  was  transported  the  second  colony  (iiL  280). 

(8)  The  fifth  voyage  of  M.  John  White,  into  the  West 
Indies,  and  parts  of  America  called  Virginia,  1590  (1591) 
(iU.  288). 

A  new  edition  of  Hakluyt  was  published  in  London,  1809- 
1812,  S  vols.,  4'«.  Vols,  i.,  ii.,  iii.,  and  a  part  of  iv.  are 
exactly  reprinted  from  the  edition  of  1598-1600.  The  re- 
mainder of  the  fourth  and  the  whole  of  the  fifth  are  occupied 
by  reprints  of  various  publications  of  Hakluyt  and  of  otberb 
of  his  time. 

These  documents  will  all  be  found  in  the  new  edition  of 
Hakluyt,  recently  issued  by  £.  &  G.  Goldsmid  of  Edinburgh 
in  10  volb.,  and  in  their  edition  of  The  voyages  of  the  Englith 
nation  to  Americot  extracted /rom  the  complete  collection  of 
Hakluyt' a  tioyage:  4  vols.  Edmburgh.  1889-1890.  8*.  ii. 
pp.  276-388. 

Besides  the  above,  vol.  ii.  of  The  voyages  of  the  English 
natioji  to  America  contains  John  de  Verrazano's  report  to 
Francis  I.,  written  at  Dieppe,  8  July,  1524,  giving  an  account 
of  his  discoveries  off  the  North  Carolina  coast.  This  was 
probably  the  first  time  that  white  men  landed  on  this  coast. 

The  papers  in  regard  to  the  settlement  of  Raleigh  on 
Eoanoke  Island  have  been  reprinted  in  America  by  Dr. 
Hawks,  History  of  North  Carolina  i.,  and  by  Increase  N. 
Tarbox,  Sir  Walter  Raleigh's  Colony  in  America. 

Hale,  Edward  Everett,  Editor.  Four  letters  of 
Sir  Ralph  Lane  from  Virginia.  Archaeologia 
Americana,  1860,  iv.  ■ 

.   Slcetch  of  Sir  Ralph  Lane.     Ibid. 

Hale,  Peter  Mallett  (1828-1887),  Editor.  The 
woods  and  timbers  of  North  Carolina.  Raleigh: 
P.  M.  Hale ;  New  York  :  E.  J.  Hale  &  Son.  1883. 
ir.    pp.  272. 

A  compilation  flrom  the  botanical  and  geological  reports  of 
Dr».  Curtis,  Emmons,  and  Kerr,  with  information  from  the 
census  bureau  and  arrunite  repirt'  from  counties. 

Part  i.  IS  a  reprint  entire  of  Dr.  Curtis's  Woody  plants  of 
X.C.    (Raleigh.    1860.) 

"  The  forest  wealth  of  N.C.,  it  is  believed,  exceeds  that  of 
any  other  State."  — Preface. 

In  tlie  coal  and  iron  counties  of  North 

Carolina.     Raleigh:  P.M.  Hale;  New  York:  E. 
J.  Hale  &  Son.     1883.     12°.     pp.  425.     Map. 

A  compilation  from  the  geological  reports  of  Drs.  Emmons 
and  Kerr,  Col,  Laidley*s  and  Admiral  Wilkes'  reports  to  the 
war  and  navy  departments,  and  from  the  census  reports, 
supplemented  by  accurate  sketches  of  the  fifty  counties. 

Hall,  James,  D.D.,  Presby.  min.  Centennial 
addresses  on  life  and  character  of.  Covington, 
Tenn.  ;  Tipton  Record.  1885.  8".  pp.  24  (un- 

Contains  also  sketches  of  his  descendants  who  are  preachers. 
Called  on  cover  '*  Bethany  centennial  addresses." 

A  narrative  of  most  extraordinary  work 

of    religion    in    North    Carolina.       Pliiladelphia. 
1802.     8». 

Sabik,  No.  29,784.  Reprinted  in  Foote's  Sketches  of 
North  Carolina. 

Hall,  John  (1767-1833),  Judge.  Memoir  of; 
portrait.     See  Eaton,  William. 

Hampton,  Wade.  Niglit  attack  of  Ist  and  2d 
N.  C.  cavalry  upon  Kilpatrick's  division.  Our 
Living  and  Our  Dead,  1875,  ii.  166-170. 

The   battle   of    Bentonsville.       Century, 

Oct.  1887,  xxxiv.  939-945. 

Hardin,  John  J.,  Contributor.  Two  leaves  of 
Revolutionary  history.  Accounts  of  the  battles  of 
King's  Mountain  and  Musgrovc's  Mills.  American 
Review,  Dec.  1848,  ii.  577-583. 

Taken  down  from  conversations  with  Gov.  Shelby,  by 
M.  D.  Hardin. 

Hariot,  Thomas.  A  brief e  and  true^re-  |  port 
of  the  new  found  land  of  Virginia.  London. 
1588.      4°.      23  leaves. 

This  edition  is  of  great  rarity.  There  are  ct)pies  in  the 
Harvard  College  and  Lenox  libraries,  another  in  the  Britlsb 
Museum,  and  a  fourth  in  the  Bodleian,  Oxford. 

In  1590  De  Bry  published  Harlot's  narrative  with  a  map 
and  twenty -three  plates  from  the  drawings  of  John  White, 
and  to  secure  more  profit  had  the  text  printed  in  English, 
Latin,  French,  and  German,  thus  offering  four  editions  to 
the  public.  This  was  the  only  part  of  his  collection  of 
"  Voyages "  that  appeared  in  English.  It  was  after  the 
publication  of  this  work  that  De  Bry  conceived  the  idea  of 
his  collections,  and  Harlot's  narrative  forms  the  first  part  of 
his  '•  Great  Voyages."  Hariot  is  perhaps  best  known  from 
De  Bry's  English  and  Latin  editions. 

The  English  edition : 

A  briefe  and  true  report  |  of  the  new  foundland  of  Vir- 
ginia, I  of  the  commodities  and  of  the  nature  and  man-  |  ners 
of  the  naturall  inhabitants.  Discouered  by  |  the  English 
Colony  there  seated  by  Sir  Richard  1  Greinuile  Knight  In  the 
yeere  1585.  Which  Rema- 1  inod  Vnder  the  gouernement  of 
twelue  monethes,  |  At  the  speciall  charge  and  directiou  of 
the  Ilonou-  |  rable  Sir  Walter  Raleigh  Knight,  lord  War- 
den I  of  the  stannerics  Who  therein  hath  beene  fauoured  | 
and  authorised  by  her  Maiestie  |  and  her  letters  patents :  | 
This  fore  booke  Is  made  in  English  |  By  Thomas  Ilariot  ser- 
uant  to  the  abouenamed  |  Sir  Walter,  a  member  of  the 



ColMqr,  ud  Ihrn  |  inplojrni  ia  dlMOMrim.  |  Cmm  Gtmtl* 
•t  PrtTttfKto  ('*•.  MaM  tpttV  I  /Vaac^/WM  md  Mot- 
umm  I  TfpU  loanntt  Wttjull.  tmM—  Mr*  nttitl  |  A 
Brf  mitm»  Cl.t  Lt  XC.  |  fenmln  nptrtwnUr  te  t^rim 
SlfltmnuH  rtirabndU  \  [Colopbea :)  At  fntt^rU  I 
tmprlmltd  »v  Am  r<- 1  rA#/.  a<  Tkt^f*  4*  tnf,  mm  | 
CMWmrfe*wrfr>«.|MDXC.  I    rote. 

The  Enslbh  lUrioi  tttDtBryww  i«y«lfd  la  X«v  T«*k. 
I«n,  br  tlw  phato-lithofrmpUc  prawi     FtOo,  i*llo«.  tM 

is  1«W  M  MaaeiMMr. 

M  Uaaat—tn.  Eng..  fcr  Ik* 
capT  bcktastBC  la  lb*  Bart   af 

Atea  iff|MVwap*d 
UoltalB  Soeiatr,  tnm  > 
Cnwibnl  *ad  Bakam*. 

Aha  irfroAmeri  ttf  B«faanl  Qaartlrk. 
w.r.    r.    pp.  III.    JKt^aadS^fato*. 

Tk*  L«Ua  Tcnioa : 

AdMlraad*  awmia  |  FkU  laiaca,  4*  CoaaaiU*  M  |  laeo- 
lorra  RUbn  Vliswiar,  nvprr  |  adaadam  ab  AafiK  4*1  k 
Da.  Blcfeanlo  |  <irriaTll<'  EqTntr<*Onllai*  Vln*6  la  I  Cala- 
ataai  Awo.  M.  O.  LXXXV.  dcUreU  Moi  |  lamOi.STaM** 
kritaM  Da.  Waken  |  Rateigk  KqnMiti  Onllal*  VIrn 
rmUaarr  |  MaDal  iwfctta  •<  Antorllate  |  BuraWli— 
■■»>■■  A^t«.  I  AM"*"««tp«agtna»a*  |  kTWiallafM*. 
>tn4*B  Vakrfl  OtMnli- 1  ro,  la  «aa>  CbloMaai  arina  Tt 
B*Ckial«ii- 1  rraiiUna«at(roln*rf«fcl  |  NaaearMaipriBiTa 
IjtO*  daaata  k  |  C.  a  A.  |  Cm  <iniw  rt  Pmlkcla  Cto<k 
M^  tp***  I  ad  QradriraaUai  I  rromn/Mil,  Ar.,  ■*  ■bir*. 

Harastt,  Cornelia*  (i7S»-178i).  Rn.  patnol. 
SkHch  of.     >'.  C.  I'-ir.  may.,  IHU.  ir.  I.%i-ISH. 

Life  aiKl  Irtten  of.     Stt  8wai»,  I).  L. 

Harrall,  Kugt-ne  O. ,  and  Xaatkarj.  Join  B.. 
Comptttri.  The  North CarulinaSpeakt-r.  RaMgk: 
AlfrF<l  William*  A  Co.     lOOT.     ir.    pp.  KM. 

C'MlWBs  '■atw,  tigtrn^  •ttfartW*,  aad  patrtoUc  raetta- 
ti«a*»aa  ilnliB*nn*i "  by  uMjmtm  aaUr* lalkaw;  i*<*r- 

imnag* il  aad  ailapltd. 


A.   C.    Ttatktr. 



RuTla.  William  S.    Iliatorical  tketch  of  Poplar 

Tent  church.    Charlotte,  N.  C.    1878.    •*.    pp.  17. 

lUad  b*fan  Coacavd  Pwby««»y.  April  B,  im-.  aeticvd 


Harria, .      Aceottnt  of  Oranville  coonly, 

N.  C.  in  hit  •«r«oa*.     1831.  — Perkin*'*  Check 

H«aa«U,  Ciuhiog  Bigga  (1808-1880)  and 
SyUettrr.  ilUtorjr  of  the  ehoreh  of  Ood,  from 
the  crealioo  to  a.d.  IfW>;  inrlndinK  etpecially  the 
hiilorr  of  tlie  Kehuk>-v  Primitive  Baplbit  Aaaoda- 
tion.  Mi<lilletown.  N.  Y.  :  Gilbert  Beebe'i  Soiw. 
[1884.  J  r.  pp.  ulT.  10U8. 
Ckarrb  of  <>»l.  pp.  »  mt;  KfbakM  PrtaMln  Baplul 

Uk  *(  c  B.  iu**tu,  pp.  nT-«a», 

h  wf  iba  lateatMia  of  tk*  tariy  awb«ri  of  lb*  Kakak** 
BaptM  AMortatioa  |«>  calM  feaai 
Kikak**  tntk  la  ilaiilaii  raaatr.  X.  C 
MMI  wtf  m^mmi  la  ITIk)  la  kan  a*  kMMy  wiMmi  aad 
paMtdMit  M  Ik*  aad  af  (aeb  gnmlkm,  Tb*  (ni  bMarr 
«a*  vnurn  k)r  BMm  loan*!  Barkut  umI  J«<«*  Read 
\%.  T.|.  a»l  pakBiktil  la  IMS.  Th*  •*cand  by  Joaeph  B«||«* 
[q.  *t  la  UM.    la  m*  C.  B.  IIm**!!  m*  appotatod  U  pn- 

pan  Ik*  |U>4  editioa,  aad  abo  a  UMoct  of  Ibe  chnrrb  from 
Ika  cualiif.  II*  kad  prcpafcd  aaartjr  all  tbe  Krhukee  and 
ip*rial  PrUtklT*  Bapliat  biMac7  aad  Ihe  hi«tnr7  of  the 
cbaicb  ttKm  4im4  »jc.  to  130  i.D.  al  lii<  death.  April  II,  18(0. 
in*  aaa  wa*  appouited  to  rmaplet*  ike  vorfc.  U*  reTl>*d 
U*  hiber'a  aiaaaarripu  aad  brooffat  Hie  bioory  dova  from 
«.D.  V*  la  lau.  —  Prt/na. 

Tb*  nctlaa*  rtlaiinc  to  lb*  Kabakee  AiMicfahnn.  which 
•laa*  roac«ra  V.  C,  at*  cavt  In  tb*  Mai  af  aaaal*a  and  raa- 
riM  fauielj  of  hidl|i**tad  autnlale,  wttb  aiaek  relatire  to 

H«wka,  Francif  Liater  (1798-1866),  D.  D., 
LL.l).,  l\ot.  £pit.  minitler,  Editor,  Author. 
MemorUl  Tolomc  to.  Xew  York.  1867.  8*. 
pp.  71. 

a  ikrlcli  of  hU  Ufc  by  N.  S.  Rlehardaoa,  D.D.; 
addreaa  by   WUUaa  P.  Motfaa,  D.D., 

Memoir    of,    bjr    Erert    A.    Duyckinck. 

New  York.     1871.    r.    pp.  ICC. 

The  earl7  hiatory  of  tlie  Sonthem  Bute*. 

Virginia,  North  and  South  Carolina,  and  Georgia. 
Illuatrated  by  tale*,  (ketchei,  anecdote*,  and  ad- 
Tenturei  with  necewiry  enfcraTinfi.  By  Lambert 
Lillr.  •cboolmaater.  PhiladelphU  :  Key,  Mlckle  4 
Buiilr.     183S.     r. 

Another  editioa.      Boaton :    William   D. 

Tlcknor.     1841.     16*.     pp.  I9S. 

Mecklenburg  Declaration  of  Independ- 
ence. Ain*  Torit  Rtoitv,  1886,  vol.  i.  do.  1, 
pp.  8-68. 

TU*  *ftlri*  lakM  lb*  tors  *f  a  !•▼>*«  tt  'tnt.  Oaocg* 
TteekcT^  LMk  oTTboaM*  JeCtnoa  (1  Toia.,  FhU..  107,  r). 

Taeker  iMd  aadaftakea  la  delwd  JaCmoa  asaiaa*  J.  Saa- 
w»n  J*a**  I4.  T.J.  Dr.  Hawk*  ataally  coateada  far  tb* 
aalk*atlcttyaflk*aik«f  May  Derlataliaa,  aad  kaadlr*  Ik* 
af  4*fkn*a  raa«lily.  II*  auack*  kit  latlglaa 
I**  kaa  walk  plagbwlaiaa  aanfal  weO- 
kaawBpfcf*«aft*aib*M*cfcl*akarf  RanlnaorMay  as. 
PM:Tark«rd**ada  J««maa  fens  Iba  dam*  *f  plafiar 
a  writer taitk*  New  York  «»<«*.  By  a  VlTKrakaa."  (New 
York.  UM.  r.  PP  Mljnw^afl'rn  I iurirf  Ifmrn 
per  far  April.  Itai,  baa  a  iflmcd  artid*  eBttclr>l  "  Th*  New 
York  K*Ttcw  of  Mr.  J*8brwa  RevMwad,"  aad  la  tb*  aaai. 
ber  tor  Aa««>t  Dr.  Cyra*  L.  Uaalar  f«pU*«  la  lb*  wrttar 
aad  dafcada  Ik*  DadaiaiMi  *f  Ik*  Mb  of  May. 

The  Mecklenburf  Declaration  of  Inde- 
pendence. K.C.  Unit,  wtag.,  1853.  li.  401-426. 
and  reprinted  in  Cookc'i  Rtrolutionary  Mortk 
Qtrolima,  pp.  43-08,  with  autograph*  of  *ignen. 

Delirered  beftire  Nrw  York  II»t<incal  S<M-irly,  14  Dee., 
IHt.    Sf  report  In  .V.  Y.  /«a</y  Tim*;  17  Dec,  IU2. 

Battle  of  Alamance  ami  War  of  Regula- 
tion, in  Cooke'i  Rtvotuiioitary  A'orth  Carolina, 
pp.   13-41. 

FaTorable  view. 

HinU  on  the  internal  improrementt  of 

K.  C. :  respectfully  addreiied  to  hi*  countrymen, 
by  a  North  C«rolinian.  New  York  :  John  F.  Trow. 
18M.     r.    pp.  SO.     Mapt  2. 

iatd  la  b*  tb*  work  of  Dr.  Uawk*. 



Hswka,  Francis  Lister,  D.D.,  LL.D.  Address 
at  Charlotte,  N.C.,  20th  May,  1857,  on  the  Meck- 
lenburg Declaration  of  Independence.  The  prin- 
cipal parts  published  in  Charlotte  Democrat,  copied 
Carolina  Watchman  (Salisbury),  May  20,  If.  C. 
Whig,  Charlotte,  May  26,  Raleigh  Register  (semi- 
weekly).  May  27. 

Contend.*  for  nuthenticity  of  20tb  May. 

History  of  North  Carolina  :  with  maps  and 

illustrations.  Vol.  i.,  embracing  the  period  be- 
tween the  first  voyage  to  the  colony  in  1584,  to 
the  last  in  1591.  Fayetteville,  N.  C.  :  E.  J.  Halt-  & 
Son.  1857.  8°.  pp.254.  MapaZ,  illustrations  3; 
second  edition,  1858;  third,  1859.  Vol.  ii.,  1663- 
1729.  Fayetteville.  1858.  pp.  591.  Maps  5, 
illustrations  2. 

Sabin,  Dictionary  of  Bookt  Relating  to  America,  says 
that  the  third  volume  of  this  work  was  printod  and  •shipped 
jouth  about  1861.  I  have  never  seen  a  copy,  nor  have  I 
ever  found  any  other  mention  of  it. 

Dr.  Hawks  reprints  in  Iiis  first  volume  the  narratives  given 
by  Ilakluyt  [q.  v.].  In  the  second  lie  has  reprinted  many 
nrisrinal  papers  that  have  more  recently  appeared  in  the 
Colonial  Records  of  North  Carolina. 

Dr.  Hawks  possessed  the  broadest  scliularship  and  the 
highest  literary  attainments  of  any  one  who  has  written  on 
the  history  ofN.  C;  but  be  is  at  times  bigoted  and  a 
partisan.  Tlie  second  volume  deals  largely  with  social  phe- 
nomena  as  the  following  contents  will  show :  i.  Exploration 
and  Settlements;  ii.  The  Law  and  its  Administration;  iii. 
Agriculture  and  Manufactures ;  iv.  Navigation  and  Trade ; 
T.  Religion  and  Learning;  vi.  Civil  and  Military  History; 
vii.  Manners  and  Customs. 

"In  regard  to  the  richness  and  value  of  his  materials, 
Dr.  Uawks  has  vastly  the  advantage  of  his  predecessors, 
wliilc  in  historical  judgment  and  in  skill  a?  u  writer  he  has 
no  very  formidable  competitors  among  them." — F.  M.  Hub- 
BABD  in  his  elaborate  review  in  North  American  Review, 
July,  1860,  xci.  pp.  40-71. 

"  This  work  is  largely  documentary,  but  it  is  prepared 
with  the  well  known  skill  of  one  of  the  most  eloquent  writers 
and  orators  of  his  day,  as  well  as  one  of  the  foremost  of 
antiquarians."  —  C.  K.  Adams  in  his  Manual  of  Historical 

"In  dealing  with  this  subject  of  our  early  history,  he 
[Dr.  Hawks]  would  have  done  well  to  follow  ilie  lead  of  tlie 
great  northern  liistorian  [Bancroft],  instead  of  that  of  the 
English  and  Virginia  Tories.  But  no  careful  reader  of 
Dr.  Hawks  can  fail  to  see  that  his  patriotic  feelings  as  a 
North  Carolinian  are  in  this  regard  overborne  by  his  rever. 
ence  for  the  Church  of  Engiaud."  — D.  R.  Goodlob  in 
Wheeler's  Reminitcencet,  p.  xx. 

Commentary   on   the   natural   history   of 

Hawks's  History  of  N.  C.     See  Cobtis,  M.  A. 

Haywood,  John  (e.  1763-1826).  Judge  Hay- 
wood And  his  early  contemporaries  at  the  bar. 
See  Battle,  W.  H. 

Biographical  sketch  of .  5eeCoi,TAR,  A.S. 

The   natural    and    aboriginal  history   of 

Tennessee,  up  to  the  first  settlements  therein  by 
the  white  people,  in  the  year  1768.  Nashville: 
George  Wilson.     1823.     8°.    pp.  viii.,  390,  liv. 

The  civil  and  political  history  of  the  State 

of  Tennessee,  from  its  earliest  settlement  up  to  the 

year  1796,  including  the  boundaries  of  the  State. 
Knoxville,  Tenn.  :  Printed  for  the  author  by 
Heiskell  &  Brown.     1823.     8°.     pp.  4,  504. 

"  Tliis  work,  only  less  rare  than  the  Aboriginal  History  of 
Tennessee  by  the  same  author,  contains  a  large  portion  of 
the  material  relating  to  the  border  warlare  with  the  Indians, 
narrated  in  his  other  work.  The  speculative  and  anti- 
quarian portions  and  descriptions  of  nmiiiids  arc  omitted  in 
this  volume,  but  the  story  of  Indian  i.-onflicis  and  massacres 
is  narrated  with  greater  detail  ami  minuteness,  lilling  much 
the  larger  porti<m  of  the  work.  The  story  of  the  formation 
of  the  State  of  Franklin,  and  the  civil  war  which  ensued,  is  a 
chapter  of  American  history  but  little  known,  and  scarcely 
exceeded  in  interest  by  any  other." —  Field. 

Reprinted  by  So.  Meth.  Pub.  House,  Nashville.    1891. 

Hayrrood,  Marshall  DeLancey.  Sketch  of 
Christopher  Galo.  Portrait.  N.  C.  Univ.  mag., 
1892-93,  xii. 

Mr.  Haywood  has  in  preparation  a  genealogical  history  of 
the  Haywood  family. 

Haywood,  R.  B.  Memoir  of  Dr.  William  G. 
Hill.     [Raleigh  (?)  c.  1877].     8°.     pp.  7. 

Hazard,  Ebenezer.  Historical  Collection  of 
State  Papers,  2  vols.     Charter  to  Raleigh,  i.  33. 

Helper,  Hinton  A.  ("Guy  Cyril").  Western 
North  Carolina,  nature's  trundle-bed  of  recupera- 
tion for  tourist  and  health-seekers.  New  York : 
South  Publishing  Co.  [1886.]  16".  pp.  80. 
Illustrations,   map. 

Henderson,  Leonard  (1772-1833),  Chief 
Justice.     Memoirot;  portrait.    .See  Battle,  W.  H. 

Henderson,  Philo.  Sketch  of.  N.  C.  Univ. 
mag.,  1856,  v.  452-459. 

Heltman,  John  Franklin  (1843-).  History  of 
North  Carolina. 

A  serial  in  20  chapters  in  N.  C.  Educational  Journal,  Jan. 
1884 — Dec.  1885.  Covers  the  period  from  earliest  explora. 
tions  to  the  death  of  Gov.  Dobbs  (1765). 

Historical     sketch     of    Trinity    College. 

Raleigh  (N.  C.)  Register,  26  Mar.,  1884. 

Henry,  Robert  (1765-1863).  Narrative  of  the 
battle  of  Cowan's  Ford.  See  Sciienck,  D., 

Henry,  William  Wirt,  LL.D.  Raleigh's  settle- 
ments at  Roanoke  and  Guiana.  Xar.  and  Crit. 
Hist.  Amer.,  iii.,  chap.  iv. 

Henti,  Nicholas  Marcellus  (1797-1856).  Sketch 
of,  with  bibliography.     See  Atkinson,  George  F. 

Hero  of  '76,  A  night  with  a.  y.  C.  Univ.  mag., 
1855,  iv.  193-199,  353-360. 

Heirat,  Alexander,  Af.D.  Historical  account 
of  the  rise  and  progress  of  South  Carolina  and 
Georgia.  2  vols.  London.  1779.  8°.  pp.  xiv. 
847,  ix.  309. 

Devoted  particularly  to  South  Carolina  and  Georgia,  but 
contains  much  relating  to  North  Carolina. 

Reprinted  in  Carroll's  Collectionn  with  notes  of  correction. 

Dr.  Hewat  lived  for  several  years  in  Cliarleston,  and  while 
there  collected  original  papers  and  ditached  mss.  for  use. 



Umfwi,  Frank  A.  The  Norfolk  and  Soutb- 
cm  railroad  and  iu  comnierrial  tribntarie*.  Nor- 
folk:  TJU  Lamfauiri.  1891.  8*.  pp.64,  niti*- 
iroftoiu,  wiap  of  tcuUm  y.  C. 

William  Earl.  Addendam  to  the 
■lacrala  and  mineral  localltie*  of  N.  C.  (*tt 
OtoUtgy  of  N.  C).  Joumai  of  Eiitka  MiUktU 
StUntiJU  Socitty,  1889,  vi.  4&-79.  nU$. 

HOI,  Benjamin. 
W.  H. 

Hill.   Whitmill. 
Swam,  D.  L. 

Sketch  of.      S*t  BaiLST, 

Life    and   letter*  of.      Aw 

Hill,  William.  0/  Ckf*  ftmr. 
Hoopu,  A.  M. 

Hill,    William    O..    M.D. 
IIatwood,  K.  B. 

Sketch  ot     8t 

Memoir  of.      8tt 

HUtoB.  William.  A  |  Reladoa  |  of  |  A  Die- 
.  corer)'  lately  made  on  the  Coait  of  |  Florida,  | 
(From  Lat.  81  to  8S  Deg.  45  Min.  North  Lat.  | 
Bjr  William  Hilton  Comroander.  and  |  Commia- 
iioiier  with  CapC  Anthony  Long,  |  and  Peter 
FaUan.  ia  the  Ship  Advtntur;  which  |  tet  Sayl 
from  Spikea  Bay,  Au(  10,  16<3,  and  wa«  |  tet 
forth  by  Sereral  Gentlemen  and  met-  |  ehaala  of 
the  Iiland  of  BAaaAOoaa  |  ,  tU.  Lcmdon,  J.  C. 
for  Siwton  Miller,  l«U.     nn.  4*.     pp.  4,  S4. 

Plrtifi  the  urtlMl  paliHuilii  ulallag  t»  tbt  OrBH— ■ 

lituMily  late.  A  eayy  la  "  reMlajed  leraM  aer.  tana 
tap  Hit  (Biifciil),  —em."  bw^tt  W at  Uw  BtWeyiale 
la  MM. 

Rapriattd  la  JT.  C  Cbtarfal  MttwU,  L 

HUtoa.  Jaraei  W.,  Cot.  C.  8.  A.  Sketch  ot 
0»r  IAri»f  and  0»r  Dtad.  ItTS,  U.  84-M. 

Hla«OTtaal    ■oatoty    •t    Kartk 
Firft   report  of.      HilUborouith :    I>enni«  Heart*. 
1846.     r.     pp.  6. 

Proceeding*  In  rrorganixatioo  of.      Our 

Lioing  and  Our  Dtad,  187S.  ill.  «l-«6. 

-  An  account  of.     If.  C  Unit,  mag.,  1864, 
iii.  813-333. 

An  account  ot     Soutktm  Litmuy  M*^ 

unftr,  »U.  68. 

W.  J.  What  Lincoln  county  did  in  the 
hue  (eiril]  war.  Otir  lAHmg  and  Our  Dtad, 
1874-76.  i.  439-434. 

Sketch  of  38th  N.  C.  regimenL      lUd. 

1874-76.1.  646-661.  —  Correction  to.  1876.  iii.  180. 

William  Woods  (1818-1893).  Lawyer. 
EdUor,  Rttomtrtietion  gortmor.  AddrCM  deliver- 
ed before  the  State  Edocational  Ataodation  of 
North  Carolina  at  Warrenlon.  Joly  1.  1867.  Ra- 
leich  :  Holden  *  WiUon.  1867.  V.  pp.  33. 
BaiaiM  l«  aMemlMal  MMair  •<  dw  I 

H«Ua«.  William  Wood*.  Impeachment  trial 
of,  before  aenale  of  North  Carolina.  3  toU. 
Raleigh:  Sentinel.  1871.  i.  pp.  1-I0S8,  appen- 
dix 38;  ii.  pp.  1039-3370,  appendix  10;  Ui.  pp. 
3871-3666,  appendix  108.  index  xi. 

Iapwcb«d  D*c.  ISTO,  vt  Ucfa  erimn  tni  mudtrntaaon 
white  goTVnwr.  Tb*  Inal  bcfaa  S3  D«c.,  ItTO,  and  eodnl 
tt  Uar.,  \n\.  U(  waa  (mad  fa\\V)  on  lix  out  of  eight 
coaaM,  wu  <l«pncd  tnmt  oAcr.  uhJ  fonrtr  ditqumJited 
tnm  hoiiling  anjr  oAlcc  of  prott  or  iraM  la  North  Carobua. 

r^—  Answer*  to  the  articles  of  Impeachment. 
[Raleigh?]     [18707]    8*.    pp.  46. 

Address  on  the  history  of  Journalism  in 

N.  C.  if.  C.  SdycalioniU  Joymal.  Second  ed., 
Baleigh:  Nem  and  Oiteroer.  [«.  188S.]  8*. 

IMlT<f«4  M  alalh  BtwUac  N.  C.  Flw*  AJSoetatioB  ia 
WlHlaa,  Jaa*  <1,  ltd. 

HolBaa,  Joseph  Austin,  B.8.,  State  Otologist. 
Nole>  on  the  Indian  burial  mounds  of  eastern  N.  C. 
Wilmington  (N.  C.)  Weekly  Star.  36  Oct..  1888. 
Reprinted  ia  Jbunutl  SlitKa  MitektU  Seitnli/U 
Sotiatji,  188S-84.  pp.  7S-79.  Reprinted.   8*.  pp.  6. 

Sketch  of  Washington  C.  Kerr;  portrait 

and  bibUography.  Ihid.  1887,  pt.  3.  1-34;  re- 

Temperature   and    rainfall    at    Twiova 

sutioas  in  M.  C.      Ihid.  1888,  t.  31-41. 

Historical  note*    oonceming   the  N.   0. 

geological  surreys.     Ibid.  1889,  y\.  6-18. 

Abiinc*  ef  a  mato  slabsraW  psftr  mpand  fee  V.  t. 

Set  tUte  Oeoloffieal  Surreys    of  Nottk 


ProC  BataH*  has  la  ptspaiailua  a  ceaptet*  Wbllngrn^ 
ot  the  gsdiogy  or  Kartk  CaeMm. 

,  Johann  Baptist  Virginia,  Marylandia 
et  Carolina  in  America  Septentrional!,  represen- 
talaea  J.  B.  Homano.  Norimberga.  1736.  [Map.] 

Hooym.     ArchlbaM-'Sttelain*     (1776-186S). 
Sketch  of.     A'.  C.  Unit,  mag.,  1866,  ir.  67-63. 

Compiler.     Abridgment  of  the  memoir* 

of  M^.  Gen.  Robert  Howe.  Ibid.  1868.  U.  30»- 
ttS.  306-319,  868-364.  467-467;  1864.  iii.  97-110. 
146-161 ;  1866,  iir.  836-338.     Stt  Hows,  Robert. 

William  Hill  of  Cape  Fear.     Ibid.  1863, 

U.  187-197. 

Sketch  of  Gen.  Joha  Ashe.     Ibid.  1864, 

Ui.  901-309,  366-377. 

H««p«r,    John    DeBemiere    ( - 1886), 
Sketch  of.      Set  SrcNCSR,  Mr*.  C.  P. 


Hooper,  William  (1783-1876),  LL.D.  A 
lecture  on  the  imperfection*  of  our  primary 
school*  an<l  the  be*t  metho<l  of  correcting  them. 
Newbern:  John  I.  Pasteur.    I8SS.    8*.    pp.38. 

IMiTncd  brfon  K.C.  laMHato  ef  Idaestlaa  U  Ctaipel 
HiU.WJoar,  !*«. 



Hooper,  William,  LL.D.  Sketch  of  Edward 
Jones.     N.  C.  Univ.  mag.,  1856,  v.  337-3G0. 

Fifty  years   since.       Ibid.    1859-60,   ix. 

677-611.  Reprinted,  Raleigh:  Holdcn  &  Wilson. 
1850.  8°.  pp.  50.  Second  edition,  Chapel  Hill : 
John  B.  Neathery.     18G1.     8".     pp.  34. 

Address  before  alumni  association  of  Univ.  of  K.C.,  1859. 

Home,  Robert.  A  Brief  Description  |  of  |  The 
Province  |  of  |  Carolina  |  On  the  Coasts  of  Flor- 
eda.  I  And  |  more  particularly  of  a  New-Planta- 
tion I  begun  by  the  English  at  Cape  Feare,  |  on  that 
River  now  by  them  called  Charles-River,  |  the 
29th  of  May,  16G4.  |  etc.  .  .  .  |  Together  with  | 
a  most  accurate  map  of  the  whole  Province.  |  Lon: 
don,  for  Robert  Home.  1666.  sm.  4°.  pp.  10. 

Generally  ascribed  to  R.  Home.  Temanx-Compans  says 
it  la  "  the  first  printed  description  of  Carolina,"  but  Hilton 
[q.  v.]  was  two  years  earlier. 

Reprinted  in  Carroll,  ii.  9-18, 

A  Sue  copy  nf  the  original  edition  brought  (82.&0  at  the 
Brinley  sale  in  1880. 

Ludewig  says  the  map  is  "  most  (in.)  accurate."  Some 
copies  have  an  additional  map,  **  Carolina  described." 

Hosaok,  David,  M.D.,  LL.D.  A  biographical 
memoir  of  Hugh  Williamson,  M.D.,  LL.D.,  &c. 
New  York  :  C.  S.  Van  Winkle.     1820.     pp.  91.  . 

Noticed  in  N.A.  RenUto  (xi.  pp.  31-38)  by  Edward  Ever- 
ett,  with  reference  to  the  anecdote  of  the  faraons  letters  of 
Hatchinson  and  Oliver. 

Howe,  Robert  (c.  1732-1785),  Maj.  Gen.  Rev. 
Army.  Abridgment  of  the  memoirs  of.  Com- 
piled by  A.M.  Hooper.  JV.  C.  Univ.  mag.,  1853- 
1855,  ii.-iv. 

Contents :  —  Battle  of  Moore's  Creek  and  defeat  of  British 
at  Sullivan's  Island,  1853,  ii.  209-222,  305-319;  comparison 
between  Lee  and  Howe,  358-364;  death  of  Gen.  Moore 
and  the  appointment  of  Howe  to  the  command  of  the 
Southern  department,  457-467;  retreat  of  Gen.  Howe  from 
Savannah,  1864,  iii.  97-110,  145-161;  additional  focta,  1865, 
iv.  826-328. 

Sketch  of.     See  Bellamt,  John  D.,  Jr. 

Howe,  William  Wirt.  Life  of  F.  X.  Martin. 
New  Orleans  :  James  Graham.    1882.    8°.    pp.  35. 

Edition,  1000  copies.  Prefixed  to  second  edition  of  Martin's 
Mttory  0/  Loutiiana. 

Hnbbard,  Fordyce  Mitchell  (1809-1888).  Life 
of  William  Richardson  Davie  in  Sparks's  Library 
of  American  liiography,  xxv.  (n.  s.  it.).  Bos- 
ton.    1848.     12'>     pp.  1-135. 

Address    before    Historical     Society     of 

Univ.  of  N.  C.  N.C.  Univ.  mag.,  1852,  i.  343- 

On  the  histories  and  historians  of  N.  C. ;  incorporated  in 
his  review  of  Dr.  Hawks's  history. 

Genealogy  of   Harvey  family  of    N.C. 

Ibid.  185C,  V.  88-90 ;  also  in  A'.  E.  Hiat.  and 
Oeneal.  Reg.,  Oct.  1858,  xii.  313-316. 

Life  and  times  of  Richard  Caswell.    N.C. 

Univ.  mag.,  1867-58,  vii.  1-22. 

Hnbbard,  Fordyce  Mitchell.    Who  commanded 
at  Moore's  Creek?     Ibid.  1857-58,  vii.  137-152. 
In  favor  of  Caswell. 

Successor  to  C.  H.  Wiley  [q.  v.].     North 

Carolina  readers,  3  numbers.     New  York :    A.  S. 
Barnes  &  Burr.     [Various  dates.] 

Review   of    Hawks's    History    of    North 

Carolina.     North   American   Review,  July,   1860, 
xci.  40-71. 

Includes  a  review  of  the  work  done  in  N.  C.  history  up  to 
that  date. 

Hnbbard,  Oliver  P.  An  extraordinary  Indian 
town  in  North  Carolina.  Mag.  of  Amer.  Hist., 
Oct.,  1887,  xviii.  339-341. 

An  examination  of  statements  made  by  Brickell. 

Hnghes,  John.  Life  of  Lawrence  O'Bryan 
Branch.     1884.     8°.     pp.  14.     Portrait. 

HnmpIireyB,  John  T.  Description  of  a  pre- 
historic mound  in  Burke  county.  Smithsonian 
Report,  1879,  p.  446. 

Hnat,  Nathan  (1758-1853),  Quaker  minister. 
Memorial  of.  Greensborough,  N.C:  Patriot. 
1854.     8». 

Printed  as  an  appendix  to  the  minutes  of  the  Yearly  Meet- 
ing for  1854. 

Hnnter,  Cyrus  L.,  M.D.  [List  of  planti 
found  in  and  about  Lincoln  County,  N.C,  c. 

Meutioned  in  Wood's  sketch  of  M.  A.  Curtis. 

The  Mecklenburg  Declaration  of  Inde- 
pendence again  considered ;  with  remarks  upon 
the  Resolves  of  May  31st,  1775.  So.  Lit.  Messen- 
ger, Aug.  and  Nov.  1839,  iv.  481-486,  748-751. 

Dr.  Hunter  contends  that  these  latter  resolves,  emanating 
from  the  committee  of  public  safety,  supplement  the  Dec. 
laration  by  the  people  on  20th  May. 

Notices  of  the  rarer  minerals   and  new 

localities  in  western  North  Carolina.     Amer.  Jour- 
nal of  Science,  1853,  l.w.  373-378. 

Sketches  of  western  North  Carolina,  his- 
torical and  biographical.  Raleigh :  The  Raleigh 
News.     1877.     8°.     pp.  xiii.,  357. 

Deals  principally  with  the  RL-volutionarj'  history  of  Meck- 
lenburg, Rowan,  Lincoln,  and  adjoining  counties  in  North 
Carolina  and  South  Carolina.  It  is  somewhat  fragmentary ; 
a  part  consists  of  scattered  facts  and  incidents  gathered  from 
tradition  and  recollection;  a  part  fVom  state  and  county 
archives,  much  of  it  hitherto  unpublished. 

The  botany   of  North   Carolina.      South 

Atlantic,  Dec,  1878,  pp.  97-107. 

Hntohlna,  Thomas  (6.  1730)  Capt.  60fA  Regi., 
foot.  A  topographical  description  of  Virginia, 
Pennsylvania,  Maryland,  and  North  Carolina,  com- 
prehending the  rivers  Ohio,  Kenhawa,  Sioto,  Chero-  ' 
kee,  Wabash,  Illinois,  Missisippi,  &c.  The  climate, 
soil  and  produce,  whether  animal,  vegetable  or 
mineral;  the  mountains,  creeks,  roads,  distances, 
latitudes,  &c.,  and  of  every  part,  laid  down  in  the 



umexetl  map.  With  >n  appendix  containing  Pat- 
rick Kenn«<l}r'(  Joamal  up  the  Illinois  rirer. 
London:  MDCCLXX VIII.  8>.  pp.67.  Map, 
taUtt  >. 

DnatbM  Ik*  eaolrj  wnl  of  Aikctaaalaa  aad  ■■  apoa  llw 
riven  OUa  aad  MlMWppt."  doaa  ft«a  U*  owa  tmmjt 
is  dw  Ficark  aad  ladlaa  «ar  aad  la  later  rceoaoallariBt 
loar*,  ITM-inS.  It  ranccnn  North  CaroUaa  rcrjr  Dole  ex. 
ctpc  la  nami  Aa  tditloa  apfwand  at  BoWon .  ITST.  (m.  ••■ 
pp.  at.  Fiaiu  i;  laMt.  Rcpriouil  la  tliinl  cdUloa  of 
lafair'l  WuUt»  TrrrilorU;  ft.  riii.,  pp.  Ui-»ll. 

Dricription    topographique    de    la    Vir- 

ginie,  de  la  Pena^rWanie,  da  Maryland  et  de 
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pp.  68,  with  sapplenient. 

Hraaiatk.  S.  A  rained  Sute.  [North  Caro- 
lina in  ia«9.}  (htHaitJ  Monthly,  Jnly.  1869,  UL 

Hjsau.  .V(.  E.  A  preliminary  lUt  uf  adflition* 
to  Curtis't  Catalogue  of  indigenoot  ami  natural- 
ized plants  of  North  Carolina  —  flowering  plants. 
Journal  of  Elitka  Mitchell  Scitnli/k  Soeirtg,  1884- 

85.  pp.  72-:t: 

IbAIkb  'War  of  ITie.  Historical  sketch  of. 
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pp.  tIU.  570;  U.,  pp.  rii.  60S.  Portrait,  tout  of 

TVn  Is  a  trwIMsa  lint  Uw  aaoM  IndsB  was  erigia*llr 
Imaa.  aad  Ihal  Ck*  femlly  wm  coUateral  dncndaats  of 
Hsary  Intoa.  iIm  soo-ia-lsw  of  OlWrr  Croaawrll.  The  Mory 
«f  Jad«e  Imtfll't  (if*  i«  loU  ia  bU  Irtun  siwl  ibow  of  hit 
Mtad*.  laelndlni  all  ili«  ara  who  wrrr  praaiarat  la  KeTolo- 
daaary  linn  la  North  C'srollaa.  Usny  ol  Ih*  Jailfs't  own 
IsMsTS  vm  wrkua  la  lbs  p«*«s  of  bastasss;  bat  Ihry  Iist* 
I  aad  Tinrtty  Bot  always  band  la  sarh  pradur. 
Tb*  boob  Is  lbs  bart  aad  alaoat  oeiy  aatborMy  for 
lb*  saHal.  palldeal,  aad  taMrDscMal  Hit  of  N.  C.  ma-MOa. 

Tb*  priallac  *f  tb**s  islaiis  ws*  paid  (nr  hj  Jmmmt  C. 
Jehastsa  of  Edealaa. 

Sketch  of.     y.  C.  Unit,  mag.,  I8S7-68, 

rii.  S0O-S8C;  1858-^.  riii.  809-300. 

Boosd  aa  MaB*r. 

Iwaj.  F.  H.  Address  on  life  of  W.  M.  Wingate. 
D.D..  late  president  of  Wake  Forest  College. 
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DaUmfsd  si  Wsk*  Fomt  Coll»|c.  Jobs  M,  IIT*. 

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labours,  and  snfferiafl  of.    a.r.     I84S.     16*. 

A  nrnibrr  of  lbs  S.C.  Cealbrrac*,  whirb  Ibca  laelodrd  a 
lartv  part  of  N.  C. 

Jokaa,  John.  Wilmington,  N.  C,  daring  the 
blockade  [drll  war].  ltarp*f'$  Magaaxnt,  Sept. 
18M.  zsxiU.  497-M8. 

JokaaoiB,  Bradley  T.,   Brig.    Oen.  C.  S.  A. 
Letter  on   N.  C.  history  to   New  York   TVibune, 
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IL  434-429 
On  .MrcUrntmrs  Declaration,  etc. 

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Tb*  Rrpoct  of  tb*  Dirarton  Is  sdd*d,  sad  pagad  ».».    ' 

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Court,  U.  S.  Sketches  of  the  life  and  corre- 
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4*.  Vol.  1.,  pp.  xL  SIS,  portrait;  vol.  ii.  pp. 

CoapBad  dMfy  troa  arigiaal  materials;  deals  wtib  lbs 
BrilMi  lasaslsa  sf  ITW-n ;  Ibr  lu  vain*  with  rrfercoce  10 
North  CSsnUaa,  ss«  Seaooi,  Dsvid. 

Jokaatam.  Robert  Z.,  Pretby.  minitttr. 
Sketches  of  Providence  church  in  Mecklenburg 
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The  administration  of  Drury  Lacy,  D.D., 

third  president  of  Davidson  College.  Lintotn 
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addrettes  of  Daridton  College,  pp.  12I-I.11. 

Historical  sketch  of  Little  BriUin  Presby- 
terian church,  Rutherford  county,  N.  C.  [Lin- 
colnton:]  Lincoln  Courier.     1889.     8*.     pp.  10. 

Historical  sketch  of  Goshen  Presbyterian 

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.  .  .  From  whence  is  inferred  a  Short  View  of 
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"  Oas  of  th*  sesrrrst  worfci  relating  to  Virginia,  pnbllibed 
la  iMs  e  salary."  — EMM. 

Rcpctelsd  far  Joseph  SaUa.  New  York,  law,  S*.  Fifty 
ropls*  OB  bug*  paper. 

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Ia  fcvor  of  tlrclarmtion  of  May  30. 

Report  of  the  centennial  celebration  of. 

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Compiler.     See  Roster  of  N.  C.  troopa  In 

war  with  Mexico. 



Joaaa,  Joseph  Seawell  (e.  1808-1855),  of 
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Mr.  Jefferson.  Boston  :  Charles  Bowen ;  Raleigh  : 
Turner  &  Hughes.     1834.     8°.     pp.  xii.  343. 

Contentt :  —1.  History  of  the  Revolution  in  North  Carollnik 
totbcnational  Declaration  of  Independence,  ii.  The  Meck- 
lenburg Declaration  of  Indei»endencc  on  the  20th  of  May, 
1776.    iii.  Tlie  character  of  Wm.  Hooper;  appendix. 

Jones  writes  with  a  reckless  vigor  and  intensity.  He 
grows  eloquent  over  his  work  at  times ;  but  frequently  mis. 
takes  abuse  of  the  opposite  view  for  sober  history. 

Memorials    of   North    Carolina.       New 

York.     1838.     8°.     pp.  87. 

•*  The  bitterness  of  controversy  has,  at  least,  the  good 
effert  of  signalizing  events;  and  many  a  hurried  student  will 
perhaps  pause  to  observe  in  what  great  matter  it  is  that  the 
skepticism  of  an  Irving  or  a  Jefferson  is  deemed  vicioas  and 
reprehensible."  —  Preface. 

Discusses:  Raleigh's  colony;  the  .MeckU-nburg  Declara- 
tion; Flora  McDonald. 

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(misprinted  1880). 

Wator-power   am!     other    manufacturing 

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Chart   and  instructions  for   silk   growers 

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History  of  silk  culture  in  North  Carolina. 

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For  other  papers  see  Geological    Survey 

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The  Ency.  Brit,  puts  this  swamp  on  the  icevtern  side  of 
North  America ! 

KluK,  William  Rnfus  (1786-1853),  M.C.,  Sena- 
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Obituary   addresses   on  occasion   of   the 

death  of.    Washington  :  Robert  Armstrong.     1854. 
8°.      pp.  63.     Portrait. 

I>elivered  Dec.  8  and  fl,  1853,  by  Mr.  Hunter  of  Vii.,  Mr. 
Kverett  of  Mass.,  Mr.  Cass  of  Mich.,  Mr.  Dougluss  of  111., 
Mr.  Clayton  of  Del.,  Mr.  Harris  of  Ala.,  Mr.  Chandler  of 
Pa.,  Mr.  Latham  of  Cal.,  Mr.  Taylor  of  O.,  Mr.  Ashe  of 
N.  C,  Mr.  Benton  of  Mo.,  Mr.  Philips  of  Ala.,  Mr.  Atty. 
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North  Carolina    in    76,    1874-75, 

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On  Gen.  Wm.  D.  Pender  and  Pen- 
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Number   of    troops   furnished    by 

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f,  Theodore  Bryant  (18SS-),  LL.D., 
Editor.  Conlribuiioiu  to  the  hUtory  of  North 
Carolina  publUhe<l  in  Our  Liring  and  Our  Dtad, 
while  editor  of  that  joomal  {eoHlinutd). 

Majr  16,  1771  [battle  of  Almanac*], 

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-    May,  1771 :  A  retroipective  (lance. 

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Erenu  in  North  Carolina  In  17U- 

M,  1875,  iU.  170-180. 

-    The  (rierance*  of  tha  people  —  an 

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Death  of  Hon.  Wm.  A.  OrahaiB. 

1875,  UL  aM-SM. 

Another     witneH   —  Gettysburg, 

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Some  of  the  csaaea  that  lad  to  the 

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North    Carolina    genermb.     1875, 

iU.  74»-753. 

Ormiion  on  the  Hfe  and  character  of  Rer. 

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Klac's  MowAtaim.    Celebration  of  the  battle 

of  King"*  Mooniain,  October,  1855,  and  the  addreee 

of  the  Hoa.  John  8.  Preaton  [q.  r.],  tofitber  with 

I  of  the  meetingt  and  accompanying 

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Propoaed    centeaaial   of   lb*   battle  of. 

TorknUe.  8.  C. :    Tkt   fafntrer.      [1880].      R 


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monad  in  MoMgoaery  connly .  N.  C.  Smithmuian 
Btporl,  1874.  pp.  889-400. 

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Ilarftt'i  Magaximi,  Dec..  1887,  Ixrri.  07-106. 

I  lllaMTKkMH  of  N.C.  ( 


Testimony  taken  by  the  joint  se- 
lect rwmlni  s  to  inqaite  into  the  comlition  of 
affairs  in  the  late  inamfreetionaiy  states.  —  North 
Carolina.  Washingtoa:  Ooremasent  Printing 
Oflcc.     187S.    r.    pp.  zTl.  501. 

Proclamatiniu  by  the  gorcrnor  of  North 

Carolina,  toitether  with  the  opinion  of  the  Chief 
Jastiee  ami  the  reply  of  the  Qoremor.  Raleigh  - 
1870.     r.     pp.  S«. 

Sf  also  Battiji,  W.  U. 

-  tut  also  HotMDT,  W.  W.,  Impeachment 
trial  of. 

Tiebwlny.  Edouanl.  Histoirc  des  fitats-Unis 
depuis  les  premiers  essais  de  colonisation  jnsqn'i 
I'adoption  de  la  constitntion  f Morale.  8  vols. 
Paris.     1870.     \V. 

Lm  dsaa  Canhan,  L,  pp.  SM-Mi. 

Oas  of  (ha  best  sboft  aecoaau  *f  tb*  celsay  ts  b«  tamA 
In  s  fcaenl  Uicory  a/  the  U.S.  Tbt  roBdwaeslal  Coaslt. 
tatiou  of  Lorkt  sra  rlearljr  saalTssd  tad  AiUjr  discossed. 

XitUdUy.  T.   T.   S.      Report  on   Deep  Rirer 
timber  and  mineral*. 
Ordf  red  pnaicd  ky  U.  8.  U.  tt  I..  Jnat  10,  ItM. 

liAaA  ef  tb*  Ikj.  Album  of  scenery  on  the 
Westvrn  Nurtli  Carolina  railroad.  New  York : 
Adolpb  W'itlemann. 

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literature,  military,  history,  and  agriculture.  Kd- 
itcd  by  Gen.  D.  H.  Hill  at  Charlotte.  N.  C. 

Coatstas  a  aaaibir  of  wtiric*  nluhig  to  North  rsiiiHaa 
VaL  i.  MajxOct..  IMt;  U.  Not.,  lMa-Apr«l,  l««7:  lii.  Maf- 
OCI..IHT:  It.  No*.,  tM7-Apcll.  IMS;  *.  Jiaj-Ort..  UM; 
Tl.  Not.,  U«a-Apni,  IMS.  It  wm  Uwa  «o*«nltd»twl  wlib 
TU  jr«w  KttKMc  MagiutM*  of  BslliaMts. 

t<m*.  James  H.  How  Stonewall  Jackson  wee 
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Werii  of  tb*  tlU  N.  C. 

Defenee  of  Fort  Gregg.     ScuUum  Bi»- 

torital  Setitty  Faptn,  Jan..  1877.  iii.  19-33.  8m 
alto  reply  to  Gen.  HarrU.  Mar.,  1881,  U.  103-107. 

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Ibe  part  lakrn  therein  by  the  36th  N.  C.  rci 
Ckatkam  (N.  C.)  Mttord,  Aug.  14.  1800. 

Ralph  a^ttm-WA),  Oortmor  of 
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817-844.     8t*  alto  pp.  1-43. 

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Letters  of.     lUd.  pp.  8-18. 

Foar  letter*  sent  home  froai  the  new  feet  la  Tlfftnia.  aad 
not  (band  In  Haklajrt. 

Reporu  of  his  expedition  to  and  settle- 
ment on  Roanoke  Island.  N.  C.  1585.  8tt  Hak- 
i.rTT.  Richard. 

Charles.    Letters  from  tlie  Alirgbaoy 
moantain*.      New  York :    G.  P.  Putnam.      1840. 
ir.    pp.  188. 
Orlflnallr  paUlihml  la  the  yaUvmal  /mUlUgnctr. 

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oftheteul*  of  King's  Mountain.  Yorkrilto,  S.  C. : 
Tk*  Enquirtr.     8*.     pp.  18. 



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of.     See  Weeks,  Stephen  B. 

A  New  Voyage  to  Carolina;  Containing 

the  Exact  Description  and  Natural  History  of 
that  Country :  Together  with  the  Present  State 
thereof.  And  A  Journal  of  a  Thousand  Miles, 
TraveI'd  thro'  several  Nations  of  Indians.  Giving 
a  particular  Account  of  'their  Customs,  Manners, 
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The  History  of  Carolina;  Containing  the 

Exact  Description  and  Natural  History  of  that 
Country  :  Together  with  the  Present  State  thereof. 
And  A  Journal  of  a  Thousand  Miles,  TraveI'd  thro' 
several  Nations  of  Indians.  Giving  a  particular 
account  of  their  Customs,  Manners,  &c.  By  John 
Lawson,  Gent.  Surveyor-General  of  North-Caro- 
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Ship,  and  J.  Baker  at  the  Black- Boy,  in  Pater- 
Noster-Row,  1714. 

Sm.  4».  Title,  1  1.;  dedication  to  the  Proprietors,  1  1.; 
preface,  1 1.;  Introduction,  1-6;  Journal,  6-60 ;  A  Description 
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North  Carolina,  169-238;  Second  Charter,  Abstract  of  Con. 
atitution,  239-268 ;  map. 

Edition  of  1718,  title  page  same  as 

that  of  1714,  except  that  after  London  comes 
"Printed  for  T.  Warner,  at  the  Black-Boy,  in 
Pater- Noster- Row,  1718.  Price  Bound  Five 

Edition    of    1860,    same  as   1714, 

except  after  1714  comes  "Raleigh:  Printed  by 
Strother  &  Marcom  at  their  Book  and  Job  0£Sce, 

12>.  Title,  1  1.,  verso  blank;  preface  to  re.publication, 
lU.-iv.;  preface,  v.-vii.;  dedication,  ix.-z.;  introduction, 
xi.-xviii.;  Journal,  19-105;  Description  of  North  Carolina, 
107-276;  Account  of  the  Indians  of  N.  Carolina,  277-390. 
Abstract  of  Charter  and  Constitution  not  reprinted.  This 
reprint  is  full  of  printers'  errors,  and  is  without  plate  and 

Lawson  was  first  printed  in  1709  as  the  second  series  of 
"  A  new  collection  of  voyages  and  travels  into  several 
parts  of  the  world,"  edited  by  John  Stevens.  The  same 
pages  served  as  a  part  of  the  edition  of  the  Voyages  pub- 
lished in  1711  in  two  vols. 

Stolen  and  reprinted  by  John  BriclceU  in  1737  [q.  v.]. 

Allerneuste    Beschreibung  der   Provintz 

Carolina  In  West-Indien.  Samt  einem  Reise- 
Journal  von  mehr  als  Tausand  Meilen  unter 
allerhand  Indianischen  Nationen.  Auch  einer 
Accuranten  Land-Carte  und  andern  Kupfer-Stichen. 
Aug  dem  Englischen  uebersetzet  durch  M.  Vischer. 
Hamburg.  Gedruckt  und  verlegt  durch  seel. 
Thomas  von  Wierings  Erben  bey  der  Borse  im 
gueldnen  A,  B,  C.  Anno  1712.  Sind  auch  zu 
Franckfurt  und  Leipzig  bey  Zacharias  Herteln 
lubekommen.    16°.    pp.  1-366 ;  8  unnumbered  pp. 

—  PtLLINO. 

Lajr,  Henry  Champlin,  Bishop  of  Easton,  Md. 
Memorial  sermon  on  Bishop  Thomas  Atkinson. 
New  York :  James  Pott.  N.  d.  12°.  pp.  62. 

Another  edition.    Winston,  N.  C.  :  Church 

Messenger,     n.  d.     12°.     pp.  27. 

Condensed  ire  A":  C.  Univ.  mag.,  WiG-%1, 

vi.  ZOh-m,  portrait. 

Itederer,  John.  The  discoveries  of  John 
Lederer,  in  three  several  marches  from  Virginia 
to  the  west  of  Carolina,  and  other  parts  of  the 
continent :  begun  in  March,  1669,  and  ended  in 
September,  1670.  Together  witli  a  general  map 
of  the  whole  territory  which  he  traversed.  Col- 
lected and  translated  out  of  Latine  from  his  dis- 
course and  writings.  By  Sir  William  Talbot, 
Baronet.  [Two  lines  quotation.]  London.  Printed 
by  J.  C.  for  Samuel  Heyrick,  at  Grays-Inne-gate 
in  Holborn.     1672. 

A  copy  of  Lederer,  bound  by  Bedford,  brought  $435  at  the 
Brinley  sale  in  1880.  A  second  edition,  with  explanatory 
notes  by  H.  A.  Ratterman,  was  published  in  Cincinnati. 
1879.    8°.    pp.  xi.  33.    Map. 

Lee,  Henry  (1766-1818),  Lieut.  Col.  Amer. 
Army.  Memoirs  of  the  war  in  the  southern 
department  of  the  United  States.  2  vols.  PhiUi- 
delphia.     1812.     8°. 

New  edition,  with  corrections  by  author, 

and  notes.     Washington.     1827.     8°.     pp.  466. 

New  edition,  edited  with  life  by  R.  E. 

Lee.     New  York.     1869     8°.     Illustrations. 

New    edition,    with    portrait.       2    vols. 

Philadelphia.     1872.     8°. 

Lee,  Henry  (1787-1837).  The  campaign  of 
1781  in  the  Carolinas.  Philadelphia:  E.  Littell. 
1824.     8°.     pp.  2,  611,  xlvii. 

With  remarlcs,  historical  and  critical,  on  Jolmson's  Greene, 
and  an  appendix  of  original  documents  relating  to  the  his- 
tory of  the  Revolution. 

Leftwloh,  W.  M.  The  Mecklenburg  Declara- 
tion of  Independence.  Southern  Methodist  Quar- 
terly Review,  October,  1891,  n.  s.,  xi.  111-129. 

For  the  20tli  of  May  declaration. 

Leigh, HezekiahG.  (1795-1853),  Z).Z>.    Funeral 

discourse  on  the  life  of.    See  S.mith,  William  A. 


Lenunonds,  Q.  C.     Speech  on  the  convention 
bill,  Jan.  17,  1861.     Raleigh.     1861.     8°     pp.  16. 
Favoring  calling  a  convention. 

Lenoir,  Walter  Waightstill  (1823-1890).  Sketch 
of.     See  Weston,  James  A. 

Leonard,  Thomas.  Sketch  of.  N.  C.  Univ. 
mag.,  1856,  v.  323-324. 

Leventhorpe,  CoUett  (1815-1889),  Brig.  Oen. 
C.  S.  A.  Memorial  sermon  and  sketch  of.  See 
Weston,  James  A. 



I,  J.      Grandfather*  mountain.      Standi, 

I.  218. 

UlUactom.  John  A.  Sketch  of.  X.  C  Unit, 
mag.,  lt>*«-»9,  riii.  IC-20. 

Xaadaajr,  T.   H.      lUoatnted    (uide    book  to 
Kuith  Carolina. 

laj  Uliiiimluni  oltetw^,  Hr. 

IfOok*.  John  (|(S2-I7M).  Fnndamenul  con- 
•litutiuiii  of  Carolina.  S«-«  Co/.  Records  of  X.  C, 
i.,  p.  187-200;  Code*  of  N.  C. ;  Martin's  History, 
i.,  api>endix :  Cbartera  and  conflitation*  of  U.  8. ; 
Lockr'a  Works. 

a.  Henry  Cabot  (I8S0->,  Ph.D.  A  abort 
hialorjr  of  tlte  Engliib  colonie*  in  America.  New 
York.  18«l.  Chapter  r.  North  Carolina  from 
166»-l*65.  pp.  132-147;  chapter  vi.  North  Caro- 
Unaln  ITftS,  pp.  Uh-157. 

Tka  v«rk  I*  taatd  oa  wHiianqr,  aad  Htauuw  u*  aiMMr. 
•■•;  kM  a tllMiacihralf  kMlila  aaiaiM  perradMtbe  wkah; 
leteiaea*  t*  Bjml,  tk«  tkuJortaif  mi  ilnmi'iK/^itHit 
TtoflalBCsralIrr,  aadlaHoir*''' ■t'  Tort,  are  uwaijr;  vhU* 
Hm  aw.— aU  KiTra  bj  Ban  n>il.  ilir  nnr  liMnnu  of  Um 
V.  S.  wIm  bw  bc#a  aMft  to  »\*^nrvuv  ilic  luuiaac  tlvHMicrwjr 
WliM  raiaay,  w«  t(aand  cauraljr  or  garbM,  w  M  la  fitm 
a  (•■rhMtea  mwtinXj  lUtbrrat  Rtmb  Um  nriainal  nor.  Tk* 
fCHtMMM  Is  b*  to  f^lMiiai  thmagtiM  U>e  lawJ  ud  bU« 
iW  paad  ia  tW  i  il— y,  aad  Ik*  cmn  aMdc  are  kfl«a.  Tk* 
UMWOT  af  O.  B.  Uaa«aa  la  VnL  tVk*'*  MurgtmH, 
riryteto,  mud  «U  /ar  «mM  la  Iks  tstsmM  ptrisd,  wlU 
■pplj  xiaally  *■  wril  la  Ibt*. 

I,«CU.  John  Ramk>lph  (1811-1884).  Baptist 
mimister.  Skrtchri,  hinlorical  and  biu(raphical, 
of  the  Broail  River  and  Kinfc'i  Mountain  Bapliat 
AMOekttkW,  from  1800  to  1882.  Shelbjr.  N.  C.  : 
Babfa^poo,  Hobcru  4  Co.  1M7.  r.  pp.  u. 
MS.     Portrait. 

Ciialai  ikf»rb«»  <rfik»  ailalmii  aa<  ■■■km  of  tba  two 
aaaaclaltaaa  aad  W  lb*  wpanle  cbaivbM;  gtatfal  Iratan* 
MMMd  by  Mctat^**  miliai  af  Ike  aaaeaattoati  poftnlt 
■ri  iktarb  afaalbar  by  B.  L.  Rybaia. 

li— 4— .  Mrnry  A.,  Bditor.  McnMirial  aildrea* 
un  life  an^l  M-rricei  of  Bryan  (irinira,  M^.  Oen. 
CaA.    RaleiRh:  R.  M.l'ucll.    18M.   8*.    pp.  22. 

IMtrend  cM  BaM|ih,  M>aoftal  da;.  May  10,  IM*. 

!<•>*•,  Jamee  Lee,  A.M.,  imslmctor  I'a  Uartard 
l/mirtriUy.  The  flrat  colk-gf  ohaerralory.  Tk* 
yutton,  16  Aug..  IA)U).  zltii.  I:tl-l:t2. 

tasmmmtj  af  a  frnfrt  pn-Mninl  hj  Dr.  Cliarlra  Phillipa  u> 
*•  BMa  Mitchtll  MttrnliS''  Fi<«-irl>,aiicl  publxlml  lo  th« 
jr.  d  PMs,  mmf.,  IMM-at,  It.  »-;,  ir><">a  aa  arroaal  of  Um 
abaarvaiary  nwted  by  Dr.  Joirph  Caklwall  a<  Chap«l  Hill, 
K. C,  Ui  ini,  lb*  lr>l  In  Aacrica. 

»,  Tbonuu   O.    (18IS-18«!>).      Sketch   of. 
8t*  KiwoabCBT,  Theodore  Bryant. 

VtAmrmm  OkaMk.    5«c  Bhuheiii,  G.  T). 

Vi'mcliiungcn   der    E*angeli*cb>Luther- 

lachea  S,>  no  l<<  fur  Nonl-Carolina  un'l  angranzemle 
Staauo,  Kt'liallin  in  Gailforl-Coanly  .  .  May, 
latS.     Philwlelphia.     lass,     r.— Saan>,  S6702. 

MoOu^y.  Geralil,  and  Wood.  Thomaa  F. 
Wilniinjfton  Flora.     Ste  Wood,  T.  F. 

BfoCInrt,  .Alexander  C.  The  last  chance  of 
the  Confetleracy  [battles  of  Arerysboro  ami  Ben- 
tonsville,  N.  C.].  AUantit  MoMlkly,  Sept.,  1882, 
I.  889-400. 

I.  Flora.    The  life  and  character  of. 
X.  C.  Unit,  mag.,  18ofi,  r.  433-44G. 

MoDoaald,  Hugh.  Extract  from  the  ReTolu- 
tionary  journal  of.  A^.  C.  Unit,  wutg.,  I853-18B<>, 
U.  4OM70;  ir.  158-162;  t.  28-81,  208-211,  S«0- 
363,  not  flninhed. 

MoDowall,  Silas.  Letter  from  Lyman  C. 
Draper  in  Wesltm  Expositor  (Asheville,  H.  C), 
3  July,  1873. 

<iiiri->  »inct«  frgaWBUaasaa's  Diary,  wtaicli  locate*  Um 
loUlaa  altark  oa  Ua  toma  briow  and  ixH  almirr  Frmnltlin, 
M.  C,  a*  tiwlIHoa  liaa  Mated. 

ICeOakM.  MontfonI  (1822-).  Life  an<l  char- 
acter uf  William  A.  Graliam.  Raleigh  :  JVnss  Job 
office.     1877.     8*.     pp.  84.     Portrait. 

DrtlTrrod  bafera  bracb  aad  bar  nf  Uia  Supreno  Court, 
Jaa*  I.  itra. 

The  same,  condensed.    N.  C.  U»i*.  mag., 

l886-*7.  Ti.  171-184,  portrait. 

Mellwala,  William  E.  Sketch  uf  the  Presby- 
tery of  .Mcfkhnburg,  I8C9-1884.  Cliurlottc.  1884. 
12*.     pp.  1)1.     Map  of  territory. 

MeKajt  Neill.  A  centenary  sermon.  Fay- 
etterille :  Presbyterian  office.     1868.    8°.     pp.  19. 

DfllTsml  brfora  Praabytary  of  FayHterill*,  at  Bluff 
Charcb,  It  Oeu,  MM. 

t.  W.  H.,  M.D.     Memoir  of.      Raleigh: 
Edwartia,  Brougliton  &  Co.     1875.     8*.     pp.  19. 

D(liTFr«<l  at  Wil«fla  by  8.  8.  8aK-b«rll,  M  .D.,  19  May^ 
»».  aad  u  RaleiKk  by  William  U.  IIUI,  M.D.,  t  June,  M7&. 

lf«okansla,  RodgJQb  Strictores  on  Lieuten- 
ant-Culonfl  Tarlelos'*  IKltory  of  the  Campaignu 
of  1780  and  1781.  in  Ike  Soutkem  Protintes  of 
Nortk  Awurica.  Wherein  military  characters  ami 
corpa  are  rinlicated  from  ii\jurious  aspersions,  ami 
iereral  important  transactions  are  placed  in  their 
proper  point  of  view.     London.     1787.    8*. 

MackcnsK  dcfead*  Coiawalli*.  tie  in  Tery  acTrra  on 
Tarl«tAn*a  work,  **  la  wblcli,'*  ba  «ayf,  **  tome  fact*  bare 
bean  wiibbrM,  aiid  Rome  mutilated,  wbile  otlirrv  are  raised 
to  a  pitcb  of  importance,  Ia  wbicb,  if  biMoricai  jofttice  bail 
been  Uia  auUior's  object,  tliey  are  by  no  meant  eotiUad. 
Prejudice  and  parly  (pirit  ara  alao  immb*  of  It*  moat  impor. 
taat  featurea."  —  Rich. 

MoMUUn,  Hamilton,  A.  M.  Sir  Walter  Ra- 
leigli's  loal  colony.  Wilson,  N.  C. :  Advance. 
1888.     ir.     pp.  2,  27. 

4n  blatnrical  (ketch  of  Ibe  aMempU  of  Sir  Waller  Saleigh 
to  cstabli«b  a  colony  in  Virginia,  wiUi  the  traditinn*  of  ao 
lodlaa  tribe  in  North  Carolina,  indiotlnK  (he  fate  of  the 
eohiay  of  Kagtiehmen  left  oa  Roaook*  I«Unil  in  IHT.    Mr. 



UcMillan  thinks  the  Croatan  Indians  the  representatives  of 
the  colonists.  He  has  lived  among  them  for  many  years, 
and  knows  their  history  and  traditions.  Ue  advanced  this 
theory  in  1885,  while  a  member  of  the  General  Assembly  of 
North  Carolina,  and  it  wa.s  through  his  influence  that  the 
tribe  was  recognized  as  such. 

Mooon,  Nathaniel  (1758-1837),  M.C.,  Senator. 
Life  of.     See  Gotten,  Edward  R. 

Memoir  of.     See  Edwards,  VVeldon  N. 

Letters  to  Bartlett  Yancey,  with  a  short 

■ketch.     N.  C.  Univ.  mag.,  1857-58,  vii.  89-100. 

lIoRae,  James  Cameron  (1838-),  Justice  Su- 
preme Court,  N.  C.  Address  before  Fayetteville 
light  infantry.  Our  Living  and  Our  Dead,  1874-75, 
i.  32-38. 

On  81st  anniversary  of  company. 

MaoIUe,  William  (1834-1882),  Brig.  Oen. 
C.S.A.     Sl£etcli  of.     See  Stedman,  Charles  M. 

MoRee,  Griffith  John  (1819-1873),  Editor. 
Life  and  correspondence  of  James  Iredell  [q.  v.]. 

MoRea,  James  Fergus  (1794-1869),  M.  D. 
Sketch  of,  portrait.     See  Wood,  Thomas  F. 

MoRee,  William  (1787-1833),  Col.  U.S.E. 
Memoir  of.    [Wilmington,  c.  1844.]     12°.     pp.17. 

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Consul- General.    Memoirs  of.     1880.     4°.    pp.  53. 
Privately  printed. 

MaUett.  William  P.  (1819-1889).  Sketch  of; 
portrait.     See  Winston,  George  T. 

1,  Adolphus  Williamson  (1834-1890), 
D.  D.,  Teacher.  Sketch  of.  See  DvNiELd, 

Washington  at  Salisbury,  N.  C.     Ilistori- 

eal  Magazine,  Jan.,  1874,  3d  ser.,  iii.  30. 

Same  article.    A^  C.  l/ntu.  wiog'.,  1883-84, 

iii.  235-237. 

William   Preston   Mangum   (1837-1861). 

IHd.  1883-84,  iii.  343-347. 

Mansnm,  Willie  Person  (1792-1861),  LL.D., 
Judge,  M.C.,  U.S.  Senator.  Letter  on  the  Regu- 
lators in  N.C.,  contributed  to  Historical  Magazine, 
April,  18C9,  2d  ser.,  v.  272. 

"  Gen.  Thomas  Person  .  .  .  was  one  of  the  band  of '  Regu- 
lators '  in  X.  C.  —  a  noble  baud." 

MABSaitt,  Mrs.  Willie  Person,  Jr.  Sketch  of 
WilliePerson  Mangum,  Jr.  (jd.  1880.  N.  C.  Univ. 
mag.,  1889-90,  ix.  97-103. 

Manly,  Charles,  Governor  of  N.  C.  Sketch 
of.    See  Cleveland,  James  M. 

See  also  JV.  C.  Univ.  mag.,  1855,  iv.  137-140. 

Manly,  Mathias  'Evans  (1801-1881),  Justice 
Supreme  Court,  y.  C.  Memoir  of  William  Gaston. 
K.  C.  Univ.  mag.,  1860-61,  i.  193-208,  j>or<rai<. 

Manning,  John  (1830-),  LL.D.,  M.C.,  Prof,  of 

Law,  Unir.  of  N.  C.  Address  before  alumni 
association  of  Univ.  of  N.  C.  X.  C.  Univ.  mag., 
1883-84,  iii.  174-188.     Reprinted,  1884.     8°. 

Sketch   of  Thomas   C.   Manning.     Ibid. 

1886-87,  vi.  79-81,  portraiV. 

Manning,  Thomas  Cuurtlaiid  (1831-1887), 
Chief  Justice  of  La.  Sketch  of  i  portrait.  See 
Manning,  John. 

Sketch  of.     See  Koiieiits,  Percy. 

Manson,   Otis    Frederick    (1822-1S8H),     M.D. 

Sketch  of.     See  Wood,  Thomas  F. 

Martin,  Francois  Xavier  (1762-1846),  LL.D., 
Chief  Justice  of  Louisiana.  Discourse  on  the 
life,  character,  and  writings  of.  See  Bullard, 
Henry  A. 

Life  of.     See  Howe,  William  Wirt. 

The  history  of  North  Carolina  from  the 

earliest  period.  New  Orleans:  A.  T.  Penniman  &. 
Co.  1829.  8°.  Vol.  i.,  pp.  xii.  326;  appendix, 
cxiv. ;  vol.  ii.  412. 

The  idea  of  preparing  this  work  occurred  to  Jud^e 
Martin  as  eurly  as  1791,  iind  was  strengthened  by  his  employ- 
ment  in  1803  to  publish  a  revi&ul  of  the  laws,  when  he  had 
access  to  the  records  of  the  State.  It  appears  from  his 
preface  tliat  materials  had  been  collected  to  bring  the  story 
down  to  1810,  but  the  continuation  was  never  published. 
The  materials  <ni  which  his  work  was  based  were  carried  to 
Louisiana,  and  probably  lost. 

Martin  had  no  ambition  to  write  a  philosophical  history'. 
There  is  no  attempt  to  set  forth  events  in  the  relation  of 
cause  and  eflect,  nor  to  state  them  in  such  a  way  that  this 
relation  will  become  obvious.  The  work  is  thrown  into  the 
form  of  annals ;  the  succession  of  paragraphs  often  Seoul's  to 
be  determined  by  nothing  else  than  the  juxtaposition  in  time 
of  the  events  they  gontaiu;  events  occurring  in  distant  parts 
of  the  globe  are  inserted  which  have  no  connection,  except 
in  proximity  of  time,  to  the  history  of  North  Carolina.  His 
readers  will  not  often  imagine  that  tlie  author  was  ever  very 
severely  tempted  to  mistake  a  fact  for  the  sake  of  an  an- 
tithesis, or  to  sacrifice  the  truth  of  history  to  elegancies  of 
style.  The  utmost  he  seems  to  have  aimed  at  is  clearness 
and  precision.  He  sometimes  rises  to  a  rude  picturesqueness 
of  description,  but  it  seems  to  be  done  unconsciously.  The 
work  has  certainly  great  merits.  Tliere  is  a  large  accumula- 
tion of  materials.  The  statements  are  made  with  much 
perspicuity;  but  the  structure  of  the  work  betrays  many 
marks  of  haste  and  carelessness.  He  closes  with  the 
Declaration  of  Independence.  —  Prof.  F.  M.  Hubbard  in 
address  before  N.  C.  Hist.  Society.  ..V.  C.  Unit,  mag.,  1862, 
i.  350. 

Martin's  accumulation  of  facts  carries  no  advantage  by 
any  sort  of  correlation  except  that  of  dates.  A  painstaking 
search,  as  far  as  his  opportunities  permitted,  and  a  per. 
spicuous  way  of  writing,  stand  for  the  work's  chief  merits. — 
JCSTIN  WiNSOR  in  JV^ar.  and  Crit.  Hist.  Amer.,  v.,  ch.  v. 

Meoklenbnrg  Connty.  Sketch  of.  Land 
We  Love,  1866-67,  ii.  129-145. 

Meoklenbnrg  Declaration  of  Independ- 

The  literature  of  this  subject  is  great ;  much  of  it  appeared 
in  newspapers ;  some  appeared  anonymously.  It  has  been 
thought  best  to  insert  the  shorter  and  anonymous  articles 
under  this  heading. 



D««Ur»tiaa  mt  Im4»fmuA- 
*■■■■  The  Mfckleoburg  RcioItci  of  M«y  20th, 
1775,  with  preliminmrT'  and  aoppldDeotAiy  hUlori- 
eal  matter,  purporting  to  have  been  written  by 
John  McKnitt  Alexander,  communicated  by  hii 
■on,  Dr.  JoMph  McKnitt  Alexander.  Raleigh 
Ktfitttr,  April  30,  1819. 

The  ri»e,  progreta,  maturity,  and  fall  of 

the  Jewish  State  and  Church ;  and  the  rite,  pro- 
frcM  and  proepecu  of  the  United  Slate*.  By 
Rer.  Fraad*  CnmmiM.  OrMoaboro,  Oa. :  Pal- 
rick  L.  RoUaMm.    1819. 

Tnchee  (■  Ike  DwIwstlM.    Vettet^  Im  y.C.  Onlt.  imf., 

Sutemenu    of    Gen.    George    Graham, 

William  Hnlchinwn,  Jonaa  Clark,  and  Robt-rt 
RoMmo*,  and  the  oertiflcat*  aUo  of  John  Sime- 
MM.  8r.     Raleigh  Xtfitttr.  Feb.  18.  1890. 

Certiflcatea  of  Rer.    Francia  Cununiaa, 

ud  Capt.  Jamea  Jack.     Ibid.  May  28,  18S0. 

-  Article  on  Internal  improTemenls.     JV.  A. 
Mftitte,  Jan.  I8SI,  xit.  16-37. 

DoeamenU    tbowing   that    Mecklenburg 

oounly,  North  Carolina,  declared  indepcodeae*  of 
Ureal  Britain.  May  10,  1776.  RaMgh :  J.  Oalee 
4  Boa.     \m.     pp.  15. 

CofM  ftea  Bateifh  MfHltr,  AptS  ».  KH^  Fkk.  U  aad 
M^fMilMDu  TW  utirU  ef  AprO  «  VM  alaa  capM  IM* 
KOa*'  PHmelpb,  eiid  AtU  ^/  lU  MtwmlmUmt,  wUk  a  aabae. 
ilha  «■»  paper  esptaWng  tmam  thai 

li»t>eeataalnaa<  pabllrartwenheaefallid  Meek. 

Addrtw  of  Dr.  U.  WtaMlow  Aloaader, 

in  Hopewell  Church.  MccklMborf  eoaa^,  M.  C, 
July  5,  1824,  on  the  beclaratioa  of  ladepeadrace 
by  the  eitlxena  of  Mecklenburg  county,  N.  C, 
May  20lh,  1775;  and  by  act  of  the  legialature  of 
Nonh  Carottaa.  April  12th,  I7T6.  CaUwba 
Anfiaa/,  Oct.  IP,  1824,  and  repnblUhe<l  in  Sovtk- 
tm  ffnu.  CbarloOe,  May  10,  1875. 

TMe  aMnaa  >■— araaai  »  rlilagataa  M  Ik*  cawraatiea. 
aa4  gi*a*  CoL Tlln— a  ralk,  ngc  VU.  Adaa  Alaiaadar,  aa 
Ik*  peiwa  wke  liea»<  Ike  nil  tw  Uw  CMTealiaa. 

Newspaper  article*,  apparently  pabUahcd 

ia  N.  C,  la  1810,  ••calling  in  queatioo,"  as  Foole 
fupriaiaH  them,  ■■  the  authenticity  of  the  docu- 
■eal,  aa  belnf  neither  a  true  paper,  nor  a  paper 
of  a  trao  Ceaeaatiatt.'' 

Daclafartoa  af  ladepeadeaea  by  lh«  citi- 

tens  of  MadklMbarf  aoaaty,  N.  C.  by  Dr.  Joseph 
McKnitt  AWxaader.  Tarfkin  and  CaUwba  Jowr- 
Mi.  No*.  9.  1880. 

-  The  Declaration  of  Independence  by  the 
dtisaaa  of  MerkWabarg  eoanty  on  the  twentieth 
dayof  May.  I77S.     Raleigh.     1881.    r. 

TMe  !•  Ik*  wmad  aMdal  pahMeaMMi  aflke  8MSa  «#Natth 
Oaraaaa4t»a«aC  Ik*  aalkaaMd^  erikla  dactsfaaoa  a^tax 
•*  itsagii  eTTIiiMii  Ji^ma  lakl*  tolwrle  Jeka  Ada^. 
4M*d  MaMifella.  Jair  •,  Uie.  FablMwd  aadn  Ik*  aalkor. 
Itr   sai   <fcwaaa   of  Ik*  liearral    At**mtilj    of  ia»-n. 

of  April  3a,  ItIS,  which  int  eallad  tttmiUon  to  the  declua. 
tioa,  (irpmltloot  of  rarrlTlnf  participanu  thrn  Urind  with 
mUcclUncon*  paper*  and  the  proceediag*  of  the  Cumberlaad 
aiaadaHea.  The  prefhc*  by  Oor.  Stokaa  waa  writtaa  U  hi* 
hiiHati  by  Got.  Swsia. 

TUa  la  laaamd  la  Ttm*'*  Amtriemn  JrcJklw§  U.,  except 
Iks  pieke*,  and  with  k  Ikc  parttal  arrle*  of  IU«>hr*a  Ibaad 
by  tttf  Force  la  Xnt  Tort  Journal  of  Jnae  »,  ITTI. 

—^  In  the  Xcdional  Inttlligenctr  for  Dec.  18, 
1838,  Peter  Force  announces  his  diacovery  of  the 
preamble  and  first  four  resolret  of  the  aeriea  passed 
by  the  people  of  Mecklenburg,  May  31,  1776,  and 
pnbliahea  them  with  introductory  remarks. 

Nile*'  Rtgi$ter,  May  25,  1889,  copies  an 

article  from  the  Raleigh  Rtgitttr,  but  with  no 
cre<lit,  in  which  it  ia  aaid :  "  We  are  aware,  that 
when  publicity  waa  first  giren  to  the  Declaration 
in  1819,  through  the  columns  of  this  paper,  ita 
anthenticily  was  doubted  by  some,  and  openly  de- 
nied by  others." 

Mccfclenborg    Declaration    of    Indepea- 

dtnee:  th«  qaaation  settled.  So.  Lit.  Mm.. 
Jane,  1839. 

CIt**  affiiaal  of  Fona'a  dlwovery,  and  eeouaaa  tba  dlC 
kraaaeaf  aaalla>n>lb«lwf*a  Ih*  H«*alTr*  of  the  lOlh  of  Mar 
aadlkoaaof  th*  II4.  L.  C.  Draper  thlaki  chU  uticlr  wa< 
Ika  arock  of  Ptvf.  Tackrr. 

Raleigh  Rtgi$ttr,  Feb.   14,  1847,  repab- 

Ushc*  tba  set  of  to  resolutions  in  taW,  found  ia 
South  Carolina  OasrtU,  June  IS,  1776. 

TUa  waa  Ika  IrM  Maa  Ikaa*  laaolatiaaa  werr  repabltohsd; 
Ik*  copy  waa  doabtlaaa  fcialihid  Ik*  KtHtin'  hy  0«t. 
awatak  U  waa  aeplsd  la  Ik*  Mmtlmimt  Whtf  of  Feb.  n. 
U  laeiadad  Ik*  kueraf  Oee.  Wilgbl  of  Ooergteof  Juoe  mh, 
int,  wkM  waa  IrM  broaght  to  tlgbl  by  Mr.  Sparks,  aad 
aakaaqaratly  by  Mr.  Baarralt  In  Londan. 

Latter  of  George  Bancroft  dated,  London, 

July  4,  1848,  to  Got.  Swain,  announcing  his  dls- 
coTcry  of  the  20  resolutions  published  in  the  S.  C. 
Gax€tU  of  June  18, 1775.  PublUhed  in  the  North 
Carolina  ni-wapapers  at  that  time.  So.  PrtAy. 
Btvinr,  March,  184!). 

E<litoriaI  Ia_U»ai»  uuw   and  Commertiat 

Daily  Adttrtittr  of  Baltimore,  Jan.  27,  1849, 
on  the  two  sets  of  reaolutiona. 

Editorial  in  Fay ett«rille(N.C.)  OAserwer, 

Feb.  27,  1849,  relatire  to  the  papers  Mr.  Bancroft 
had  obtained  from  England. 

The  writer  of  the  Mecklenburg  Declara- 
tion. Written  by  James  P.  McRee  of  Somerrille, 
Tenn.,  and  communicated  by  Rer.  8.  J.  Baird  to 
/Vesiyfenan  Magaxine,  Feb.  1862. 

CUiro*  Uwt  Adam  Brerard,  a  jroaa(t«r  brolhar  of  Ephcaka 
Bnrard,  arrot*  oat  the  Declaration,  Isklag  the  Weatmioitcr 
Coefcaalea  aa  kla  fold*. 

Tba  Mecklenburg  Declaration,  by  Samuel 

8.  Force  (I886-185«;  son  of  Peter  Force),  in 
AiuMiH  lAitraty  Magasint,  Princeton,  N.  J., 
Sept.  1853. 

Arguaa  hi  hror  of  Haaolallaaa  ef  n>l  May,  and  taya  that 
Oar.  Wil^  would  bar*  teal  Ike  aore  rehameot  r**olatlaa> 
of  Ik*  INk.  had  lk*r*  beea  aash. 



MeoklenbnrK  Declaration  of  Independ- 
eneo.  Letter  of  Joseph  Wallis  of  Chapel  Hill, 
Texas,  in  National  Intelligencer,  Aug.  13,  1857, 
copied  from  the  Western  Democrat. 

Mr.  Wallis  denounces  all  as  **  liars  and  slanderers '*  who 
call  in  question  the  meeting  of  May  19th  and  20th,  1775, 
and  the  Declaration  then  said  to  have  been  proclaioied,  or 
who  assert  that  John  McKnitt  Alexander,  the  writer's  grand, 
father,  did  not  act  as  secretary  of  that  meeting,  or  that  he  did 
not  act  honorably  and  honestly  as  custodian  of  the  papers. 

This  severe  denunciation  applies,  so  far  as  the  secretary- 
ship is  concerned,  to  Gen.  George  Graham,  Wm.  Hutchin- 
son, Jonas  Clark,  Robert  Robinson,  Isaac  Alexander,  and 
Col.  Wm.  Polk. 

Mr.  Wallis  also  olfers  "  personal  satisfaction  '*  to  any  such 

Mr.  Wallis  was  the  son  of  Rev.  James  Wallis  of  Provi- 
dence settlement,  and  says  he  remembers  seeing  his  father 
stamp  on  Williamson's  Uintory  of  A'orth  Carolinn,  because 
it  did  not  contain  a  carefully  prepared  account  of  the  Dec- 
laration by  J.  McK.  Alexander. 

Communication  in  National  Intelligencer, 

Nov.  G,  1857,  from  Allen  White,  Starkville,  Miss., 
calling  the  editor's  attention  to  the  McRee-Brevard 
statement  [si/pra]  in  Presby.  Mag.,  Feb.  1852, 
and  reproducing  it. 

This  allirms  that  Adam  Brevard  wrote  the  Mecklenburg 
Declaration  and  took  the  Westminster  Confession  as  his 
guide.  Dr.  Welling,  the  editor,  remarks  that  be  can  see  no 
trace  of  the  Confession  in  the  Declaration. 

In   The   True   Witness  of  New   Orleans, 

May  26,  1860,  Rev.  R.  E.  Sherrill  cites  a  letter 
written  by  James  P.  McRee,  in  which  he  now  says 
that  Adam  Brevard  wrote  the  Declaration  as  the 
amanuensis  of  his  brother.  The  influence  of  the 
Westminster  Confession  is  reasserted. 

The  Mecklenburg  Declaration,  by  Wm. 

Q.  Force  (son  of  Col.  Peter  Force).  National 
Republican,  Nov.  24,  1873. 

Corrects  an  error  by  Prof.  C.  Phillips  [q.v.]  in  Raleigh 
News  as  to  the  time  the  31st  of  May  Resolves  were  first 
discovered,  and  gives  extracts  from  the  correspondence  of 
Col.  Force  in  relation  to  the  matter. 

The  Mecklenburg  Declaration  of  Inde- 
pendence, by  Benson  J.  Lossing.  American  His- 
torical Record,  May,  1874,  pp.  200-204. 

A  premature  centennial  in  North  Carolina. 

Weekly  Commercial,  Cincinnati,  April  21,  1875. 

The  Mecklenburg  Declaration.     Chicago 

Daily  Tribune,  April  21,  1875. 

A    communication    in    The    Union    and 

American,  Nashville,  Tenn.,  May  11,  1875,  in 
which  Dr.  J.  G.  M.  Ramsey  argues  that  neither 
Jefferson  nor  Brevard  were  plagiarists. 

The  New  York  Herald  extra  for  May  20, 

1875,  has  a  great  mass  of  material  relating  to  the 
Declaration  and  representing  both  sides. 

Philadelphia    Times,   editorial,    May   20, 


Arrives  at  the  conclusion :  "  Whichever  way  the  contro- 
versy  be  decided,  North  Carolina  has  nothing  to  lose.  The 
Declarations  all  come  to  the  same  thing  In  tlie  end,  and  a 
difference  of  eleven  daji  Is  scarcely  worth  disputing  about, 
as  there  is  no  other  county  to  rlaim  priority.*' 

Meoklenbnrg  Deolaration  of  Independ- 
ence. Editorial  in  New  York  World,  giving  a 
synopsis  of  the  leading  facts  in  the  controversy. 
May  21  [?]  1875. 

Date  not  given  by  Draper. 

An  exposure  of  the  famous  handbill,  in 

facsimile,  found  in  Johnson's  Traditions  of  the 
Revolution,  the  New  York  Herald  extra  (  ?  ),  and 
in  Wheeler's  Reminiscences,  is  in  Daily  Press  and 
Herald,  Knoxville,  Tenn.,  May  23,  1875,  and  in 
the  weekly  issue  of  same,  May  26th,  and  is  copied 
into  the  National  Republican,  June  4,  1875. 

On  the  authority  of  Hon.  F.  S.  Heiskell  who  printed  it, 
and  of  Dr.  J.  G.  M.  Ramsey  who  ordered  it  the  bill  was 
not  printed  until  1825. 

Oration    of    Hon.    John   Kerr  of    North 

Carolina,  and  speecli  of  Hon.  John  M.  Bright  of 
Tenn.,  at  the  centennial  celebration.  May  20th. 
Charlotte  Observer,  May  22,  Charlotte  Democrat, 
May  24,  and  Southern  Home,  May  31,  1875. 

The  20th  May,  1775,  by  B.  A.  Caldwell, 

Charlotte  Observer,  June  4,  1875. 

Letter  of  Adam  Brevard,  July  13th,  1824, 

first  published  in  Southern  Home,  Charlotte,  N.  C, 
July  5,  1875. 

Presbyterians  and   the  Revolution.      By 

W.  P.  Breed,  D.D.     Philadelphia.     1876. 

Chapter  6  is  on  the  Mecklenburg  Declaration.  ' 

For  account  of  centennial  celebration  of, 

see  Our  Living  and  Our  Dead,  1875,  ii.  441-452  j 
1875,  iii.  22-32,  49-61, 163-1C9 ;  correction  to,  281. 

The  persistence  of  historic  mytlis,  by  W. 

F.  Poole.     The  Dial,  Oct.  1890,  xi.  143-146. 

Many  of  these  titles  have  been  taken  from  the 
unpublished  bibliography  of  the  Mecklenburg  Dec- 
laration of  Independence  by  Lyman  C.  Draper 
[q.  V.].  Dr.  Draper  enumerates  91  articles;  ref- 
erences to  works  like  Adams'  and  Jefferson's  are 
not  here  included,  while  others  will  be  found  under 
the  author's  name  as  follows  :  —  G.  Bancroft  in  His- 
torical Magazine,  xii.  378 ;  Southern  Literary 
Messenger,  v.  417,  748;  and  Bayard,  Thomas  F., 
"on  the  20th  or  on  the  31st";  Bubr,  W.  H., 
against ;  Foote,  W.  H.,  for;  Goodloe,  D.  R., 
against;  Graham,  W.  A.,for;  Griosbt,  H.  B., 
against;  Hawks,  F.  L.,  for;  Hill,  David  B., 
31st  of  May;  Hunter,  C.  L.,  for;  Jones, 
J.  Seawell,  for;  Leftwich,  W.  M.,  for;  Pkn- 
DLETON,  Geo.  H.,  May  31st;  Phillips,  Charles, 
against;  Smythe,  Thomas, /or;  Welling,  James 
C,  against;  Wheeler,  J.  H.,  for:  Wilcox, 
CM., /or. 

Michanz,  Andr6  (1746-1802).  Portions  of  the 
journal  of  Andr6  Michaux,  botanist,  written  during 
Ms  travels  in  the  United  States  and  Canada,  1785 
to  1796.     With   an  introduction  and  explanatory 



notca,  by  C.  8.  Sargent.  Extracted  from  Proc. 
Amer.  PhUoe.  Soc.  rol.  xzvi.  no.  IS9.  ■.  r.  >.  d. 
r.    pp.  U5. 

Eilracti  ftnalkia  joanisl  ntuimg  to  Of  ton  of  wnunt 
Xonk  CaraUaa  wUl  W  ^mmI  1b  Duggn'*  Saimm  Oroft »/ 
l»»  ft— rOhMii  ■■ii«lri»  Sm  alM  Am  Grar.  AMr«  V 
tiiiitnl  Maanim  «i  lft«  ■[■■■HiM  •/  XoHA  CmroHma 
{Amtr.  Jmr.  Sti^  IMl). 

,  PnafoU  Andri  ( 1770-1  A.->S).  Voj- 
tge  k  I'ooeM  dee  munta  Altrghanyt,  dam  lei  ^tat* 
de  rOblo,  do  Kentucky  et  do  Tt-nnewi-v,  et  retour 
•  Charletton  par  lea  haotei-Carolinei ;  conteoant 
de*  detail*  lur  I'i-lat  actuel  de  racricollore  et  lei 
prodBctiona  oatarcllr*  de*  ee*  conlree*,  aind  qoe 
de*  reQ*cl|aemcn*  lur  W*  rapporta  eomiiMrcianz 
qui  esiateal  entre  ce*  (lata  et  ceox  citn^  k  l'e*t 
dee  ■ortagnaa  et  la  Baaae-LooUiane  .  .  .  arec  one 
cart*  llto  aoitrtia  dc*  ^U  do  centre,  de  Tout'il  vt 
dn  aad  4m  tiaia-UBi*.  Pari* :  Lermult.  Scboell 
etCampagBk.     1004.     8*.    pp.  il.  Sll,  map. 

AnoUier  cditioa :  —  Pari*  :  Deniu.  1800. 

All  Mifli  le  Wti  bera  printr.l  r.oui  •iinr  fttr: 

EngUib  edhiiini     -  Um  l»n  :  J.  Mawman. 

I«».     r.     pp.  x*L  +  3M.     Map. 

London:    B.  Croaby  4  To.     IMS. 

r.    pp.slL'flM. 

A  M  mL,  npriM  af  tn»,  daai  mt  i  iilila  aap;  lyp*  lad 

London:    Ricbard  Phtllipi.     I80S. 

r.   rp.t& 

A  Mtmwt  IHMllIrM  tnm  Um  albn  two  *ba<«.    larla. 
did  la  m.  L  vf  nuillp*'  ■■  Colbrthw  «<  Vofgn." 


r.  J.  S.  R..  C.S.A.     Sketck  of. 
Liriny  and  Oar  Dtad,  1675,  U.  80-SS. 

r.  AmoM  DeWellei  (r.  18S0-IS93),  D.D. 
Tba  Preabyterian  origin  uf  American  independence. 
PrtAyUriam  <iaarUwly,  April,  \H»». 

Dnh  ««k  dk*  pait  lalMa  ky  IW  rnmhjUiUm  <rf  N .  C.  la 
tb>  Miebkaban  Dirlanlka  of  Mb  Majr.  ud  lb*  wv  in 

Stephen  Franki  (1805-1867).  Recol- 
lection* of  New  Bern  flfty  ycara  ago,  witb  an 
appcndfai.  Our  lAtimg  and  Our  Dead,  1874-75, 
I.  tav-m,  SS»-aM,  44»-467.  S8S-4M. 

mila,  J.  H.    Skelcb  of  Wake  Foreit  College. 
South  Ailantu,  Jane,  1878,  pp.  151-156. 

ElUba  1I7«»-IM7).  Profator  of 
thtmitlry,  mimtralofy,  amd  gtoiof/y  I'a  (A«  Unit, 
of  V.  C.  Memoir  of.  Cbapol  Hill:  Jame*  M. 
Henderaoa.     1868.    r    pp.  88.     Porirait. 

TiftaNi  la  Ma  aiaOTy  by  paUle  awMfair*  *<>d  liurary 
■I  flitli*,  aad  aMrama  Mlrrnd  M  Ik*  ir-lnirrmfnl  of  hi* 
riMilai  \j  Rt.  Rr*.  JiMM  II.  Otrj.  D.D.,  BUbop  of  Trn- 
aMwo,  aad  Darid  L.  •vila,  LI..D. 

Sketch  of.     Am  Phillip*,  Charlei. 

—  BMcdoa  •(  asaanient  to.  5m  Pniu.n>t, 
W.  B 

MlteholLEIuha.  Sketch  of.  Popular  Scitrie* 
Montkly,  Jan.  1891,  xzzviii.  398-406,  portrait. 

Dr.    Mitcliell'i  inreatigation  among  the 

roonntaina  of  Yancey  county.  JV.  C.  Univ.  nag., 
1857-68,  rii.  293-318. 

On  the  character  and  origin  of  the  low 

coontry  of  N.  C.  ^ater.  Jour.  Scitne*,  1828,  ziii. 

Element*  of  geology,  with  an  outline  of 

the  geology  of  N.  C.  m.  r.  184S.  8*.  pp.  141. 
Gtotogieal  wutp  of  X.  C. 

Tot  an  of  Nadrnu  Id  the  UalTcnity,  aad  tbe  malt  o/ 
nploraUoai  Bad*  from  llaM  to  Uok  at  bit  own  expeoae. 

St*  Geological  Sorreyi  of  North  Carolina. 

ICoaaojr,  Jamei.  Mythi  of  tbe  Cherokeea. 
Cambridge :  Riveraide  Preaa.     1888.     8*. 

iUpHiiiad  Crom  Jtmrmal  ^  Amt*rican  roik-Lar*,  iv^J- 
Hrpc,  in*,  pp.  ar-iiw. 

-  Tbe  aacred  formula*  of  tbe  Cherokee*. 
S*9*ntk  Annuai  Rrpori  Bureau  of  Ethnology 
(1885-86),  pp.  801-397.  Waabington,  1891.  IUu»- 

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Oturt  If.  S.  Sketch  of.  5m  Tatlok,  John 

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LL.D.  Tribote  to  the  memory  of.  Raleigh: 
Edward*,  Broughton  A  Co.     1879.     8*.     pp.  66. 

Promdiogs  of  chc  bar  of  North  Carolina,  Iw Id  io  Raieifh, 
Jaa.  II,  l*T«,  with  addrewM  of  Will.  U.  Battle  aad  Id. 
(Srmbam  Ilajrwood. 

Moor*.  John  Wheeler  (183S-),  Maj.  C.  S.  A., 
Author.  Hiatorical  ikctcbei  of  Hertford  county, 
K.  C. 

PabHihcd  la  a  loral  aew«pap«r,  r.  IST*. 

School  hiatory  of  North  Carolina.  Ra- 
leigh :  Alfred  WillUmi  A  Co.     1879.     12*. 

Ninth  edilion,  rrTiird  and  enlargrd,  IMO;  bjr  act  of 
amaiblf  to  be  nte)!  hi  tbe  pqhllc  irbooli  of  the  Stau. 

ThblMBth  rditioD,  TdnSfbooMuid,  lan. 

Tkh  ii  th«  Int  of  the  bUtorin  of  North  Carolina  which 
UwdMi  apoa  Iha  period  of  th«  late  dril  war.  Tba  unwUllng- 
Dm  of  North  Carolina  to  Join  in  wcvaslon,  the  dcTotedneaa 
ah*  ahowed  to  lb*  Soolhcra  cana*  after  alie  joined  it,  and 
**  bar  bcarty  aahnil**loa  to  lb*  (Mtanra  of  war"  at  lt>  doae, 
ara  loM  la  a  Mianrr  aoit  eoaiiDeadable  for  lu  patriotiim  and 
ftiadoa  ftvalhataarrsw  partlaaabiaa  wlilrh  uill  hol<l>  apart 
th«  Mclloai  of  a  eeantry  which  cannot  but  be  "  one  and 
indlTlaible.'*  — JTsf.  ^  Anur.  nui.,  Ang.  1«»0.  t.  IT*. 

Hiitory  of  North  Carolina ;  from  the  earli- 

e*t  di*coTerie*  to  the  preient  time.  Raleigh : 
Alfred  William*  A  Co.  1880.  8*.  vol.  i.,  pp.  zxi. 
495;  Tol.  ii.,  pp.  530. 

Not  tin  aam*  aa  the  School  hiatorjr,  bat  an  enlargement; 
not  a  hMorjr  of  the  peoplr,  bnt  of  tbi  pollticiaaa;  prohabi/ 
Ih*  beat  of  all  the  booka  ilralinf  with  tb*  hblory  of  the  State 
aa  a  whole. 

RcTlewed  nnbrotably  In  Mai.  «/  Amtr.  BUI.,  t.  471, 
bicaaae  the  author  "  writea  frora  a  local  aUndpoInt  and 
naaaerta  tbe  cbtlm  to  Stale  aoTereianty." 

Rerlewed  la  Sotiik  AltanlU,  1«M,  t1.  I»-7I,  ITa-lK. 



"  There  is  not  much  attempt  at  original  research,  and  he 
does  not  reprint  documentary  material  as  Hawks  ditl,  in  too 
great  profusion  to  make  a  popular  hook.  Mr.  Moore  aims 
to  give  a  hotter  literary  form  to  the  story;  hut  his  style 
somewhat  overlays  his  facts."  — Note  by  Justin  Winsob  in 
JVor.  and  Cril.  I/M-  Amer.,  v.,  eh.  v. 

See  Roster  of  North  Carolina  troops  in  the 

war  between  tlie  States. 

Sketches    of    early    Baptist    laymen    in 

North   Carolina.       (Raleigli)    Biblical  Recorder, 
29  Oct.  1890  to  6  Aug.  1891. 

To  be  incorporated  in  a  volume  on  the  history  of  the 
Baptist  denomination  in  North  Caioliua,  now  in  preparation. 

Contains  sketches  of  Eli«lia  Battle,  Natlian  Bryan,  Natlian 
Mayo,  George  Outlaw,  Willis  Alston,  Tliomas  Brownrigg, 
Thomas  Settle,  Charles  Worth  Skinner,  Alfred  Docker)-, 
Calvin  Graves,  John  Kerr,  Council  Wootcn,  Godwin  Cotton 

Moore,  Mathew  Henry  (1857-),  Meth.  minister. 
Sketches  of  the  pioneers  of  Muthotlisni  in  North 
Carolina  and  Virginia.  Nashville,  Tenn.  :  South- 
ern Methodist  Publishing  House.  1881.  12°. 
pp.  314. 

Twenty -nine  sketches. 

Moore,  Maurice  (d.  1777).  Justice  and  policy 
of  taxing  the  American  colonics  in  Great  Britain 
considered ;  wherein  is  showed  that  the  colonists 
are  not  a  conquered  people  ;  that  they  are  constitu- 
tionally intituled  to  be  taxed  only  by  their  own 
consent;  and  that  the  imposing  a  stamp-duty  on 
the  colonists  is  as  impolitic  as  it  is  inconsistent 
with  their  rights.  Wilmington,  N.  C. :  Andrew 
Steuart.     1706. 

Title  from  X.  C.  Univ.  mag.,  1852,  i.  71-7T,  Kd-87,  wlierctlie 
pamphlet  is  reprinted  entire,  witli  an  historical  introduction, 
under  the  title,  "  First  symptoms  of  Independence  in  N.  C." 
C/.  also  Weeks'  Bibliography  of  the  eightftnth  century 
press,  no.  32. 

Moore,  M.  V.  The  cloud-lands  of  Carolina. 
South  Atlantic,  May,  1878,  pp.  1-11. 

Moore,  William.  Official  report  of  Ruther- 
ford's expedition  against  the  Cherokees  in  177C. 
JV.  C.  Univ.  mag.,  1887-88,  vii.  89-95. 

Annotations  and  notes  by  Maj.  J.  W.  Wilson,  introduction 
by  K.  r.  Battle. 

Moore's  Creek,  Battle  of.  27  Feb.,  1776. 
Official  report  of  Gen.  James  Moore,  with  other 
papers.  Our  Living  and  Our  Dead,  Mar.  187C, 
iv.  118-120. 

In  connection  with  the  proposed  centennial  celebration. 

"  Morean,  TTnole. "  History  of  an  African 
Arabic  scholar  who  wa?  brought  to  America  as  a, 
slave.     A*;  C.  Univ.  mag.,  1854,  iii.  307-309. 

Morehead,  John  Motley  (179G-18G6),  Gov.  of 
y.  C.  In  memoriam.  Raleigh  :  Nichols  &  Gorman. 
18C8.     8".     pp.  84.     Portrait. 

Memorial  oration  by  Judge  Jolui  Kerr. 

Condenseil,  with  a  new   portrait.     K.  C. 

Univ.  mag.,  1886-87,  vi.  423-431. 

MorOBO,  John  A.  The  flower  of  the  pines,  a 
skctcli  of  the  naval  stores  metropolis  of  tlie  world, 
Wilmington,  N.  C,  its  history,  business,  and 
future,  etc.  Reprinted  from  The  News  and 
Courier,  April  15,  1886.     8°.     pp.  15. 

Morrison,  Robert  Hall  (1798-1889),  D.  V. 
Memorial  sketches  of,  by  Rev.  A.  W.  Miller, 
D.  D.,  and  Gen.  1).  H.  Hill.  Charlotte,  N.C. : 
Hirst  Printing  Company.     1889.     8°.     pp.  IG. 

Moultrie,  William  (1731-1805),  Gov.  of  S.  C, 
Maj.  Gen.  Continental  Army.  Memoirs  of  the 
American  Revolution,  so  far  as  it  related  to  the 
states  of  Nortli  and  South  Carolina,  and  Georgia. 
Compiled  from  the  most  authentic  materials,  the 
author's  personal  knowledge  of  the  various  events, 
and  including  an  epistolary  correspondence  on  pub- 
lic affairs,  with  civil  and  military  officers,  at  that 
period.     2  vols.     New  York.     1802.     12°. 

Mounds,  Prehistoric,  in  North  Carolina. 
See,  for  list  of,  Cyrus  Thomas's  Catalogue  of 
Prehistoric  Works  east  of  the  Rocky  Mountains. 
Washington.     1891. 

See,  for  descriptions,  Emmbrt,  J.  W.  ;  Holmes, 
Joseph  A. ;  Humphrey,  John  T. ;  Kron,  F.  J. ; 
RoGAN,  J.  P. ;  Smith,  C.  D.  ;  Spainuour,  J.  W.  ; 
Thomas,  Cyrus. 

Mullen,  James  M.  (1845-).  Baker's  command 
at  WcUlon.  tlie  closing  days  of  the  war.  Peters- 
burg, Va. :  Index  Appeal,  Jan.  1,  1891. 

Address  before  A.  P.  Hill  Camp,  Confederate  Veterans. 

Murphey,  Archibald  DeBow  (1777-1832).  Me- 
moir of;  portrait.     See  Graham,  William  A. 

Report  of  the  Committee  on  Inland  Navi- 
gation. Submitted  to  tlie  legislature  of  North 
Carolina,  Nov.  30.  By  Archibald  D.  Murphey, 
their  Chairman.  Raleigh:  Tho. Henderson.  1815. 
24°.     pp.  IG. 

Memoir  on  the  internal  improvements  con- 
templated by  the  Legislature  of  North  Carolina; 
and  on  the  resources  and  finances  of  that  State. 
Raleigh :  J.  Gales.     1819.     8°.     pp.  88. 

Memorial  to   the   General   Assembly  of 

North   Carolina.      Hillsborough :   Dennis   Heartt. 
1825.     8°.     pp.  11. 

*'  llcspectfully  shows,  that  he  has  been  engaged  for  several 
years  in  collecting  and  arranging  materials  for  an  extensive 
Historical  and  Scientific  Work  on  North  Carolina.  His  suc- 
cess thus  far  has  equalled  liis  expectations ;  but  he  finds  him. 
self  unable  to  prosecute  this  work  to  its  completion,  witliout 
the  munificent  aid  of  your  honorable  body.  Few  gentlemen  in 
North  Carolina  have  estates  sufih-icnt  to  bear  the  expenses  and 
losses  of  such  an  undertaking.  For  independent  of  the  direct 
expenses  in  travelling  over  several  of  the  adjoining  states,  and 
carefully  exploring  every  section  of  this  State,  for  the  purpose 
of  collecting  materials;  and  the  further  direct  expenses  of 
engaging  the  services  of  eminent  men  in  science,  in  tlie  de- 
partment of  geology,  mineralogy,  and  botany,  the  author 
must  in  a  great  degree  abandon  all  other  pursuits  and  devote 
his  time  and  attention  to  this  alone.    Such  a  work  will  be 



t  b*  fxpectnl  to  j'viU  a  pcott  tm  Um 
•whor,  partiraUrly  if  p«blMi«<l  in  a  xjta  wortiqr  af  tkc 
Sot*.  .  .  .  Whea  complrted  It  wlU  old  MMB«tUa(  to 
tkt  gntrti  litnalara  of  Ihc  coaotrr,  tad  mark  to  th»  endU 
orXocthCaralUM.~    Datnl  D(c.  »,  1«». 

Jadfa  Mnjibrjr  thra  •abaik*  a  plaa  acranHaf  to  which  bt 
pnpun<  (o  wrila  iIm  hiHar7.  Tlii*  oallia*  U  adatnUt. 
Bt  i1ItU««  bl*  warh  lata  trrtti  parta :  i.  Aa  >«eaM  ot  Ihc 
div-oTrrj  of  Aawrica;  IL  Tba  aborigiaal  klMofy  of  Noitb 
Carobaa;  uLTh«cal«iUl  UMacyef  KacthCanliaa:  It.  Ilia- 
torj  af  Karth  Carolina  (raa>  the  Hat  al  htr  htc—ilac  a  wr. 
•fvisn  ItaOa  la  ITT*;  t.  rhyiind  (tofnphjr,  mO,  rOaaW, 
awl  aKtroralany  of  Ko«th  CantOaa;  tL  Oiioliny  aad  Blarr- 
ala«7af  North  CanihM;  tO.  Balaaf  af  Mofth  Caralliia.  Tha 
ijtn.  Ion,  awl  *ngi  af  cha  Sttt.  Vuta  IU.iwilr.lh* 
wrial  hli  lary  a^  »ha  am*  waa  My  it»iliif  ad. 

Jwl^  M»tyhty*i  apfwal  wm  aa  hll*  aaa.  Ba  dM  a  kv 
jaan  hMrr  awl  hi*  rollMtioM  wm  Mattarad. 

Mpinorial   to  llic  0«arral  A*tuMj  of 

North  Caroliiim,  Jan.  I,  1827. 

X<i<l<^  la  .Vorik  AimrrUa»  BtrUt,  Apr.  UtT,  zxir. 
«M-«;*.  Thr  rrrl*wFrrr«urli«:  "Tbebl'tarjr  offrarilalaa 
la  M  Uttl*  kaowa,  M  Um*  of  Xacth  Cafoliaa.  Tlila  haa  Mt 
h**a  fer  aay  mat  af  ■atctial,  ar  af  lapactaat  traala  to  ra- 
atnL  WhraaBlhaaa  ahaU  ba  hni^hl  to  U0^  k  vffl  ba 
Aawl  tfwt  Xaflh  Ckraiiaa,  both  ta  ka  aaily  chanctar,  awl 
!■  k«  ptafma,  haa  laitanlaril  a  ptara  aMaaf  Iha  ntj  tn* 
•f  Iha  Mtfaa.**  Jadfa  Maifhiy**  Mrwartal  waa  aa  applira. 
liaa  to  Iha  LagMalafa  to  gnat  hla  aid  la  pf^paib^  a 
hktaay  af  Karth  CaroUaa.  Ila  Ihaaght  af  axlradlaff  hia 
wark  to  ■*  iU  ar  right  ortovo  rolawri,  rtdaalr*  of  ptalagjr, 
mimmiagj,  botonjr,  aail  awlrareloftx.'* 

Oration  before  tite  littrrarjr  aocirtioa  of  th* 

t'nUerail/  of  North  Carolina.  17  June,  18S7. 
Fint  e<lili«n,  I83T;  S<i  e<lilion,  Raleigh:  WmIoii 
B.  GalM.     IMS.     r.    pp.  23. 

Oa  Iha  adarailaaal  and  iairllrrtiul  life  af  Neclh  <:*»- 
liaa  la  ih*  ilghlaialh  cratafj,  awl  bi*  aarly  Laatiwuaailn, 

Hia  ptopoawl  lyatem  of  pobUc  •dneation, 

dheuaml  ia  y.  C.  Vniw.  mag.,  ISM.  Ul.  M3- 

tnlian  natkma  — war  of  1755  to   176S. 

Ihid.  ISSe,  T.  814-817. 

Ifaak.  Abocr  (d.  I7M),  Ovfrnor  uf  S.  C. 
Sketck  of.     y.  C.  Pm:  mag.,  1855.  ir.  U5-1M. 

Hmmk,  Ftwierick  (178I-18M),  LL.D.,  Ckirf 
Justin,  y.C.  Menoir  of;  portrait.  St*  Bbtas, 
John  H. 

Social  iiwIrtinnrM  of.    Land  Wt  Lvm, 

IM8,  T.  43:>-43S. 

SItetvh  of  Rer.  John  Withanpoon.    K.  C. 

Unit,  mag.,  IS87-88.  vU.  137-143. 

Kaathoif .  John  Dennett,  and  HarroU,  Eu- 
gene 0.     North  Carolina  Speaker. 

The   Indian    tribe*   of   North   Carolina. 

y.  C.  Ttatker. 

Wmw  BavB  or  IfowWn,  N.  O.  On  correct 
•pelling  of  naaw.  «m  Ourta,  William  H. 

—  OpcratioM  agsinat  in  18C4.  Soulkrm 
aittorStai  Setitiy  Poftrt,  Jan.,  1881.  iz.  1-10. 

N«v  B«ra  or  MowWrm,  X.  C.  Battle  of, 
account  of.  Our  Living  and  Our  Dtad,  1875,  ii. 

An  account  of  the  biliont  ferer  at  it  pre- 

railed  in  Newbem.  N.  C,  in  the  fall  of  1841. 
G.  H.  Taylor.  N.  York  Laneti,  1842,  ii.  59, 
N.  York  Mtd.  Gax.,  1842,  ii.  161-165. 

[Ccrebro-ipinal  mcningitii.]     I.  F.  Gal- 

loupe.  Boston  Mtd.  and  Surg.  Joum.,  April  9, 
18«3,  UrUi.  203-206. 

Caaet  Uluatratire  of  the  to-called  "  con- 

gettire  ferer"  or  cerebro-tpinal  affection  which 
haa  recently  appearetl  in  the  canip*  in  ami  around 
the  town  of  Newbem,  N.  C.  J.  B.  Tpham.  Boston 
Mtd.  and  Surg.  Joum.,  ISd,  Izriu.  191,  214,  353, 

AIM  rrprlaled. 

Great  epidemic  in,  1865.      Stt  Wslcb, 

W.  L. 

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acta  of  the  Rerolution.     New  York.     1876. 

N'ortli  Carolina,  pp.  ai3-31«,  W>. 

Addrtto  mi  Ih*  AaacmUr  of  N.  C  to  Oor.  MarUn.  April, 
ITTl;  UacklMibarg  Daclantlooi  AddrrM  of  Prorlncial 
Ca^rato  of  K.  C.  to  Ih*  Br.  Empire,  8r|K.  i,  ITTS;  Prorla. 
watiaa  of  G«r.  Uantai  to  Iha  paopl*  of  N.  C,  Oct.  3,  ITM. 

Th*  oHgiaal  rdltloa  wa*  pablltbad  a*  Baidaat*  la  lOl. 

Martk  Crolhiai  Excnraion  gnUe  to  Virginia 
Springa  and  health  reaorta  of  weitem  North  Caro- 
lina and  northern  Georgia.  [New  York.]  1883. 
8*.     pp.  60.     Illustrations  and  map*. 

Pah*  b;  Uchaaowl  awl  Daarllle  R.  K. 

Hiatorical  and  deacriptire  rarlew  of.    /a- 

dustritt  and  Reiourcts  of  the  Soutk.  Charletton : 
Empire  I'ublialiing  Company.     1885.     8*. 

Vol.  I.,  pp.  nt;  roataiaa  aa  accoaat  of  the  manofactarinc 
aad  aMtraatil*  iwlaaiiit*  of  Darfaaw.  Fi>jrrtlrrlll#,  Header- 
aaa,  Oxfcfd,  BaMgb,  wtlh  •krtchra  of  promlaent  biulaaaa 

Vai.  L,  pp.  ST:'WaC!lp.-Slltab*th  Otj,  Ooldabare. 
OwaarMte,  KlMtoa,  hiow  Bern,  Tafboro,  WaaU^taa, 
WHaaa,  Mognphtcal  •krtcbri. 

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no.     Map.    St*  Polk,  L.  L. 

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Raleigh.     1886.     12*.    pp.  Ix.  85>. 


Urarrai  ikrtrk  rtpriated  Hpatataljr. 

Raleigh.     1893.     8*.     pp.  888. 

and  a  new  conatitution.     .T.  N.  Pomeroy, 

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R*Ti«wor  Maftin'a  fflilorf  o/  Xortk  CnroUna. 

Fint    claaiicai    ichool    in.       Historical 

Magasin*  [Oct.]  1866,  z.,  inpplement,  113,  148. 



North  Carolina.  Flowering  trees  of.  Land 
We  Love,  18GG,  i.  78-81. 

The  North  Carolina  Hyde  Park  settle- 
ment.    N.  p.     N.  D.     [c.  1870.]     8".     pp.  32. 

Pub-*  by  Southern  Land  Company  to  describe  their  lands 
in  Ilydc,  Washington,  and  Tyrrell  counties,  N.  C.  The 
company  has  also  pulyi  a  map  of  its  settlement  and  of  the 
surrounding  sections. 

Information  concerning  the  province  of. 

Glasgow :  James  Knott.     1773.     8°.     pp.  32. 

Addressed  to  emigrants  from  tlie  Iliglilands  and  Western 
Isles  of  Scotland  by  an  impaitial  hand,  and  signed  *'  Scotus 
Amerieanus."  — SABra,  No.  34708. 

Its   debt  and    financial    resources.      By 

H.  Bowlby  Willson.  New  York.  John  Medole. 
1869.     8".     pp.  32. 

Its  resources   and   progress,   its   beauty, 

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advantages  as  a  home  for  immigrants.  Raleigh : 
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Compiled  by  board  of  immigration,  statistics,  and  agri. 

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as  acted  in  part  by  Henry  Berry  Lowrie,  the  great 
North  Carolina  bandit.  Wilmington  :  Daily  Jour- 
nal.    1875.     8'.    pp.  IGl. 

An  account  of  a  very  daring  set  of  bandits  who  infested 
Ilobeson  county,  N.  C,  and  the  adjoining  sections  for  nearly 
ten  years  from  1861,  with  biographical  sketches,  written  by 
Joseph  B.  McCallum ;  the  chapter  on  the  genealogy  of  the 
Lowrie  family  is  "  notoriously  unreliable."  Qf.  Weeks 
on  the  Loit  Colony  of  Roanoke,  pp.  471-476,  in  Papers 
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Oertel,  Mrs.  J.  A.     Hand  in  hand  through  the 
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Contains  some  scraps  of  local  history. 

Official  Records  of  Union  and  Confederate 
Armies.     See  Civil  war. 

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North  Carolina's  industrial  development. 

2d  edition.     Winston.     1883.     8".     pp.  15. 

[Oldmlzon,  John  (1673-1742)].  The  history  of 
Carolina,  in  his  "  History  of  the  British  Empire  in 
America."  2  vols.  London.  1708.  2d  ed.  in 

Reprinted  in  Carroll,  ii.  391-461.  "It  contains  almost  as 
many  errors  as  pages,  and,  unsupported,  is  not  to  be  trusted." 
Hawks,  North  Carolina,  ii.  481. 

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An  autobiography,  with  introductory  chapter  on  the  Olive 
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that  is,  in  accordance  with  law.  Newbern  [?]. 
1891,  two  sheets,  pp.  4  each. 

The  legal  and  corporate  spelling  is  clearly  Newbern;  this 
has  been  adopted  by  the  U.S.  government ;  the  historical 
spelling  is  clearly  New  Bern. 

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See  also  Geological  Surveys  of  N.  C. 

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Feb.,  and  Marcli,  1888. 

Onr  Living  and  Onr  Dead. 

A  publicaliou  first  launched  as  a  weekly  newspaper  by 
Col.  Stephen  D.  Pool,  about  July  1,  1873.  In  Sept.,  1874, 
the  first  of  the  monthly  series  was  issued  in  Raleigh,  T.  B. 
Kingsbury  [q.  v.]  becomhig  editor  with  the  October  number. 
Vol.  i.  has  numbers  for  Sept.  1374-Feb.  1875;  vol.  ii.,  Mar.- 
June,  1875;  vol.  iii.,  July-Dec.  1875;  vol.  iv.,  March,  1876. 
There  were  no  numbers  for  Jan.  and  Feb.  1876,  and  the  pub. 
lication  was  suspended  alter  the  March  issue  for  lack  of 
support.  It  is  devoted  principally  to  the  history  of  North 
Carolina  in  the  civil  war,  other  States  and  other  subjects  not 
being  excluded,  and  contains  a  muss  of  valuable  material  in 
the  form  of  company  and  regimental  histories,  etc. 



Pari*,  John,  Mftk.  Prot.  ministtr.  HUtorr  of 
the  Methodiit  ProtetUnt  Church  :  giving  a  general 
view  of  the  caiuw  and  erenli  that  le<l  to  the  organ- 
ization of  that  church;  and  a  more  parti  11 1 ar 
aecomit  of  trantactiona  in  North  Carolina.  Bal- 
timore:  Sherwood  A  Co.     1849.     ir.    pp.411. 

Tbii  vock  I*  kaMd  •■  (rtgiaal  aMtniab  coUMtcd  bjr 
Dr.  Joka  T.  aad  Bar.  Wb.  BdlMajr  for  a  hi<tar]r  of  tb* 
ntarm  ■mat  (falMt  A«  polity  of  the  M.  E.  Church  in 
Um  Baaaafci  dMrtr^  Hocth  Cwoaaa.  Tbo  objrrt  of  Mr. 
Ruli  wu  U  tnt  10  «riu  the  hfalnr/  of  iha  M.  K  Chttrrh  tn 
N.  C  iloai.  II  I  ■Wiiiii  ta  ippradlz  oa  dw  armuiUatioa  of 
Ikt  M.  X.  Chaicb  aad  Iha  laUadsatiaa  of  Xpiarapary. 

The  flrtt  MttlMMBt  on  the  Atlantic  coact. 

MtA.  Pnt.  mag.,  1880,  ».  •.  ii.  46<M<4. 

Park.  Jamc*.  D.D.  Hiitory  of  the  Urtt 
Prmbyteriaa  choreh  in  KnozTille,  Tenn.  Knox- 
*UU. :  Raaage  A  Co.     1878.     S*.    pp.  S9. 

DtoU  wkk  PmkylertaalMla  Mrij  N.  C. 

PkttM,  JaaM  (17I8-I84S).  Antobiographjr 
and  biographj  of.     [PrlTaUljr  printed,  c  18M.] 

r.  pp.  84. 

Ow  af  Ikt  tm  MHkn  la  Aibntllc. 

VImI.  Hiram  Voea  (1848-).  niitorr  of  the 
IO«a  of  Durham,  N.  C.  Raleigh:  E'lwardi, 
BrwigiMoa  A  Co.     1884.    8*.    pp.  t56.    PorlraUi. 

laaiMato.      Sketch  of,  with   riew  of 
Our  Living  and  Our  Dtad.  1875.  ill. 


I  W.  S.  Memoir  of  Joeepb  J.  Erwin, 
of  BeUeraa,  Borlte  conntj,  N.  C.  SutetTille, 
R.  C.     r.     pp.  14. 

P**l*.  William  J.  Hiftory  of  the  Agricnltnral 
and  Mechanical  college.     A'  C.  Tecuhtr. 

PMt,  Harrejr  Prindle  (1794-1878),  if.A.  Ad- 
drcaa  am  oecaaioB  of  laying  the  comer-itone  of  the 
Iforth  CaroBDa  inititation  for  the  iiutmction  of 
tk«  dMf  aad  domb,  April  14,  1848.  New  York. 
Ua.    r.    pp.  47. 

r,  WUliam  Doraej  (if.  1863).  Maj.  Otn. 
C.  S.  A.  Sketch  of.  Awl*  Atlantic,  Jaa.  1878, 

P*adl«t«m.  OM>rn  H.  (18S5-1889).  Ora'ion  it 
Charlotte  at  the  edebralion  of  the  109th  annirer- 
»nry  of  the  Meekleobnrg  Declaration  of  Indepen- 
drace.  May  90,  1884.  Waahington.  D.  C. :  B.  O. 
Polkinhoro  A  Soa.     1884.     r.    pp.  8. 

-"  •  "  -  If  rr  J  I1  J  liilii  ^.  T  "  ITetawanior 
*aatt  (filar. 

PaMalaat  Boll,  North  Carolina.  Name*  of 
Bevolntionary  peniioneri  which  haTe  been  placed 
on  the  roll  of  N.  C.  nnder  the  law  of  the  18th  of 
March,  1818,  with  the  rank  they  held  and  the  linei 
in  which  they  lerred.  Ex.  Paper*,  no.  66, 16  Cong. 
l*t*e«*.,  1820.     pp.  7. 

NorthCarolina.  [Waahington?]  [c.  1886.] 

8*.    pp.  120. 

A  ttawment  by  ronntirt  of  the  VMmn,  rank,  Ac.,  of  Iba 
iBTaUd  pculoiian  miding  la  Nortb  CsroUna. 

Pony.  WillUm  Steren*  (1882-),  DD.,  LCD., 
Bp.  of  Iowa.  Serrice*  and  aacrament*  at  Raleigh'* 
colonic*  at  Roanoke  I*lan<l,  on  the  North  Carolina 
ooaat.    Amtr.  Spit.  Churck,  i.  18-26. 

The  ilrtt  Cbriitian  bom  in  Virginia  [Vir- 
ginia Dare].  The  lova  Churchman,  Jan.  and  Feb. 

Pattlsrow.Jamea  Johnaton  (1628-1868),  Brig. 
On.  C.  S.  A.  Memorial  of.  See  TuacoTT, 
William  H. 

Death  of.     Our  Living  and  Our  Dtad, 

1874-75,  i.  29-82. 

Addre**  on   life  of.       Set    Confederate 

memorial  addre**e*. 

Sketch   of.    by    William    S.    PetUgrew. 

JV.  O.  Univ.  Mag.,  l«8«-87,  ri.  48-50,  jMrfratf. 

Pickett  or  Pcttigrew?      5m  Bomd,  W.  R. 

Pklftar,  John.  Memoir  of.  JV.  C.  Vniv.  wuig., 
1866,  r.  418-420. 

Pkllllpa.  Alexander  Lacy.  Sketch  of  the 
Preabyterian  church  of  FayetteTille.  N.  C.  Fay- 
etterille,  N.  C. :  J.  E.  OarretL    1869.    8*.    pp.  44. 

Drllrmd  1  Ftb  UM;  appaodU  eeotaiaa  Uat  of  aUaiatata, 
17»6  10  1««;  aldara,  fraa  UM;  nuaalwulna  aad  BMOibaf^ 
•hip,  1  Not.  UM. 

PkUlipe,  Cbarle*  (1822-1889),  D.D.,  LL.D., 
Profttior  of  engineering  and  of  maihematiet, 
Univ.  of  y.  ft  -  Meiiioir  of;  portrait.  See 
Battlc.  B.  H. 

Twentieth  May,  '75.    The  Mecklenburg 

DecUraUon.     Jf.  C.  Unit,  mag.,  1853,  ii.  87-40. 

May,  1775.     Ibid.,  1853,  ii.  168-177. 

The  Mecklenburg  Declaration  of  Inde- 
pendence —  wa«  there  a  Declaration?  Baleigh 
Aevt,  Nor.  12,  1678. 

Signed  X,  but  the  work  of  Praf.  Phillip*.  Bepobllshad  in 
jrattonot  Rtfrnbtican,  WanhioKton,  Not.  »,  I«T3.  Mora 
decided  la  chsrarter  tluui  tlir  fonnrt  publication  in  ItU. 

Alleged  DccUration  of  20th  May.     New 

York  Evtning  Pott,  May  21,  1675. 

CoBtilbMad  by  "  X."  gndentood  to  be  Praf.  Phlllipa. 

"May,    1775,"    article    on    the    alleged 

Mecklenburg      Declaration     of     Independence. 
Oreenaboro:  Thomaa.RoeceACo.   1887.  8*.  pp.80. 

Brpnblbbad  by  Col.  Paal  B.  Heana  from  K.  0.  Unit, 
mag..  May,  UM.  Dr.  PhiUlpa  dcnlea  tbe  neniUnnieaa  of  tba 
daclaratioa  of  Iba  Mlb  May,  and  aaya  that  Got.  Swain 
aflnaed  tba  poaitioa  here  taken.  ThI*  repablieaHon  waa 
•appnaaad  tor  tgptgrvpAteal  blttndtn  cmtf. 



PUlUpa,  Cliarles,  D.D.,  LL.D.  Sketch  of 
Elisha  Mitchfll.  Journal  Elisha  Mitchell  Scientific 
Society,  1883-84,  pp.  9-18,  portrait. 

PhlUips,  James  (1792-1867),  D.D.,  Professor 
of  mathematics,  Univ.  of  JV.  C.  Sketch  of.  See 
SwAis,  I).  L. 

PhiUipa,  James  J.,  M.D.  Sketch  of.  N.  C. 
Medical  Journal,  Jan.  1893. 

Phillips,  Samuel  Field,  LL.D.,  Solicitor  Gen. 
U.  S.  Ski'tchof  William  H.  Battle.  Livingston's 
Biographical  Magazine  [c.  1850],  pp.  771-778, 
portrait.     Also  reprinted. 

Address   at    the    Columbian    University. 

Washington.     1884.     8".     pp.  15. 

Delivered  8  Oct.  18S4;  largely  oa  Williiim  Gaston. 

Phillips,  William  Battle,  PIi.  D.  North  Caro- 
lina phosphates.    Wilmini^on,  1883.     12".    pp.  19. 

Mica  mining  in  North  Carolina.     Journal 

Elisha  Mitchell  Scientific  Society,  1888,  pp.  73-97. 

This  paper  bad  appeared  iu  the  Engineering  and  Mining 

Address  commemorative  of  the  erection 

of  a  monument  on  Mitchell's  High  Peak  to  Elisha 
Mitchell.     N.  C.  Univ.  mag. ,  1888-89,  viii.  39-53. 

Piedmont  Air  Iiine,  Tlie,  and  the  mountain 
resorts  of  western  North  Carolina,  South  Carolina, 
and  Georgia.  Philadelphia :  James  W.  Nagle. 
N.  D.     8°.     pp.78.     Many  illustrations  of  scenery. 

A  railroad  publication  prepared  by  Prof.  Charles  S.  Morris 
of  Randolph  Macon  College,  Va.,  Aith  iUiutrations  by  Frank 
H.  Taylor. 

Poe,  E.  A.,  Bap.  Minister.  A  historical  sketch 
of  the  Catawba  River  Baptist  Association  from  its 
organization,  1827  to  1867.     8°.     pp.  31. 

Polsson,  William  M.  Reminiscences  of  Meth- 
odism in  Wilmington.  Raleigh  Christian  Advo- 
cate, Oct.  31,  Nov.  7,  1888. 

Polk,  James  Knox  (1795-1849).  Sketch  of. 
A^  C.  Univ.  mag.,  18G0-61,  x.  321-332, portrait. 

Polk,  Leonidas  (1806-1864),  Bishop  and  Gen- 
eral. Life  of,  by  William  M.  Polk,  M.D.,  LL.D. 
2  vols.  New  York :  Longmans,  Green  &  Co.  In 

Bishop  Polk  was  born  and  reared  in  North  Carolina. 

Polk,  Leonidas  Layfayette  (1837-1892).  Hand 
Book  of  North  Carolina.  Raleigh :  Raleigh  A'ews. 
1879.  8°.  pp.  ii.  290.  Fhysiographical  map  by 
W.  C.  Kerr. 

The  best  of  the  Hand  Books;  contains  historical,  biographi- 
cal, and  physiogniphical  sketches,  with  sutistics  and  other 
Infonnation  relating  to  industries,  resources,  and  political 

Pool,  Gaston.  The  North  Carolina  coast. 
Ooldihwaite's  Geographical  mag.,  Oct.  1892. 

Poope,  Ben:  Perley  (1820-1887).  5ee  Charters 
and  constitutions  of  the  United  States. 

Potest,  Wm.  L.,  Prof.  Kat.  Hist.  Wake  Forest 
Col.  North  Carolina  Desmids  —  a  preliminary 
list  Journ.  E.  Mitrhell  Sci.  Soc,  1888,  v.  pt.  1, 
pp.  1-4. 

Potts,  Joshua.  On  the  trade  of  Wilmington. 
N.  C,  1  May,  1815.  Our  Living  and  Our  Dead. 
1874-75,  i.  50-56. 

da  Pratz,  Le  Page.  The  history  of  Louisiana, 
or  of  the  western  parts  of  Virginia  and  Caro. 
Una,  etc.  2  vols.  London.  1763.  12°.  Maps. 
Anotlier  edition  iu  8«.  1774.  The  original  French  edition 
(3  vols.,  Paris,  175S)  has  the  title  "  llistoirc  dc  la  Louisiane, 
Contcnant  la  Dicouverte  de  ce  vaste  Pays ;  sa  Description 
giographique ; "  etc. 

Presbyterian  Ministers.  An  address  from, 
in  Philadelphia,  to  the  ministers  and  Presbyterian 
congregations  in  the  county  of  in  North  Caro- 
lina.    Philadelphia.     1776.     8°. 

Mentioned  in  Thomas's  History  of  Printing  in  America, 
ii.  662.  An  address  from  Presby.  ministers  in  Philadelphia 
to  those  in  Xorth  Carolina,  probably  the  same,  is  reprinted 
in  Col.  Bee,  x.  222-228. 

Preston,  John  Smith  (1809-1881).  Address  at 
the  celebration  of  the  battle  of  King's  Mountain, 
Oct.,  1855.    Yorkville,  S.  C.    1855.    8°.    pp.  108. 

Address  pp.  39-73;  with  proceedings  of  the  meetings  and 

Provincial  Congresses   of  North    Carolina. 

1.  iV«io  Bern,  25  Aug.  to  27  Aug.,  1774. 

In  Col.  Etc.,  ix.  1041-1049.  Col.  Saunders  once  told  me 
that  there  was  a  copy  of  tlie  journal  of  this  Congress,  printed 
soon  alter,  in  his  office,  but  I  have  never  seen  it. 

2.  New  Bern,  3  April  to  7  April,  1775. 
In  Cot.  Itec.  ix.  1178-1185. 

3.  Ifillsborough,  20  Aug.  to  10  Sept.,  .1776. 

Ill  Col.  Rec,  X.  164-2-20.  A  printed  copy  of  the  original 
edition  of  this  journal  is  in  the  Public  Record  office  in  London. 

4.  Halifax,  4  April  to  13  May,  1776.  New 
Bern:  James  Davis.  1776.  8°.  pp.  46.  Re- 
printed, 1831,  in  8°.    pp.  C6. 

In  Col.  Rec,  x.  493-590.  This  convention  instructed  its 
delegates  to  vole  for  independence. 

5.  Halifax,  12  Nov.  to  23  Dec,  1776.  New- 
bern  :  James  Davis.      1777. 

Col.  Rec,  X.  913-1003;  ef.  Weeks'  BMiography  of  the 
eighteenth  century  presn,  nos.  36-39. 

This  congress  framed  a  constitution,  secured  religious 
liberty,  and  provided  for  the  State  University. 

Public  Improvements.  Report  on,  for  1820. 
Raleigh  :  J.  Gales.     8°.     pp.  56. 

Annual   report  of  the   board  of,  to  the 

General  Assembly  of  North  Carolina,  Dec.  10, 
1822.    Raleigh  :  J.  Giles  &  Son.    1822.    8°.    pp.  72. 

The  report  of  the  board  is  signed  by  Gabriel  Holmes, 
chairman,  and  serves  as  an  introduction  to  the  reports  of 
Hamilton  Fulton,  civil  engineer  to  the  State.  This  report, 
one  of  the  products  of  the  canal  craze,  is  of  much  value. 



George  W.  HUtory  of  the  Samly 
Creek  Bapdrt  AMOcUtioa,  from  lu  organization 
in  1758  to  18S8.  New  York:  Sheldon  4  Co. 
l»M.    ir.    pp.  8*9. 

DrDrmd  at  LoTr'*  Cnek  ■aMiaf  hsaat.  Ottaai 
CMU«7,N.  C.,SOct.l(U.  CaMalH  a  ftatfal  akatek  of  IW 
tfOtU  tai  Kaatk  CanUlea,  wllk  a  ceodM  blMory  of  lb* 
rkaiikaa  Win— <■>  le  Ika  aiaiirtafliiia  aad  biofrapbiral 
akrtrkn  af  arialMm.  Tha  kialaiy  of  th*  a»artatkm  prnfirr 
la  BMa  aon  Uiaa  a  ceadaoMiaa  of  thr  jreart;  ailautn. 

T,  JaoM  8.    Wake  Foreat  College.     It* 
Urtb.     r.  F.  SttuUmt,  Feb.  ISM,  t.  181-IM. 
Attn—  daimto4  Fab.  4.  1««.  u  fliiat  "fliaelal  of 

w.  r.  c. 

Wm  be  in  Virginiaf  SaMii  t  Sons' 
Awttr.  BiUiopoiitt,  Sept..  Dec.  ISM.  i.  t7t,  8«»- 
S68,  Jan.  1870,  ii.  11-IS. 

TWImartMalaa  VMTT.    Tba  rap>7  I*  i^iMd  •*  T.  K.," 
ani  ilaMd  *•  DcoMiarr.  Oct.  vmX." 

»7.  J.   O.,   M.D.     lUatorical  akcteh  of 
Third  Cre«k  cbnrch  in    Roman    connty,   N.   C. 
Concord.  N.  C. :  Tlu  T\wu$.    1893.     8*.    pp.  18. 
■aa4  at  te  oaMaaaW,  n  aUr.  UM. 

Supben  Dodaon  (1887-18C4),  Maj. 
On.  C.8.  A.  Sketch  of.  Laitd  Wt  Uwt.  18C8, 
».  1-10. 

Addrcw  on  tbo  life  and  character  of; 

portrait.     S*t  Cox,  William  R. 

■■■I If.  Jaaea  Oattjra  MeOregor  (17M-1884). 
Th«  annala  of  Tenneaaee  to  the  end  of  tbe 
ci(htrcnlh  centnry  :  compriaing  Ita  a<-ttlement, 
aa  the  Wataaga  aaaociation.  from  KC9  to  1777; 
a  part  of  Nortb-TaroUna,  from  1777  to  1784; 
the  Suie  of  Franklin,  from  1784  to  1788;  a  part 
of  Nortb-CaroUna,  fronr  17<i8  to  1790;  the  ter- 
ritory of  tbe  U.  Statee,  aontb  of  the  Ohio,  from 
I7M  to  1796;  Ike  Stale  of  Tmneaeee,  from  1796 
to  laOO.  FhUadelpfaia :  LippioceU.  Orambo  A  Co. 
UBS.    r.    pp.  TiU.  744.     ifa^. 

^—    Mecklenbarg  conirty.      I^md  Wi  Lott, 
ISM-C7.  ii.  1». 

Battle  of  King'a  MoanUin.     Ihid.  1867, 


Tbe  State  of  Franklin.    Ibid.   1867-68, 

It.  46IM7S. 

Robert     (18S8-1893),     Maj.     Or*. 
C.  S.  A.     Sketch  of.    8**  GaEK*,  Wharton  J. 

Raaaoa'a    dlTiaion    at     Frederickabnrg. 

Ctnlury.  Drr.  1887,  ixit.  8S3-3S4. 

■AToaaeroft.  John  Stark  (1772-1830),  V.I)., 
Prol.  £/fu.  BUktf  of  y.  C.     Sketch  of.     M.  r., 
m.  D.     a*,    pp.  98. 
Tba  work  af  Mabop  WBIIaa   Marcar  Oraaa.  pabliabad 
Sketch  of.    i4m.  Chunk  Mn.  xxiL  S96. 

Edwin  Godwbi  (181S-),  ££./>.,  Lairyar, 
Jtutict  Suprrmt  Court  of  JV.  C.  Addreai  before 
the  conrention  of  the  legal  profeaaion  of  North 
Carolina,  in  Aiherille.  9  3u\y,  1884.  Raleigh: 
Edwanla,  Bronghton  &  Co.     1884.     8*.     pp.  16. 

On  Um  kgal  praftnlon  of  North  .Carolina,  what  U  la,  and 
oagbt  lobe. 

Rocnlatlon,  War  of  the.  An  impartial  rela- 
tion of  llie  flrat  riae  and  cauae  of  the  recent  difler- 
encea  in  publick  affair*,  in  the  province  of  North 
Carolina;  and  of  tbe  paat  tnroulta  and  riota  tliat 
lateljr  happened  in  that  prorince,  containing  moat 
of  tbe  true  and  genuine  copica  of  letter*,  meiaagea, 
and  remonatrancc*  between  tbe  partiea  contending. 
By  which  my  impjirtial  man  inajr  eaailjr  gather  and 
aee  the  true  ground  ami  rcaaona  of  the  diaaatiafac- 
tion  that  aniTeraalljr  relgna  all  orer  aaid  Prorinre 
in  a  more  or  leaa  degree.  Printed  for  the  compiler 
1770.     ir.    pp.  104. 

RrprioicO  In  Whttitt't  SbrtM  OmnUna,  U.  Ml-lSI,  wba 
aarribta  it  to  Uoibaad. 

Tbcn  I*  a  cofijr  of  tbla  rare  Talaaaa  tai  tba  Carter  Brown 
ttbraiT,  at  PniTkltDrr,  R.  t.;  lb*  tiila  fi*ca  ban  la  takaa 
tnm  tba  ealalofaa  of  tltat  library. 

A  fan  for  Fanning  and  a  toochatone  to 

Tiyon ;  containing  an  impartial  account  of  the  rite 
and  piogreaa  of  the  ao  much  talked  of  Regulation 
in  North  Carolina.     By  Rcgnlna.     Boaton.     1771. 

Thia  apprarrd  ia  10  wrckly  porta  of  I  pp.  rack.  It  kriaga 
Iha  Uttorj  of  the  BMnrmrBt  doara  to  I7W.  aftrr  Ilubaad'i 
ac^alttal  at  IlllUbon  Coort  ia  Srpt.  17M,  aad  raaaiaf*! 
roOTlctkHi.  It  U  Bfualljr  aarribnl  to  Urrawa  Uaabaad. 
Bopciatad  ia  Jf.  C.  Vnit.  mag.,  Il6»-«e,  tUI.  »»-«.  ttt-m. 

V.  C.  Journal  of  Education  on,  Oct.  and 

Nov.  1SS9. 

Lerin  Theodore  (I81S-1878).  The 
Morariana  in  North  Carolina.  An  authentic  hia- 
tory.  Salem,  N.  C. :  O.  A.  Keehln ;  Philadelphia : 
J.  B.  Lippinrott  4  Co.    ^7.    H'.    pp.  206. 

Sn  t\toHfSSi^%'JHMtory  of  Xortk  Caro- 
lina, appendix,  rol.  I.,  pp.  zzir.-Iri.,  for  a  tketch 
of  tbe  Moravian*,  which  ia  beliered  to  be  by 
Blahop  Beidiel. 

K«ld,JaBie*  W..  and  Frank  L.,  fifitort.  Life, 
■ermona,  and  tpeechea  of  Numa  F.  KeiJ  [lH2ft- 
1878],  D.D.,  late  of  the  North  Carolina  conference. 
By  hia  aon*.  New  York :  E.  J.  Hale  4  Son.  1874. 
ir.     pp.  686. 

rortrait,  awl  ikrtch  br  Ker.  Jobn  W.  Lawlt. 

Rollljr,  J.  8.  Wilmington,  paat,  preaent,  and 
future,  embracing  hiatorical  tketchea  of  ita  growth 
and  progreit  from  ita  eatabliahment  to  the  preaent 
time,  together  with  outline  of  North  Carolina 
hiatory.  ».  p.,  x.  d.,  J.  S.  Reilly.  [f.  1884.]  8*. 
pp.  190.     niutlratioHi. 

Contain*  al»o  a  rvTfrw  of  ttn  nunafartarin^,  merraa. 
tile,  aaral,  and  genrnil  busioe««  adrantairc*,  with  *tiilt*(ica 
aad  with  akatcbaa  of  tba  pttaeipal  boiiocu  booaa*  aad 



RapresentatiTe  men.  Eminent  and,  of  the 
Carolinas  in  the  nineteenth  century.  See  Brant 
and  Fuller,  compilers. 

Representative  men  of  the  South.  Phila- 
delphia: Cliarles  Robson.     1880.     4". 

This  volume  contains  a  number  of  sketches  of  prominent 
North  Carolinians:  K.  P.  Buttle,  3T0-373 ;  W.  T.  Blackwcll, 
506-510;  Julian  S.  Carr,  607;  David  M.  Carter,  418-420; 
Wm.  H.  Cox,  301-304;  Jos.  Adolphus  Englehard,  317-318; 
Thos.  C.  Fuller,  315-317;  Eugene  Grissom  (with  portrait), 
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McGee  Heck  (with  portrait),  250-252;  Thos.  J.  Jarvis,  622- 
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portrait),  350-354;  T.  H.  Pritchard,  373-375;  Aldert  Smcdes 
(with  portrait),  289-290;  W.  N.  H.  Smith  (witll  portrait), 
38-40;  K.  S.  Tucker  (with  portrait),  439-440;  W.  II.  H. 
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N.  C.  pp.  28.  Printed  for  corrections  only;  published 
under  next  title. 

The  Carolinas.     Nar.  and  Crit.  Hist,  of 

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With  a  critical  essay  on  the  sources  of  information,  pp.  335- 
886,  by  the  editor,  Justin  Winsor. 

Roan  Monntain. 

pp.  459-464. 

South  Atlantic,  Sept.  1878, 

Roanoke  Inlet.  Report  of  the  Committee 
of  Internal  Improvement  on  the  reopening  of. 
Raleigh  :  Lawrence  &  Lemay.     1830.     8°.     pp.  4. 


Roanoke  River,  etc.  Letter  to  a  member  of 
general  assembly,  on  navigation  of  Roanoke  and 
its  branches.  By  a  Citizen  of  Pittsylvania.  Ricli- 
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Charles  Robson  &  Co.    1880.    4".   pp.31.   Portrait. 

Reprinted  from  Representative  Men  of  the  South.  Judge 
Manning  was  bom  and  reared  in  North  Carolina. 

Rockingham  County,  N.  C.  Sketches  of, 
topography,  geography,  climate,  soil,  resources, 
agricultural  and  mineral.  Leaksville:  Oazette. 
1884.     8".    pp.  31. 

Contains  a  number  of  Items  of  local  history. 

RookweU,  Elisha  F.  (1809-1888).  Contribu- 
tions and  communications  to  the  Historical  Maga- 
zine, on  various  phases  of  the  history  of  North 
Carolina,  viz.:  — 

Description  of  an  ancient  map  of 

the  central  part  of  Iredell  county,  with  a  copy  of 

"A  remonstrance  to  the  North  Carolina  Presbytery 
which  is  to  sit  in  April,  1773."  Aug.  1867,  2d 
ser.,  ii.  84-90. 

A  discussion  of  the  names  contained  in  the  remonstrance, 
their  connection  with  our  history,  and  some  notices  of  other 

The  map  has  been  lithographed. 

Battle  of    Ramseur's    Mill,   July, 

1867,  2d  ser.,  ii.  24-28,  180,  v.  208. 

Journal  of  Capt.  Ross's  expedi- 
tion against  the  Cherokee  Indians  in  1776.  Oct. 
1867,  2d  ser.,  ii.  212-221. 

Rowan  county  in  1774.     Feb.  1869, 

2d  ser.,  v.  118-124. 

Contents :  —  Rowan  committee  of  safety,  its  action  on  the 
tea  tax,  etc.;  (2)  list  of  the  committee  of  safety  in  Rowan 
in  1774-76;  (3)  Women  of  North  Carolina  in  1776;  (4)  acta 
and  proceedings  of  the  committee  of  safety  in  Rowan, 
1774-76;  (5)  Dunn  &  Boote. 

John  Thompson,  the  gospel  pioneer 

in  western  North  Carolina,  1744-1763,  Aug.  1869, 

2  ser.,  vi.  78-83. 

Note   on    James    Hall,    father    of 

James  Hall,  D.D.,  Aug.  1873,  3d  ser.,  ii.  106. 

Rogan,  J.  P.  Description  of  prehistoric 
mounds  in  Caldwell  county,  N.  C.  Contributiom 
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D.  C.  [  U.  S.  Geog.  and  Geol.  Survey  of  ik$ 
Rocky  Mt.  Region.'] 

Mounds  in  Wilkes  county.     Ibid. 

Roll  of  Honor,  The  North  Carolina.  Account 
of  its  inception,  preparation,  etc.  Our  Living  and 
Our  Dead,  iv.  25-32. 

Tlie  HS.  roll  of  honor  of  North  Carolina  troops  in  the 
C.  S.  A.  is  preserved  in  the  State  library  in  Raleigh. 

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elder  Reuben  Ross,  by  his  son.  Philadelphia: 
Grant,  Faires  &  Rogers.     12°.    pp.  426.    Portrait. 

Elder  Reuben  Ross  (1776-1860)  was  bom  and  reared  in 
North  Carolina;  the  greater  part  of  his  life  was  spent  in 
Tennessee,  and  lie  died  in  Kentucky;  sketch  and  portrait  of 
author;  introduction  and  notes  by  J.  M.  Pendleton. 

Rosters  of  North  Carolina  Troops.  North 
Carolina  troops  in  tlie  Continental  line  [Raleigh, 
c.  1886].     «°.    pp.  15. 

Summarized  in  Moore's  IHetory  of  North  Carolina,  ii. 
443-444,  and  reprinted  in  full  in  Scheuck's  North  Carolina, 
1780-81,  pp.  473-485. 

Muster  rolls  of  the  soldiers  of  the  war  of 

1812:  detached  from  the  militia  of  North  Caro- 
linn,  in  1812  and  1814.  Raleigh  :  Ch.  C.  Raboteau. 
1851.     8°.     pp.  140. 

Published  by  adjutant-general,  under  resolution  of  General 
Assembly  of  28  Jan.  1851. 

Another    edition.        Raleigh:     Stone    & 

Uzzell.     1873.     8°.    pp.  229. 



•f  Ifartk  Cavollaa  Troaps.  Rocter 
of  Xoith  Cmrolina  troop«  in  the  war  with  Mexico. 
Raleigh :  Jowpliui  Uanioli.     Ig87.     8°.     pp.51. 

Tb*  ■aMn^eal  rolh  ot  Sni  nirimrot  of  North  CDolina 
kM  iiihMHin  aad  raapaair*  *■  (i  "  and  "  I."  twtltth  V.  S. 
Imtadrj;  prtpu«4  awter  utberttr  of  Lc«l>Utu«  of  lUT, 
ky  Bri^MOca.  JakaMMW  Jam*.  •4)«laBt.«can«l  of  North 

RefiMer  of  North  Carolina  troop*. 

[Raleigh.     1M4.]     8*.    pp.  42. 

Register  of  North  Carolina  troop*.    1861. 

nUlcigfa.     1861.]     8*.    pp.  26. 


Boater  of  North  Carolina  troop*  in  the 

war  between  the  Slate*.  Prepared,  by  order  of 
Lcgldatarr  of  1881,  hj  John  W.  Moore,  late  major 
eoonianding  Ihinl  battalion.  Uftht  artillery.  Ra- 
Mgh:  Aihe  A  Gatling.  1882.  8*.  rot.  I, 
pp.  «.  581;  U.,  pp.  4,  743;  iU.,  pp.  4.  741;  W., 
pp.  Tii.  458. 

IU*  RaM*r't>  aad*  up  aaialy  from  th«  S.C.  •'  HsU  of 
n*Mr"  mt  turn  Om  aiwur  roll*  of  X.C.  troop*  la  llie 
Caittitntm  acrrln,  which  wtn  m>«m«<  ta  BkhaMMd  ia 
mi,  mi  art  bow  la  lh«  ArcblT**  oBe*  of  th*  War  Depart- 
■■■I.  Maay  *f  Ik***  wn*  T»f7  laprrfMt;  aaax  nniilMl 
aaa«;  (nmlyooobad  (toll  •ccvaau  of  raMMlUc*.  Then 
w«A  itxty.«||^  T»tl*M«H  of  orfclaal  Toloatfcn.  To 
Chii*  a*  t*  be  **M  Ik*  her  ngiaMal*  of  Senior  aad  Jaator 
■ijimi.wktek.wltk  Ik*  liimllim.  wtU  lama**  lb*  aaai 
I*  Ik*  (Vrirakal  (f  l^tf  Ml  widaiau  la  MM,  N.C. 
had  p*IM  1U.IM  n*!*,  aad  Ik*  wkM*  pepalallaa  WM  ahou 
tttjm.  UaKf  tomfMj  lUu  tad  oo*  wbol*  rrgincnlal  Uat 
(Ik*  Mk)  an  ilMli^;  with  tbn*  laesM*  lh«  aambm  re- 
c*id*4  tat  ap  MMM.  M^.  Moor*  Ihlaki  that  1M,00(> 
w*aU  ■■«  b*  •*  «Tci**tlBai*  of  Ikt  fore*.  Othrn  have  put 
tt*  *■«<*  M  !»,«•, 

Aae*(Aa(  I*  LI..C*!.  Tn'*  a*flm*iUal  lo—t  ^  M« 
^mwUwm  <a*a  rar,  Un-MM,  Narth  CtoraUaa  l**l  ban 
VMhA  ad  dtaaa*  MJIt  bms,  *M  ef  a  local  I***  tat  lb* 
Cw*4ii*»j  *r  UMB.  ta  IMl  Ik*  SM*  k*d  a  aUliafT 
papalaaoa  of  11t,MP.  Tb*  8laU  lo**  awaiaii,  lk*a.  Ik* 
bii*<i  ptupBitlua  of  BcsriyM  per  cent. 

rlaad. .    Dedication  aermon  of  Preaby- 

terlan  charch,  FayetteTillc,  N.  C,  and  accoont  of 
the  Are,  18S3. 
r»rkla*S  Ota*  £M. 

■•^•11.  William.  Sketch  of  W.  G.  Simmons. 
Wakt  FortMt  Studtnt,  Jane,  1889,  also  Bihlital 
Mmrritr,  10  Joly,  1889. 

Charle*  C.  The  Cherokee  nvticm  of 
Indians  :  a  narratire  of  their  oflcial  relatinna  with 
the  colonial  and  fetleral  froremmrntii.  Fifth  An- 
nual Stport  of  Burtau  of  Ethnology,  1883-84. 
Washington.     1887.     4*.    pp.  121-378.     Mnpt  2. 

Edmond  (1794-1865).     Stt  Geolofical 
Sorreyi  of  North  Carolina. 

Thomas  (1824-1889),  LL.D.,  Juttie*  of 
Supreme  Court  of  if.  C.  The  life  of.  5««  Dick. 
R.  P. 

Rampl*.  Jethro  (1827-),  D.D.  A  history  of 
Kowan  county.  North  Caroliiu.  Sali*blU7,  N.  C. : 
J.  J.  Brunir.     1881.    82'.     pp.  Tiii.  608,  x. 

Fint  appcaivU  in  (be  weeUjr  Iwae*  of  the  Canlina 
Wolthmiam,  and  reprinted  from  the  lam*  type.  Coauini 
aketche*  of  promhient  iuaUl**  aad  diitingniabrd  men,  with 
aa  appendix  (pp.  4SI-«M)  giTiac  lb*  naroe>  of  all  toldlrn 
la  Ih*  ConMerale  army,  froa  Bowaa  coanty. 

B*Tlew*d  by  John  8.  Headarsoa  ta  JIT.  O.  SducatioHal 

Thomas  (if.  1743).     Modem  history : 
or.  The  present  state  of  alt   nations.      London, 
1738.     8*. 
The  pincnl  Hal*  of  Carolina,  nl.  31,  pp.  404  t«l. 

Thomas  (1787-1870),  LL.D.,  Ckirf 
Jutiut  of  S.  C.  The  life  and  character  of;  por- 
trait.    Stt  OmAMAM,  William  A. 

George  N.  Appendix  to  the  life  and 
times  of  Duncan  K.  McRae,  with  his  letter  of 
resignation  as  colonel  of  flflh  North  Caroliiu 
troops.  Raleigh:  Standard  Print.  1864.  8«. 
pp.  48. 

■•ttwtkwalte.  Fenner  Bryan  (1813-1875). 
Biogrrapbie  sketches  of.  together  with  the  obituary 
proceedings  of  the  Washington  bar,  etc.  Norfolk, 
Va. :  Virginian  Steam  Print.  1887.  8*.  pp.  86. 
CompUrd  by  F.  3.  SUcknejr. 

Saondara,  Romulus  Mitchell  (1791-1867). 
Address  before  the  literary  societies  of  Wake 
Forest  College.     Raleigh.     1862.     8*.     pp.  48. 

On  Ih*  early  hl*torjr  of  M.C ;  a  dafca**  of  the  MecUen. 
burg  Declanttoa. 

Saomdera.  WUUam  Lawrence  (1836-1891). 
LL.D.,  Secretary  of  State  of  \.  C.  Tribute  ta 
by  Col.  R.  A.  Brock,  A^.  C.  f%ir.  aio;.,  1892-93, 
xii.  166-159  — _^     . 

Sketch  of.    Sm  Waddeli.;  A.M. 

North  Carolina.    Its  settlement  and  growth 

as  a  colony  and  as  a  province.  The  Mecklenburg 
Dei-laratiun  and  the  Revolutionary  public  senti- 
ment in  the  province  generally.  [Raleigh,  t.  1886.] 
8*.    pp.  15. 

A  lenutive  paper  embodied  in  the  PreiMoiy  Notet  to  the 
Colonial  Rreordi  of  N.C. 

Editor.  Abstracts  of  records  and  docu- 
ment* relating  to  the  colonial  history  of  North 
Carolina,  during  the  proprietary'  government  (1576- 
17(8.     [Raleigh,  t.  18H6.]     8°.     pp.  86. 

North    Carolina    under    the    proprietarj- 

government.     [Raleigh,  c.  1885.]     8*.     pp.  42. 

Priiilrd  for  rcvUlon  and  correctiou  onlj;  embraced  In 
Prclatory  Noin  In  Colonial  Recorda  of  N.  C. 

Editor.    Set  Roster  of   N.C.  troops  in 

the  Continental  line. 

JBditor.     Set  Colonial  Records  of  North 




Saunders,  William  Lawrence,  LL.D.  Prefa- 
tory Notes  to  Colonial  Records  of  North  Carolina, 
see  Ibid. 

Lessons  from  onr  North  Carolina  records. 

Trinity  College,  N.  C.     1889.     8°.     pp.  2fi. 

An  address  before  tlie  fuculfy  and  students  of  Trinity  Col. 
lege,  N.C.,  27  Nov.  1888.  A  re-working  of  his  Prefatory 
Notes  to  the  Colonial  Records  of  N.  C. 

Sawyer,    Lemuel   (1777-18521,     M.C. 
biography  of.     c.  1845. 


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kees  in  North  Carolina.  At  Home  and  Abroad, 
Feb.  1882,  ii.  321. 

Personal  sketches  of  distinguished  dele- 
gates of  the  State  convention,  18fil-G2.  Greens- 
boro :  Thomas,  Ueece  &  Co.     1885.     8°.     pp.  23. 

Sketches  of  Badger,  (iraham,  Ruffin,  W.  N.  Edvards, 
Bedford  Brown,  and  James  W.  Osborne. 

A  short  account  of  the  battle  of  Guilford 

Court-House.     Greensboro.     1887.     8°.     pp.  8. 

Report  of  the  president  of  the  Guilford 

Battle-Ground  Company.  Greensboro.  1887.  8°. 
pp.  16. 

Made  15  Nov.  1887;  contains  act  of  incorpttration,  account 
of  improvements,  monuments,  etc.,  and  a  list  of  donations  to 
the  company. 

The    battle    of    Guilford    Court-House, 

fought  March  15,  1781.  Greensboro:  Thomas 
Brothers.  1888.  8°.  pp.74.  PoHr  ait  of  author, 

An  historical  address  delivered  6  May,  1888;  incorporated 
in* the  following: 

North  Carolina,  1780-81.  Raleigh:  Ed- 
wards &  Broughton.  1889.  8".  pp.  498.  Map 
of  the  Carolinas,  plans  of  battles,  portraits. 

This  is  a  history  of  the  invasion  of  the  Carolinas  by  the 
British  under  Lord  Cornwallis,  in  1780-81.  Its  particular 
design  is  to  show  the  part  borne  by  North  Carolina  in  that 
•truggle,  and  to  correct  some  erroiis  in  regard  to  the  State 
and  her  people. 

"  In  examining  different  accounts  of  the  battle  [of  Guilford 
Conrt-IIousc]  by  Lee,  Johnson,  and  others,  the  author  found 
that  injustice  had  been  done  the  North  Cai-oliua  militia  in 
regard  to  their  conduct  on  that  occasion.  Further  research 
not  only  conBrmed  this  opinion,  but  showed  him  that  the 
injustice  was  not  conlined  to  that  battle,  but  that  the  State 
had  been  robbed  of  tlie  honor  due  her  for  repelling  the  British 
invasion  in  1780.  It  was  to  correct  these  impressions  and  to 
•how  the  part  taken  by  Nortli  Carolina  in  the  closing  strug- 
gles for  imlepcndence,  tliat  the  book  wa.s  written."  — s.  B.  w. 
in  Johns  Hopkins  University  StudUt  in  Historical  and 
J'otUical  Science,  viii.  685-588. 

"  While  Judge  Schenck  has  not  given  a  full  account  of  the 
Kevolutlonary  war  in  this  State,  his  design  not  being  so 
comprehensive  as  that,  yet  he  has  given  the  leading  events 
in  brief,  and  then  has  devoted  himself  to  the  portrayal  of 
the  incidenu  of  tlie  Invasion  of  1781.  He  has  thrown  light 
on  every  subject  he  touched.  His  researches  have 
been  very  extensive,  and  the  arrangement  of  his  facts  is 
very  satiitoctory."  — Ealeigh  ifewt  and  Obsereer,  Dec.  24, 

Schenok,  David,  LL.D.,  Editor.  Narrative  of 
the  battle  of  Cowan's  Ford,  1  Feb.  1781,  by  Robert 
Henry,  and  narrative  of  the  battle  of  King's  Moun- 
tain, by  Capt.  David  Vance.  Greensboro  :  Reece 
&  Elam.     1891.     8°.     pp.  50. 

Henry's  narrative,  pp.  5-U;  Vance's  narrative,  pp.  l»-33; 
Henrj's  account  of  King's  Mountain,  pp.  3+-3H;  sketch  of 
Vance,  pp.  41-50. 

Judge  Schenck  writes  the  compiler :  "  Henry's  account  of 
the  battle  of  Cowan's  Ford  is  totally  dilTerent  from  that  given 
by  Gen.  Graham,  wliich  latter  I  adopted  in  my  history.  If  I 
had  seen  Mr.  Henry's  account  before  I  wrote  my  book,  1 
would  certainly  have  adopted  it.  It  bears  the  impress  of 
truth  and  is  a  narrative  by  one  who  was  an  actor  in  the  scene 
and  is  entirely  consistent  with  the  whole  local  surroundings. 
I  feel  sure  that  no  true  account  of  the  battle  of  Cowan's  Ford 
has  been  published  except  this." 

Vance's  account  of  King's  Mountain  was  the  basis  of 
Draper's  King's  Mountain,  and  the  copy  for  the  present  pub- 
lication was  secured  from  him.  Since  this  pamphlet  appeared 
the  original  Mas.  in  the  handwriting  of  Robert  Henry  has 
been  found  and  is  now  in  possession  of  William  Henry  of 
Buncombe  cormty,  N.  C. 

These  accounts  were  published  at  the  expense  of  Atty.- 
Uen.  T.  F.  Davidson,  a  great-grandson  of  Capt.  Vance. 

Sohoola.  Report  of  the  president  and  directors 
of  the  literary  fund  of  N.  C. ,  on  common  schools. 
1838.     8°.     pp.  16. 

Senll,  G.  D.  Biographical  notice  of  Dr.  Daniel 
Coxe,  with  an  account  of  the  final  settlement  of 
his  claims  in  CaroUna.  Penn.  Mag.  of  Hist., 
Sept.  1883,  vu.  317-338. 

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tion, 1780-83.  Penn.  Mag.  of  Hist.,  Sept.,  Dec. 
1883;  vii.  286,  377. 

ShaoUeford,  John  Williams  (1844-1883),  M.  C. 
Memorial  addresses  on  the  life  and  character  of. 
Washington  :  Government  Printing  Office.  1838. 
8°.     pp.  33.     Portrait. 

Addresses  by  Latham  of  N.C.,  Randall  of  Penn.,  E.  B. 
Vance  of  N.C.,  Leedom  of  O.,  MoreyofO.,  Ransom  of  N.C., 
Z.  B.  Vance  of  N.  C,  delivered  in  House  of  RepresentatiTei 
and  Senate,  47  Cong.,  2d  sess. 

Shaokleton,  Robert,  Jr.  A  battle-tield  that  is 
seldom  visited — King's  Mountain.  Mag.  of  Amer. 
Hist.,  July-Aug.  1893,  ixx.  38-46. 

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populations  of  North  Carolina.  North  American 
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General    account    of    the    fresh    water 

morasses  of  the  United  States,  with  a  description 
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Part  ii.  pp.  313-339,  deals  with  the  geology  of  the  Dismal 
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A  brief  Atteh  of.    Shelby,  N.  C. : 
C.  P.  Roberto.     1889.     18*.     pp.  58. 
L^Tftlj  adrntiwaMO. 

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CftTolink.    Abetnct  in  John*  Hopkln*  UniTenity 
Oirtulart,  May,  1882. 
BMd  k««M«  liM  JokM  BopUM  CDlTmitj  BtaL  aad  Pol. 

■fceyfcwa^  June*  Edwanl  (1846-),  LL.D., 
Ckitf  Jattiu  of  S.  C.  Sutement  of.  [1888.] 
r.    pp.  16. 

!■  MHVtr  Is  lb*  rlMi(»*  pufcrml  by  Kitum  Oftae* 
■n'M*  kl«  oadwt  la  Um  trial  of  Wb.  A.  Parker  ior  lb* 
««rd«r  *t  0«ik  Bryaa  Ortaw*. 

ShaftevA.  WUUam  BUdle  (17W-18SS),  JT.C. 
Spaecii  oa  the  right  of  iteeedoB,  reToIntion,  Ac. 
■aMgkt  WUUam  W.  HoMen.    I8S1.    8*.    pp.  M. 

IMtTtn4  la  Sraato  orMartk  OvoOaa, »  Jaa.  IWI. 

WUUam  Tccamieh  (1810-1891). 
•  XBcial  aceoant  of  bia  (real  march  through 
Georgia  and  tbe  Carolina*,  from  hia  departare 
from  Chattanooga  to  the  (nrrender  of  Qeneral 
Joarph  B.  JohnatoD  ao<l  the  Confederate  force* 
oader  hi*  command.  New  York :  Bmce  ami 
HantingloB.  18«6.  IR  pp.  S19. 
OMk  atwraaa'a  aTldaet  bdar*  Um  Cnagiaaaln— I  Coai- 
1  (f  lb*  war;  (h*  a»l«ailnnl»a*  •( 
I  Mi  Uaaanl  Uallwk  aa4  »  Mknc*  af  life 

■katwdl,  Randolph  Abbon  (184»-1884),  Edi- 
tor.   A  patriot,  aketch  of.    St*  DAaicLa,  Joaepbn*. 

VIrgiaia  aad  North  Carolina  In  tbe  battle 

of  Oetlyibnrg.  0»r  Liring  and  Our  Dtad,  March, 
1876,  iT.  80-97. 

,  William  O.  (1890-1889).    Skatch  of. 
Sf*  KoTALL,  WUUam. 

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Moantain  — A  ballad  of  tbe  Carolina*.  Ifarptr't 
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MmaM^ai  Frederic  W.  The  diacorery  of  Iron 
Implementa  in  an  ancient  mine  in  North  Carolina. 
8*.  pp.  6.  /ItuftralioHi.  Rvprioted  from  Amer- 
itan  yaturalirt,  January,  1881. 

■kllaa.  William  Weit  (1807-186>).  A  (ketch 
of  the  miaaionary  Ufa  of.  Am  Coopbb,  Saian 

■klaaar.  Tboma*  Harrey  (1791-1871),  fVwiy. 
miniMtr.     IJfe  of,  by I^enti**. 

Sketch  of  the  life  and  character  of  Joieph 

n[lount]  .Hkinncr  [1781-1881],  by  hi*  brother. 
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CUvarjr  la  Martk  C**«llaa.  Narrative  of 
•om-  of  tba  proceedings  of  North  Carolina  Yearly 
Maetiaff  [Friaads]  aalkt  nbjcct  of  alaTery  within 
lu  Uouta.  Orcanabonwgb,  V.  C. :  Swalm  A  Sher- 
wood.    1848.    r.    ppu   40. 

PlMiahsd  kj  ankr  of  Mssllag  fcr  8a*rla«s. 

John  Alexander  (1889-1886),  Copt. 
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Co.  B,  27  N.  C.  regiment.  Washington:  R.  O. 
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North  Carolina  in  the   war  between  the 

Sutes.  Washington :  Kufus  H.  Darby.  1883. 
8*.     Parts  i.  and  ii.,  pp.  170,  xzii.      Tko portrait*. 

TliU  liL»tof7  wu  UftUciJ  by  •abM.'riptioo;  but,  as  th« 
patroBa^e  UM  to  juitUy  the  outlay,  no  other  parts  werr 
iasacd.  la  INT  the  lc(lslatare  of  North  Carolina  ordered 
that  the  wbol*  be  pobliabcd  at  the  ezpeose  of  the  State, 
which  ha*  aercr  beea  done. 

neeam,  Cliarle*  Glihu,  M.D.,  Fk.D.  A  short 
history  of  the  Slocunu,  Slocumb*.  and  Slocombs 
of  America.  Syracuse,  N.  Y.  1882.  8*.  pp.  643. 
Portrait  t. 

A  branch  of  the  Sloenab  haUly  settled  In  North  Carolina. 

Imllk.  A.  Daris,  CompiUr.  Western  North 
CaroUna,  historical  and  biographical,  1890.  \.  D. 
Smith  k  Co.,  Cliarlotte,  N.  C.  [Raleigh :  Edwards, 
k  Broaghton.  printers].     4*.    pp.  465.     Portraitt. 

A  ••barrlptiaa  book  of  lb*  kind.  The  text 
i*  kgr  dMkteat  hawk,  aal  *ari**  greatly  In  areurary  and 
klatacleal  vala*.  Then  an  aboM  en*  hundred  and  twenty 
biosnphlcal  aketrhn  and  thlft7.ea*  portnlu  of  Tsrylag 
denTre*  of  excellriMe. 

Cba<rn(«.'— (ieology  of  North  Carolina,  by  George  B. 
Ilaaaa,  pp.  fr-U;  Western  North  Carolina,  lu  area,  topoK- 
rapby,  sad  characterMie*,  by  John  D.  Cameron,  i7-M; 
Taaeey  eoaaty,  W-tT;  Msillaoii  coODty,  <T-W;  Truuylrania 
eeaaCy,  Sa-TO;  Haywood  eoaaty,  TO-Tl;  Jaektoa  county, 
1S-n;  Swals  rounly,  n-74;  Haeoa  eotiaty,  T4-74;  Cherokee 
eoaaty,  iT-n;  Clay  county, Tt;  Orahamcoanty,  H;  rerlew 
of  weatnn  Nocth  Carolina,  SO-41 ;  Burke  county.  Its  (amatkia, 
early  lettlefs,  by  A.  C.  Areiy,  tt-Ul;  Uenderaon  ronntT,by 
Bicbaid  H.  LewU,  Uf-ia»;  Oraag*  coaaly,  by  Krmp  P. 
BaUl*,U»-lU;Buaeaabecoanly,by  Joba  D.Camrrou.lta- 
IM;  Iredell  oooaty,  1W-*M;  llecklcnbarg  county,  by  Willis 
Brae*  Dowd,  9M-23I;  The  Meckleabnrg  Drrlaration  ol 
ladepealeace.  May  SHb,  mt,  3a>4H;  RaOioida,  a»-2e7; 
lUwIalpb  eoaaty,  Wt-Vt;  Ahuaaae*  eoaaty.  by  J.  A.  Lang, 

tn-^m;  n ai.  h>  T  T  Munlork,  *».417:  Cab«r. 

rai  eowMy,  S17-3ZI;  -UviUerd^unty,  by  O.  Brhenck,  SSa- 
SU;  Darbam  county,  by  Wllllain  A.  Outbrie,  3U-aM; 
Fonytb  county,  by  WlllUm  A.  Blair,  aaS-IIA;  GranTllle 
eoaaty,  by  R.  W.  Winston,  41S-t28:  Wake  county,  431-MS; 
Hr.  William  R.  Wood  — Roanoke  Un<U,  etc.,  by  E.  B. 
UllUard,  Vtt-at;  Lincoln  county,  by  D.  Hchenck,  4S»-MS. 

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p.  442. 

Brief  history  of   Macon  county,   N.  C. 

FrankUn,  N.  C. :  FrankUn  Press.  1891.  8*. 
pp.  in 

Smith.  Charles  Lee  (1866-),  B.S.,  Ph.D.. 
Proftttor  of  hittorif,  ^'iiliam  Jewell  College,  Mo. 
The  history  of  education  in  North  Carolina. 
Washington:  Gorcrnmcnt  Printing  office.  1888. 
8*.  pp.  180.  /lluitratione.  bibliography.  Bili- 
tion,  20,000. 

This  I*  the  third  number  of  tbe  terin  of  monogrspli' 
devoted  to  the  hirtory  of  education  In  the  United  Staica, 
MBlad  by  Profaesor  Herbert  B.  Adaou,  Ph.D.,  John« 
Hopkhu  Ualnrslty. 



Thi«  work  was  accepted  at  the  Jolius  Hopkins  as  a  tlicsia  j 
for  the  degree  of  Ph.D.  "  The  work  is  in  a  hitherto  un- 
exploited  field.  The  materials  for  it  were  quite  abundant, 
but  scattered ;  besides  the  general  histories  of  the  State,  Mr. 
Smith  was  the  first  to  make  use  of  the  recently  published 
Colonial  Records ;  church  and  denominational  histories,  local 
and  town  histories,  sketches  of  particular  periods,  biographies, 
public  acts  and  laws  of  the  State  have  been  used.  Many 
monographs,  catalogues,  and  reports  have  been  brought  into 
requisition  in  a  field  new  to  Carolina— (7K«Mri7e«cA>cA(«. 
The  volume  is  the  result  of  much  labor,  of  careful  research, 
of  painstaking  sifting,  and  thoughtful  digestion  of  evidence." 
—  8.  B.  w.  Ketct  and  Obnmr,  Feb.  19, 1889. 

Smith,  John  (1579-1631).  The  General  Historie 
of  Virginia,  New  England,  and  the  Summer  Isles, 

First  edition,  London.  1624.  Last  edition,  edited  by 
Edwin  Arber,  Birmingham,  1834,  pp.  27S-784  in  his  Works. 

pp.  301-331  devoted  to  the  attempted  settlement  on  Roan- 
oke Islaud,  N.  C,  by  Baleigh. 

Smith,  William  Andrew  (1802-1870) .  A  funeral 
discourse  on  the  occasion  of  the  death  of  Rev. 
Hezekiah  G.  Leigh,  D.D.  Richmond:  Colin  & 
Nowlan.     1854.     8».     pp.  31. 

Smith,  William  Nathan  Harrell  (1812-1889), 
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Smyth,  Alexander.  Speech  on  Gen.  William 
Campbell's  services  and  the  battle  of  King's  Moun- 
tain.    12".     pp.  12. 

DeliTered  in  House  of  Representatives  7  Feb.  1829. 

Smyth,  John  Ferdinand  D.  Tour  in  the  United 
States,  their  present  situation,  manners,  &c.,  anec- 
dotes of  members  of  Congress  and  general  officers, 
and  description  of  Indian  Nations,  &c.  2  vols. 
Dublin.     1784.     16°.     pp.  263,  288. 

Another  edition.      2  vols.     London:   G. 

Robinson.     1784.     8». 

A  French  edition.    Paris.    1791. 

Some  one  has  aptly  styled  Smyth  a  "tory  scout,  and 

Chapters  11-25,  29-32,  vol.  i.,  and  chapters  94-55,  in  vol.  ii., 
on  travels  in  North  Carolina. 

Smythe,  Thomas,  D.D.  The  true  origin  and 
source  of  the  Mecklenburg  and  National  Declara- 
tion of  Independence. 

This  Is  in  a  notice  of  Foote's  Sketches  of  N.  C.  It  origin- 
ally appeared  in  the  Southern  Presbyterian  Review,  Sept. 

1847,  and  was  reprinted  in  pamphlet  form  by  1.  C.  Morgan, 
Columbia,  S.  C.    It  was  continued  in  the  Review  for  Marcli, 

1848,  which  was  also  reprinted. 

Supplementary  notice  of  the  Mecklenburg 

Declaration,     /bid.,  March,  1849. 

Evidently  furnished  by  Dr.  Smythe.  It  gives  Mr.  Ban. 
croft's  letter  of  July  4,  1848,  to  Gov.  Swain,  also  extracts 
from  two  letters  from  an  Episcopalian  correspondent  who 
approves  the  idea  that  the  Mecklenburg  and  National  Dec- 
laration had  a  common  origin  in  the  teachings  a^d  examples 
of  the  Scotch  reformers  and  English  Puritans. 

South  Atlantic.  A  monthly  magazine,  pub- 
lished in  Wilmington,  N.C.,  and  edited  by  Mrs. 
Cicero  W.  Harris. 

Contains  a  number  of  articles  relating  to  State  history. 
The  numbering  does  not  seem  to  be  uniform,  but  I  have  been 
able  to  examine  the  following  numbers :  Nov.,  Dec,  1877, 
Jan.— April,  1873;  May— Oct.,  1878  (=  one  volume) ;  Nov., 
1878— April,  1879  (=  one  volume) ;  May,  June,  August,  Oct., 
Dec,  1879,  Jan.,  1880.  Vol.  vi.=July  (no.  1),  Sept.  (no.  2), 
Dec,  1880,  Jan.,  1881.  Vol.  vii.  =Feb.,  1881  (no.  1),  Sept. 
(no.  2),  Oct.  (no.  3). 

South  Illustrated.  Geo.  H.  Chapin.  Boston, 
Aikin  (S  C.)  &  Raleigh  (N.  C).  [c.  1884.] 
pp.  38.     8".     Illustrated. 

A  serial  of  which  there  seem  to  have  been  no  other  issue*. 
This  deals  with  N.C. 

Spaight,  Richard  Dobbs  (1796-1850),  Gov.  of 
JV.  C.     Sketch  of.     See  Wheeler,  John  H. 

Spainhonr,  J.  M.  Description  of  prehistoric 
mound  in  Burke  county,  N.  C.  Smithsonian  Rep., 
1871,  pp.  404-406. 

Indian   antiquities    of    Caldwell    county. 

Journal  Elisha  Mitchell  Scientific  Society,  1885-86, 
pp.  45-47. 

Sparhs,  Jared  (1789-1866).  Internal  improve- 
ments of  North  Carolina.  North  American  Re- 
view, Jan.,  1821,  xii.  16-37. 

Based  on  (1)  Memoir  of  the  Internal  Improvements  con- 
templated by  the  Legislature  of  North  Carolina ;  and  on  the 
Resources  and  Finances  of  that  State,  pp.  88.  Raleigh : 
J.  Gales.  1819.  (2)  Report  of  sundry  Surveys  made  by 
Hamilton  Fulton,  Esq.,  State  Engineer;  agreeably  to  certain 
instrnctions  from  Judge  Murpliey,  chairman,  etc.,  and  sub- 
mitted to  the  General  Assembly  of  North  Carolina,  at  their 
session  in  1819.  pp.  70.  Raleigh:  T.  Henderson.  (3) 
Williamson's  History. 

Editor.      Sparks'   American  Biography. 

See  Hubbard,  F.  M. 

Sparroir,  Thomas.  A  sketch  of  the  life  of 
Rev.  George  W.  Carawan,  with  an  account  of  his 
trial  for  the  murder  of  Clement  H.  Lassiter,  hi» 
attempt  to  shoot  one  of  the  counsel,  and  his  suicide. 
New  York:  1854.  8°.  pp.  123.  Portrait,  and 

This  is  the  second  edition. 

Spencer,  Mrs.  Cornelia  Phillips  (1825-).  The 
last  ninety  days  of  the  war  in  North  Carolina. 
New  York :  Watchman  Publishing  Company. 
1866.     12°.     pp.  287. 

First  pul)Ushed  as  a  serial  in  The  Watchman,  New  York. 

Old  times  in   Chapel   Hill.     A   series  of 

articles  in  N.  C.  Univ.  mag. :  1883-84,  iii.  326-329, 
394-398;  1884-85,  iv.  15-22,  109-116;  1887-88, 
vii.  12-17,  54-60,  98-104,  151-159,  214-221; 
1888-89,  viii.  2-10,  59-64,  116-124,  147-163, 
213-219,  266-271;  1889-90,  ix.  18-23;  1890-91, 
X.  43-56. 

A  memorial  of  John  DeBerniere  Hooper. 

Ibid.  1885-86,  v.  169-176. 

A   sketch  of  Paul   C.    Cameron.     Ibid. 

1886-87,  vi.  121-128,  J30rtrat<. 



r,  Mrt.  Cornelik  PhiUip*.  First  (tep« 
in  North  Caroliu  birtorjr.  Raleigh :  Alfred  WU- 
lUnuACo.     1889.     1«*.    pp.  z..  272. 

amwd  (dklea.  IIM,  pp.  M;  dxlh  •dUoo.  !■«.  Cwd 
ia  IW  pabUe  tdiooli  m  u  iotrodnctloa  to  tb*  ataaljr  of 

Haalwr  om  of  Alftcd  WUUim*  4.  Co.*!  Nofth  CuoUm 

Dr.  Jowph  OiUwell.     A*.  C.  Umit.  mmf., 

189S-9S,  zit  tS-K. 

■pncKt,  June*.  Informmtlon  and  ftatiitic*  re- 
■pcctiDf  WUmioiton,  North  Carolina.  Wilming- 
ton, v.  C. :  JaekMM  A  B«U.     1888.    8*.    pp.  iH. 

••Ito  aaoBbm,  Apr.,  IML  A  vataaUa  wplhMoa.  wttt  a 
■aabOTafMafrapUcal  B««M. 

A  colonial  planution :  Note*  on  C^w  Fear 

Uatorjr.  A  terUl  in  the  Southport  Ltadtr  (8<mth- 
port.  N.  C).  befinning  with  Apr.  IS,  18M,  and 
•till  eominoed. 

PriaHpanr  a  i  lanllillia  »tt  nfctati  tnm  THtan 
•Mnm,  tal  «r  rata*  aa  Wi^lacdka  Ui«at7  af  IW  tacHoa 
Mfatkar;  toB*  of  It  Utknto  napabUalMd. 

Stealy,  Edward  (IHl  1-1872).  Correapoodence 
with  Henry  8.  Clark,  relating  to  dnelling  \t.  184SJ. 

,  Charlea  Ifaaly  (1841-),  LUut.  Oof. 
y.  C.  A  aketch  of  the  life  ami  character  of  Gen. 
WiUiam  MacRae,  with  an  account  of  the  battle  of 
Seam's  Station.  Wilmington,  N.  C. :  Wm.  L.  De 
BoMlW.  [1090.]  8*.  pp.  27. 
MwMrlal  addnas  M  WUnilaftoo,  10  May.  USD. 

r,  Fenaer  Satterthwaite,  £pi».  Min., 
OomfiUr.    Sketch  of  Fenner  Bryan  Satterthwaite. 

k.  Charlee  Aagnatoj  Gottlieb  (17C4-I83I). 
Sketch  of,  in  John  O.  Morris's  Tht  Stork  FamUy 
in  tk*  LtUktran  Chunk. 
A  part  or  hi*  work  waa  ia  N.  a 

Stnaakay,  William.  The  historie  of  traraile 
into  Virginia  Britannia;  ezpreaaing  the  cosmo- 
graphl*  aod  eooioditiea  of  tiie  coantry  togither  with 
tk«  BMMMfa  aad  cutomea  of  the  people.  Now  first 
•dbad  from  the  original  manoacript  by  R.  H. 
Major.    Loodon.     1849. 

I  of  Bafefajpt  Sadav,  Ho.  •. 
aew  kMa  aa  la  iba  Ma  of  cfca  Boaaoka  eUoay 

Straa«»,  Robert  (I769-I8M),  LL.D.,  U.  8. 
Sfnmtor.    KoaegukL    Washington.    1839.    2  rola. 

Xkia  book  waa  a  aveal  aboaillag  la  Talaabia  ladlan 
■agsaii  aad  mdMlaaa.  TW  aatbor  triad  to  aaaa  it  for 
laM  Haaktb,  wba.  It  Is  *sa)act«r«d,  eoanaaaded  the 
Cheiwkaao  whaa  tbar  awasfcad  aad  dWkaUd  Urn.  William- 
saa  la  ITT*.    It  waa  laiipisaiiil,  aot  far  want  of  Uunrj  and 

•lallMhal  ■aril,  bat  I tbo  Jmltit  baadlad  wllboat 

■la?«a  malar  aaa  la  wa^aia  CaiollBa  far  tbair  mat. 
■aa*  af  Iha  CVaakaaa;  bat  a  ftw  capiat  got  afloat  aiiU 
dM  att  lbs   liaigi  ha  kond.  — B.  McOownx  to  L.  C. 

I,  Robert,  LL.D.    Life  and  character 
of  William  Gaston.    Fayetterille  :  Edward  J.  Hale. 
1844.    8*.    pp.  29. 
Delinreil  before  the  FajrettcTille  bar,  11  Not.  1M4. 

Address  before  the  FayetteYiile  Independ- 
ent Light  Infantry  Company,  Dec.  4,  1850.  Fay- 
etteville :  Edward  J.  Hale.     1850.     8*.    pp.48. 

A  Uatoiy  of  the  CdDpany,  a*  cooiaiiKd  In  a  Mmionlennial 
addreaa  by  Kdwaid  I,ec  Whitlow,  23  Aug.  IMS,  la  appended. 

Eulogy  on    the    life    and    character    of 

WiilUm   Rufua    King.       Raleigh:     WillUm    W. 
Holden.     1858.     8*.     pp.   14. 

Dailnred  In  CUatoa,  I  Jnne,  lUS. 

r,  Darid  Hnnter  (181(t-1888)  (Porte 
Crayon).  North  Carolina  illustrated.  Ifarptr't 
Magazine,  March,  May,  July,  Ang.,  1857,  zir. 
43S-450,  741-755,  zr.  164-164,  289-800. 

WtrmAwUik,  FAlmnn<l   (1802-1870),    M.D.      A 
memoir  of.     .9««  Camerom,  John  D. 

and  points  of  interest  in  Vir- 
ginia and  wettern  North  Carolina.  New  York: 
C.  O.  Crawford.     1884.    8*.    pp.  lOO.    ttlitttrated. 

Wammmr,  Jethro  (1738- c.  1785),  Brig.  On. 
Amtr.  Army.  Life  and  aerrices  of.  See  B*TTi.t, 
Kemp  P. 

fcitWrlaaJ.  Ransom  (1741-1828).  Reminis- 
cences of  the  Rerolntion.  JV.  C.  Univ.  mag., 
1854,  iU.  831-825. 

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Memoir  and  portrait  of.     See  Bbbwu, 

FUk  P. 

Oration  on  the  life  and  character  of.    See 

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Hittoricar  ilcKch  of  Indian  war  of  1776. 

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Anaceoaatof  Uen.  UriAth  Buiherford't  expedition  afainaC 
Iha  Cherokee*. 

British    inrasion    of   North  Carolina  in 

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Fint  printed  ai  pob.  doc.  no.  M,  Oaa.  Attcm.  MM-«7,  r, 
pp.  IS. 

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Compiled  by  R.  S.  Tuckc-r;  Tucker  Hull  aililress,  pp.  3-41 ; 
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A  reprint  of  the  original  documents  relating  to  the 
settlement  on  Roanoke  Island,  N.C.  (sec  Uaklutt),  with 
annotations,  by  the  Prince  Society. 

Tarleton,  Banastre  (1754-1833),  Lieut.  Col. 
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America.  London.  1787.  4°.  pp.  518.  Map, 
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Another  edition.    8*.    pp.  534.    Dublin.    1787. 

It  **  commences  with  D'Estaing's  fruitless  attack  on 
Savannah,  in  the  autumn  of  1779,  and  then  proceeds  to  give 
ft  minute  detail  of  all  the  military  operations  in  both  the 
Carolinas  and  part  of  Virginia,  until  the  surrender  of  York- 
town  and  Gloucester,  Oct.  19,  1781."  It  is  haudsomcly 
printed,  has  some  explanatory  maps  and  plans,  especially 
those  relating  to  Camden  and  Guilford  (.'ourt  House,  and 
the  sieges  of  Charlestown  and  Yorktown,  and  a  general  map 
of  the  country.  —  M.  R.  in  Rich. 

Tarleton's  map  of  the  Carolinas  was  made  by  Wm.  Faden, 
geographer  to  the  King. 

Taylor,  John  Louis  (1769-1829),  Chief  Justice 
of  N.  C.     Sketch  of.     See  Battle,  William  H. 

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.Grave  mounds  in  North  Carolina  and  east 

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Carolina,  pp.  lhl~\&^,  archaeological  map. 

A  prvliminao'  list  to  a  complete  and  thorough  catalogue  of 
the  ancient  works  of  the  United  States  and  Canada.  Pub- 
litbed  by  the  Smithsonian  Institution,  Bureau  of  Ethnology. 

Description    of    prehistoric    mounds    in 

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The  Cherokees  in   pre-Columbian  times. 

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grim, containing  an  accurate  account  of  his  trials, 
travels,  and  gospel  labours,  up  to  the  present  date. 
Winchester,  Va.  :  J.  Foster.  1817.  12".  pp. 

The  author  was  bom,  and  reared  in  part,  in  North  Carolina. 
He  began  preaching  in  his  17tri  year  and  travelled  much  in 
North  Carolina  and  Virginia. 

"  Some  of  my  readers  may  say  I  ought  not  to  mention  the 
opposition  I  have  met  with  from  men  and  preachers  of  dif- 
ferent professions,  inasmuch  as  they  may  say  —  it  looks  bad. 
But  to  those  who  think  so,  I  only  observe,  that  it  is  the  action, 
and  not  the  telling  of  the  action  that  looks  bad."  "  This  book 
may  be  read  by  many  who  would  wish  to  know  to  what  society 
this  man  belongs  ?  To  this,  he  would  only  answer  that  he  pro. 
fesses  to  be  a  Pilgrim  and  stranger  on  the  earth,  a  Christian, 
belonging  to  the  church  of  the  first  bom  whose  names  are 
loritten  in  ffeaven." —  Conclusion. 

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Xavier  Martin.  iV:  C.  Unir.  mag.,  1892-93,  xii. 
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Assembly  of  North  Carolina,  1893.  Raleigh,  N.  C. : 
Edwards  &  Broughton.  1893.  12°.  pp.  134.  Por- 

An  inferior  piece  of  work. 

Tory  Massacre,  The.  Pyle's  defeat,  1781. 
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A  reproduction  of  letters  printed  in  the  magazine,  for 
Nov.  and  Dec,  1854. 

Towle,  G.  F.  Terry's  Fort  Fisher  expedition. 
Our  Living  and  Our  Dead,  1875,  iii.  464-472, 

A  Federal  account. 

Towns  of  North  Carolina,    Names  of.    If.  C. 

Two  articles. 

Travar,  Lorenzo,  M.D.,  leUe  Act.  Assi.  Surg. 
U.  S.  Navy.  Battles  of  Roanoke  Island  and 
Elizabeth  City.  Providence :  N.  Bangs  Williams 
&Co.     1880.     12°.     pp.  31. 

A  Federal  account,  forming  no.  5,  2d  ter.,  of  Personal 
Jfarratitu  of  Soldiera'  and  Sailon'  Hist.  Soc.  of  B.I. 



TMMVtt,  WillUm  Henry  (1823-).  Memorial 
of  the  life  of  J.  Joiuuton  Pettigrew,  Brig.  Gen. 
C.  8.  A.  ChmrlMUm:  John  RuMell.  1870.  8*. 
pp.  66. 

TrUla,  C*l«br«t«4.  Trl&l  of  Edward  Tinker, 
mariner,  for  the  wilful  murder  of  a  youth  called 
Edward.  Newbem :  Hall  4  Bryan  *  T.  WaUon. 
1811.     ir.    pp.  95. 

Trui  oeciimd  K  Cutmt  flapertor  Ceait. 

Trial  of  Mra.  Ann  K.  SImpion,  charged 

with  the  murder  of  her  huibaml.  Reported  by 
William  H.  HaiKh.  Fayetterillc  :  EdwanI  J.  lUle 
4  Son.     18S1.     ir.    pp.  200. 

Trial  of  George  W.  Carawan  for  murder. 

8f  SrAaaow,  Tboma*. 

Trial  of  Duncan  G.  McUae,  William  G. 

Tolar.  Darld  Watkioa.  Baanel  l>hilUpa.  and 
Tbomaa  Powtra  fur  tha  murder  of  Archibald 
Bcebee.  at  Fayetterille,  11  Feb.  1867.  Baleigh. 
18<7.    r.    PP.SM. 

D««  bya  ■mty  tMlnln.  Bokert  Amy,  U.S.A., 
Ja4«i  A*na»n  iacta«M  ugwaMt  at  Id.  Orahua  Hay- 
waadfariii In 

Trial  of  D.  A.  McDongald   for  murder. 

am  WHiraaKAD,  Z.  W.  and  McSIillax,  II. 

Tbagrcateccleaiaaticaltrialof  J.  Williama 

Thorn*,     m.  r.,  m.  c,  [187S].     V.    pp.  68. 

TlMty  wa»  a  1 1  pi  imIHIt* 

dylw  af  Mn 

Tvekmr.  Rnfoa  Sylvcater  (181^7i  Compittr. 
Tnrker  Hall  addrmii.     8m  Swaih,  Darid  L. 

TntUIl,  C.  L.  Virginia  Dare,  or  the  Colony  of 
Roanoke.     So.  lAt.  Mtt.,  ri.  585. 

Ualvanity  Macaaina,  North  Carolina. 

ThI*  pubtlcKlaa  tat  had  many  ap«  and  dow»  of  feitaB*, 
aad  tha  Talue  of  Ita  cootmu  bvtoridlljr  rarie*  aa  moch  M 
tlM  coadUom  of  pabUcatioa.  Coder  the  adaaolatratlon  of 
Got.  Swala,  (oaridirabh  laOiaat  waa  nunlftareii ;  It  waa  the 
ai|aa  of  the  Stati  BiMorieal  Society,  aad  tba  aate-bfUum 
iiilaain  ar*  a  alar*  hooM  Ibr  eoloalal  bMocy.  Nearijr  all 
Hm  abocter  anieica  of  ralae  pabilabed  between  1S61  and  IMI 
oa  Ibe  hMoiy  of  North  Carolina  aaw  tha  U«ht  tbroagk  Ita 
pa«ea.  It  wa«  killed  by  the  war;  waa  reannoelad  tai  Itn, 
aad  died  at  tbc  end  of  tbe  year.  It  waa  again  rartrnl  b> 
int;  bat,  bdag  aadar  11m  eattra  eootrol  aod  diraclioo  of 
ttadiala,  waa  of  very  little  raloe  for  eome  yean.  About 
1IM  It  bayn  to  improTe,  aod  the  next  thrve  or  four  rolomet 
eeatala  a  aaaiber  of  Taloable  paper*,  and  tome  portxalla. 

The  Mlowlait  la  a  coaipleta  lljt  of  Iba  rolUDea  aad  num. 

lb*  Uaaaa  af  BapnaaatailTaa  of 
adrorated  and  praaal- 
fabreralve  of  tha  prin. 
•f  Maetb  Cbraltaa,  aad  at  aood 
It  waa  bitaaia  »f  bla  "  tadkal 
r  T^pablliatlia  ii>ilan  tba"  tiailibwiam 
la  Bar.  Joaapb  Baiker, 
poatiy.  eattHritaa  of  ehaneter,  Ac. 

TrlakU.  laaae  Ridgeway  (<.  I«)0-1888).  0*». 
C.  S.  A.  North  Carolina  at  Gcttyabarg.  Our 
lAn„g  and  Our  Dtad,  Mar.  1876,  It.  5S-40. 

TrtMlty  CoUaca.  Catalog**  of  ahtmni.  in 
Ammtial  CtUatogut,  1888-W.     pp.  68-80. 

Annual   catalognca   of,  t.    I&JO   to   date, 

•xcept  war  period. 

Hiatory  of.     By  J.  F.  Heitman.    Rattigk 

(y.C.)  Ktgitttr,  Mar.  26.  1884. 

St*  Smith'*  lliMtory  of  Edutaiion 

«'■  Sorik  Carvlitm,  pp.  I  IS- 1 16. 

8c  George  (I7S2-I827).  Guilford 
Court  Honaa  to  Torktown,  narrated  In  lettcre  of. 
to  hia  wife.  Mag.  of  Amor.  But.,  Jnly.  Sept., 
1881.  Til.  8«-t7,  201-217. 

Tmrmmr,  C.  F.     AdT*imir«  in  North  Carolina. 
Momtkorm  Maf*»*m4,  is.  IM,  tSS. 

Tba  liat  namber  appeared  In  Uarrfa,  1M4,  ^,  pp.  tS. 
Namberi  appeared  In  that  year  for  Mar.,  April,  Majr,  June, 
Jnly,  Aag.  aad  Sept.  (one) ,  Oct.,  Nor.,  and  Dec.,  10  not.  In  •, 
pp.  ttt,  wbb  appendix,  pp.  19),  T*.  The  pnblbhrr  waa  not 
awara  of  tb*  emtam  at  luainx  oa|y  laa  aaabtri  of  eeUaga 
papal*,  aad  bad  piuailiiil  twalT*.  To  ladaca  hi*  pmiln. 
b*  look  tba  ladaxa*  to  Coloalal  Doeaiaenta  (•>.  pp.  n»), 
pabilabed  la  1>4S,  awl  tha  Proeeedlnci  of  tbe  Safety  Com- 
■Ittaa  of  WOalagtao  (^.  pp.  T«),  pabllalied  1M4,  put  a 
Migaila*  eoTer  on  then,  labeled  them  December,  and 
prmaiiil  Ibem  "  bj  way  of  Appendix  to  tbe  ***ir*''~ 
Wkb  tbla  appendix  "the  pnblitber  eloaea  tba 
of  tbe  Maipulne  nader  canalderabla  pcraalarj 
[tic]  tint  tlMMe  who  are  In  arrean  will  now 
daa,  and  lljrhten  the  burden*  of  tblt  proflt- 
laaa  aatarprlae."    TMa  Tolame  i»  rerjr  rare. 

Tbe  >rat  rcTlral  waa  In  ItlO.  Vol.  I.  of  thia  teeoed  teriet 
baa  aaadier*  for  Feb.,  Mar.,  April,  May,  Jnae,  Ang.,  Sept., 
Oct..  Nov.,  Dee..  10  aoa.,  pp.  4M,  wUb  tbla  pafe  and 

VoL  IL,  IMS,  rcb..  Mar.,  April,  May,  Jane,  Aug.,  Sept., 
Oct.,  Not.,  Dec.,  10  not.,  pp.  M>4,  title  pa«e  and  iwlex. 

VoL  UL,  IIM,  Feb.,  Mar.,  April,  May,  Joaa,  Aug..  Sept., 
(M.,  Not.,  Dec.,  10  not.,  pp.  MO. 

Vol.  It.,  IIU,  Feb..Mar..A»il,  May,  Joae,  Aog.,  Sept., 
Oct.,  Not.,  Dec,  10no*s^|ip  tli^lllii  page  aad  eaateata. 

Vol.  T.,  IM*,  Feb.,  Mae^Apm,  May,  June,  Aag.,  Sept., 
Oat.,  Not.,  Dec.,  10  ncn.,  pp.  4T0,  title  paga  aad  contanta.  It. 

ToL  tI.,  lU*,  March,  I  no.,  pp.  M;  no  otfaar  aiunbcr*  of 
thla  Tol.  laauol. 

Vol.  Til.,  1U7-M.,  Aug.,  Sept.,  Oct.,  Nor.,  Dec.,  IHT; 
Feb.,  Mar.,  April,  ISM,  I  aoa.  laMiad.  pp.  300,  UU*  page  and 

VoL  TlU.,  IIM-I*,  Aug.,  Sept.,  Oct.,  Not.,  Dae.  UM  ami 
Tab.  UM  (oa*),  March,  T  not.  In  S,  pp.  SM,  no  title  page  ar 
eoatsat*;  no  otiier  aambert  publlthed. 

VoL  Ix.,  ltM-40,  Ang.,  Sept.,  Oct.,  Not.,  Dec.,  IBM,  Feb., 
Mar.,  April,  May,  June,  IMO,  10  not.,  pp.  St*,  10  portraila 
ntla  page  aad  ooMents,  Til. 

VoL  X.,  1WM1.  Aug.,  Sept.,  Oct.,  Not.,  Dec.,  IMO,  Feb- 
Mar.,  April,  May  (of  tliit  .Mny  number  only  16  page*  urem  to 
haTe  baea  printed,  ami  I  aiinlMnUrul  If  ItwatrTcrpulillihcd. 
I  know  of  but  two  rnple«),  IMI,  8  not.,  pint,  pp.  US,  no  lllle 
pMe  Of  cualeutt,  0  portmlt* . 

Tlie  Magaxine  wb«  killed  by  Ih*  war,  aod  wat  rcTlTad  hi 
UTi,  third  leriea.  Vol.  L,  Mar.,  April,  May,  June,  4  not., 
pp.  IM,  t  portrait*. 

Vol.  11.,  Sept.,  Oct.,  Not.  ami  Dec.  (one,  called  Nov.  on 
Int  page  and  nambered  3),  4  not.  In  i,  pp.  100, 1  (lortnill. 

Died  agttai;  reTlToi  tli«  third  time,  making  fourth  >eriet; 
from  Feb.  Ita  tUl  and  Inclndlag  Oct.  IIM,  It  wa*  called  tha 



VnivtrtUy  Monthly;  the  editom  tlicn  went  bark  to  the 
earlier  name;  the  publication  is  the  same. 

Vol.  i.,  1882,  Feb.,  Mar.,  April,  May,  June,  Sept.,  Oct., 
Not.,  Dec, «  nos.,  numbered  8,  pp.  80  t- 130. 

Vol.  li.,  1883,  Jan.,  Feb.,  Mar.,  April,  June,  6  nos., 
pp.  188. 

Vol.  ill.,  1883-84,  Sept.,  Nov.,  Dec,  1883,  Jan.,  Feb.,  Mar., 
April,  May,  June,  1884,  9  nos.,  pp.  440, 1  portrait. 

Vol.  iv.,  1884-85,  Oct.,  Nov.,  Dec,  1884,  Jan.,  Feb.,  Mar., 
April,  June  (coyer,  on  first  page,  ifay) ,  1885.  7  nos.,  pp.  345. 

Vol.  T.,  1885-86,  Oct.,  Nov.,  1885,  Jan.,  Feb.,  Mar.,  April, 
May,  June,  1886,  8  nos.,  pp.  369, 1  portrait. 

Vol.  vi.,  1886-87,  Sept.,  Oct.,  Nov.,  Dec,  1886,  Jan.,  Feb., 
Mar.,  April,  May,  June,  1887, 10  nos.,  pp.  479, 8  portraits. 

Vol.  vii.,  1887-88.  This  year  the  mimagement  was  changed, 
and  it  was  determined  to  issue  only  six  numbers  a  year. 
These  have  appeared  at  irregular  intervals.  Oct.,  Dec,  1887, 
Feb.,  April,  May,  July,  1888,  6  nos.,  pp.  292. 

Vol.  viii.,  1888-89,  with  this  year  tlie  month  ceased  to 
appear,  and  they  can  be  referred  to  only  as  nos.  1, 2  (1888) ,  3, 
4,  5,  6  (1889),  pp.  290,  3  portraits,  title  page  aud  contents,  iv. 

Vol.  ix.,  1889-90,  nos.  1  (1889),  2,  3,  4,  6,  6  (1890),  pp.  343, 
3  portraits. 

Vol.  X.,  1890-91,  nos.  1,  2  (1890),  3,  4,  6,  6  (1891),  pp.  290, 
3  portraits. 

Vol.  xi.,  1891-42,  no».  1,  2  (1891),  3,  4,  6,  6  (1892),  pp.  303, 
1  portrait. 

Vol.  xii.,  1892-93,  nos.  1,2  (1892),  Jan.,  Feb.,  Apr.,  May, 
1893,  pp.  303,  7  portraits,  title  page  and  contents,  iv. 

There  is  no  complete  collection  of  the  Univemity  Magazine 
in  existence.  The  most  complete  sets  are  that  of  the  Hon. 
Prof,  Kemp  P.  Battle  of  the  University,  which  lacks  the 
appendix  for  1844,  and  the  set  of  Rev.  Joseph  Blount  Cheshire 
of  Charlotte,  lacking  the  number  for  May,  1861 ;  the  set  of  the 
compiler  larks  numbers  for  May  and  June,  18S2,  Nov.  1855, 
and  May,  1861. 

University  of  Nox^h  Caroliiuu  Alumni, 
Meetings  and  proceedings  of  Society  of. 

Annual  meeting  of.    Raleigh.    1881.    8°.   pp.56. 

Address  on  history  of  University,  etc. 

A  record  of  the  proceedings  of.  [Raleigh : 
Edwards  &  Broughton.  1890.]  12".  pp.  v.  2, 

The  centennial  celebration  of  the  act  of  the  incorporation, 
tTune  5, 1889.  Contains  the  speeches  of  alumni  representing 
different  classes;  an  account  of  the  banquet;  a  list  of  the 
alumni  present,  etc. 


Annual  catalogues,  c.  1819-1868,  1869-70,  187S 
to  date.     8°.  and  12°. 

General  catalogues :  Catalogus  UnWersitatis 
Carolinae-Borealis.  Raleigh :  e  typis  Thos.  Hen- 
derson, Jun.     1812.     24".     pp.  11. 

Oflicera,  teachers,  and  graduates  only.  The  first  catalogue 

Ibid.  Raleigh.     1817.     24°.     pp.  16. 

Officers,  teachers,  and  graduates  only. 

Ibid.   Ralcgae :  Gulielmus-Dewey  Cooke. 

MDCCCLII.      8».      pp.   43. 

Officers,  teachers,  and  graduates  only. 

Ibid.      Chapel   Hill :    Johannes-Bennett 

Neathery.    MDCCLX.     8°.    pp.  16. 

Offirera,  teachers,  and  graduates  only;  unfinished  because 
of  war. 

Catalogue  of  the  officers  and  students,  1789- • 
1889  [Baltimore;  John  Murphy  &  Co.].  1890. 
pp.  05-243. 

This  list  contains  5422  names.  Bound  with  the  catalogue, 
and  forming  pp.  1-63,  is  K.  P.  Battle's  Sketch  of  the  History 
of  the  Univ.  ofN.C. 

Society  catalogues  :  Dialectic  Society  (organized 
June  3,  1795). 

Catalogue   of  members.     Raleigh. 

1841.     8".     pp.  21. 

Catalogue  of  members.     Raleigh. 

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A  tentative  edition. 

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Edited  by  William  J.  Battle ;  historical  sketch  of  society, 
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Philanthropic  Society  (organized  Aug.  1, 


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Edition,  1000  copies ;  edited  by  Stephen  B.  Weeks. 

Class  Exercises. 

Containing  a  history  of  the  class  and  biographical  notes 
concerning  its  members. 

Class  of  1879,  decennial  celebration,  1889,  bio- 
graphical sketches,  with  portraits  inserted. 

Class  of  1888.    Greensboro.    1888.     8".     pp.  49. 
Class  of  1889.    Greensboro.    1889.     8°.     pp.  66. 

The  University  and  the  Confederacy. 

See  Mrs.  C.  P.  Spencer's  Last  ninety  days  of  the 
war  in  North  Carolina,  pp.  267-287. 

Memorial  biograpliies  of  Confederate  dead  of. 
See  Weeks,  Stephen  B. 

Sketches  of  the  history  of.    See  Battle  ,  Kemp  P. 


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HiWMrirmI  addraM  ti  dcdieutoa,  by  Pial  C.  Oiaook 

Memorial  tableu. 

A  Mrit*  of  pclaird  thMta  cwtalalaf  tiun  MogfaphiM  of 
■uuijr  iliaaJ.  feva  wUch  Ik*  miM*  MblMa  Ib  MaaocU 
Ban  wcf*  nwk. 

Sketche*  of,  .  .  together  with  a  catalogne  of  the 
ofllcen  and  (todenu,  1789-1889.  1889.  8*.  pp.243. 

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■Dd  Madcau,  U-IO. 

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Una,  pp.  5S-I00,  iUuttration*. 

Stt  aUo  Amur.  Quart.  Rtg.,  zr.  167.  — 5a.  Jjti. 
Kat.,  TXh.  <8. 




Tb«  Hellenian. 
l«e.  ^  pp.  IM. 
Uii.  K  pp.wr. 

IMS.    ». 

iiM.  r. 

Aa  lliaimii*  Moaal  p«bll«b«d  bjr  Ika  OiMk  Ictur 
taMraU**;  awAil  m  a  paitial  neafd  af  »,aii«at  emUs 
k«H  lb*  ■■<lrDl  (U*. 

Joarnal  of  the  ElUba  Mitchell  Scientific  Society. 

Vol.  1  (IMl-M).    ».    pp.n.    r*rtr»U  ^  Dr.  MUcluU. 

U(IIM-«).    r.    pp.M*.    r*Hr*U^fI>r.CmrtU. 

Ul{nM-«)  r.  pp.lM.  Arlwit  ^  £.  a  tea  5r*iw«. 
■M*.  mmp  tfKtm  Bo»mirtmmlt. 

tT(1tM-«).lalwopart*;pi.l.,r.pp.tI;  pt.  U.,  pp.  114, 
poUraU  tf  Or.  Ktrr,  atU. 

T(IM7-«). Tl(IMi-M).   .   TU(ia*»-M).  . 

iWLoam^n).  — .  u(1»i-m).  — . 

rnaUlM  a  aaatitr  of  titlrlm  rrluiof  to  tbe  blofiaphj 
•f  iriaMe  ■(■,  irakcr  of  Nortfe  CuoUaa,  He.,  wMcb  art 
latalngaid  la  Ikia  biblki(nphx  aader  aaibor. 

UnlTcnity  Magaxiae.     8**  under  that  name. 

Vbso*,  DaTbl  0745-1813).  NarraUre  of  the 
battle  of  King'a  Moantain.  Stt  Schbkck,  D., 

Vaao*.  Mr*.  Margarett,  and  Mrt.  ilarriette 
Eapy.  In  memory  of.  Raleigh:  Edwardi, 
Broa^itoo  4  Co.      1878.      8*.      pp.  SS. 

VasM.  Zebulon  Bainl  (1830-).  LL.D.,  Oottr- 
««r,  V.  S.  Stnator.  Sketch  of;  portrait.  Stt 
BaTTLB,  Kemp  P. 

All  abont  it  [North  CatoUna].     L^d  Wt 

Utt.  18«-«,  Tt  MS-SM. 

Skatche*  of  North  Carolina,  together  witli 

aa  elegiac  ode  an<l  other  poem*,  by  James  Baron 
Hope.     Norfolk,  Va. :  tforfolk  Landmark.     1875. 

r.   pp.  ix.  la. 

■kwikis,  1-IM;  ada,  ate,  10;-I«S.  Rarlamd  la  Our 
IMat  am*  Our  Dtm4,  Itn.  lit.  m. 

AMms  baforc  Southern  Historical  8o- 

efetjr.      Omr  Liring  and    Our   Dead,   1875,   iii. 

Oa  TKmtk  OaaHaa  la  ClrU  war,  daUrand  at  WUl* 
,  W.  Ta«  Ai«.  »,  W*. 

Vrky  Oit  Solid 
H.  Woodward, 

Vameo,  Zebulon  Baird,  LL.D.  Life  and  char- 
acter of  DarU  L.  Swain.  Durham,  N.  C. :  W.  T. 
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DtllTtrcd  at  tbe  UniTcnitjr,  T  June,  1S77. 

Memorial  to  Sir  Walter  Raleigh.     Waah- 

ington.     1884.     8*.    pp.  7. 

6pe«rh  drllrerad  la  tbe  Seoata  of  tba  United  Slataa, 
13  Majr,  ItM,  to  latiodaebig  a  bill  to  erect  a  iBoattineiit  oa 
Roanoke  I<Uail  ia  roauaeawntion  of  tbe  trr^ceolenarj 
(lM4-ltM)  of  tbe  In*  budlag  of  the  Xaglbh  tbere. 

Tba  bill  did  Boc  paaa,  aad  Iha  Aa  of  tbe  Int  EafUsb 
eoloay  In  Aacrlca  li  11111  oamarited. 

The  last  d«ys  of  the  war  in  North  Caro- 
lina.    Baltimore :    Tht  Sun.     1885.     8*.    pp.  39. 

Addraaa  la  Baltlaucr,  »  Feb.,  1H»,  before  tbe  AModatloa 
of  tbe  Marjrhud  Uae. 

The  political  and  social  Sonth  during  tha 

war.  Washington,  D.  C. :  R.  O.  Polkinbora. 
1886.     8*.     pp.  20. 

Addraaa  la  Boaloa.  (  Dec,  UM,  beiara  Jobn  A.  Aadiaw 
Faat.  ao.  I(,  G.  A.  R. 

Reconstruction  in  N.  C. 

South  r    pp.  70-84.    Baltimore:  R. 

Address  at  the  Guilford  battle  groaad. 

[GiccMboro:]  RewwAElam.    [1889.]   8*.   pp.18. 

Taaa,  Lachlaa  Cnmming  (I831-).  .^.if.,  D.D. 
History  of  the  Pr*sbyterian  church  in  New  Berm, 
N.  C,  with  a  r^tnmi  of  early  ecclesiastical  affairs 
in  eastern  North  Carolina,  and  a  sketch  of  tba 
early  days  of  New  Bern.  Richmond,  Va. : 
Whiltet  k  Shepperson.  1886.  8*.  pp.  196. 
Illuttrationt  and  portraits. 

The  book  diaplay*  a  laiga  ainoaal  ef  caialU  raaearcb.  aad 
lu  toaa  la  alaralad,  graealbl,  aad  highly  butractltre.  The 
antbor  baa  reaeaad  tnm  obllTtoa  mark  Impeitaat  data  and 
placed  It  ia  ronpact  and  penaaneat  fona  for  Aitara  i«*r. 
race.  —  Mag.  »/  Auur.  BM. 

Valthoaaa.  Johaaa  Caspar.  Nachricht  to* 
der  erangplischen  kirchenTerfassnng  in  Nord- 
carolina.     HelmstadL     1786.     8*. 

Nordcarolinische  Kirchennachrichten,  ber- 

aoagegeben  ron  Jobann  Caspar  Velthusen.  Erstes 
Heft.     I^eipzig.     1790.     8*.     pp.  44. 

Ibid.   Zweytes  und  letztes  Heft.    (Hierin 

zugleich  die  Anzeige  des  Rechnungs  abschlusses.) 
Concordia  rrs  parvat  creicunt.  Stade.  H.  A. 
Friedrich.  1793.  Kostet  4  bit  8  ggr.  (Willkahr- 
lich.)  Die  einnahme  toll,  nach  .Abzui;  cler  Ko«ten, 
unter  die  drey  drvitler  Landtchulmeitler  unsrer 
Herzogthiimer  [Bremen  und  Verden]  rertheilt 
weitlen.     8*.     pp.  6t,  folding  table;  2. 

Red*  and  Gebet  bey  Eintegnung  Herm 

Carl  Gottlieb  Storch  lum  erangeliscben  Gehiilfs- 
prediger  fiir  Nonlcarolina.  Leipzig :  S.  L.  Crusios. 
1788.     r.     pp.  24. 

At  Uia  eaU  la  a  p**a  Jn  uuiat  dtuttcJuu  Mrtilur  to 



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James  Fenr,  regulator. 

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Synopsis  fungorum  Carolinae  superioris 

secundum  observationes  Ludovici  Davidis  de 
Scliweinitz,  Soc.  Nat.  Cur.  Lips.  Sodalis,  etc. 
Edita  a  D.  F.  Schwaegrichen.  E  commentoriis 
societatis  naturae  curiosorum  Lipsiensis  exculpta. 
Leipsic.     [1818  ?]     4°.     pp.  105.     Plates  2. 

This  paper,  revised  and  extended,  was  republished  in 
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Voyage  to  Georgia,  A  new,  by  a  young  gentle- 
man: giving  an  account  of  his  travels  to  South 
Carolina,  and  part  of  North  Carolina.  London. 
1735.     8°.     pp.  62. 

Republished  with  new  title  page  in  1737;  8*;  reprinted  in 
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Old  North  State,  depicting  the  trials  and  sufferings 
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B.  Russell  and  Company;  S.  S.  Boyden,  Chicago, 
III.     1865.     12".     pp.  276. 

"  The  characters  are  drawn  from  life.  The  writer  was  con- 
versant with  most  all,  while  others  were  related  by  the 
mctors  themselves."  —  Preface. 

WaddeU,  Alfred  Moore  (1834-),  A.M.,  Lt. 
Col.  C.  S.  A.  War  of  the  Regulators  in  North 
Carolina.  N.  E.  Hist,  and  Oenealog.  Register, 
Jan.  1871,  xiv.  81-88. 

"The  chiim  advanced  for  our  State  in  regard  to  the 
Regulators  is  fictitious."  These  men  were  but  a  small  minor, 
ity  of  the  people ;  they  contended  for  no  great  principle ; 
they  were  ignorant,  and  embraced  in  their  organization  uo 
men  prominent  for  intellect  or  virtue ;  they  were  not  republi- 
cans; they  were  Tories  in  the  Revolution;  they  were  op- 
posed  by  the  Whig  leaders  of  the  day.  Qf.  also  his 
"A.  Colonial  Officer  and  his  Times,"  pp.  130-180,  where 
the  same  views  arc  expressed  and  expanded. 

The  last  year  of  the  war  in  North  Caro- 
lina, including  Plymouth,  Fort  Fisher,  and  Ben- 
tonsville.  Richmond  :  William  Ellis  .Jones.  1888. 
8*.  pp.  31.  First  printed  in  Wilmington  Messen- 
ger, Oct.  — ,  1887. 

Address  In  Elchmond,  28  Oct.  1887,  before  Association  of 
tha  Anny  of  Northeni  Virginia. 

Waddell,  Alfred  Moore,  A.M.  A  colonial 
officer  and  his  times,  1754-1773.  A  biographical 
sketch  of  Gen.  Hugh  Waddell,  of  North  Carolina, 
with  notices  of  the  French  and  Indian  war  in  the 
southern  colonies ;  the  resistance  to  the  stamp  act 
in  North  Carolina  (with  copies  of  original  docu- 
ments never  before  published)  ;  the  Regulators' 
War ;  and  an  historical  sketch  of  the  former  town 
of  Brunswick,  on  the  Cape  Fear  River.  Raleigh, 
N.  C. :  Edwards  &  Broughton.  1890.  8°.  pp.  242. 
Portrait  of  Gen .  Waddell  and  arms. 

The  life   and  character  of    William  L. 

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Bell.     1892.     8°.     pp.  15. 

Delivered  before  alumni  association,  Univ.  of  N. C,  31  May, 

Republished  in  So.  Hist.  Soc.  Papers,  1892,  ii.  212-225, 
with  introductory  remarks  by  R.  A.  Brocl;.  These  remarks 
are  reproduced  in  JV:  C.  UnU.  mag.,  1892-93,  xii.  156-159. 

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'Wake  Forest  College.  Catalogue  of  the 
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1855.     Raleigh.     1855.     8°.     pp.  23. 

Alumni  association  of.     Raleigh.     1886. 

8'.    pp.  16. 

An  alphabetical  list  of  graduates. 

Annual  catalogues  of.     See  also  Smith's 

History  of  Education  in  North  Carolina,  pp.  101- 

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From  his  MS.  autobiography;  filled  in  part  with  a  nar- 
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In  favor  of  Union  county,  N.  C. 

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&  Co.     1876.     12°.     pp.  100. 

Walter,  Thomas  (c.  1745-c.  1800).  Flora 
Caroliniana,  secundum  systema  vegetabllium  pe- 
rillustris  Linnaei  digesta ;  characteres  essentiales 
naturalesve  et  differentias  veras  exhibens ;  cum 
emendationibus  numerosis :  descriptionum  antea 
evulgatarum :  adumbrationes  stirpium  plus  mille 
continens :  necnon  generibus  novis  non  paucis, 
speciebus  plurimis  novisq.  ornata.  Auctore  Thomas 
Walter,  Agricola.  [3  lines  of  quotation.]  Londini : 
Sumptibus  J.  Fraser :  Prostant  venales  apud 
J.  Wenraan,  in  vico  vulgo  dicto  Fleet-Street. 
M.DCCLXXXVni.     8».    pp.263.     Plate. 



I  D>Tid  Bailie.  Caroline  da  Nord,  in 
hu  LArt  d»  Vtri/tr  Its  DaUt.  A  Paris  cbez 
L'Editcnr,  1844,  r,  z.  357-430. 

A  rkraaoiotkal  tlttery  up  to  ITT*. 

WartaUU  Elbrlbert  D.  Gen.  William  Camp- 
bell, the  hero  of  Kiag't  Mountain,  ifo^.  of  Amtr. 
Hut.,  Jan.  1881.  t.  iStSIS. 

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back.  A  toor  in  Virginia,  North  Carolina,  and 
Tenneaaec.  With  notea  of  trarel  in  Mexico  and 
California.  Boaton  and  New  York :  Honghton, 
Miflin  &  Co.     1888.    pp.  SSI. 

Wmtm  (Bey),  Edward  (18S8-18M),  M.D., 
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iniutntii,  zUx.-lTi. 

Wakk,  W.  A.  Local  government  in  North 
Carolina,  in  Bemia'a  "  Local  goTemmcnt  In  the 
NMith  and  Soatbvcat."  Johna  Hopkina  Unir. 
Stmdi*t  ••  ffitierital  and  PolUieal  Seienet,  Nor. 
and  Dec.  1893.     zU. 

^^Mka,  Stephen  Beaoregard  (188A-)  Pk.D., 
nUow  hf  OmrUtf,  Joktu  I/opkint  Unirtrnly. 
Kditar.  Rcgiater  of  roembera  of  the  Philanthropic 
Society,  Univenily  of  North  Carolina.  Raleigh : 
Edwarda.  Broaghton  *  Co.     1886.     8*.     pp.  30. 

A  UMatlT*  tdkloa  of  480  copirfc 

Sditor.    Regiater   of    membera    of    llie 

Philanthropie  Society,  L'nireraily  of  North  Caro- 
Una.  RaMgb :  Edwarda,  Broaghton  4  Co.  1887. 
r.    pp.71. 

A  miaed  aad  eaiargad  tdltiaa  af  MM  coplM. 

Sdilor.      Biographical  aketchea  of   the 

Confederate  dcMl  of  the  UniTeraity  of  North 
Carolina.  A  acrlea  of  abort  biograpbiea  in  the 
v.  C.  faiw.  wu^.,  1887-88,  tU.  3&-40,  83-86. 
10»-118.  171-176,  ni-tS6,  Mt-S«S;  1888-89,  vUi. 
>7-».  jy-n.  176-17*,  n7-S8l,  >71->74:  18W-M, 
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1890-81,  z.  108-109,  190-166. 

A  hiatorjr  of  tho  Yoang  Mea'a  Chriatian 

Aaaociatioo  aoTtaent  in  North  Carolina,  18«7- 
1888.  Raleigh:  Obaerrar  Printing  Co.  1888. 
8*.     pp.  10. 


^^  Ropofta  OM  pTugreaa  of  North  Carolina 
Uiatorted  Society.  Mf.  of  Awur.  Uitt.,  July  and 
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Blackbeard,    the    eoraair    of    Carolina. 

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William  Oaatoo  of  North  Carolina.     rk« 

Sun  (Baltimore),  Feb.  IS,  I8«9. 

A  aota  aa  kla  yaaklaa  as  Iha  hNnpfHaiioa  of  Um  SM  aac. 
Maa  aftta  llaalli  CariaUaa  CooMlMtiaa  of  ITT*. 

ScTiev  of  Smith'a  Hiatory  of  Edncation 

In  North  Carolina.  Raleigh  (N.  C.)  A'lwi  and 
OUtrttr.  19  Feb.  1889. 

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Tbomaa  Godfrey  and  "the  Prince  of  Parthla." 
Raleigh  (N.  C.)  Xeiet  and  Observer,  Feb.  18,  1890. 

Ralph    I.ane,     gorernor     of     Roanoke, 

1565-86.      JV.  C.     Univ.  mag.'  1889-90.  ix.  225- 

John  White,  gorernor  of  Roanoke,  1587. 

rUd.  1889-90.  iz.  231-236. 

Preaidential  electora  of  North  Carolina, 

1789-1889.     Raleigh  (N.  C.)  Iftvt  and  Obitrttr. 
23  Sept.  1890. 

A  list  of  the  lacraaaflil  elfctora. 

The  corporation  of  Nizonton.     Elizabeth 

City  Faieon,  19  Sept.  1890. 

Reriew    of    Schenck'a    North    Carolina, 

1780-81.      Johna   Hopkina  I'nireraity   StndieM  in 
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Raleigh'a  aettlementa  on  Roanoke  laland  : 

an  hiatorical  aurriral.     Mag.  of  Amur.  Hist.,  Feb. 
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Twaoty.ftrt  coptca  rvprinted. 

The    preaa    of    North    Carolina    in    the 

eighteenth  century.     Brooklyn,  N.  Y. :   Hiatorical 
Printing  Club.     IH9I.     am.  4*.    pp.80. 

EdUlaa.  IM  copla* ;  wkh  blograpklcal  akatcbaa  of  prinlan, 
aa  arveaal  of  the  mantnetnn  of  paper,  aad  a  Mbllographr 
of  tba  liiBia,  HlMofy.pp.  l-M;  the  MbUognphy.  pp.  U-ao, 
raataiaa  Ht  Iklea  of  booki  and  pampUcia  printed  In  N.  ('. 
ki  Iha  laa*  cealary. 

Baamailatd  la  Mag.  n/  Amtr.  Ultl.,  Nor.  liW. 

"Dr.  Wcrki,  In  the  prrparatlon  of  thi«  rolonw.  ha* 
nadatrd  a  wrrire  to  Soatbrrn  IlKralan  whick  only  tbr 
•prclallM  can  appirrlau.  From  Uaton  and  Dlzon'i  llnr 
aoMbwafd  tba  iamnabnia  and  rarljr  wricrn  of  the  colonin 
ar*  practkaUy  aaknowa  qaalilie*.  .  .  And  with  tliit  rarrfbl 
wtu6j  of  Xonb  Camtiaa  priotrn  and  primlntt  nalurallr 
oMaaa  aaw  lii^ht  on  Ita  ruiy  pabllrUta.  On«  tumii  in  ruin 
to  aay  of  tlir  ordinary  work*  on  Amarlcaa  lltrrature  ron 
rrmUtf  tbr  rolontal  paprri  and  lileratara  of  thla  Statr.  .  . 
Tb«  fullnt  awl  moM  utUfKt^  portion  .  .  la  that  dealinc 
with  the  lawa  of  tha"lS>P>IIT- aiJ  Sui*."  — P.  L.  Foao.  In 
Llhrary  Jourmat,  May,  INK 

"  A  rrally  ralaahk  aildltlaa  tn  oar  knowledge  of  both  the 
hMory  of  llleratnre  and  prtotinK  in  ilir  hlthrrtn  macb  ntf- 
lerted  •oatbem  rokmka."—  TIU  librarf,  London,  Jaly- 

The  ilare  inanrrection  in  Virginia  in  1831. 

known  aa  "Old  Nat'a  War."   Mag.  of  Amtr.  Hitt.. 
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CaarfcMcd  In  SomlAtm  Mdmnlor,  Dnrfaaio.  N.  C,  Sept. 
IWI,  aad  la  Raleigh  ^e  ira  nrf  Ob—rttr. 

Northeaatcrn    North    Carolina,   old    and 

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The   flrat    librariea    in    North   Carolina. 

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The  loat  colony  of  Roanoke  :  ita  fate  and 

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Ooa  hundred  aad  alz  copiea  reprinted.    S*.    pp.  43. 

A  •uuiBiary  in  Annual  Report  of  Auoclalion  for  INO. 
pp.  9T-W. 

Tba  aathor  glrea  an  account  of  Ralelgli'i  atiempt  to 
coloolac  Virginia  [North  Carolbia],   and    r«pro<lue»   the 


aatliorities  for  such  facti  »  have  been  preserved.  He  tlicn 
advances  arguments  to  prove  tbat  the  Croatan  Indians  now 
living  in  Robeson  county,  Nortli  Carolina,  are  lineal  descend, 
ants  of  the  colonists  left  on  Roanoke  Island  in  1587,  by  John 
White.  The  conclusions  reached  from  printed  authorities 
are  confirmed  by  the  traditions,  by  the  character  and  dispo. 
sition,  by  the  language,  and  by  the  family  na-nes  of  this 
tribe  of  Indians.  The  paper  is  a  very  able  one,  showing 
much  patient  and  praiseworthy  research.  —  y.  E.  Hitt.  and 
Oenealog.  Regitter,  Jan.  1892. 

The  code  in  North  Carolina :  contributions 

to  the  history  of  the  duello.  Mag.  of  Amer.  Hist., 
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Twenty-six  copies  reprinted;  first  published  in  Charlotte 
(JV.  C.)  Home  Democrat,  Dec.  23,  1887;  revised  and  repub- 
lished in  same  paper,  June  15, 1888;  again  revised. 

Compiler  and  Editor.     A  bibliography  of 

North  Carolina's  historical  literature,  a  supplement 
to  Southern  Educator,  Durliam,  N.  C,  for  Feb., 
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A  tentative  edition,  Adair  to  Fiske,  no  more  printed  in 
this  form. 

William   Drummond,   first    governor    of 

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Fifty -five  copies  reprinted,  pp.  13. 

Republished  as  chaps.  4  and  5  of  Sprunt's  Notes  on  Cape 
Fear  history.    Southport  Leader,  May  4, 11, 1893. 

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The  religious  development  in  the  province 

of  North  Carolina.  Johns  Hopkins  University 
Studies  in  Historical  and  Political  Science,  May- 
June,  1892,  X.  239-306. 

'■  The  purpose  of  this  paper  is  two-fold.  In  the  first  place 
the  writer  seeks  to  show  that  the  earliest  settlers  in  North 
Carolina  were  not  religious  refugees;  that  they  came  to  the 
province  not  from  religious  but  mainly  from  economic 
motives.  In  the  second  place  he  will  trace  the  progress  of 
the  struggle  for  an  Establishment,  and  will  show  tbat,  begin, 
ning  with  1701,  the  Episcopal  Church  was  for  three-quarters 
of  a  century  the  legal  church  in  North  Carolina;  that,  while 
there  was  toleration  for  Dissenters,  under  the  rule  of  this 
Establishment,  there  was  not,  and  from  necessity  could  not 
be,  freedom  of  conscience  and  soul-liberty  in  the  absolute 
sense  of  those  terms;  that  religious  freedom,  like  political 
freedom,  was  a  growth,  and  was  won  only  by  long  and 
eontinued  struggles. 

"The  writer  came  to  his  subject  with  the  belief  that  the 
colony  hacT  been  settled  by  religious  refugees  and  that  there 
had  been  absolute  freedom  of  religion."  —  Introduction. 

••His  array  of  autliorities  and  careful  and  conscientious 
interpretation  of  the  same,  leaves  no  doubt  in  the  mind  that 
these  conclusions  have  been  legitimately  reached.  .  .  Of 
coarse  the  matter  is  confined  to  a  rather  limited  sphere.  But 
to  historical  students  in  general  the  process  of  advancing 
from  a  long  cherished  and  confidently  adopted  position  to 
its  diametrical  opposite,  is  instructive  in  many  ways.**  — 
fTaUonal  Magatine,  Sept.  1892,  xvi.  583. 

"  The  work  of  Prof  Weeks  is  done  carefully,  thoroughly, 
and  fairly."  —  Rev.  Dr.  COAIiutg  F.  Dezus  in  Christian 
Thought,  Oct.  1M2,  x.  IH. 

Weeka,  Stephen  Beauregard,  Ph.D.,  Editor. 
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John  Lawson   and   John   Brickell,  early 

historians   of    North   Carolina.      Trinity  (JV.  C.) 
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A  chapter  from  a  paper  in  course  of  preparation  on 
"  Libraries  and  Literature  in  North  Carolina  in  the  eigh- 
teenth century,"  which  is  designed  as  a  complement  and  a 
supplement  to  his  earlier  paper  on  "The  press  in  North 
Carolina  in  the  eighteenth  century.*' 

Henry  Lawson  Wyatt,  the  first  Confed- 
erate soldier  killed  in  battle.  National  Magazine, 
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Three  hundred  copies  reprinted,  pp.  4,  portrait,  also  in 
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Archdale  was  Gov.-Gen.  of  Carolina,  1694-96.  Repub- 
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George  Durant  not  a  Quaker.      Trinity 

Archive,  Feb.  1893,  vi.  197-199. 

Clement   Hall,  the   first   North   CaroUna 

author,  and  Thomas  Godfrey,  the  first  American 
dramatist.     Ibid.,  May,  1893,  vi.  330-335. 

Some  notes  on  the  history  and  status  of 

negro  suffrage.  Durham,  N.  C.,  Southern  Edu- 
cator, May  30,  1893,  and  Durham  Saturday  Night, 
May  27,  1893. 

With  particular  reference  to  North  Carolina. 

Church    and    State    in    North   Carolina, 

Johns  Hopkins  University  Studies  in  Historical 
and  Political  Snence,  May-June,  1893,  xi.  203-267. 

A  continuation  of  the  studies  begun  in  The  rettgimis 
decelopment,  and  covering  the  period  1711-1776. 

"  Tlie  purpose  of  this  paper  is  ...  to  trace  further  the  rela- 
tions  between  Church  and  iState  in  North  Carolina;  to  enquire 
if  there  was  any  persecution  in  North  Carolina— if  so,  its 
character,  when,  where,  by  whom,  and  who  were  the  suf- 
ferers ;  and  to  discover  whether  the  colonial  or  home  govern- 
ment was  responsible  for  the  persecution."  — /n(rorfMC<ion. 

"The  subject  has  .  .  .  been  discussed  at  length  and  with 
singular  lucidity  ."  —  N.Y.  Sun,  16Juue,  1893. 

"The  two  parts  present  an  excellent  summary  history."  — 
The  Thinker,  New  York,  Sept.  1893. 

Compiler  and  Editor.     A  bibliography  of 

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The  present  publication,  first  published  in  Harvard  Uni- 
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Welch,  William  L.    An  account  of  the  catting 

through  of  Hatteras  Inlet,  Sept.  7,  1840;  also 
through  which  inlet  did  the  English  adventurers 
of  1584  enter  the  sounds  of  North  Carolina,  and 



cluuigv*  in  tb«  coMt  line  since  their  time. 
Sakm  [Mm*.]  :  Salem  Pkm.     1885.    8*.    pp.  13. 

BrpciMtd  froa  Ik*  BallMia  of  CiM  EMti  InttilDlc,  xriL, 

Tk«  plac*  of  nttnaet  i<  IdrnlitMl  ariih  Trinitx  harbor. 

The  Banuide  expedition  and  the  engage- 
ment at  Roanoke  lalaad.  ProTideoce :  Th* 
8o€\ety.    1890.     \r    pp.48. 

Ko.  t,  4lk  MT..  of  Arwaa/  JirarraMw*  of  8aldi««'  tad 
Sailon'  IIIX.  8oc.  of  R.  I. 

Tellow  fever,  the  great  epidemic  at  New 

Berne,  N.  C,  In  18«4.     Tht  Xational  Tribun*, 
SOct.  1891,  U  Jan.  18M. 

8«7t  Coafcderaln  ipcvad  tke  dkcsM  to  kOl  Uaioa  nUln*. 

W«lUi«.Jame«C.(18Sfr-),  ££./>.  Mecklen- 
bvrg  Declaration  of  lodcpendence  of  Ma/  tO,  177S. 
Kahonml  ImUlligtHetr,  19  Sept.  18S8. 

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pendence, May  10,  1775.  Ao.  Amtr.  Set.,  Apr. 
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A  itraac  afiBBn*  afiliut  the  (otbeaticHjr  of;  bawd 
•a  dunmian  pabUOfd  bjr  Hmi*  la  lU  uhI  Ittl,  oa 
Mutla,  tumn,  Aaerieaa  AirhiTn,  root*,  Whnler,  and 
Bawk«'  Lmwn. 

Tbe  Mecklenbnrg  Declaration  of  In- 
dependence, May  M,  1776.  Magasimi  of  Amtri- 
«■«  History.  March.  1889,  xxl.  Kl. 

ta  f«pl)r  to  Ufa.  C.  M.  Wtlcax  (q.  t.). 

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-  Ufe  of  FCtor  Slnart  Ney,  MS. 
BrMmd  hj  tka  aallMt  to  b*  Mtnkal  S*j. 

Wk««l«r.John  Hill  (1806-1881),  i4.  AT.  Sketch 
of,  by  Joaepb  S.  Fowler,  in  bit  SrmimitttHett  and 
Mtmoiri,  pp.  l.-z. 

Compiltr.     Inlezpi  to  documcnti  relative 

to  North  Carolina.     Stt  Colonial  Keconla  of  N.  C. 

Tbe   lire*   ami   characteri   of    tbe   early 

govertiora  of  North  Carolina.  If.  C.  Unit,  mag., 
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Aa  mAinm  M  DavldMa  Colkga. 

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from  1584  to  1861.  2  toU.  (in  one).  Phila- 
d-lphU:  Uppincott,  Grambo  4  Co.  1851.  8*. 
lUmttrm/iont  and  mapt. 

CnatptM  IVnm  orlftnal  r*c«rda,  «A(U  domanto,  aad 
Vol.  U  pp.  Ui.  dtab  with  Um 
I  af  Ika  tsbiay,  wKb  rbaptcn  on  Dtr 
,  iMeraal  hapramcata,  aad  r«. 
▼ai.  >.,  pp.  4M,  gtrea  a  bMary  of  racb  coaotj  la 
*•  aiala.  wkh  a  IM  af  tta  repraaeMativta  fat  lb*  Slau  l*fi^ 
iBMn,  ITTT-UM,  sad  ibatt  biocnphkal  •katchas  af  Baay 

■a  boas*  of  tabin, 
wa  raSa  K  ••  a  Jaabl*  of  I 


It  ran  be  iwr<l  u  a  toarcc  onlj  with  tha  gnttnt  care,  for 
blnmlen  of  all  »oiti>  are  aatootahinfly  romiaon.  Ufuupported 
h  b  of  little  aathorit/. 

North  Carolina:  her  past,  present,  and 

future.  Raleigh,  N.  C. :  Stmndard.  1870.  8*. 
pp.  St. 

CoauDeoreiiient  addrew  at  UnlTcnity,  8  Jane,  1S70. 

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cal register  of  the  State  of  North  Carolina  for  the 
year  1874.  Raleigh:  Josiah  Turner,  Jr.  1874. 
8*.    pp.  388,  2. 

Map  of  caagnasional  dlstrktu.  lltti  of  Stau 
tssbaia  of  geiMral  aaaiiably  aioc*  l77e,meB>. 
bet*  of  CoaliBCBtal  Confrrta,  and  of  Uaked  SlaM*  Congiaia 
•inc*  1T»,  Jodiriarjr,  ja>tire«  of  peace,  puss,  i  uaWHatlpa  af 
United  Slate*  sod  of  North  Carolina,  rakadar  of  ehrao- 
olofira]  event«,  lt«ta  aad  table*  for  reference,  etc. 

The  Mecklenburg  Declaration  of  Inde- 
pendence. Our  Living  and  Our  Dead,  1874-75, 
i.  418-417  [from  advance  sheets  of  ^rational 
Maga2ine'] . 

SdmmA  of  argaaeala  tor,  tai  aaawar  to  J.  C.  Welling  la 
IT:  Amur.  Rn. 

The  Uvea  and  characters  of  the  signers  of 

the  Mecklenbnrg  Declaration  of  Independence,  of 
tbe  20th  of  May,  1776.  Charlotte:  Oiscrvtr. 
1875.     8*.     pp.  16. 

Delivered  May  14.  ItTS,  at  reqoeit  of  MecUeabarc  HU- 
lorlcal  Sodetjr  aad  poblUbad  bjr  lu  order  froia  the  t^pc  let 
ap  for  acwfpapcT  report. 

The  Ashes  of  North  CaroUna.  Our  Liwing 

and  Our  Dead,  1876,  Ui.  488-496;  aUo  in  his 
Rem  iniieeneet. 

Sketch  of  the  Ufe  and  character  of  Aaron 

Burr  and  his  daughter,  Tbeodoaia  Bnrr  Alston. 
y.  C.  Unit,  mag.,  1878,  U.  61-66,  99-108. 

ClalaM  Ibal  Tbeodoaia  wai  captared  aad  pot  to  death  bjr 
pifSKS  att  the  North  Carolina  coaM,  and  that  a  painlinx  now 
la  tbe  poMetahm  of  (b«,IuB^p  of  Dr.  WUliam  U.  Pool  of 
Patqaotank  roDntjr  k  bar  IHrnniM 

Men  andtimaaof  early  Albemarle.  [EUaa- 

beth  aty,  N.  C,  *.  1877.]  r.  pp.  17.  (unpagad), 
incorporated  in  bis  Aeaitaisreiifes. 

A  lector*  before  the  Albenarle  UlMortcal  Society,  with 
iDtroductlon  kjr  Ueo.  W.  Brook*. 

Richard   Dobbs  Spaigbt.      Penn.  Maga- 

tint,  1879,  iU.  426-430. 

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Una"  [Remint«-ence*  and  MemoinJ ;  al*o  In  SoHtk  Atlantic, 
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No.  1  la  a  eerie*  of  paper*  on  men  of  Cape  Fear,  of  which 
DO  Dore  wer*  pablUhed. 

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1880,  Ti.  189-146. 



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Carolinians.  Columbus,  Ohio  :  Columbus  Printing 
Works.  1884.  *°.  pp.  15,  Ixxiv,  478.  Portrait 
of  author. 

lu  addition  to  the  work  of  the  author,  it  contains  a  sketch 
of  the  author  by  Josepli  S.  Fowler  of  Tennessee;  North 
Carolina  in  the  colonial  period,  by  Daniel  K.  (ioodloe;  and 
Early  German  Settlements  in  eastern  Cabarrus  county,  by 
Gen.  Rufus  Barringer,  with  some  material  from  other 
authors  incorporated.  Much  valuable  material  has  been 
brought  tojrether  here ;  but  its  value  is  vitiated  by  many  and 
egregious  blunders.  Like  the  history,  it  is  of  little  authority 
when  standing  alone. 

Wheeler,  SamuelJ.,^.I>.   History  of  Meherin. 
Mentioned  in  Moore's  North  Carolina. 

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Published  by  Chairman  Democratic  Executive  Committee. 

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The  trial  of  D.  A.  McDougald  for  the  murder  of 
of  Simon  Conoley  of  Robeson  county,  at  Fayette- 
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pp.  188..   Portraits  of  lawyers,  judge,  prisoner. 

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corder, Aug.  1,  1888. 

An  address  at  Wake  Forest  College  in  which  he  examines 
the  usnal  statement  of  the  historians  in  regard  to  the  begin- 
nings of  the  Baptist  element  in  North  Carolina,  and  suggests 
that  the  Baptists  of  lower  Virginia  were  derived  from  these 
instead  of  vice  verta,  for  "  from  1727  to  1766  th-j  Baptists  of 
North  Carolina  were  the  most  prosperous  body  of  Baptist 
Christians  In  the  world." 

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20,  1775.  Mag.  of  Amer.  Hist.,  Jan.  1889,  xii. 

In  reply  to  Dr.  Welling  and  others  who  deny  the  authen- 
ticity; «^e  also  note  by  William  Harden,  in  confirmation  of 
Gen.  Wilcox's  position. —/tid.  p.  168. 

Marion,  a  North  Carolina  incident.     Nev> 

Englander,  March,  1885,  xliv.  239-249. 

Wiley,  Calvin  Henderson  (1819-1887),  D.D., 
Educator,  Presly.  minister.  North  Carolina 
Reader.  Philadelphia :  Lippincott,  Grambo  &  Co. 
[1851.]     12°.     pp.  359.     Illustrations. 

Part  I.,  pp.  21-90,  gives  a  general  description  of  N.  C. 
Part  II.,  pp.  91-223,,givesa  sketch  of  the  colony  and  prov- 
ince up  to  the  adoption  of  the  constitution  in  1789.  Part  III. 
consists  of  selections  in  prose  and  verse,  mostly  by  N.  C. 
authors,  and  many  of  them  about  N.  C. 

It  was  the  intention  of  Mr.  Wiley  if  this  reader  succeeded, 
to  make  a  full  series,  the  one  first  published  to  be  the  last 
number  for  the  higher  classes,  and  the  others  of  a  more 
juvenile  nature.  Before  this  plan  was  carried  into  execution 
Mr.  Wiley  became  superintendent  of  public  instruction  in 
N.  C.  (1853),  and  then  transferred  his  interest  to  Prof.  F.  M. 
Hubbard,  who  completed  the  series  under  his  supervision 
and  by  liis  aid.  Mr.  Wiley  at  the  same  time  revised  the 
whole  of  his  original  work.  This  revision  differed  from  the 
original  only  in  a  few  omissions,  and  was  issued  by  A.  S. 
Barnes  &  Burr,  New  York,  18S6,  12*,  pp.  349;  reissue  in 
1860,  1874,  etc. 

The  North  Carolina  Reader  Number  II.  was  published 
under  the  editorship  of  Prof.  Hubbaitl  in  1856,  A.  S.  Barnes 
&  Burr,  New  York;  12°,  pp.  195;  reissue,  1873,  etc.  This  is 
intended  for  younger  children,  and  is  made  up  of  general 
selections,  there  being  little  about  N.  C. 

North  Carolina  Reader  Number  I.;  edited  by  Prof. 

The  constitution  of  North  Carolina ;  with 

an  historical  account  of  its  origin  and  changes : 
together  with  an  account  and  explanation  of  the 
questions  of  constitutional  reform,  now  agitating 
the  people  of  the  State.  [Raleigh  :]  N.  C.  Institu- 
tion for  the  Deaf  and  Dumb  and  the  Blind.  1851. 
8°.     pp.  IdO. 

Published  anonymously  by  "  a  member  of  the  last  legis- 
lature " ;  with  table  showing  the  apportionment  of  senators. 

History  of  Alamance  Church.     Raleigh : 

Edwards,  Broughton  &  Co.     1880.     8°.     pp.  46. 

Delivered  18  Oct.  1879,  at  dedication  of  its  fourth  house  of 
worship;  one  of  the  best  of  the  local  sketches. 

Wilhes,  Charles.     Report  on  the  Deep  River 

country  in  North  Carolina.  Washington.  1859  (?). 
8°.     pp.  29.     Plate,  maps  2. 

Senate  ex.  doc.  no.  26,  JJth  Congress,  2d  session;  re- 
printed by  the  State  as  cxc.  doc.  no.  60,  session  1848-59.  8*. 
pp.  40.    See  also  Halx,  P.  M. 

WilUami,  Benjamin  (1751-1814),  Governor  of 
N.  C.  Inscription  on  monument  to,  in  A'.  C.  Univ. 
mag.,  1888-89,  viii.  158. 

WiUiami,  Edward.  Virgo  Trivmphans  :  |  or,  | 
Virginia  |  richly  and  truly  valued ;  more  especi-  | 
ally  the  South  part  thereof:    viz.  |  The    fertile 



CAtohMUx,  and  no  letie  excel-  |  lent  ble  of  Roa- 
Do«k,  of  Latitude  from  |  31  to  87  Degr.  relating 
the  neanee  of  |  railing  infinite  proflu  to  the 
Adrentn-  |  ran  and  Planters :  |  Hnmbljr  preiented 
a*  the  Aaipice  of  a  beginning  Teare,  |  To  the  Par- 
liament of  Engiaad,  |  And  Coundlf  of  Sute.  | 
London,  Thomaa  Harper,  for  John  Stephenson, 
1<50.  4*.  7  prelim,  leavta  not  nombered,  47, 
I  blank  and  tabto  8. 

TW  whoi*  wtif  n  •#  tbta  paprr  wm  eaatrlbntcd  to 
WnBaaixkraQmlMMaef  aMttwd  qaalitr  . . .  Mr.  John 
Firm  of  (Miat.'*  Tk«  MCaad  (dltioa  wu  puM  the  tame 
jtmt  aad  mmm  tiplli  ef  M  wm  boaad  vith  hia  "  VlrflnU'i 
Dtoeamr  tftBk  Wonm— "  aadw  Um  gmnal  ilU*  of 
"TkgWa:  Ban  ttptUly  the  wMth  pwt  tbtntrf;  richir 
ud  mlr  TatewL"    TUa  «d.  broach*  tttJO  at  Uw  ttMtj 


ram.  TVocte,  Ul.,  ao.  II — ropitMs  Iha  oocoad  odkka  of 
l«M  which  «u  tatitlod : 

Virginia :  More  eapecialljr  the  aonth  part 

thereof,  richly  and  truly  Talned :  rtx.,  the  fertile 
Carolana.  and  do  lease  excellent  Isle  of  Roanoke, 
4e.    LoodMk    1880. 

This  npihit  was  also  taBasdwpanicly.    r.    pp.  O. 

Thara  IsalkMadMaa  (1«1)  aatad  la  the  Bath  Uhnrj 
Caulagaa.  aa4  Ibr  atharMbllapaphleai  dataO,  Ma  Smr.  mmd 
OrU.  aimrw  V  Amtrttm,  ttL  IM,  with  a  fteatadia  of  >a 

WllIlaMa.  James,  and  the  Iwttk  oTKlnr's  Moun- 
tain,    y.  C.  Unit.  wutg..  1887-88,  tU.  S4»-S8<. 

WUllAaas.  LevU  (178S-184>).    Om^nmIoiwI 
pronaaiHnta  en  occasion  of  death.    [Washington. 
184S.]    r.    pp.  U. 
■  oriholUba£ 

.Hugh  (1788-1819),  M.D.,  LL.D. 
Biographical  memoir  of.     8**  Hosack,  Darid. 

Life  of.     Dennie's  Piortfotio,  1820,  xxia 

[4th  ser,  Ix.]  lOS-1 14.— Another  article,  vith 
portrait.  Ikid.  Dae.  18M,  xztL  [4th  ear.,  xiL] 

Badltkalchca  a>o  haaaii  aa  BMscfc'f  U/^. 

Sketch  of,  hy  Mrs.  Martha  J.  Lamb,  with 

pertfait,  in  "The  framers  of  the  constitntion." 
Mag.  ofAmtr.  Uitt..  Apr.  1885,  xiU.  813  [328]. 

Obacrrations  on  the  climate  in  different 

parts  of  America,  compared  with  the  climate  in 
corrcaponding  parts  of  the  other  continent.  To 
which  are  added  remarlu  on  the  different  com- 
plexions of  the  human  raca ;  with  some  account  of 
iIm  abortgiaecs  of  America.  Being  an  Introduc- 
tory Diseoarse  to  the  History  of  North  Carolina. 
Kew  Tork  :  T.  and  t.  Swords.  1811.  f.  pp.  viiL 
1»9.     rtaUs  8. 

!fot  liw*aJad  la  Ua  HlHory  of  North  Caroliiu. 

Tho  Mslotjr  of  North  Carolina.     Phlla- 

delphU:  Thomaa  Dohsoa.  1811.  8*.  rol.  L, 
pp.  xix.  289;  vol.  ii.,  tUL  S89.     Map. 

la  rrrlawf^  Ihia  work  hi  Iba  A'orM  ^aMrieaa  KnUm, 
sii.tT,Jaf«d  SpwhaMT*: 

•  Wa  have  aaMoai  iiHswH«  to  rrad.  ki  lbs  steps  of 

coDtsioi  but  few  bcti,  and  thew,  one  would  rappoae,  the 
author  took  paioa  to  Mlect  from  the  mo*t  nnimportant  of 
•och  aa  had  lUI«n  to  his  way.  .  .  It  b  nrulnly  anfortnnate, 
that  his  book  tlioaM  go  abroad  purporting  to  be  an  accurate 
aad  complete  hUtory.** 

**  Though  this  work,  in  aapUtade  of  marKlos  and  geoeroa- 
Ity  of  type,  preaeota  aa  attractiTe  appearance,  it  la  ezecad- 
ingly  aaaaHihrtniy  to  the  reader.  Th«  aothor  apparently 
caiad  Botbiag  Itar  hiatorieal  perapcctiTc ;  for  he  eelected  hit 
tapica  with  the  aioat  aatooadlng  disregard  of  their  Impor 
taaca.  Bat  far  the  poaitloo,  and  area  luae,  of  the  author, 
the  work  would  I>e  quite  nnwortby  of  notica." — C.  K.  *»»w^ 
In  hia  HUloHcat  Rt/imc*  MaRual. 

"North  CanUniana  do  not  recognise  WUUamaoo'i  work 
aa  a  history  of  their  Stale.  It  it  inaccurate  In  a  great  many 
particaUra;  and  inaiitlmat,  as  the  praaant  writer  caa  iaati^, 
whea  there  b  proof  that  the  orlfiaal  lecotd  was  lylag  boltata 
hia.*'-HawBa-  ITtrOk  OanUma,  B.  («a 

I.  Walter  P.    The  Bingham  school. 
Our  Unmg  and  Oar  Dtad,  1876,  U.  871-884. 

Wllla,  Ocorge  Stockton.  Some  old  papers. 
.V.  C.  Unit,  mag.,  1889-80,  ix.  291-295. 

Boalaeaa  traaaartioBt  ia  WaaUagtoa  aad  Tyrrell  eooaHaa, 
N.  C,  UlT-llW. 

WUaalactea.  Proceedings  of  Safety  Com- 
miuee  of,  1774  to  1776.  Raleigh:  Thomas  Loring. 
1844.     8*.     pp.  72. 

Beprlalsd  la  CMaaiaJ  Bumrdt  of  y.  C,  rait,  ix.,  z.;  alao 
M  rorer  aa  an  appendix  to  A^  C.  Umim. 

Of..  Doe.  IMI. 

Documentary  history  of.      If.  C.  Univ. 

„  1866,  T.  242-259.  289-295. 

—    Past,    present,    and    future.      1872.     8*. 

Past,  present,  and  future.     Stt  Ruixr, 
Information  and  statistics  of.    Set  Spbcitt, 

pp.  84. 
J.  8. 


Memorial  of  th^Fiiat  Presbyterian  Chnreh 

of.      Richmond:    Whittet   &   Shepperson.     1893. 
12*.     pp.  108.     Porlraitt,  IlluMtrcUiont. 

On  oceatioa  of  terenty.Afth  annlveraary,  ISlT-lMt. 

The  flower  of  the  pines.     See  Moboso, 

John  A. 

WUsoia.  Louis  D.  (1789-1847),  Oen.  IT.  8.  A. 
Oration  on  the  life  of.     See  Dahct,  William  F. 

Wllaoa,  Samuel,  An  |  account  |  of  the  |  Pror- 
ince  I  of  |  Carolina  |  in  |  A-nerica.  |  Together  with 
I  An  Abstract  of  the  Patent,  |  etc.  London : 
a.  Larkin,  for  F.  Srailh,  1682.     4*.    pp.  26. 

One  of  the  eariieat  and  nuT«t  liooka  relating  to  Carolina.  — 
J.  Saaili.  A  ropy  of  tlie  edition  in  "  imooth  calf  gilt "  told 
at  the  Brinley  lale  for  t;;.60. 

Reprinted  in  Carroll,  11.  l»-36.  For  an  account  of  the  map, 
aometlmea  mitting  in  coplea,  tee  yar.  aad  Orll.  BM. 
Amertea,  t.  SM. 

WiacAta,  W.  M.,  D.D.,  Pretident  Wake 
Forest  College,  y.  O.  Memorial  aildress  on  life 
and  character  of.     See  Irxr,  Rev.  F.  H. 



'WlaUer,  Mrs.  A.  V.  Souvenir  of  the  twin 
cities  of  North  Carolina,  Winston-Salem.  Salem, 
N.  C. :  Blums'  Steam  Power  Press.  1890.  8°. 
pp.  92.     niustraied. 

Descriptive  and  historical. 

Wlnalow,  Francis,  Lieut.  U.  S.  N-  Report  on 
the  waters  of  North  Carolina  with  reference  to  their 
possibilities  for  oyster  culture.  Raleigh :  P.  M. 
Hale.     1886.     8°.     pp.  vii.,  151.     Map. 

The  results  of  the  surveys  mad«  under  direction  of  the 
Assembly  of  188S  are  added. 

Report  on  the  sounds   and   estuaries   of 

North  Carolina  with  reference  to  oyster  culture. 
Washington:  Government  Printing  Office.  [1889?] 
4°.     pp.  51-136.     Maps  3. 

Bnlletin  10  of  Coast  and  Geodetic  Survey.  Substantially 
the  same  paper  as  the  first  named. 

Wiaslow,  Warren  (1810-1862).  Address  be- 
fore alumni  association  of  University  of  North 
Carolina.    JV.  C.  Univ.  mag.,  1859-60,  ix.  263-276. 

On  North  Carolina. 

'Wlaaor,  Justin  (^1831-),* LL.D.,  Librarian 
Harvard  University.  Editor ' '  Narrative  and  Crit- 
ical History  of  America."  <S^e«  Henky,  William 
Wirt,  and  Rivers,  William  James. 

Critical  essay  on  the  sources  of  informa- 
tion [on  Carolina  history],  ^ar.  and  Crit.  Hist. 
V.  pp.  335-356. 

Editor.  Harvard  Bibliographical  Contri- 
butions.    <$ee  Weeks,  Stephen  B. 

Wlnstom,  George  Tayloe  (1852- ),  LL.D., 
President  University  of  North  Carolina.  Portrait 
and  sketch  of.     N.  C.  Teacher. 

Sketch  of  the  life  and  character  of  Prof. 

R.  H.  Graves.  N.  C.  Univ.  mag.,  1889-90,  ix. 
1-18,  portrait. 

Sketch  of   WiUiam    P.    Mallett,    M.D. 

Ibid:  H-1%,  portrait. 

Sketch  of  John  W.  Carr.     Ibid.  209-214, 


'Wlnstom-Salem.  Descriptive  sketches  of,  its 
advantages  and  surroundings,  Kerncrsville,  etc. 
Winston :  Sentinel.  1888.  8".  pp.  96.  Illustra- 

Souvenir  of,   by  Mrs.   A.  V.   Winkler. 

Salem,  N.  C. :  Blums'  Steam  Power  Press.  1890. 
pp.  92.     Illustrations. 

Descriptive  and  historical. 

'WltlMnpoon,  John  (1791-1853),  D.D.,  LL.D. 
Sketch  of.     See  Nash,  Frederick. 

Wood,  Marquis  Layfayette,  D.D.,  Meth.  Min. 
Eulogy  on  life  and  labors  of  Peter  Doub.  Centen- 
nial of  Methodism  in  N.  C.  1876.  8°.  pp.  244-269. 

Wood,  Marquis  Layfayette,  D.D.  History  of 
Methodism  in  the  Yadkin  Valley  to  1876.     MS. 

Wood,  Thomas  F.  (-1892),  M.D.,  LL.D. 
North  Carolina  as  a  field  for  the  naturalist.  At 
Home  and  Abroad. 

The    edible    fungi    of    North    Carolina. 

Wilmington  {N.  C.)  Review. 

Sketch  of  the  botanical  work  of  the  Rev. 

Moses  Ashley  Curtis,  D.D.  Journal  Elisha 
Mitchell  Scientific  Society,  1884-85,  8° ,  pp.  9-31, 

Reprinted  without  portrait. 

and   McCarthy,   Gerald.      Wilmington 

flora.  Ibid.  1885-80,  pp.  77-141 ;  reprinted. 
Raleigh:  Edwards,  Broughton  &  Co.  1886.  8°. 
pp.  69. 

A  list  of  plants  growing  about  Wilmington,  with  date  of 

Memoir  of  Prof.  Otis  Frederick  Manson, 

M.D.  JV.  C.  Medical  Journal,  Mar.  1888;  re- 
printed.    8°.     pp.  13. 

Memoir  of   James   Henderson  Dickson, 

A.M.,  M.D.  Ibid.  Sept.  1891,  xxviii.  138-152, 

Biograplucal  sketch  of  Dr.  James  Fergus 

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printed.    8°.     pp.  11.     Portrait. 

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Worth,  Jonathan  (1802-1869),  Governor  of 
y.  C.     Sketch  of.     See  Gales,  Seaton. 

IVright,  Joshua  G.  Address  delivered  at  the 
celebration  of  the  battle  of  Moore's  Creek  Bridge, 
27  Feb.  1857.  Wilmington,  N.  C.  •  Fulton  & 
Price.     1857.     8°.     pp.  24. 

Wright,  Marcus  J.,  Gen.  C.  S.  A.  Account 
of  the  life  and  services  of  William  Blount,  with  an 
account  of  his  impeachment  and  trial  in  Congress 
and  his  expulsion  from  the  Senate.  Washington, 
D.  C. :  E.  J.  Gray.    [1884.]    8°.   pp.  142.  Portrait. 

Tiryatt,  Henry  Lawson  (1842-1861).  Sketch 
of.     See  Weeks,  Stephen  B. 

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of  Caswell  in  1810,  reprinted  from  Raleigh  Star  oi 
1811.  N.  C.  Univ.  mag.,  1860-01,  x.  216-224  :  also 
in  Our  Living  and  Our  Dead,  1874-75,  i.  60-64. 

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burg. Our  Living  and  Our  Dead,  1874-75,  i. 

Zeigler,  William  G.,  and  Grossonp,  Ben  S. 

The  heart  of  the  Alleghanies.  See  Grosscup, 



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roic deed*  of  heroic  men :  the  nary  In  the  Vorth 
CaroUnm  toviida.  Harptr't  mag.,  April,  1S66, 
xxxii.  S67-fi8S,  mitttr. 

A^— .  Herbert  Baxter  {eomtinuti).  JUitor 
of  Pa|>rra  and  of  ReporU  of  the  American  HiatorioU 
Aiaociation.     Ste  Weeks,  Stephen  B. 

SJUor.  John*  Hopkint  Unireriitjr  Studiei 

in  Hiitoriral  and  Political  Science.  Stt  BAiarrr, 
J.  8.  and  Hcoimox,  S.  C- 

AlWlttaa,  John  T.,  Bap.  wi*nul*r.  Short 
■ketcbet  of  acme  of  the  Baptiat  pioneen  of  eaetoB 
OaroUna.     BMical  R*€0fr4*r,  Jan.-Apr.  1890. 

AmlMoril  iluteka  tf  BiViM  ■MHiii.  wltta«Bii«a« 
iortto«taMll.«e.   T»te>«bll*iJI»>ook 

(1861-)    (I 
If.  C.  Ttacktr, 

Edwin    Andeieon 
timutd).    Portrait  and  tketch  of. 
Not.  1886,  106-108. 

AlUa.  Lawrence  U.  (18SS-).  CU.  C.  B.  A. 
Partiaan  campaifni  of.     8t«  OArrov,  A.  P. 

AMaa. .     Report  on  the  conduct  of  treaa- 

V«r  Haywood.     18S0. 

MmAmnwm,  L.  B.,  M.D.  Rzecntion  of  Dr. 
Darid  Kinton  Wright  (1809-18«S)  at  Norfolk,  Va., 
as  Oct.  188S.     So.  But.  Set.  Pap*r$,  1893,  xzi. 


Dr.  Wilgbt  ttnd  la  lililne. ».  C,  e.  1M>-1H4. 

Arntrmw,  Aiczasder  Bojd  (1841-).  Pottralt 
•ad  aketeh  oC     Set  CAMBBoa,  J.  D. 

Asdrewa,  Sidney.  The  Sooth  tlnce  the  war, 
aa  ahown  by  fonrteen  week*  of  trarel  and  obferra' 
liM  in  Georgia  abd  the  CaroUnaa.  Boaton.  1866. 
ir.    pp.  400. 

arrMitlT  John  (eontinttti).  Sketch  of. 
Qumlurimma  (Loodoo),  May,  1894,  i.  SA-tO. 

Atwatar,  Edrnnnd  W.  Hiatory  of  Moant 
Pleafant  Cbarch  [Methodiat].  Raltigh  CkriHian 
Adwotttit.  Not.  14,  1888. 

Aw«r7.  Alphooto  Calhoao  (tontinued).  Ad- 
dret*  on  the  life  of  Oen.  D.  H.  Bill.  Raletgb : 
Bdwarda  A  BronghloD.     1898.     S*.    pp.41. 

MiMwMad^— <illnn<Mayl>,lll>,laB«i«%h.W.C. 
Ate  la  S».  JML  Jha.  ^p«n,  MM,  zxl.  11»-U0. 

Jadcia  AToy  tptO*  Ui  tnl  aaa*  m  abora  aad  aot  u 

Badcar,  George  Edmund  (continutd) .  Sketch 
of,  by  llita  Panline  Faiaon.  ^^.  C.  TitAer,  Jan. 
1887,  It.  S98-236. 

Baldwia,  Jeiie  Annon,  A.B.  Hiatory  of 
Methodiam  in  North  Carolina,  1800-1837.  Raltigh 
Chrittian  AdroaUe,  Feb.  7— April  4,  1894. 

PobllilKd  in  commtlon  with  R.  II.  Wnite  [q.  t.]  u  part  U. 
of  "  Thf  hUtoi7  of  Mrtbodiun  in  North  CatoUb*  pftor  (e 
the  orgmDiutloo  of  tha  North  Caralina  CoaicmiM  la  UtT." 

Howard  A.  Country  newipapers  in 
North  Carolina.  If.  C.  Unit,  wtag.,  1891-93,  xi. 

Banka,  Jamea.  Sketch  of  Flora  McDonald. 
Southport  Ltadtr,  Oct  11,  1894,  tt  ttq. 

Flnt  prlDlad  tboat  lUO  aad  now  rtprlated  u  a  part  ol 
BpraM*!  "  A  Colooial  FlaUalien." 

Joeeph.  Sonlhem  ezploren  and 
coloniita :  account  of  early  aettlemeota  of  North 
Carolina  and  Virginia.  Boiton:  Lotbrop.  1874. 
16*.     lUuMiraUd. 

Barrlacer.  Rofna  {continued).  History  of  the 
North  Carolina  Railroad.  Raltigh  Nrm  amd 
Oiaarrer,  June  16,  1894. 

Also  r«print«d  in  I*,  pp.  SI. 

Baaaett,  John  Spencer  (1867-),  I^.D.,  Pn- 
Jtttor  of  History  in.  7Vui*%  ColUge,  N.  C.  {eon- 
tinuid).  The  conatitBttoaal  beginninga  of  North 
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A  tady  of  the  sonrcn  of  the  eoostitatloa  of  tho  colony 
oadcr  the  proprietor*,  with  particular  reference  to  the  lafln. 
•aea  of  the  County  Palatine  of  DnrfaaiD. 

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li'Drth  Carolina  worthiea  and  nnworthies. 

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An  eitrsct  tttm  hli  paper  on  Colonial  Laymen  In  ChunA 
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Annotation*  on  a  letter  written  from  New 

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grew.     md.  1898-98,  ziL  178-280;  189»-M.  ziU. 



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A  ceDtennial  address  delivered  by  invitation  of  the  com- 
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city,  Oct.  18, 1892.  The  volume  also  containx  "A  glance  at 
Kaleigh  today,"  pp.  94-106;  an  account  of  the  celebration, 
pp.  106-137,  with  poem  by  Alex.  Q.  HoUiday,  pp.  137-138; 
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Address  on  presenting  a  gavel  made  from  the  house  of 
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Bnllook,  William.  Virginia  |  Impartially  ex- 
amined, and  left  |  to  publick  view,  to  be  considered 
by  all  Judi-  |  cious  and  honest  men.  |  Under  which 
Title,  is  compre-  |  bended  the  Degrees  from  34  to 
89,  wherein  |  lyes  the  rich  and  healthful  Countries 
of  Roanock,  \  the  now  Plantations  of  Virginia  \ 
and  Maryland  |  ••••  ]  19  April,   1649.     Impri- 

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With  an  enumeration  of  the  opposing  forces  at  Roanoke 
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with  W.  C.  Kerr.    Map  of  North  Carolina. 

See  Kerr,  W.  C. 

with  J.  A.  Holmes.    Road  materials  and 

road  construction  in  North  Carolina.    See  Holmes, 
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First  published  in  the  Raleigh  A<;i«<<r  under  the  signaton 
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This  is  an  extensive  survey  of  the  resources  and  capabilitiet 
of  the  State.  It  is  described  both  by  sections  and  by  counties. 
Education,  agriculture,  manufactures,  and  other  subjects  are 
discussed  with  considerable  detail.  Published  for  distribn. 
tion  at  the  World's  Fair. 

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Charters.  The  two  charters  granted  by  King 
Charles  II''  to  the  Proprietors  of  Carolina.  With 
the  first  and  last  Fundamental  Constitutions  of  the 



Colony.  London :  Richard  Parker.  [ITOSf]  4'. 
pp.  i,  60. 

TW  ekrtrttrt  kan  kxa  oAta  rapftaMd.  Ttaejr  u*  coo- 
iala*d  la  lb*  OodM  of  MoRk  CaroUaa  aad  U  the  North 
Cuoltoa  Cnlnalal  Btem**,  L  pp.  »-n.U>-U4,  wUek  also 
hMt  iht  Ant  iillllii  af  Ika  TaailiMinUl  ruaHllwlniw.  L  pp. 
ItT-XM.  u>d  tkva  agnad  «■  11  AptO.  !«•,  >.  pp.  IM4M. 

Ckaaklr*,  Joaeph  Bloant,  Jr.  (eoa<iaa«I). 
The  ofllce  of  toUchor  (enerml  of  North  Carolina. 
.V.  C.  rxiV.  may..  1698-94,  xui.  880-390. 

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book  to  North  Carolina  moantaini.  Their  princi- 
pal reaortt.  Ne«  York:  E.J.  Hale  A  Son.  1881. 
12*.     pp.87.     IlluttraUd  by  photographs. 

Ciwil  War  (,€oni\HH4d).  The  War  of  the 
Kebellion  :  A  compilation  of  the  Offldal  Record*, 

Op*niiom  la  toathMMara  Tteglaia  aal  Moith  CanUaa, 
Jaa*  l»-Jal]rtl.l«M,  (Mf1alaa.W),einp.lM.;pt.l. 
npocta,  pp.  XT.,  MS;  pc  1^  tiampiiailian  (ttrtal  ae.  tl), 
pp.  Mt ;  pC  •.  tuwiif  laJiari  (Mflal  as.  U),  pp.  •«•. 

An  aeeotint  of  the  (offerinft  of  Friend*. 

Ac.  Baltimore:  William  K.  Boyle.  1888.  8*. 


Naroei  of  aoldiera  who  died  in  defence  of 

the  American  I'nion  interred  in  Wiaconain,  New 
York,  PennayWania,  Iowa,  Maryland,  Uitaoari, 
North  Carolina,  Arkanaaa,  Kanaai,  and  Dakota 
Territory.  Waibington :  Ooremment  Printing 
OiBce.     IS«7.     8*.    pp.  SIS. 

Nsftk  Caralta,  pp.  144-17*. 

Clark.  Dongan  (I78S-I865),  Quaktr  miititfr. 
MamoriaJ  of.  MimtOt  at  N.  C.  T.  M.  of  Friend*, 
1884.     [>.  r.,  I8S8.]     pp.  10-14. 

dark,  Walter  (eaalf'aadf).  Remark*  on  Chief 
Jaatice  Merrimoa.  Raleigh.  N.  C.  :  Edward*  A 
BraagkiM.     1898.    V.    pp.  8. 

DillTmd  M  BnMfU  iMrtiBC  nl  lb*  bw,  n  Sor.,  ItM. 

Petit  treaaoa  —  death  by  bnming.     JV.  C. 

Omiu.  mmf..  18*8-94,  zUL  40fr-4«e. 

Aeriaat  •flh*  ^■ralag  W  ■igion  u  tlw  Mak*  for  mardn 
ta  im  tad  ITT*. 

Bdiior,  Colonial   and   8tale   Record*   of 

North  Carolina. 

Ja<l(»  dark  ha*  kaaa  ■pp*fcnit  b;  dw  tnuicM  at  ih* 
MhailM  to  eaaflaa*  Ike  watk  of  tdHtac  ih«  Colonial  and 
8ial*  Banid*  M  Hattk  CtodHaa.  lie  will  WkIo  iriih  im, 
wk*T*  (Moael  Haaadere  atoppad  kU  work,  ud  brina  It  dovn 
tbronrk  17*1.  Tbie  to  M  kr  *•  tka  p«bll<-stioB  U  ■othorlied 
by  the  act  af  IMl.  Jadge  Clark  hopaa  to  iadace  the  !€«■•- 
Baw  bka  to  eaatlaa*  Iba  wark  Ihroach  17M,  or 

Raport  OD  North  Carolinian*  at  Antietam. 

BaM|k  Hnm  mmd  OtmrMr,  8«pt.  SS,  1894. 

darit,  Walter  (continued).  Reminiicence*  of 
Sbarpabnrg  (AnUeUm).  Wilmington  (N.  C.) 
Metttnger,  Oct.  11,  1894. 

With  map*  wd  Col.  W.  L.  DeBoaaet'*  rapoit  of  hi*  rUt 
Co  the  battleSeld. 

dark*,  F.  W.  Trip  to  North  Carolina.  Appa- 
laehia.  ii.  14. 

daj  aatara  in  Carolina. 
5  May,  1888.  zxiU.  214. 
Oopfad  fram  the  Claf  Worttr. 

Awur.    Architeti. 

dlacatam,  Thoma*  Lanier  (eoniintud).  Se- 
lection from  writing*  and  apeeche*  of.  1877.  8*. 
pp.  623. 

I,  Ura.    I*,    pp.  n>>  *ad  ippeadix  63. 

Aboer  W.  (1784-1833).     Sketch  of. 
BMieat  Ricorder,  May  29,  1889. 

Cobb.  Collier  {continutd).  Special  geography 
of  North  Carolina.  Copyright,  1889,  by  Jame* 
Mooteith.     4*.     pp.  10.     niuttraiiont,  map. 

Cobb.  Needham  Bryan  (1836-),  D.D.  (eoa- 
tinutd).  North  Carolina  Baptiat  Almanac  for  1866. 
Ooataia*  a  U*t  of  Iba  difttcnt  North  Carolina  refiment* 
with  tbclr  eoloacU,  brigade  roraroanden  and  chaplminv,  aad 
the  date*  of  all  the  battle*  fought  In  North  Carolhw  up  to  lb* 
&U  of  1M4,  when  it  wu  pnbliihed,  and  mucb  ulher  lufoma. 
Una,  aapadaOy  aboot  the  Baptiath 

Cobb,  R.  A.  The  true  life  of  HaJ.  LcwU  Red- 
mond [1855-],  the  notoriou*  outlaw  and  moon- 
*hiner.  Raleigh,  N.  C. :  Edward*.  Broughton  k 
Co.     1882.     8*.     pp.  33.     lUiutrationt. 

"  B*d»iiiril  baa  baaa  irreatly  alaadered  bj  printen'  Ink. 
.  .  .  Tka  ¥1  ■  la«ll  Lira*  tt  Mlaa  Oabriellc  Auatin  and  of 
BMbaoad  lb*  Oodaw,  iixittaLto1*'x>P  Crittenden,  of  North 
CaroUna,'  I*  a  hoax,  aad  a  ftagdnlent  hoax,  throughout."  — 

Addiaon  (c.  1822-).  Pioneer  day*  in 
Guilford  county.  The  Ouilford  Collegian,  Dec 
1890,  Jan.,  May,  1891,  iii.  83-85,  112-U6,  280-238. 
Mr.  Colkn  ha>  in  preparation  a  rolume  of  Remlalaccace* 
dealing  with  Ih*  earlier  hiitory  of  OuiUbrd  County,  the 
adgration  of  North  Carolinian*  to  the  Wett,  the  itruggle  of 
the  Quaker*  agaiaat  •larery,  the  Underground  Railroad,  Ac 

Coffla,  Charle*  Fiaber  {e.  1821-).  Some  fact* 
relative  to  the  early  tcttlenipnt  of  Friend*  in  North 
Carolina,  the  emancipation  of  their  slave*,  Ac. 
Friendi-  Reriew,  1858-59,  xii.  532-534,  648-.;60. 

Baaed  on  the  ac.<:ount  of  their  hittory  tent  by  Friend*  to 
F.  X.  Martin,  and  fhowi  the  great  errori  Into  which  he  fell. 

Elijah  (1798-1862).  Quaker  miniiter. 
Friemi*  in  North  Carolina.  Friende'  Review, 
1860-61,  ziv.  420,  4S3,  470,  484,  500,  617,  581, 654, 
565,  680,  613. 

Baaed  oa  the  ■*.  recorda  of  Friendo;  many  extraclj; 
eooM*  to  1TT4;  it  wa*  marked  to  be  continued  but  farther 
work  waa  iBtarrapCad  by  tb*  daath  of  the  compiler. 



CoBa,  Levi  (1798-1879).  Reminitcences  of  Leri 
Coffin,  the  reputed  president  of  the  Underground 
Railroad ;  being  a  brief  history  of  the  labors  of  a 
lifetime  in  behalf  of  the  slave,  with  stories  of 
numerous  fugitives,  who  gained  their  freedom 
through  his  instrumentality,  and  many  other  inci- 
dents. Cincinnati :  Robert  Clarke  &  Co.  1880. 
8°.     pp.  viii.,  732.     Portraits. 

Tbii  it  the  second  edition.  The  first  wiu  published  about 

Mr.  Coffin  was  bom  and  reared  in  North  Carolina.  The 
book  contains  a  i^ood  deal  about  slavery  and  the  anti- 
slavery  movement  in  that  State,  about  the  Quakers,  social 
lift,  &e. 

Ooljvr,  Vincent.  Report  of  the  services  ren- 
dered by  the  Freed  People  to  the  United  States 
army,  North  Carolina,  in  the  spring  of  1862,  after 
the  battle  of  Newbern.  New  York :  Vincent 
Colyer.     1864.     8°.     pp.  64.     Illustrations. 

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Bodman.  JV.  C.  Univ.  mag.,  1893-94,  xiii.  209- 
224,  portrait. 

Croirell,  John  Franklin,  Litt.D.,  Late  Pres. 
IVinity  College.  Portrait  and  sketch  of.  N.  C. 
Teacher,  Oct.  1887,  pp.  77-78. 

Saalel,  Robert  Thomas  (1773-1840),  Bapt. 
minister.  Sketch  and  reminiscences  of.  Biblical 
Recorder,  4  Oct.  1889,  8  Jan.  1890. 

Daves,  Edward  Graham,  A.B.,  A.M.,  LL.B., 
{correction').  Maryland  and  North  Carolina  in 
the  campaign  of  1780-1781 :  with  a  preliminary 
notice  of  the  earlier  battles  of  the  Revolution,  in 
which  the  troops  of  the  two  States  won  distinction. 
[Baltimore  :  Maryland  Historical  Society].  1893. 
8°.     pp.  100.     Illustrations,  map. 

Not  as  title  is  printed  ante. 

- —  The  North  Carolina  Society  of  the  Cin- 
cinnati, 1783.  N.  C.  Univ.  mag.,  1893-94,  xiii. 

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and  seal  of  the  province  of  North  Carolina.  N.  C. 
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Itcmsof  our  Revolutionary  history.    Ibid. 

1892-93,  xii.  264-271. 

Officers  of  the  North  Carolina  line  on  the 

Continental  establishment.      Ibid.     1893-94,  xiii. 

DaTldsoa.  A.  T.  {correction").  Reminiscences 
of  western  North  Carolina.  The  Lyceum  (Ashe- 
vlUe),  Jan.  1891. 

Not  as  printed  ante. 

{continued).  Reminiscences  of  the  re- 
moval of  the  Cherokees  to  the  west.  Ashetille 
CUizen,  IS  June,  1898. 

Davis,  George  {correction).  An  episode  In 
Cape  Fear  history. 

Reprinted  in  Sprunts'  "A  Colonial  Plantation:  Notes  on 
Cape  Fear  history  "  {Souihpori  Leader,  June  1, 8, 18,  22,  29, 
1893) ;  not  as  printed  ante. 

Davis,  Jefferson  (1808-1889),  Pres.  Confeder- 
ate States.  Letter  to  Committee  on  Centennial  of 
the  adoption  of  the  Federal  Constitution  by  North 
Carolina.  Fayetteville  (N.  C.)  Observer,  Nov.  21, 
1889,  and  other  papers. 

Reviews  history  of  North  Carolina. 

Davis,  John  D.  What  inlet  did  Amadas  and 
Barlowe  enter  in  1584?  N.C.  Univ.  mag.,  \i^%-^Z, 
xii.  243-257;  1893-94,  xiii.  124-128. 

Thinks  it  was  Lookout  Inlet,  a  little  to  the  west  of  Lookout 
light  house  and  south  of  Ocracoke. 

Davis,  Joseph  John  {continued).  Address 
before  North  Carolina  bar  association.  News  and 
Observer,  Oct.  21,  1885. 

On  early  times  in  Raleigh.    Reprinted  in  8°. 

Deems,  Charles  Force  (1820-1893),  D.D., 
LL.D.,  Author,  Preacher,  Editor.  Memorial  trib- 
ute to  the  memory  of.  Christian  Thought,  Feb. 
1894,  xi.  241-320,  portrait. 

Denson,  C.  B.,  Teacher.  A  glance  at  Raleigh 
to-day.  Account  of  the  centennial  celebration, 

Two  papers  added  as  an  appendix  to  the  centennial  address 
on  the  early  history  of  Raleigh  by  K.  P.  Battle  [q.  v.]. 

Dillard,  Richard,  M.D.  {continued).  Some 
reminiscences  of  the  early  physicians  of  the  Alber- 
marle  section  of  North  Carolina.  Charlotte  (N.C.) 
Medical  Journal,  June,  1894,  iv.  19-25. 

Dimmook,  G.  Trip  to  Mount  Mitchell.  Appa- 
lachia,  i.  141. 

Dismal  Swamp  {continued). 

Illustrated    by    Porte    Crayon    [D.    H. 

Strother].     Harper's  mag.,  Sept.  1856,  xiii.  441. 

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A.  Hunter  on.     Potter's  Amer.  Monthly, 

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ii.  241-252,  illustr. 

The   Seaboard  Air  Line.      Ibid.,  Sept. 

1894,  ii.  335-352,  illustr. 

Donb,  Peter  (1796-1869)  ,D.D.,  Meth.  minister. 
Sketch  and  portrait  of,  by  M.  L.  Wood.  Centen- 
nial of  Methodism  in  North  Carolina,  pp.  244-269. 



Saak,  Peter.  HUtnrical  incidenu.  HUtory  of 
Mfthodum  in  North  Carolina.  1820-1866.  Tk§ 
SnitrpriM*  (BaleiKh),  1866-67. 

Fabliahad  tuij  ia  pare.    Tb*  iTflialiiil*r  of  lb*  Ma.  la  tai  aqr 

TTim1««  W.  W.  Relief  of  Waahington,  N.  C, 
by  Um  Sflh  Rhode  Itland  rolunleen.  ProTidence, 
R.  I.     1886.    pp.  S8. 

PabltabMl  t  Va.  IT.U  Mitaa  ofPaklieatiaM  erUw  Rhod* 
ItUiHl  flaOofa'  aad  Soldier*'  BiMorleal  SodMy. 

. Lewia, printipal  tkitf,  H.  D. 
and  four  olhera.     The  claim  of  the  North  Carolina 
Indiana  to  a  participation,  in  proportion  to  nnm- 
bert,  in  all  the  lamia  and  money*  of  the  Cherokee 
Vationa.     Waahiii(toa.     186S.     r.    pp.  16. 
A  l*«ar  la  Iha  OMariMtaMT  of  ladtaa  Aftln. 

StUlay.  Edward  BUhop  (17M>-18U),  Got.  of 
Jf.  C.     Sketch  of.     See  Cowah,  R.  H. 

Dncscr,  John  K.    (1836-1888).      Sketch  of. 
If.  C.  TimAtr.  July.  1884.  U.  6-9;  portrait.  Mar. 

Ceaaty,    her    people     and     re- 
aoorcea.     Raleigh:   Edwarda  A  Brongfaton.     1891. 
t*.     pp.  40.     lUutlrmtion*. 
to  th«  tatvrrac  of  ftitrlmltarv. 

EJ«— Mct  la  Ifntk  C«rollaA.  Report  on. 
NilM'i  MtfutT,  XT.  rapp.  47. 

Z<var<a.  Morfan  (1711-1795)  (eerrtetio*) . 
lUatory  of  North  Carolina  BaptiaU. 

XxtTMM  pabltehMl  la  MlUlemI  Mtwttr,  Pet. «.  t.  H. », 

X4war4a,  Richard.  Statistical  Razetteer  of  the 
■tatea  of  Virginia  and  North  Carolina,  embracing 
Ifliportmat  topographical  and  hiatorical  information, 
frtMB  r«««Bt  aad  original  aoorcea.  together  with  the 
rvaolta  of  the  Uat  cenraa,  popolatioo,  and  itatiatica, 
la  many  eaac*  to  1865.  Richmond.  I8A6.  8*. 
pp.  Ml. 


John  WilUa  (c««MaMirf).  Portrait  and 
I  of.  Liringstoa'a  Biogr»phicat  SktUktt  of 
Bmintnt  Amtritan  Lawytri,  April  and  May,  1852, 
pp.  S4»->44. 

EaaM*.  EteMnr  (I7M-1S6S),  5lai<  Ototo- 
fiti  of  Sorlk  Omnlin*.  Sketch  of,  by  J.  Marcon. 
&MiM»,  S  JuM,  IM5,  T.  4S6,  portrait. 

—^  On  new  foaail  corali  from  North  Caro- 
ItaM.    Amtr.  Jourm.  Stitmtt,  Nor.  1856,  Sd  aariea, 

8m  Owlogteil  Bmrrty*  of  North  Carolina. 

yal— r.  Uttk.    Aawag  tb«  old  Sorry  recorda. 
i  OkromitU,  6  Jaly.  1891. 

iM.**    TIw  Mtin  waa  otHltmid  la  JR.  Alrf 

FoaU,  Jame*  H.  (1825-),  Major,  C.  S.  A.  The 
Methodif  t  Armor  reriewed.  The  riae  and  progress 
of  the  Baptista,  and  ontlinea  of  history  of  the 
Brier  Creek  Association.  Sutearille,  N.  C. : 
Landmark.     1888.     8*.     pp.  223. 

Mrthudist  Armor  reTiewed,  pp.  T-I9T ;  history  Brier  Craak 
Assoeiatiea,  1W-I12;  Address  oo  ccntennlsl  of,  214-111; 
T.  B.  Klnffsbary  on  BsptlsU  of  North  CaroUns,  123-111. 

Fort  FUhor  (continutd). 

Siory  of  the  powder  boat  explosion  at. 

Oalaiy,  Jan.  1870,  Ix.  77-88,  illustrations. 

Terry's  Fort  Fisher  expedition.    Col.  Q.F. 

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Victory  at      J.   W.   Ames.      Ortrland 

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Capture  of.     H.  C.  Lockwood.      AUanOe 

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Ironsides    at.       Lippincotfs    Magasin*, 

March,  1878.  xxi.  31&-826. 

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N.  C.  Univ.  may.,  1893-94,  xiii.  16-S4,  ilttittra- 

Faltoa,  Hamilton.  Report  of  sundry  surreys 
made  by  Hamilton  Fulton,  Esq.,  State  Engineer, 
agreeably  to  certain  instructions  from  Judge  Mur- 
pbey,  chairman,  tc,  and  submitted  to  the  General 
Assembly  at  their  session  in  1819.  Raleigh: 
Thomas  Henderson.     1819.     8*.    pp.  70. 

Stt  also  Public  Improrements. 

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(N.  C.)  Archirt,  April,  1893,  ri.  277-280. 

Trinity  CoHege  tn^ar-times.     Ibid.  May, 

1898,  tI.  824-380.       ~' 

Oardaa.  Alexander  (1757-1829).  Anecdotes 
of  the  ReTolutionary  War  in  America,  withsketchea 
of  character  of  persons  the  most  distinguished,  in 
the  Southern  States,  for  dril  and  military  serrices. 
Charleston:  A.E.Miller.     1822.     8*.    pp.xi.459. 

Sketch  of  DsTle,  tT-4T. 

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Carolina  cession  and  of  the  northern  boundary  of 
Tennessee.  Nashville,  Tenn.  :  Southern  Metho- 
dist Publishing  House.     1884.     8°.    pp.  32.    Map. 

One  of  the  TennessM  Hlstorioal  Bodetj  papers. 

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rence M.  Allen.  Raleigh  :  Edwards  k  Bronghton. 
1894.     8*.     pp.  28. 

ColoDfl  Allen  (Itt}-),  eommaiided  the  sizty.foiirth  reg<- 
■Dent,  North  CuoUna  troops,  sad  did  mach  serrlce  ilurliv;  the 
dril  WET  In  western  Korth  Csrolins  In  capturing  Federsl  re. 
emlting  oAcers,  dispersing  boBhwhsckeni,  snd  In  defcstioff 
sad  breaking  up  the  plnnilrring  snd  mnrderinfc  band  of  the 
notorious  George  W.  Kirk,  in  September,  IMi.  It  fires  aa 
account  also  of  a  dael  (ought  tai  IISS  la  Soaora,  MsxieOf  la 
defcac*  of  Sootliani  woaaohood. 



Ghwton,  William  (continued).  Oration  on. 
."fee  McRae,  I).  K. 

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The  (Richmond)  Times,  Aug.  16,  Sept.  2,  4,  7,  9, 
12,  23,  1894. 

A  series  of  editorials  and  contributed  articles  called  forth 
by  the  publication  of  a  review  of  Gen.  Fitzhugh  Lee's  Life 
of  Gen.  R.  E.  Lee,  in  which  full  credit  was  not  piven  to 
North  Carolina. 

CMlmore,  James  Roberts  (1823-)  {continued). 
The  advance-guard  of  western  civilization.  New 
York:  D.  Appleton  &  Co.  1888.  I2».  pp.  xiii. 
343.     Portrait,  map. 

Continues  the  story  of  early  Tennessee  bep^un  in  Tlie  Rear- 
guard of  the  Revolution  and  John  Sevier,  and  the  same  type 
of  book.  Of  '*  John  Sevier,"  Mr.  Theodore  Roosevelt  says : 
**  On  first  reading  his  book  I  was  surprised  and  pleased  at 
the  information  it  contained;  when  1  came  to  study  the  sub. 
ject  I  was  still  more  surprised  and  much  less  pleased  at 
discovering  such  wholesale  inaccuracy  —  to  be  perfectly  just 
I  should  be  obliged  to  use  a  stronger  term." —  iVinning  of  the 
West,  ii.  318.  Again  he  says  r  •*  I  am  o!)liged  to  say  with 
genuine  regret,  alter  careful  examination  of  Mr.  Gilmore's 
books,  that  1  cannot  accept  any  single  unsupported  state. 
ment  they  contain  as  even  requiring  an  examination  into  its 

Gold  Mine*  of  North  Carolina  {continued). 

D.  Olmstead  on.     Amer.  Journ.  Science, 

June,  1825,  ix.  5-15. 

E.  Mitchell    on.     Ibid.  July,   1829,  ivi. 

1-19,  map. 

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See  also  Amer.  Almanac,  1841,  211-217; 

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Ooodloe,  Daniel  Reaves  (18 14-)  {continued). 
Personal  reminiscences  of  Wasliington  and  public 
men  for  the  last  fifty  years.  Raleigh  (N.C.)  JVews 
and  Observer,  Sept.  2,  1894  et  seq. 

Deals  largely  with  the  careers  of  prominent  North  Caro- 
linians including  Gales  and  Seaton,  Nathaniel  Macon,  Wil- 
liam Gaston,  Willie  P.  Mangum,  Nat  Turner's  insurrection, 

Mr.  Goodloe  has  examined  in  detail  and  has  in  MS.  an 
exhaustive  history  of  the  Mecklenburg  Declaration  of  Inde- 
pendence,  in  which  he  argues  against  the  claims  of  the  20th 
of  May,  1776. 

Oraluun,  James  A.  {continued).  Address  be- 
fore Orange  Guards,  Oct.  1,  1878.  N.  C.  Edttea- 
tioncUJournal,  15  May,  1881,  continued. 

Green,  John  P.  Recollections  of  the  inhabi- 
tants, localities,  superstitions,  and  Kuklux  outrages 
of  the  Carolinas.  By  a  "  Carpet-Bagger,"  who 
wa»  born  and  lived  there.  [Cleveland,  O.]  1880. 
8°.     pp.  205.  • 

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Stark  Ravenscroft.     [k.d.     n.p.]     8".     pp.  28. 

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borders  of  North  Carolina,  supposed  to  have  been 
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An  historical  and  descriptive  account  of  "  Scotch  Hall," 
the  seat  of  Dr.  William  R.  Capehart  in  Bertie  County. 

President  AVashington  in  New  Bern.    The 

Southern  States,  May,  1894,  ii.  148-149. 

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North  Carolina.      The  Nation,  17  March,  1892,  1. 



Harrla,  Hunter  Lee  (1866-1893) ,  B.  S.  Sketch 
of.     See  Holmes,  J.  A.     Portrait. 

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Merchant.  Historical  sketches  of  the  seventh 
regiment  North  Carolina  troops,  1861-65.  Moores- 
ville  :  Mooresville  Printing  Co.   [1893.]   8°.   pp.70. 

Written  from  daily  memoranda,  made  at  the  time,  of  the 
location,  marches,  and  battles  of  the  seventh  regiment 
Roster  of  Co.  B.  is  added,  pp.  64-70. 

Harris,  Thomas  C.  {continued).  War  time 
expedients.  N.  C.  Teacher,  Feb.  1887,  266-278, 

The  Carolina  banks.     Youth's  Companion, 

The    long-leaf    pine.       Popular   Science 


A  Carolina  jug  factory.     Ibid.     Ittustror 


Havens,  Jonathan.  The  New  Bern  and  Pam- 
lico sections  of  North  Carolina.  New  Bern,  N.  C.  : 
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Treats  Carteret,  Onslow,  Jones,  Pamlico,  Ilyde  and  Dare 
counties.  Deals  with  agriculture  and  haa  a  section  on  the 
early  settlements. 

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Hawkins,  Rush  C,  Brev.  Brig.  Gen.  U.  S.  V. 
Early  coast  operations  in  North  Carolina.  Battles 
and  Leaders  of  the  Civil  War,  i.  632-659,  maps, 
illustrations,  portraits. 

Includes  battles  at  Roanoke  Island  and  New  Bern,  aiege 
of  Fort  Macon,  and  battle  of  South  Mills. 



HawUaa.  William  George  (182»-),  Spis. 
Minutfr.  Lanifoitl  Lane;  or,  another  helper 
from  North  Carolina.  Boeton :  Croeby  4  NichoU. 
IMS.     ir.     pp.  806.     Portrait. 

Tk*  Mocy  af  Um  Ufc  of  »  Nofth  Carolina  nccrs  who  wu 
tfee  prapoty  af  tba  Barweod  bmUj  of  Baleich.  B]r  tiidat- 
07  aad  cifa  ka  aimawlad  ta  pnebiiiig  Ma  owa  frwdom 
wU  thai  aT  kk  wiJb  aad  eUMna.  Ha  aAanrafda  lind  la 
Tba  beak  MaWialat,  wtan  or  Waa 
I  phaata  af  BeMbara  U*  bate*  aad  dariac 

K«irka,  FraacU  Lbtcr  (toiMnu*d). 

E.  A.  Dnyckinck  on.      Putnam's  maga- 

tiiu,  Jan.  18«8,  xL  100-105. 

N.    8.    Richanlaon   un.       Awur.    Ckurtk 

£•*.,  April,  1867,  zix.  1-84. 

C.  E.  A.  Oayarr^  on.     Amtr.  Hitl.  Rf 

nrd,  Jan.  )87S,  i.  16-19. 

Bpiacopal    Church    in     North   Carolina. 

Awitr.  CXurfk  Bn.,  Hi.  300. 

Monntaina  of  North  Carolina.     Joumat 

of  Awitriian  Otograpkitmt  and  StatittiitU  Sotitty, 
IMS.  L  1»->1. 

OHae  iipaia  tt  ■aaaavaMMi  af  Haith 

br  rnt  %.  B.  awkkr.  «b* 
■■(fcl>7  wat  «,!»  kat  Mfk,  aad  baaea  kl«b»r  Ibaa  Maaat 
MMchaa    BoaaaataaaatbariaaaafeaMad. 

LJolia  (1758-1836)  (aMUiaaarf).  Mew 
edition  of  Civil  and  political  hiatorjr.  NaahTille: 
Pub.  Ho«M  M.  E.  Ch.  So.     IMI.     f.    pp.511. 

»e(ihafaalbarb7A.B.Cal]rar,pp.»-U.  A  aav  adttkw 
aflba  jnatera/ aa4  JtOT«f*MJ  «U*rir  la  la  praaa. 

H>jaae*.  William  Henry  (1801-18SS).  Por- 
trait of.  U-  8.  wutf.  €a-A  Dtmocrati*  Stw.,  April, 
IM6.  x«iU.  248. 

UmmiUr.  Joel  Tjrier  (1818-;.  Retreat  of  Gen. 
Greene  from  Carolina.    Am.  Lit.  mmg. ,  Jane,  1837, 

i  fi-r. 

SoMkMM  campaiffn,  1781,  Mmg.  ef  Amtr. 

BiM.,  Dm.  1881,  vfl.  481-446. 

Baalbiia  laainlna  -f"TnTn'"i .  "*•  **     LeUataor 

M^or  WUnam  IVm  ta  81.  Claatga  Tacfcn.  CaamaoicalaU 
b7  Charin  Wa»hla«toa  CalnHB,  Jr. 

HaaJtt  Kaaarta  of  nortiieaM  (ieorgia,  upper 
BoMh  Carolina,  weatem  North  Carolina  and  Vir- 
gfaU.     I88>.     r.     pp.  56.     lUmtr. 

PaMWbul  br  R-  A  D.  raOraad 

H<|»aa*,  Frank  A.  (^tontinutd.)  North  Caro- 
Bm  piae.  Tht  Soutkem  StaUt.  Sept  1894.  ii. 

Hi4d«a,  William  Earl.  Note*  on  mineral  lo- 
calitiea  in  North  (Carolina.  Awur.  Jeum.  Sti., 
Jnlj.  1881,ezxil.  3I-t6. 

tUU,  Darid  Harrer  (1881-1669),  Litut.  Otn. 
C,  §.  A.,  Ttm€ktr.    Rkelak  oT.     Sw  Araav,  A.  C. 

Hill,  Darid  Bennett  (1843-).  Oration  on 
Mecklenburg  Declaration  of  Independence,  May 
20,  1892.  Southern  UitioriaU  Society  Paperi, 
1892,  zz.  836-349. 

Rrprinted  from  MrAmmd  TUmu. 

"  WUrh  ODC  of  the  thlnc«n  StatM,  findbiK  lach  a  record 
aa  that  aiooDg  Ita  archives,  nrrr r  qur»tioned,  undLtpatablf , 
aoth^ntlc  aod  oont«mporaneoaii,  woold  not  r«|nird  the  Heck- 
laaboff  ReaolTaa  of  tba  3IK  of  Majr  aa  a  perfect  title  to  all 
that  waa  erer  rlaimed  for  Xnrth  Carolina'i  aotu  aa  fora- 
monen  of  American  lodependeoce?  '* 

HIUyarA.  H.  B.    The  new  South.     Baltimore. 
1887.     8*. 
Korlh  rarollna,  pp.  lU-143. 

Hlat«rle«l  Societies  {continutd).  Bibliogra- 
phy of  the  publiahcd  papera  of  the  Historical 
Society  of  the  UniTersity  of  North  Carolina. 
Xtpert  Awuriean  HiMtorictU  Auociation  for  1892. 
pp.  614-615. 

Mecklenborg  Centennial  and  Monumental 

Asaociation.     fbid.  515. 


Mecklenburg   Historical   Society.      Ibid. 


Two  estrlee. 

Southern  Historical  Society.  North  Caro- 
lina branch.     Ibid.  516. 


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Nervus  Mendenhall  (1819-1893).  Tht  OuUford 
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t,  Robert  F.,  Maj.  Otn.  C.  S.  A.  Last 
address  to  his  ditMpa.  aear  Greensboro,  N.  C. 
I  May,  1805.  SouHuvm  MMarieal  Soeitty  Paptr$. 
1893.  xxi.  2»7-2»9. 

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and  road  constmctiun  in  North  Carolina.  Raleigh  : 
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Sketch   of   Hunter   Lee    Harria.      JV.   C. 

Unit,  mag.,  1893-94,  xiii.  121-124,  porfroif. 

Hoptom<  A.  Obaerrationa  on  the  endemic  fever 
of  the  Carolinas  as  it  now  prevails  in  the  counties 
of  Sampson  and  Duplin.  Amer.  Jount.  Med.  Sti. 
(l^iiladelphU),  1829.  t.  370-876. 

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boro  (North  Carolina)  expedition,  Dec.  1862. 
New  York :  W.  W.  Howe.    1890.     12".    pp.92,zii. 

A  reprint  of  letter"  pabflKhed  at  the  time  In  the  New  York 
Herald  and  Timtt,  with  llla«tratlooa  of  tlie  battles  of  Klna- 
loa.  Wbltaball  aod  UoldstMro,  and  portrait  of  (fen.  J.  G. 
FoaCar  reprodncad  from  Harper's  WerUf. 



HatUon,  Hilary  Thomas  (1823-1892),  D.D., 
Meth.  minister.  Sketches  of  the  pioneer  Method- 
ists in  North  Carolina. 

A  scries  of  sketches  published  \n  Raleigh  ChrUtianAdco- 
cate,  April  5, 12, 19, 26,  May  3, 10, 17,  24,  June  7, 14, 21, 1878. 
A  running  history  of  the  church  in  North  Carolina.  I  do 
not  know  that  any  other  parts  were  published,  and  the  work 
was  never  finished. 

Hnfinan,  J.  D.,  D.D.,  Bap.  minister.  Thomas 
Meredith  and  his  times.  Biblical  Recorder,  June  5, 
Sept.  11,  18,  Oct.  9,  1889. 

Hnsluon,  Shirley  Carter.  The  Carolina  pirates 
and  colonial  commerce,  1670-1740.  Johns  Hop- 
kins University  Studies  in  Historical  and  Political 
Science,  May-June-July,  1894,  xii.  237-370. 

"In  the  present  work  the  author  will  attempt  to  present 
the  results  of  a  study  of  the  pirates  of  the  coasts  of  the  two 
Carolinas  dnring  the  seventeenth  and  eighteenth  centuries. 
The  purpose  will  be  to  show  how  they  arose ;  how  they  were 
regarded  by  the  colonists  and  the  English  authorities  re- 
spectively; how  they  affected  the  life  and  commerce  of  those 
parts  of  the  new  world  they  frequented;  and,  finally,  how 
they  were  exterminated."  —  Introduction. 

Deals  with  the  career  of  Thatch,  or  Blackbeard,  the  capture 
of  Stede  Bonnet  in  Cape  Fear  river  by  Kliett,  and  with  the 
careers  of  other  pirates  who  visited  tliis  coast. 

The  death  struggle  of   colonial  piracy. 

Sewanee  Review,  Feb.  1893,  i.  194-206. 

The  feudal  laws  of  Carolina.    Ihid. ,  Aug. 

1894,  ii.  471-483. 

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William  (c.  1733-1772),  Quaker  ministers.  Me- 
moirs of.  Philadelphia:  Uriah  Hunt  &  Son. 
London  :  Alfred  W.  Bennett.     1868.     16°. 

William  Hunt,  pp.  157,  Nathan  Hunt,  pp.  160.  Taken  chiefly 
from  their  journals  and  letters. 

Iredell,  James  {continued'). 

Of  his  Life  and  Correspondence  the  edition  of  the  first 
volume  was  650  copies,  of  the  second  450. 
The  second  volume  was  published  1858,  not  1857  as  ante. 

Iredell,  James  (1788-1853),  Gov.  of  N.  C, 
U.  S.  Senator.  Digested  manual  of  acts  of 
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With  sketches  of  the  descendants  of  James  and  Prudence 

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The  greater  part  of  Jordan's  life  was  spent  in  North 

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N.  C,  as  it  was  and  is.     Continental  Mo.,  ii.  58. 

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Ka  Kloz  {continued).  Names  of  citizens  of 
North  Carolina  convicted  or  who  plead  guilty  to 
violation  of  acts  of  31  May,  1870,  and  20  April, 
1871 ;  also  names  of  tliose  indicted  for  same.  Re- 
port on  Condition  of  Affairs  in  the  Southern 
States.  N.  C.  exhibit  C.  pp.  20-30.  Exc.  Doc, 
No.  268,  42d  Cong.,  2d  session. 

981  indicted ;  37  convicted  and  sentenced,  beginning  with 
Randolph  A.  Stotwell,  fined  $5,000  and  imprisoned  for  six 

Iiaoy,  Drury  (1758-1815),  Presby.  minister. 
Sermon  on  death  of  Rev.  Henry  Patillo  (1726- 
1801).     [1801.] 

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Address  on  the  history  of  the  battles  fought 

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Also  in  Southern  Hiatorical  Society  Papers,  1893,  xii. 
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A  contemporaneous  account  of  the  defense  of  Fort  Fisher, 
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Roster  of  commissioned  officers,  &c. 



•,  James  H.  (ttmliimed).  Note  on  George 
Bnigwjn  Jobuton  (,d.  186S),  Capt.  C.  8.  A.  Ibid. 
ZTlU.  1S2-1SS. 

■,   Lniufortl.      Life    of.      8m   Hawkiits. 
William  G. 

I^»M«».  Clurle*  («>ii/(iiu«<r)-  1'be  National 
Intelligencer  an4  iu  editort.  AUanlie  MoAtkly, 
Oct.  IMO.  y\.  470-481. 

Oa  JsMpk  OalM  aad  W.  W.  SMIoa. 

liaTilU,  Mitchell  Co.,  N.  C.  Album  of  icenet 
in   neisbborfaood   of.      [c.    1890.]      12*.      pp.  21 

A  wmmmrt  rr«act  ilrimwtal 

LtttU,  William  Myer*  (1887-),  A.B.,  Lawytr. 
Judicial  power.     Tin  A'alion,  Oct.  It,  1893,  Irii. 


-  Tke  aMft  af  Martk  CkPoKaa  ka*  Ike  dlMlBHka  af  afeariac 
wHh  Ikod*  blaad  lb*  boaor  ...  of  kariaff,  mim  ywn 
brton  Uw  Mnal  CMft.  bcM  Ikat  a  cowt  hu  lb*  power  to 
dMlan  aall  aad  vaM  aa  art  of  lb*  Icffteluora." 

Locaa.  John  Bmry  (18M-1886),  A.M.  Hb- 
\ory  of  the  apper  country  of  Soatb  Carolina,  from 
tba  aarlicel  period*  to  tbe  dose  of  the  War  of 
Independence.  Charleaton  :  8.  O.  Courtenay ; 
ColonbU:  P.  B.  Glaa*.  I8fi9.  12*.  pp.  zl. 

Tbto  b  —till  Tat.  1,  bM  ao  man  wn  pobUabwi.    Tb* 
■  iiiin  kaaib^  "Aadra*  l«rriu»7  of  lb*  Cbeiokn*." 
tbat  k  wnnM  wmutb   Nottk  OunUaa  aad 
I  •■  a  larfa  axlaat. 

Henry  Armand  (1846-)  (conliHued). 
Addraaa  on  the  Rerolutionary  hiatory  of  Chat- 
tern  cooBty.  Banford,  N.  C. :  Cole  Printing  Co. 
[1»4.]    r.    pp.  27. 

-  -  ■•  addnaa  daHvand  at  PMibafe,  M.C.  ^aly  4, 
MM:  abftaf  MaMMMariheaarvkasafChatbaaieDaBtr  la 
aa  ritfl  war  b  ■■aarid 

Vt^,  ioha  S.,  LL.D.  Tbe  chair  of  hlatorjr, at 
dH  Unireraity.      X  C.  Unit,  wutg.,  1890-81,  z. 


X.M«.  WUlka  8..  Prtt.  Oon  CM.  Portrait 
aad  iketch  of.  iV.  C.  Ti€uk«r,  8cpt.  1N87, 
pp.  9-4. 

LeaalaS.  Benaon  John  (181S-I891).  Early 
i>  ri-aaionisto.  Harftr'i  magariiu,  March,  1862, 
KIT.  516-621. 

Oa  Iba  But*  of  rraaklia. 

Law.  James  Lee  (,toiU%nytd).  First  college 
•baarratory  in  tb*  Unhad  Slatea.  Sidmal  Mettn- 
9«r,  TlL  417. 

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raphy of   American  local  history.      New  York. 

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Prtt.  of  y.  C.  Ftmalt  Xorftai  Coll.  Alumni 
address.  UniTersity  of  North  Carolina,  Commence- 
ment 1893.  X.  C.  Univ.  wutg.,  1891-92,  zL  S79- 

MoLanriB,  John,  Editor.  Annals  of  the 
first  Presbyterian  church  of  Wilmington.  If.  C. 

laeeaporatad  In  eundaaiad  fona  bi  maaoal  of  tbst  cboich 

a,  James  Cameron  (corrtetion). 
Name  as  ftbore,  DM  McBaa  aa  written  aatt. 

Address  at  centennial  celebration  of  Fay- 

etteviUe  independent  light  infantry.    Fayettarille 
O&serrrr,  Aug.  24.  1898. 

ICeRa*,  Duncan  K.  (1820-1888).  Oration  on 
the  occasion  of  the  planting  a  memorial  tree  in 
honor  of  the  late  William  Gaston.  Wilmington, 
N.  C. :  Tbe  Morning  Star.     1883.     8*.    pp.  14. 

DaUTcred  Umj  1,  IISS,  la  New  Ban. 

1,  A.  W.  (continued).  The  introduc- 
tion and  liistory  of  Methodism  in  Raleigh,  North 
Carolina.  Centennial  of  Me(kodi*m  i%  Norik 
Carolina,  1876,  r,  pp.  76-189. 

Dr.  Msngoa  left  tai  as.  as  eztandad  ikelcb  of  tba  Coa. 
Menu  prtooa  In  Salisbiiry,  N.  C 

M apa  of  Mortk  Carolina. 

The  prindpai  mapt  u(  North  CaroUna.  or  parts  of  It,  aoC 
ronoected  with  aajr  of  the  worka  meaUoaed  alsewbara,  are 
beta  (iran,  thooch  00  attempt  ia  made  toprsssat  a  pnlkM 

Ooatt  mapi :  — 

-  Nuremburg  map,  1666. 

Ogilby,  John^  1176),  map  of  Carolina, 


Sanson,   Carta    general    de   la    Caroline 

dresse  sur  les  memoires  le  plus  nouveauz  par  le 
Siena  [«<<].    8.  .  .  . 

Ia  "  Atbu  BouTeauz,  etc.,  Par  la  Sr  Saiuon."  Loodoo 
(aad  Amatarrtsm) :  Mortier.  n.  d. 

Tba  cuaatlaa,  rtren,  aad  capea  are  named  after  tbe  Pro- 
prietors. TUs  Is  not  the  laaie  aa  "  A  New  Deacriptioo  of 
Carolina  By  Order  of  tbe  Lords  Proprietora  1673,"  repnb- 
Ibhed  In  lb*  Cbarleaton  Year  Soot  for  INM,  from  a  rare 
original  in  Iba  collection  of  Dr.  Thomas  Addia  Kmmat. 

Lea,   Philip.    A  new   map  of  Carolina. 

London  [before  1700]. 

Reprodneed  In  Charleaton  Fear  Book,  ISM,  from  an  original 
la  pnaaaaainn  of  Mayer  WUUam  A.  Coaitcaej  of  Cbarlsstoa, 

Wimble,  James,  London,  1788. 

Dunbibbin,  Daniel,  1764. 

Collet,  Capt.     Compleat  map,   from  an 

actual  surrey,  1770. 

Kngrared  by  J.  Bajrljr. 

-  Mouzon,  H.  .An  accurate  map  of  North 
and  South  Carolina  with  their  Indian  frontier. 
London :  Sayer  &  Bennett.     1 775. 

HoUand,  N.,  London,  1794. 



County  and  Section  maps :  — 

Johnson,     Lemuel,     Davidson     county, 


Randolph  county,  c.  1884. 

Durham  county,  1887. 

Scale  of  1  mile  to  the  inch. 

Guilford  county. 

Beady  for  the  press. 

McDuffie,  John,  Robeson  county,  1884. 

Shaffer,  A.  AV.     Wake  county,  1884. 

Tate,  George  W.,  Orange  county,  1803. 

State  maps :  — 

Price,  Jonathan,  and  Strother,  John,  1808. 

Lewis,  Samuel,  between  1809  and  1822. 

Cooke,  William  D.,  1847. 

Cobb,  Collier,  1880,  1881,  &c. 

Kerr,  W.  C,  and  Cain,  Wm.,  1882. 

Shaffer,  A.  W.     Township,  school,  and 

busines  map;  scale,  7  miles  to  an  inch;  c.  1884. 

Asher  and  Adams,  map  and  guide  of  North 

Carolina  and  South  Carolina. 

Martin,  F.  X.  (^continued).  Portrait  and  sketch 
of.     See  Thompson,  H.  M. 

Martin,  Joseph  (1740-1808),  Pioneer,  Indian 
fighter  and  Brigadier  General.  Sketch  of.  See 
Weeks,  Stephen  B. 

Martin,  William  Joseph  (1830-),  LL.D.,  Prof. 
of  Chemistry  in  Davidson  College.  Sketch  of. 
N.  C.  Teacher,  Dec.  1887,  v.  182-185.     Portrait. 

Mayhew,  Mrs.  B.  F.  Landmarks  of  the  old 
town  of  Bath.  N.  C.  Univ.  mag.,  1892-93,  lii. 

Introduction  by  K.  P.  Battle. 

MendenhaU,  Nereus  (1819-1893),  LL.D. 
Sketch  of.  Portrait.  See  Hobbs,  Mary  Menden- 

History  of  New  Garden  Boarding  School. 

The  Ouilford  Collegian,  Nov.,  Dec,  1889,  Jan.- 
March,  1890,  ii.  63-65,  103-106,  126-129,  161-163, 

Meredith,  Thomas  (1794-1850),  Bap.  minis- 
ter.    Sketch  of.     See  Hufman,  J.  D. 

Merrlmon,  Augustus  Summerfleld  (-1892). 
Sketch  of.  See  Clark,  Walter,  Merrimon,  Miss 
Maud  L. 

Merrlmon,  Miss  Maud  L.  Memoir  of  A.  S. 
Merrimon.  [Raleigh  :  E.  M.  Uzzell  &  Co.  1894.] 
8°.     pp.  100,  1.     Portrait. 

Montcomery,  William  A.  Memorial  address 
on  the  life  of  William  D.  Pender.  Raleigh  News 
and  Observer,  May  15,  1894. 

Delivered  before  Ladies'  Memorial  Auociation  In  Kaleigh, 
Ut  10, 18M. 

Moore,  Maurice  {continued).  A  letter  to  Gov- 
ernor Tryon. 

First  printed  in  Virginia  Gatette  for  7  Nov.,  1771,  a  few 
months  after  Tryon  left  North  Carolina.  Reprinted  in 
Martin's  North  Carolina,  i.  Ivii.-lxx.,  and  in  Waddell's  A 
Colonial  fifficer  and  hit  Timen,  pp.  168-173. 

Mnr&ee,  Hardy  (1752-1809).  Col.,  Rev'y 
Army.  Biograpliical  sketches  of.  Proceedings  of 
Tennessee  Historical  Society.  Nashville,  Tenn.  : 
James  T.  Camp.     1886.     8°.     pp.  12-24. 

Addresses  delivered  at  the  presentation  of  his  sword  to  the 
Society,  Dec.  8,  1885,  by  Maj.  D.  D.  Maney  and  Col.  W.  L. 
Murfree,  with  reply  by  Judge  Lea. 

Nicholson,  Ellen  M.  (1833-1870).  Quaker 
.Minister.  Testimony  of  Piney  Woods  M.  M.  of 
Friends  concerning.  Minutes  of  N.  C.  Y.  M.  of 
Friends,  1873.  Greensboro,  N.  C.  :  iVwf  North 
State.     1873.     8°.     pp.  34-36. 

Nltse,  Henry  B.  C,  Asst.  Geologist.  Iron  ores 
of  North  Carolina.  Raleigh  :  Josephus  Daniels. 
1893.     8°.     pp.239.     3fap,  20  plates,  oS  figures. 

This  is  a  preliminary  report  and  is  published  as  Bulletin 
No.  1  of  the  North  Carolina  Geological  Survey,  J.  A.  Holmes, 
State  Geologist.  The  area  examined  amounts  to  some  6,000 
square  miles  and  is  distributed  through  23  counties.  The 
State  map  shows  the  distribution  of  iron  ore  deposits,  and  the 
plates  show  deposits  in  particular  localities,  Ac. 

Noronm,  James  (1778-'*),  M.D.  Memoir  of, 
by  Dr.  S.  S.  Satchwell,  1852. 

Observations  on  the  fevers  of  North  Caro- 
lina. Amer.  Med.  and  Phil.  Keg.  (N.  Y.),  1814, 
i.  17-25. 

Nordhoir,  Charles  (1830-).  The  cotton  State* 
in  the  spring  and  summer  of  1875.  New  York: 
D.  Appleton  &  Co.     1876.     8».     pp.  112. 

North  Carolina,  pp.  95-100. 

North  Carolina  (continued). 

Address  to  the  inhabitants  of  North  Caro- 
lina on  the  want  of  a  medium  in  lieu  of  money. 
WilUamsburg,  Va.     1746.     4°.     pp.  26.  —  Sabis. 

Letters  [on]  the    state  bank   and   paper 

currency.     Raleigh.     1811.     12°.  — Sabis. 

Published  under  name  "  Common  Sense." 

Report  of  the  commission  for  surveying 

the  coast  of  North  Carolina  to  Hon.  Albert  Gallatin. 
8°.     pp.  8.     [n.  p.     n.  d.] 

Resources    of    North    Carolina,    natural 

wealth,  condition  and  advantages,  as  existing  in 
1869.  By  Bannister,  Cowan  &  Co.  Wilmington, 
N.  C.     1869.     8°.     pp.  116. 

In    the    Revolution.       Niles's    Register, 

1  Oct.,  1842,  Ixiii.  69-71. 

An  article  under  the  caption  "  Fanny  Kemble  in  North 
Carolina,"  and  signed  "The  boors  of  Carolina";  on  partisan 
warfare  in  that  State. 

Statistical  and  descriptive  account  of  the 

several  counties  of  North  Carolina.  Raleigh: 
Nichols  &  Gorman.     1869.     8°.     pp.  136.     Map. 

Published  by  North  Carolina  Land  Company. 



Mwwftakj,  George  I.  Norfolk;  the  marine 
metropolU  of  Virginia,  and  the  lound  and  rirer 
citiea  of  North  Carolina.  Norfollc,  Va.,  and 
Raleiffa.  N.  C.  :  Geo.  I.  Nowitzky.  1888.  12*. 
pp.  SM.     Portrait  and  iUtutrationt. 

Bood  aad  rlTrr  cHk*,  pp.  U»-n6 ;  with  aecvaau  of  ElUa- 
bMh  Citj.  H«t*H.  KilwMoa,  Flrawatk,  WisMr,  GumtUI«, 
Xcw  B^ra,  Waakiagtaa.  He.;  wtth  wfrteaa  «a  tb*  pfca, 
ttrnwryt,  Ika  MUac  laNiiH,  mA  hottk.  An  ■'  Appnwliz 
•r  IM»  "  iMa  alkw  ftctk 

Oak*r.  Daniel,  Cap(.  V.  S.  A.  Marching 
throagh  Georgia  and  the  Carolina*.  The  Cenlury, 
Oct.  1887,  sU.  917-M7.  map,  iUustration*. 

AIM  b  JMUm  amd  Irndm  ^  tk»  (UrU  War.  It.  «T1-«». 

OahMBttk,  Appieton.  Centennial  addreu  on 
the  hittory  of  Carteret  county.  Beaufort  Sagit, 
Jaljr  — .  1878. 

IMtrnvd  at  Btaa«>ft.  Jalr  4. 1«T«. 

P«a4w,  William  Doraey  (18S4-18M),  Maj. 
Gen.  C.  3.  A.     St*  MoareoMBBT,  W.  A. 

Flllaoa,  O.     On  the  topography  and  dlaiaiii  of 

Greenrille.  on  Tar  Rirer,  N.  C.    New  York  Jfnf. 
Rtponlory,  1802,  t.  I37-14S. 

PlaoWt,  Glfford,  CatutUlimg  Foritttr.  BUt- 
more  foreat.  An  accoant  of  ita  treatment,  and  the 
reanlt  of  the  Srat  year'*  work.  Chicago.  18M. 
pp.  49.     Mmttrationt. 

■n^  la  Ik*  ••(*<•  ef  Mr.  Ueaqa  W.  VaadnMU  la  Baa- 
••■ka  couqr.  Jt.  C,  mi  (h*  aanapt  wUch  tU*  nport 
linrtl  II  h  Ik*  tr<  pfactfcal  apfkcatka af  tent  aaM^t- 
■•aa  la  Ik*  Dakad  8la«w. 

«««le*dia  Tkt  JSMn^  tmh.  U,  IMt.  ItUI.  IS. 

Praakny.  F.  8.  The  land  of  the  $kr.  Weat- 
em  North  Carolina,  [s.  r.,  1894.]  4*.  pp.  14. 

RabUibrd  bjr  H.  *  D.  Raflniad. 

niMiin  WUUaa  8.  Pcm;*  InatitaU  of 
BiUrigh.  y.  C.  Tme.  wutg.,  1898-94,  zUL  Sao- 

Wnlalafc  The  city  of  Raleigli.  N.  C,  and 
Ticioity.  [Raleigh:]  Edward*  A  Broughton. 
[1W4.]     r.    pp.  ISS.     niustratioms. 

A  TalaaM  ••  "eesMt***  aad  i«*oar«*>"  lamed  liy  tlie 
Brttlati  fkaw^ir  *f  r— rrt  *ad  la<la«lij.  *ikI  compiUd 
kf  W.  K.  A*kl*7.  pwililtar.  aad  11.  W.  Ajrer,  terrMmrj. 

■•■MC*.  Burr  Jame*,  n.l/..  Pro/,  of  Late, 
t'miw.  of  Uu  SoMlk.  Flora  Macdonald.  Seteanet 
«r*ww,  Feb.  1894.  li.  ZI2-226. 

Wn-^-"  Jamaa  R.  Sky-land.  Tkt  Southern 
Siatf.  Mari'h.  1894,  ii.  1-9,  iUiutr. 

■•(■iMtiaM,  War  of  ^torrtttion). 

II aia  Swaia  la  Ua  "  W  *r  of  the  Revulatiot "  thiak*  the 

-Tm  tot  Tm^lmt-  ww  ky  Shakal  8«o«nM  (d.  mi),  * 

>a>lliiilal «pa«ter«faaadyCr«>kCk«rek.    IlUby 

a  Mtiiaika^tamtk*' 

R«ToIntioH.  The  ciril  warfare  in  the  Caro- 
lina* and  Gi-orgia.  Southern  and  Westei-n  Lit- 
trary  Met$tnger  and  Stnem,  May-Oct.  1846, 
pp.  257-265,  321-336,  885-400,  513-524,  677-586. 

Put  Into  the  Ibnn  of  a  reriew  of  the  Joomal  uul  Letter*  of 
Samoel  Ciinrin  (New  York,  IMi). 

ReTiew  of  thi*  rcTicw.      Ihid.  Jan.  and 

Jnly,  1847,  pp.  48-51,  423-428. 

H«kwta.  William  Paul  (1841-),  Brig.  On. 
C.  3.  A.  Statement  of,  a*  to  hi*  itaff  and  com- 
mand at  the  lurTeniler  at  Appomattox  Court  Houae. 
Southim  ffittorieai  Society  Paper;  1890,  zrlU. 

BoekMter.  Nathaniel  (1752-1831).  Autobi- 
ography. Fragmtnl*  of  Revolutionary  Hirtory, 
collected  and  edited  by  Gaillard  Hunt. 

UItm  *  aew  T«i«kia  of  the  dele*t  of  the  Britiib  uid  Torie* 
at  Moon**  Creak. 

WtUiam  Blount  (1811-1893),  Justice 
Smprtme  Court,  .V.  C.  Sketch  of;  portrait.  Set 
Cowraa,  Pulaaki. 

BaaaawH.  Theodore  (185S-),  U.  S.  Oitxl  8tr- 
viee  Committiontr.  The  winning  of  the  weit. 
New  York :  O.  P.  Putnam'*  Son*.  1891  [cop. 
1889].    r.    2  Tol*.  pp.  ZTi.  352,  It.  427.    Mapi. 

FIt*  or  *ix  ebapterm  of  thU  excetleot  work  <le*l  with  early 
T*9a*****,  weatcm  North  CaroUoa,  Rinif*!  Mountain,  Ac 

■•tokwaU,  S.  8.  Memoir  of  Dr.  Jame*  Nor- 
cum,  IM52. 

Treatment   of    fever   and    inflammation. 

An  e*«ay  on  the  topography  and  prevailing  diseaae* 
of  New  Hanorer  county,  N.  C.  Wilmington,  N.  C. 
1870.     8*. 

Mr*,  flanrikt  Adam*.  SouTenir  of 
.\*berille,  or  the  *ky-land.  St.  Loul*  :  Nizon-Jonea 
I'rintingCo.     1892.     Vr.     pp.104.     Illuit  rations. 

Se«rboronck,  John  C.  (1841-),  Superintendent 
of  public  instruction.  Sketch  of.  N.  C.  Teacher, 
Not.  1892,  portrait. 

Darid  (continued).  A  memorial 
Tolume  of  the  Guilford  Battle  Ground  Company. 
Greenaboro,  N.  C. :  Revce  t  Elam.  1893.  8°. 
pp.  142.     23  maps,  38  pictures  and  portraits. 

Thli  book,  like  the  companjr  whoae  hirtory  it  giTes,  i*  due 
lo  tb*  entbttslaam  of  Judge  Schrnck.  It  wu  prepared  under 
bi«  directioii*,  and  conlftitu  a  brief  hiktory  of  the  battle  of 
QoilfSord  Coart  Uoom  ;  an  account  of  the  organization  (6  May, 
1887}  and  progrcaa  of  the  Uuilford  liattle  Ground  Conipanr, 
formed  to  reileeni,  preaerre,  and  beautify  tile  battle  ground ; 
pictnrea  of  the  monnmeota  erected;  biographical  tkrtchia 
and  portraiu  of  many  oftb*  atockholderaof  the  company  and 
of  the  orator*  on  rarioa«  nccajsionii;  an  account  of  the  dedica. 
tion  of  the  Unit  Monum«*nt  on  July  4,  1803,  and  the  addreaa 
of  Judge  Schenck  on  that  occa*ion  on  the  history  of  the 
battle  (alao  publiahed  In  Charlotte,  N.  C,  Obttmr,  Jnly  t, 


The  part  relating  to  the  Maryland  monument  and  aketcbea 
of  the  peraoiu  more  directly  connected  witli  ita  erection  has 
been  reprinted,  «'.  pp.  IT. 



Soott,  A.  E.  Visit  to  Mitchell  and  Roan  Moun- 
tains.    Appalachia,  Dec.  1884,  iv.  12-20. 

Soott,  William  Amasa,  Ph.D.,Asst.  Prof.  Polit. 
Economy,  Univ.  of  Wis.  The  repudiation  of  State 
debts.    NewYork:T.Y.Crowell&Co.    1893.    12°. 

North  Carolina  and  South  Carolina,  pp.  65-93. 

Seaton,  William  Winston  (1785-1866).  Jour- 
nalist. A  biographical  sketch.  With  passing 
notices  of  his  associates  and  friends.  Boston : 
James  R.  Osgood  &  Company.     1871.     12°.    pp. 


In  1807  Seaton  became  editor  of  the  North  Carolina  Jour- 
nal at  Halifax,  N.  C.  In  1S09  he  edited  tlie  Raleigh  Register 
along  with  Joseph  Gales,  Sr.,  and  married  his  daughter.  In 
1812,  along  with  Joseph  Gales,  Jr.,  he  became  editor  of  The 
National  Intelligencer  iu  Washington,  D.  C.  The  volume 
contains  an  extended  sketch  of  the  Galea  family  of  N.  C, 
and  deals  largely  with  social  life  in  Raleigh.  It  is  the  work 
of  a  daughter  of  Mr.  Seaton. 

Selfridge,  Thomas  Oliver  (1837-),  Capt. 
U.  S.  N.  The  navy  at  Fort  Fisher.  Battles  and 
Leaders  of  the  Civil  War,  iv.  655-662,  illuitraiions, 

With  a  summary  of  opposing  forces  at  Fort  Fisher,  Jan., 

sunn,  James  Franklin,  A.B.  Discovery  of 
gold  in  North  Carolina.  Trinity  Archive,  1892-93, 
vi.  335-337. 

Simpson,  William.  The  names  of  medicinal 
plants  of  commercial  value  that  are  gathered  in 
North  Carolina :  their  value  and  relative  amount 
sold  in  this  country  and  exported.  Am.  Jour,  of 
Pharmacy,  Oct.  1894;  4th  s.,  ixiv.  480-490. 

Read  at  the  meeting  of  the  Fharmacentical  Association 
held  at  Asheville,  N.  C,  Sept.  1894. 

Skimmer,  Thomas  Edward  (1825-),  D.D.,  Bapt. 
minister.  Sermons,  addresses,  and  reminiscences. 
Raleigh :  Edwards  &  Broughton.  1894.  8°.  pp. 
437.     Portrait,  illustrations. 

The  greater  part  of  this  volume  is  taken  up  with  sermons 
and  sketches  of  sermons.  Of  the  funeral  discourses  those  on 
M.  T.  Yates  and  H.  M.  Tupper  contain  considerable  bio- 
graphical material.  Pp.  331-389  contain  the  reminiscences 
which  deal  with  the  life  of  the  author,  tlie  growth  of  the 
Baptist  Church,  particularly  in  Raleigh,  and  prominent  Bap- 
tist leaders.  A  sketch  of  Charles  Worth  Skinner  (1784-1870) , 
&thcr  of  the  author,  which  was  written  by  John  W.  Moore, 
is  added,  pp.  236-252. 

Sloonim,  Henry  Warner  (1827-),  Maj.  Gen. 
U.  S.  V.  Sherman's  march  from  Savannah  to  Bcn- 
tonsville.     The  Century,  Oct.  1887,  xii.  928-939. 

Also  in  Batltet  and  Leaden  of  the  Civil  War,  iv.  681-700; 
with  maps,  illustrations,  portraits,  and  a  list  of  the  opposing 
forces  in  this  campaign. 

Final    operations    of     Sherman's    army. 

Battles  and  Leaders  of  the  Civil  War,  iv.  754-768. 

Smedea,  Aldert  (1810-1877),  D.D.,  Founder  of 
St.  Mary's  School.  Sketch  of;  portrait.  See 
Battle,  K.  P. 

Smith,  Gustavus  Woodson  (1822-),  Maj.  Otn. 
C.  S.  A.  Confederate  war  papers.  Fairfax  Court 
House,  New  Orleans,  Seven  Pines,  Richmond,  and 
North  Carolina.  New  York:  Atlantic  Publishing 
and  Engraving  Co.  1884.  12°.  pp.  381.  Maps, 

Discusses  the  defence  of  North  Carolina  in  the  latter  part 
of  1862  and  early  months  of  1863. 

Southtirell,  Sir  Robert.  Method  the  Indians  in 
Virginia  and  Carolina  use  in  dressing  buck  and  doe 
skins.     Phil.  Trans.  Abs.  (1691),  iii.  458. 

Spmnt,  James  (^continued).  What  ship  is 
that?     Tales  of  the  Cape  Fear  blockade. 

Begun  in  Southport  (N.  C.)  Leader,  30  Nov.,  1893,  and 
still  continued,  altcrnatmg  with  his  "  A  Colonial  Plantation." 

Swaim,  George  F.,  S.3.,  Engineer.  Report  on 
the  water  power  of  the  southern  Atlantic  water- 
slied.  Tenth  Census  of  the  United  States,  vol.  xvi. 
Washington.     1885.     4°.     pp.  171. 

North  Carolina:  —  Chowan  river  and  its  tributaries, 
pp.  24-27;  Roanoke  river  and  its  tributaries,  27-47;  Tar 
river  and  its  tributaries,  48-51;  Neuse  river  and  its  tribu- 
taries, 51-55;  Cape  Fear  river  and  its  tributaries,  55-76; 
Great  Pee  Dee  river  and  its  tributaries,  77-89;  with  maps  of 
the  territory  drained  by  each. 

Taliaferro,  H.  E.  (^correction).  Fisher's  river 
(North  Carolina)  scenes  and  characters.  By 
"  Skitt,"  "  wlio  was  raised  thar."  Illustrated  by 
John  M'Lcnan.  New  York :  Harper  Brothers. 
1859.      12°.     pp.  269. 

The  title  shoulil  read  thus,  and  not  as  printed  ante. 

Thompson,  Holland  M.  (continued) .  The  Tus- 
carora  conspiracy  in  Carolina.  National  Maga- 
zine, Dec-Jan.  1893-94,  xix.  138-149. 

The  magazine  for  fifty  years.    A'.  C.  Univ. 

mag.,  1893-94,  xiii.  273-287. 

With  reproduction  of  covers  and  portraits  of  the  present 

Tompkins,  D.  A.  Roadbuilding  in  a  Southern 
state.  Reprinted  from  The  Engineering  Maga- 
zine, Feb.  1894.     8°.     pp.  12.     Illustrations,  cuts. 

Account  of  work  done  m  Mecklenburg  County,  N.  C. 

Tnttle,   D.    II.,    Meth.   minister.      History  of 
Fifth  Street  M.  E.  Church,   South,  Wilmington,      ^ 
N.  C.     Atlantic  Methodist  (Wilmington),  July  6,       1 
13,  20,  1892. 

University  Magasine,  North  Carolina  (con- 

Vol.  xiii.  1893-94, Oct.,  Nov.,  Dec.,  1893,  Jan.,  Feb.,  Mar.- 
April  (one),  May,  1894,  8  nos.  in  7,  pp.  432,  4  full  page  por. 
traits,  46  small  portraits,  13  illustrations,  t.  p.  and  contents,  iv. 

Vanuzem,  Lardner  (1792-1848).  Description 
and  analysis  of  the  zirconite  of  Buncombe  county, 
N.  C.  Journal  Acad.  Nat.  Sci.  of  Philadelphia, 
1823,  iii.  69-64. 

Paper  read  April  23, 1823. 



Johano  Caipar.  NonlcaroUni- 
KMechiamiu,  oder  Chri«tU«cber  Religions- 
anterricbt  nach  Einleitung  der  Ueiligen  Schrift. 
Leipaig:  Siegfrietl  Lebreebt  Cruiiui.  1788. 
pp.  SM. 

-'Ktwrim  Ton  Jebua  CaafrVaHbamn,  Doctor  nod 
■liwilli.IlM  Lcknr  dar  Ttwolosit,  rntcm  Pn<lig«r  In 
n«l— IM«ll,  aod  G«Brnl  SapcrioUad  i  urb  AUc  dm 
DoMafs  Uarinlbal.'* 

It  laitain  Lalkcf^  nuUar  tartebiwi  aad  ihoirt  tb* 
■Booac  of  imunt  takra  la  Ibaaa  cbafcbM  by  tboac  of  U«- 
■aay.  Tka  fnhm  by  Dr.  VtUbaawa  g<Tc«  aa  latifbt  UUo 
Iba  ■■■air  la  wklcb  tba  practkal  a&ln  of  tbe  cbarcbta  la 
tha  OifBBaai  wtn  eoadactcd.  Ha  npotta  na*  taMaraHlaf 
ftcta  eaaatnlac  Iba  Lathnaa  rbereb  la  XorU  Canilaa,  aad 
MUa  aa  af  Iba  dapaitara  of  lUr.  C.  A.  O.  Bloreb  from 
HiiMtaadi  for  kia  aaw  tald  of  work  fat  Koitb  CanUm. 

Thh  U  tba  taeoad  adWaa  of  wbat  waa  kaowa  bi  lla  Int 
o«tloa  aa  Iba  ••  BabwIaadI  CatachiM." 

Vaa  lokwaialta.  LcwU  Darid  (eonlinutd). 
Sketch  of.  Popular  Seitma  Monthly,  April,  1894, 
xUt.  88S-M0,  portrait. 

Deacription  of  a  nomber  of  lujw  Ameri- 

eaa  apaciao  of  sphaeriae.  JounuU  Acad.  }fat. 
8ei.  ejr  PkiUuUipMa,  IMSS.  t.  S-16. 

PabUabad  aa  a  rapplcaau  to  bla  SfntptU  ftmfnm 

A.  M.  (fonfiaamf).  Addreaa  on  tbe 
Ub  aad  lerrioea  of  Brig.  Gen.  Oeoife  B.  Ander- 
•oo.     Ralei^  JVnr«  a/ai  Otttrnr.  IS  May,  1885. 

WUtiam.  Dcaeriptioii  of  Are  new 
foaaiU,  of  the  older  pliocene  formation  of  Mary- 
land  and  North  Carolina.  Journal  Acad.  Ifat. 
Sti.  of  PkUadclpkia,  1839,  viii.  51-S3.  ptalu. 

WmMmm,  DarM  Baillie  (1778-1845)  (eon- 
Um»4d).  North  Carolina,  ta  \i*  Sutiitical,  politi- 
cal, and  hiatorical  accoont  of  the  United  Statet, 

Wkb  a  ibaft  Hat  af  warka  rtlatlac  to  Iba  biatorr  ud 
fiagiapby  of  tba  Stata. 

Stephen  Beanregard  (^continued). 
Critical  etaajr  on  tbe  tonrcea  of  Information  [for 
Methodiat  hiatory  in  North  Carolina].  Raltigk 
Ckrutim*  Adwccat*,  Dec.  18,  189S. 

PabOabad  aa  aa  heradawtea  to  tba  hlMorr  of  M atbodlam 
la  Kortb  CaroUaa  pctar  to  IMT,  by  B.  B.  WUlla  aad  J.  A. 
•aUwIa  (q.  *.]. 

Orcen  Hill  and  the  flnt  Conference  in 

North  Carolina.  North  Carolina  (formerly  Ra- 
ttigh)  Chrittimm  AdMcmU,  AprU  11,  1894. 

A  aala  aaUag  i]uimtl»a  lo  aoaa  Italian  all  ta  aa  aarllcr 

The  UniTertity  of  North  Carolina  In  1805. 

H.  C.  Umif.  wtag..  189»-94.  siil.  U8-439. 

Coataaiporarj  Utur*  froai  a  itudaat  la  Iba  ITaiTanUy, 
wMb  Moyapblral  aad  Ulaalrathra  aoCaa. 

Review  of  "Leonidaa  Polk,  Biihop  and 

Oesaral."  (Netr  York,  1898,  2  rola.,  x.  349,  riii. 
44t).  AnnaJt  of  the  Awteriean  Academy  of  Po- 
Muai  and  Social  Scitnet,  Sept.  1894,  t.  148-ifil. 

Wa«ka,  Stephen  Beaareptrd  (<oa<tiiu«f). 
General  Joaeph  Martin  and  tfie  war  of  the  Uevo- 
lution  in  the  weat.  Report  of  American  Bittori- 
cat  AMMociation  for  1893,  pp.  401-477. 

IDT  copira  reprinted. 

A  Madjr,  baaed  on  original  loarcei,  of  tbe  career  of  Gen. 
Jaaepb  Uartin  (IT40-1IM),  of  TlrcInU,  with  u  account  of 
tba  part  taken  bj  him  in  tbe  caoipalgu  againtt  the  Cberokees 
In  the  ReTolalioa  and  rabaequentlj ;  the  Slate  of  Franklin ; 
tlw  treaty  of  Uopewell  aad  other  aerTlce. 

Geoerml  Martin  waa  tba  afeat  of  Virginia  among  the 
Cberokaoa  la  ITtO.  By  bla  addreaa  and  diplomacy  be  was 
able  to  keep  tbcm  qoiet  durlag  the  CaU  of  1*80,  alchongh  the 
Meady  polb-y  of  the  Britiah  waa  to  keep  them  excited.  It 
thu  became  poaiibla  for  tbe  OTennoantain  men  to  IraTe 
their  beaaa  aad  urike  a  blow  at  tha  Britiah  and  Tories  at 
Klag'a  Moaatahi.  that  taming  the  tide  of  war  in  the  South 
la  hTor  of  tbe  Aaicrlcaaa. 

The  hiftory  of  negro  auffrage  in  the  Sonth. 

Poiilital  Science  Quarterly,  Dec.  1894,  toI.  ix. 

ttO  coplca  reprinted. 

Tbi*  paper  waa  preaented  to  tha  World'a  Coagitaa  AaxQlaiy 
oa  GoTemment  in  Chicago  in  Angaat,  IHtt. 

Tba  biatory  of  aagra  tvOraga  belbra  tba  war  ia  given,  North 
Carolina  being  the  laat  Beatbera  Stata  to  deprive  him  of  thia 
right.  Tha  aroialioa  of  aagro  aaftaga  after  tha  war  la 
Uaead  aad  alao  Iba  tArk  aMda  to  Umlt  ka  Inflneoce :  (I)  by 
caatraUsaMas:  (t)  taxaa;  (I)  raglatnlioa  lawi;  (4)  educa- 

Sonthem  Qnakera  and  ilaTcry :  A  ftudy 

in  inatiintional  hiatory. 

CantfnU:  Chapter  1.  Inlrodnctlon ;  i.  The  Mataa  of  db- 
•rnl  In  the  booth ;  i.  The  pUnting  of  Quakeriam  in  Virginia 
and  tha  Carolinaa ;  4.  Tbe  golden  age  of  Qoakeriam ;  6.  The 
expaaaloQ  of  Quakeriam  ia  tbe  elghlernth  century ;  ft.  Qua. 
ker  aocial  Ufa ;  T.  Quakera  and  tba  eaubliabed  churrh ;  t. 
Quakera  and  their  testimony  againat  war;  9.  Quaken  and 
■larrry ;  10.  Quakrn  and  the  lettlement  of  tbe  middle  Weat ; 
11.  Tha  dedlna  of  Boatbaia  jpr' — ' — :  U.  Bibliography. 

This  volume  wiU  iPWTffttft  fiiU  of  18M  aa  an  "  Extra 
Voloma  "  In  tbe  Johaa  B^^Hai  Cnlveraity  Seriee  of  StudUt 
In  Btilortcal  and  PotUtcat  Science.  It  will  deal  with  tbe 
Society  of  Prieoda  In  Virginia,  tha  Carolinaa,  and  Georgia. 
A  map  indicating  in  colon  all  Mctiom  of  thoae  Statea  where 
thera  now  are  or  have  been  aettlementa  of  Frlendi  at  any 
time  In  tha  paal,  and  marking  tba  location  of  every  meeting. 
booae,  will  b«  added. 

Tha  effort  baa  been  amda  not  only  to  write  tba  hlitoiTr  of 
the  Society  la  tboaa  Statea  from  iu  Unt  orgaalnlioa  to  Iba 
prvaent  time,  but  alao  to  trace  iu  relation  to  other  rallgbma 
bodiea  and  contemporary  Inatitutionii,  and  to  abow  bow  tha 
oppoaition  of  Friendi  to  alavery  cauied  them  to  become 
prominent  in  the  aettlement  of  the  Weatem  Statet,  particu. 
larly  Ohio  and  Indiana.  Their  miitralion  waa  ao  great  that 
tha  Society  baa  entirely  disappeared  from  Sooth  Carolina 
■ad  Georgia.  Ia  UU  tha  VbrginU  Yearly  Meeting  waa  laid 
down  and  alaea  that  tima  tbe  biatory  of  the  Qnakera  In  tbeae 
Statea  baa  been  Ultla  more  than  the  history  of  the  Society  In 
North  Carolina.  Thia  baa  been  brought  down  to  date,  in- 
cluding the  decline  of  the  Society  before  and  during  the  war 
period,  and  ita  rapid  recovery  and  improvement  lince  that 

Dr.  Weeki  baa  ready  \n  MS.  a  paper  complemenury  and 
lupplcroentary  to  his  '*  PreH  In  North  Carolina  in  the  Eight. 
erntb  Century "  on  "  Ijl>raries  and  Literature  In  North 
Carolina  In  the  Eighteenth  Century."  Tliia  ia  an  account  of 
all  the  public  and  private  libraries  known  to  have  existed  In 
the  Bute,  and  a  history  of  the  domestic  Utaratar*  with  bio- 
graphical tkatcbea  of  tha  authors. 



Wlweler,  A.  O.  (^correction) .  This  was  the 
author  of  the  "  Eye  witness,"  published  and  cata- 
logued under  the  initials  A.  O.  W. 

Wheeler,  John  Hill  (correction).  Memorial  to 
the  General  Assembly  of  North  Carolina  for  act  of 
incorporation  for  the  Mecklenburg  Centennial  and 
Monumental  Association.     8°.     pp.  7. 

Meeting  for  organization  Iield  Aug.  24, 1842.  Reprinted  liis 
ffistori/t  ii.  257.    Kot  as  printed  p.  68  under  Wheeler,  — . 

Wllooz,  Marion  (correction).  A  North  Caro- 
lina incident.  New  Englander,  March,  1885,  xl. 

Not  as  printed  ante. 

WiUey,  D.  Allen.  A  land  of  plenty.  The 
Southern  States,  June,  1894,  ii.  199-202. 

Discusses  the  section  of  eastern  N.  C.  traversed  by  the 
Norfolk  &  Southern  R.  R. 

Willis,  Robert  Henry,  A.B.  History  of 
Methodism  in  North  Carolina  up  to  1800.  Raleigh 
Christian  Advocate,  Dec.  13,  1893,  to  Jan.  31, 

PubUdud  in  connectioB  with  J.  A.  Baldwin  [q.  v.]  as  part  i. 

of  "The  history  of  Methodism  in  North  Carolina  prior 
to  the  organization  of  the  North  Carolina  Conference  in 

Wilson,  John  Makamie  (1769-1831),  D.D., 
Preshy.  minister.  Sermon  on  the  death  of  Rev. 
Lewis  Feuliteau  Wilson  (1753-1804).     [c.  1804.] 

Sermon   on   the   death   of   Rev.    Samuel 

Eusebius  McCorkle  (1746-1811).     [e.  1811.] 

Winslow,  Edward  Lee.  Historical  address  at 
the  semi-centennial  of  the  Fayetteville  independent 
light  infantry.  Fayetteville.  E.  J.  Hale.  1860. 

Delivered  Aug.  23, 1843. 

Winston,  George  Tayloe  (continued).  The 
University  of  to-day.  N.  C.  Univ.  mag.,  1893-94, 
liii.  325-328. 

With  portraits  of  the  present  faculty  and  pictures  of 

'Wright,  Marcus  Joseph  (continued).  In  the 
mountains  among  the  moonshiners  of  North  Caro- 
lina.    National  Republican.     Washin^n.     1891. 


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are  doubtless  as  valuable.  These  are  the  collections  of  the  Hon.  Kemp  Plummer  Battle,  LL.D.,  professor  of  history  in  the 
University  of  North  Carolina,  and  of  the  Right  Reverend  Joseph  Blount  Cheshire,  Jr.,  D.D.,  Bishop  of  the  Diocese  of  North 
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j0rteaUMrmlam4  Jtiimltml  CMtof. 

.tammarU  SttUn.    ti—lkmttUU. 

8.  B.  WMk*.  J.  uTVhnUr 
b.  S.  Ur 

C.  T.  BalWr,  N.  B.  Cakb 
AtluHIU.    %*mlkmltiat. 

J.  *.  9nMtt,  H.  A.  BMrjOT 



J.  T.  AiMOM,  c.  T.  »*a*r, 

D.  BratdM,  A.  W.  CIoMm, 
R.  T.  DMkI,  J.  A.  D*lkt,  R.  L 
IVrta,  M.  BdwwiU,  J.  II 
Tmm.  J.   D.  UaftiMB.  J.  J 

B.  A.  Ptot.  n.  wTParHbT.  J 
MMOTtk*  FonM  Cvltoc*.  W. 
a.  WMMB.      itte* ;  -  V  B. 

BlarhL.  Bar- 
I.  IT.  W.  Ckn. 

M.  AwWtmw.  i. 
Uu  MMi  J.  Rm4, 

WW.  c  a  A  8. 


J.  B.  CbMkln.  Jr. 


W.  P.  Ckriki.   W. 

a;  iTtMnrlc  a.  B.  WMk*.  J. 


J.  J.  ii 

)  Amlttlnfmp*w. 
it.  Amitnn.Jokm 

Bwr,  C.  C*M. 
««ll,  J.  t«IJw>U,  L.  R.  rrt«- 
brr,  J.  B.  Pliii«T,W.  T.OkBUk. 
wvT,  R.  JordM,  K.  J.  Millm, 
J.  iNIo-,  J.  IVKna,  L.  Bawyrr, 
J.  K.  W>'|>l>rr4.  T.  E.  Sklmwr, 

J.  TbMBOa 

k.  r.  BMIto.  W.  J.  Baulf,  D.  K. 
•tawn,  J.  Blap>.  Bn«  sad 
fMbrlX.  ■vim  >n>l  J.  Krirf, 
).  e.  Wmt,  tr.Cterk,  I»Ti.l^a 

"iliirr^r  r — ■*.  v.  II.  Johp- 
i!a^.m.  Miww^M.a.Mayi. 

Ma  af  tlw  BMlk,  b.  •Hwwk, 
f»^  OmHm,  B.  B.  Waaka. 

(S)  ArfiaMiM/  MmfrmpAf. 
D.  Akahant  (8.  B.  WtrVi),  E.  A. 
AUatowa,  U.  B.  Andrraon  (6. 
Gala),  A.  B.  Atxlrrwa  (J.  D. 
Caawma),  J.  ArvhiUU  in.  B. 
Wack*),  J.  A«ba  (A.  M.  Hoop. 
ar),T.  AtkiMOB  (U.  C.  Lar). 

A.  C.  Arar;  (A.  D.  Hcallk), 
I.  E.  ATinr  (A.  D.  Bintth). 
W.  ATcry.  O.  E.  B«li(Tr  (Mn. 
U.  B.  Clarkr,  W.  EaloD,  MIm 
P.  Paivn,  and  W.  A.  Cirahan), 
D.  M.  Barrliicrr,  W.  Bartnaa, 
K.  I'.  Baulr.  V.  11.  Baltla  (J. 

B.  Batrhrlor  awl  8.  T.  FhUUpa), 
J.  BUkrlry  (J.  JohMoa).  W. 
BhwatOI.  J.  Wr«cli(),T.  Brain 
(P.  Cotrpar) ,  L.  (TH.  BraMliTX 
Baghaa),  J.  BrtekaU  (8.  B. 
Waaka),  G.  W.  Brooka.  T. 
Barkf,  J.  B.  Bailon,  D.  Cald- 
wall  ( B.  W.  Uaraibata) ,  J.  Cald- 
waU  (W.  Aadanoa  awl  Mn. 
a  P.  BMMrr).  P.  a  Caawraa 
(J.  U.  Cawr—  awl  Mn.  C.  P. 
jaixai).  J.  Vr.  Carr  (K.  T. 
Wkiilna),  O.  W.  Carawaa  (T. 
■nvrow),  H.  CaawcU  (7.  M. 
Uiibbanl  and  B.  A.  OUkwn), 
D.  W.  Ctotetia,  W.  Cbrfc.T.  L. 
niBpua  (J.  D.  Caaaraa),  A. 
W.  ClaMoa.  T.  A.  Cawas,  D. 
0«n  (U.  D.  8caU).  J.  T.  Crow, 
an,  M.  A.  Cartto JT.  P.  Wood), 
jTDaalal  (R.T.  Bnuirtt),  R.T. 
Oairial,  A.  J.  Darns  (R.  T. 

aati}.  W.  R.  IHTia  (W. 
Clark.  P.  M.  HablMud,  and  A. 

D.  JoMM),  J.  Darca  (O.  Davn), 
C.  P.  Daan*.  R.  P.  Dick  (JC.  P. 
~      a),  J.  11.  Dkkaoa  (T.  F. 

i),  8.  T.  Dimoek  (J.  F. 
Clark*),  J.  (-.  Dobbin  (J. 
Bank«).r.  Douh  (M.  I.Woo<1). 
I,.  (;.  I>raprr  (IC  <i.  Thwaitn), 
W.  DnunmoDd  (8.  B.  W»ki), 

E.  B.  Dwllar  (R.  H.  Cowaaj, 
J.  E.  DM«ar,  O.  DnraM  (8.  B. 
WMka).  J.  W.  BlUa.  E.  Em- 
MOM  (J.  Maxrnn),  J.  J.  Erwia 
(W.  8.  PaaraoQ),  J.  J.  Frar, 
B.  W.  Fallrr,  C.  (iair  (M.  6. 
Uarwood),  W.  R.  (talea,  W. 
Oaatoo  (W.  H.  Bauir,  P.  Bw- 
bac.  R.  B.  Craary,  D.  K.MrRac, 
M.  B.  Maaly,  8.  F.  Phlllipa,  R. 
BMMta,  and  8.  &  Wr*k>),  .1. 

A.  GUmrr,  T.  OodiW-r  (8.  B. 
Wffk«),  J.  B.  liortlon  (W.  II. 
II.  (  owk.),  W.  A.  (iraham  (T. 

B.  Kinir^'iary  and  M.  IbMir- 
kar),  C.  (inTf*.  R.  II.  Orarfii 
tU.  T.  WlnatoiO.N.'irwie  ((i. 
W.  Uraaoa  and  W.  Johnwn), 
B.  Urinaa  (P.  Coonrr,  W.  J. 
Oraaa,  U.  A.  Lowlnn,  and  J. 
H.  Whaalcr),  C.  lUII  [8.  B. 
Wrrk*).  Jan»^  lUII  (E.  F. 
Borkwell),  John  Halt  (W. 
Rainn),  C.  namdt(D.  L.  Swain 
and  J.  il.  Wtwrlrr),  II.  L.  llar- 
rla(J.  A.  Iloinr.),  B.Ilawkln>, 

F.  (..  Ilawka  (K.  A.  Ouj-rkinrk, 
W.  F.  Mornn.  aixl  N.  K.  Kk-h. 
anboo),  J.  lUywond  (W.  II. 
Battle,  and  A.  8.  f -olrar),  W.  II. 
lla]rwo<Nl.  I.,  Ilendrrann  (W. 
II.  Balllr),  P.  Ilmdrnon,  N. 
M.  lIpnK  ('•.  F.  Atklnaon),  B. 
HIU  (W.  It.  Bailor),  D.  n.  iini 
(A.  C.  ATtry),  Whit.  Hill  (D. 

L.  Bwala),  Wm.  Hill  (A.  M. 
Hooper),  W.  U.  Hill  (R.  B. 
Harwood),  J.  Uokud  (W. 
Clark),  A.  M.  Ilooprr,  J.  DcB. 

Hooprr  (C.  T.  8pru<-rr),  (i.  M. 
HonoB (K.  P.  Battle),  M. Hunt, 
K.  and  W.  Uiuii,  J.  Iredell  (U. 

J.  McRee),  A.  Jaekaon  (8.  H. 
Walkap),  IL  Jamea  (K.  P.  Bat- 
Ua),  J.  .tobBaoB  (D.  L.  Swain), 
U.  Jobnatoo  (C.  Dockanr),  G. 

B.  JohnatoB  (J.  H.  Laoa), 
8.  Jobnalaa,  E.  Jonea  (w. 
Uooper).  L.  O'B.  B.  Jonca, 
W.  C.  Kerr  (J.  A.  Iloluira), 
F.  Kidder  (J.  W.  DeMi),  W.  K. 
KlM.  (R.  Scraan),  R.  Lane, 
(ETB.  llala  andS.  B.  Weeka), 
J.  LawaoB  (S.B.Weeka),U.G. 
Lel(h  (W.  A.  Smith),  W.  W. 
I/enoir  (J.  A.  Waatoa),  J.  A. 
Ulllas«">  W.  8.  LoDg.  T.  U. 
Lowa  (T.  B.  Klagabarr),  8.  E. 
McCoritIa  (J.  MTWifaon),  F. 
MacOonald  (B.  J.  Ramane), 
W.  II.  MeKee  (8. 8.  SatrbwaU), 
N.  Macon  (E.  R.  Cotton,  aad 
W.  N.  Edwaida).  D.  K.  McRaa 

P.  N.  Ssadrn),  W.  MeRae 
.  M.  Stadnaa).  i.  F.  McRea 
.  P.  Wood),  W.  MeRee,  V. 
MalleU  (Ci.  T.  Winatoo),  A. 
W.  MaoKum  (J.  Daniela),  W. 
P.  Mannm  (A.  W.  Mancum), 
W.  P.  ManguiB,  Jr.  (Mr*.  W. 
P.  Mannm.  Jr.),  C  Manljr  (J. 
M.  CleaTrlaad),T.  C.  Mannlns 
(J.  MaanInK,  and  P.  Roberu), 
O.  F.  Man.oD  (T.  F.  Wood), 
r.  X.  Martin  (II.  A.  Bullard. 
__  IKW.Uowr.aadH.M.Tbomp. 
r-rr'  Martin  (8.  B.  Week.V 
W.  J.  Martin.  N.  Mendenhali 
nt.  M.  Ilnbba),  T.  Mer«lith 
(J.  D.  llnrnian),  A.  8.  Mrrrl- 
mon  (W.  (lark),  J.  8.  R.  Mil- 
lar, R.  J.  .Miller  (.I.B.Cheabire, 
Jr.),  E.  Mli.'liell  {<.:.  Phillipa, 
amT  W.  B.  PliUliDK).  A.  .Moore 
JJ.  I,.  T.rlor).  ft.  F.  Moore, 
IJnele  Mofeau,  .7.  M.  Morebeaa 
(J.  Kerr), R. II.  MorTiaon( A.W. 
Miller  and  I).  II.  Hill),  A.  D. 
Murplier  (W.  A.  Uraliam),A. 
Naah,  F.  S'aah  (J.  II.  Brjran), 
P.  8.  Ner  (J.  A.  Weaton),  M. 

C.  8.  Noble.  J.  N'orrum  (8.  8. 
Satcbwell),  D.  Olmated,  11.  Pa. 
lillo  ( D.  Laojr ) ,  J .  Palton,  W.  D. 
Pender  (W.  A.  Monta>>mer7) , 
J.  J.  I'ettigrew  (K-  P.  Battle, 
W.  B.  Bond,  II.  C.  Graham. 
W.  8.  Petticrrw,  and  W.  II. 
Treacott),  J.  Plilfer.  V.  Pliilllna 
(R.  H.  Battle),  J.  Hilllpa  ((). 
L  Swain),  J.  .).  Pliillipa,  J.  K. 
Polk,  I,.  Polk  (W.  M.  Polk), 
W.  Kaleiirh  (8.  A.  Aahe),  8. 1). 
Ramaeur  (W.  R.  Cox),  K.  Ran. 
•om  (W.  .;.  Green),  ./.  8.  Ra. 
»en«<-roft  (W.  M.  fireen),  I.. 
Reiltnnnd  (R.  A.  Cobh),  N.  F. 
Reid  (.1.  W.  and  F.  U  Held), 

,  W.  B.  Rodman  (l>.  Cowper), 
R.  Roaa  (.1.  Rnaa),  T.  Rulllii 
(W.  A.  Graham).  T.  Ruffln 
(R.  P.  Dick),  W.  t.  Hanndera 
(A-  M.  Waddell).  F.  B.  Salter- 
thwalle  (F.  8.  Stiekner),  J.  C. 
BcarbomuKh,  J.  W.  Shaekle. 
t>rd,  R.  A.  SbotweU  (J.   Dan. 



lel§),  W.  G.  Simmons  (W.  Koy. 
all),  W.  W.  Skiles  (S.  F. 
Cooper),  J.  B.  Skinner  (T.  H. 
Skinner),  T.  H.  Skinner  (Pren- 
tiss),  A.  Smedes  (K.  F.  Battle), 

B.  Smitli  (K.  P.  Battle),  W.  N. 
H.  Smith,  R.  D.  Spaielit  (J.  H. 
Wheeler),  C.  A.  G.  Stork  (J.G. 
Morris),  E.  Strudwick  (J.  D. 
Cameron),  J.  Sumner  (K.  P. 
Battle),  D.  L.  Swain  (F.  P. 
Brewer,  and  Z.  B.  Vance) ,  J.  L. 
Taylor  (W.  H.  Battle),  J. 
Thompson  (E.  F.  Rockwell), 
Mrs.  5l.  and  Mrs.  II.  E.  Vance, 
Z.  B.  Vance  (K.  P.  Battle),  L. 
D.  Von  Schweinitz,  F.  Walker 
rS.  R.  Walker),  E.  Warren  (J. 
H.  Wheeler),  J.  H.  Wheeler 
(J.  S.  Fowler),  H.  L.  White 
(J.  C.  Linney,  and  N.  N.  Scott), 
J.  White  (S.  B.  Weeks),  B. 
Williams,  L.  Williams,  II.  Wil. 
liamson  (D.  Hosack,  and  Mrs. 
M.  J.  Lamb),  L.  D.  Wilson  (W. 
T.  Dancy),  L.F.  Wilson  (.J.  M. 
Wilson) ,  W.  M.  Wingatc  (F.  U. 
Ivcy),  G.  T.  Winston,  N.  Wise 
(B.  Craven),  J.  Witherspoon 
(F.Nash),  J.  Worth  (S.  Gales), 
T.  H.  Wright  (R.  B.  Drane), 
H.  L.  Wyatt  (S.  B.  Weeks), 
M.  T.  Yates  (T.  E.  Skinner). 
AUo :  —  L.Lane  (W.  G.  Haw- 
kins), n.  Murfree,  W.  W. 
Seatoii,  C.  W.  Skinner  (T.  E. 

Blackbeard,  p{*'ate. 

S.  C.  Hughson,  S.  B.  Weeks 
Slack  Mountaing. 

T.  L.  Clingman 

W.  Bartram,  H.  B.  Croom,  M.  A. 
Curtis,  Geology,  A.  Gray,  P. 
M.  Hale,  C.  L.  Hunter,  M.  E. 
Hyams,  T.  T.  S.  Laidley,  G. 
McCarthy,  A.  and  F.  A.  Mi- 
chaux,  J«orth  Carolina,  W.  L. 
Poteat,  L.  D.  Von  Schweinitz, 
T.  Walter,  T.  F.  Wood 
Bnintuttck,  Feb.  1766. 

S.  A.  Ashe 
Buncombe  County. 
J.  D.  Cameron 
Burke  County. 

A.  C.  Avery 
Burning  at  Stake. 

W.  Clark 
Busineis  tranitactiontt  1817. 
G.  S.  Wills 

Canat.    See  Dismal  Swamp  Canal. 

J.  W.  Bryan 
Cape  Fear  Section. 

G.  Davis,  J.  Sprunt 
Capitalize   and    Emigrants.       See 

Guide  to. 

D.  Coxe,  E.  Williams 
Carteret  County. 

A.  Oaksinith,  Trials 
Oary  Rebellion. 

S.  A.'Aslie,  E.  CantwelK  0.  Davis, 
F.  L.  Hawks,  H.  M.  Thompson, 
S.  B.  Weeks 
Caswell  County. 

B.  Yancey 

J.  S.  Bassett,  W.  Gaston,  M.  I.  J. 

Griftin,  S.  B.  Weeks 
Charlotte.    Sec  that  title. 
Charters.    See  that  title. 

E.  Hazard 
Chatham  County. 

11.  A.  London 
Cherokees.    Sec  that  title. 

J.  Adair,  A.  T.  Davidson,  L. 
Downing.  J.  R.  Gilmore,  J.  U. 
liOgan,  W.  Moore,  J.  Mooney, 
E.F.  Rockwell,  T.  Roosevelt, 

C.  C.  Royce,  D.  Schenck,  R. 
Strange,  C.  Thomas,  S.  B. 

Christians  {retlgioun  denomination) . 
W.  8.  Long,  J.  Thomas 


D.  K.  Bennett 
Church  and  State. 

J.  B.  Cheshire,  Jr.,  F.  L.  Hawks, 
S.  B.  Weeks 
Cincinnati^  Society  of  the. 

E.  G.  Daves,  G.  Daves 
Circulating  medium.    See  North  Car- 

Civil  War.    See  that  title. 

J.  S.  C.  Abbott,  Albemarle,  J.  G. 
Albright,  L.  M.  Allen,  G.  B. 
Anderson,  L.  B.  Anderson,  S. 
A,  Ashe,  Averasboro,  A.  C. 
Avery,  I.  E.  Avery,  W.  B. 
Avery,  R.  Barringer,  W.  F. 
Beasley,  R.  T.  Bennett,  Bethel, 

0.  W.Blacknall,  W.  R.  Bond, 
L.  O'B.  Braucli,  F.  H.  Busbec, 
W.  P.  Carlin,  P.  S.  Chase,  T.  L. 
Clingman,  J.  R.  Cole,  Confed- 
erate, V.  Colvar,  T.  A.  Cowan, 
W.  R.  Cox,"W.  A.  Curtis,  J. 
Davis,  W.  W.  Douglas,  J.  W. 
Ellis,  M.  F.  Force,  Fort  Fisher, 
W.  T.  Gnunaway,  A.  P.  (iaston, 
R.  C.  Gilchrist,  J.  B.  Gordon, 
W.  R.  Gorman,  J.  A.  Graham, 
Granville  Grays,  J.  P.  Green, 
W.  J.  Green,  B.  Grimes,  W. 
Hampton,  J.  S.  Harris,  T.  C. 
Harris,  R.  C.  Hawkins,  J.  W. 
llinton,  R.  F.  Hoke,  W.  J. 
Hoke,  J.  Johns,  T.  B.  Kings- 
bury, T.  Kiowan,  Ku  Klux,  \V. 
Lamb,  Mrs.  W.  Lamb,  J.  H. 
W.  W.Lenoir,  C.  Leventliorpc, 
II.  A.  London,  A.  C.  McClurg, 
A.  W.  Mangum,  W.  A.  Mont- 
gomery, J.  W.  Moore,  J.  M. 
Mullen,  New  Bern,  D.  Oakey, 
Our  Folks  in  War,  Our  Living 
andOurDcad,  W.  D.  Pender,  J. 
J.  Pettigrew,  S.  D.  Ramseur,  R. 
Ransom,  W.  P.  Roberts,  Roll  of 
Honor,  Roster  of  North  Caro- 
lina Troops,  (».  N.  Sanders, 
T.  O.  Selfridge,  W.  T.  Sherman, 
R.  A.  Shotwell,  J.  A.  Sloan, 
II.  W.  Slocum,  C.  P.  Spencer, 
C.  M.  Stcdman,  G.  F.  Towlc, 

1.  R.  Trimble,  L.  Travcr,  Z.  B. 
Vance,  A.  M.  Waddell,  H.  C. 
Wall,  S.B.  Weeks,  W.L.Welch, 
A.  O.  Wheeler,  J.  II.  Wheeler, 
L.G.YouHg.  yl/so:— W.Clark, 
Gettysburg,  W.  W.  Howe,  W. 
C  Hawkins,  J.  Sprunt,  G.  W. 

Clay  eaters.    See  that  title. 

Climatology.    See  that  title. 
II.  Williamson 


C.  Cobb,  North  Carolina,  G. 

Codes.    See  that  title. 

College  Observatory  tjirst  in  U.  S. 
J.  L.  Love 

Colonial  Carolina. 

J.  Archdale,  S.  A.  Ashe, T.Ashe, 
J.  M.  Atkinson,  W.  H.  Bailey, 
G.  Bancroft,  J.  Bauvard,  J.  S. 
Bassett,  K.  P.  Battle,  R.  Bloomc, 
J.  Brickcll,  W.  C.  Bryant  and 
S.  H.  (iay,  (i.  M.  Butel-Du- 
mont,  E.  T.  Bynum,  E.  Cant- 
well,  Carolina,  II.  B.  Carroll, 
G.  Chalmers,  C.  Cobb,  D.  Co.xe, 
G.Daves,  G.  Davis,  D.  Defoe, 

C.  Dockerv,  J.  A.  Doyle, 
J.  Fiske,  W.  (iibson,  D.  R. 
Goodloe,  F.  L.  Hawks,  A. 
Hewat,  W.  Hillon,  J.  B.  Ho- 
mann,  R.  Home,  S.  C.  Hugh, 
son,  H.  .Jones,  E.  Labonlaye, 
J.  Lawson,  .7.  Lederer,  H.  C. 
Lodge,  F.  X.  Martin,  J.  W. 
Moore,  M.  Moore,  .J.  Oldmixon, 
W.  J.  Rivers,  T.  Salmon,  R.  M. 
Saunders,  W.  L.  Saunders,  (i. 

D.  Scull,  N.  S.  Shaler,  C.  L. 
Smith,  S.  B.  Weeks.  J.  H. 
Wheeler,  H.  Williamson,  S. 
Wilson,  J.  Winsor 

Colonial  homes. 

J.  G.  Burr 
Colonial  plantation. 

J.  Sprunt 
Colonial  records.    See  that  titU, 

W.  Clark,  W.  L.  Saunders,  J.  H. 
Colonial  and  State  records. 

W.  Clark 

S.  C.  Hughson,  F.  A.  Michatu 
Confederate.    See  Civil  War. 
Constitutional  amendments. 

W.  A.  Graliam 
Constitution.    Sec  that  title. 

J.  S.  Bassett,  J.  Locke,  North 
Carolina,  W.  B.  Shepherd,  C.  H. 
Wiley.    Also :  —  S.  C.  Hughson 
Convention.    See  that  title. 

W.  C.  Kerr 

K.  P.  Battle,  C.  L.  Hunter,  A.  D. 
Sntith,  J.  H.  Wheeler 
Cowan^n  Ford. 

R.  Henry,  D.  Schenck 
Cross  Section. 

A.  B.  Hart 

Davidson  College.    See  that  title. 

R.  Z.  Johnston,  C.  L.  Smith 
Deaf  and  Dumb. 

H.  P.  Peet 
Dea/t  Dumb,  and  Blind.     See  that 


North  Carolina 
Debts,  Repudiation  of. 

W.  A.  Scott 
Deep  River. 

C.  Wilkes 
Democratic  Politics.     See  "C"  let- 

J.  H.  Dickson,  A.  Hopton,  New 
Bern,  J.  Norcum,  G.  Pilson,  S. 
S.  Satcliwell 
IHsmal  Swamp.    See  that  title. 

J.  T.  King,  N.  S.  Shaler 
Dividing  Line. 

W.  Byrd 
Disfranchised  Citizens. 

S.  Whitaker 

J.  H.  Wlieeler 

S.  M.  Allen,  R.  Howe,  E.  Stanly, 
S.  B.  Weeks 

H.  V.  Paul 

Early  History. 

North  Carolina 
Early  Settlers.  Vindication  of. 

W.  J.  Battle 
Eastern  North  Carolina,  1892. 

A.  B.  Hart 
Eastern  North  Carolina. 

G.  I.  Nowitzky,  L.  C.  Vass 
Ecclesiastical    Trial.      See    Trials, 


R.  Dillard 
Edgecombe  County.    See  that  title. 

J.  Battle 
Education.     See  that  title. 

L.  S.  Burkhcad.  C.  Caldwell,  J. 
D.  Cameron,  E.  W.  Caruthers, 
Davidson  College,  R.  B.  Drane, 
Jr.,  W.  W.  Holden,  W.  Hooper, 
J.  Jones,  A.  D.  Murphey,  Saint 
Mary's,  Peace  Institute,  C.  L. 
Smitli,  Trinity  College,  Univer- 
sity of  North  Carolina,  Wake 
Forest  College,  S.  B.  Weeks. 
Also:— J.  Caldwell 
Emigrants.  See  Guide  to. 
Exposition,  American.  See  Ameri- 
can exposition. 


R.  C.  Belden,  A.  L.  Phillips, 
Rowland,  K.  Strange,  Triala. 
Also  :  —  K.  P.  Buxton 

rkfUnUU    hdrpndrmt  UfAl  In- 

J.  cTmLbm,  E.  L.  WImIow 
rtdtrml     (WiiWInW—     mmd    Kara 

8.  A.  Ajbc.  K.  P.  BaitI*,  J.  B. 

CkMhin,  «r^   A.  W.  Ommd. 


8m    jr»rM 

H. «.  Tifchm 


_^  P.  M.  H^  uTfedw* 



W.  ttoww,  L.  r.  BowOT,  J.  B. 

J.    lUrwMd,  B.  J 
J.  G.  ll.  - 

Koowirrtt,  8.  B.  WMk» 

C.  r.  WoOlMD 

/W/t.    8 


AA*   >Mri>7.   J.  U.  CnlckMd, 
W.  r.  Cmctr,  U.  DsTM,  M. 
vacd.  C.  B.  SiMaa.  J. 

D.  Ha 

D.  Harvaod 
U.  Wfcaalw 

E.  BmiI^ii,  O 
C.   DaWi 
MMrtl,  J.  C. 


A.    U. 
J.  A. 

9—mrmfkm.  Bm  gwlMtMf  Srnntft. 
gmk'ritmflhinf.    a»»tkmllUU. 

UaM  IUm*.  J. 


.  A.  HolMM,  W. 
C.  K«r.  B.  MMcWU.  hTB.  C. 
""  '  Carallw.  D.  Oto- 


Ba^  T.  B.  Kl^itafT. 


J.F      ■ 


ermmMI*  Ckmlm. 

Arf^Jbate.    8mMMMU<. 

MlM  Ckoa.  T.  U.  Ltedaar 


C»«(»WW  C^mrt  Bmm.MmUU  af. 
K.  A.  AlilllBM.  J.  D.  CaMToa. 

B.  U.  Oaraa,  U.  J.  Bias.  D. 

•ebawk,   B.  Tteriatoa.   Z.  B. 

TaMa.  8.  B.  Wwki 

gaail  !tmk% 

t.  D.  Caaana.  Nanb  CaroUaa, 
L.  L.FWk 

W.  L.  Wtkb 
/TfoiU  KforU.    8m  Ma<  Mb. 
iSraaU  PuUiUJhr  Omtlmm 

D.  Cau.  M.  D.  I 

).  W.Maan 

I.  C.  JaMa 

-'7      fV«  Mol  lOb. 
<.  r.  M.  Habkard, 
M.  WMk> 


.  k.  L.  Umki.  J.  F. 


Bcitauo.  J.    LawioD,   F.   X. 

MaitiB,  J.  W.  UooR.  J.   U. 

Wkcakr,  II.  WUliaiuoB 

^TMmv  1/  i^vrM  Ckin>/<aa  (e*Uir>). 

R.  B.  Crecrjr,  Mn.  C.  P.  Spaimr 

iSTMory,  ^•cd  o/ 

W.  B.  8.  Burgvra 
niikn,  Mtnagt  a*. 

VTA.  Orabam 

trtlon,  Ftoptmi. 

A.  D.  Murpbajr 

BItlorw  ml  Vmtt. 


8m  jr«ra 

A.  8.  BMiilt 
Bid*  PmrkA—ctmUm. 


Mdatt  t>  CMaate/  Ascmwato. 

J.  H.  Whaalar 

t.  AiUr,  J.  BrtckeU,  E.  CaDCwcU, 
Charafcraa,  F.  KUidcr,  C.  Laa- 
la,  i.  LawMia,  A.  D.  Mar- 
»j,  J.  B.  NeaUwrjr,  8lr  K. 
MbwalL  D.  I..  Swaia 
iWiaa  Wan.    SMMalHUf. 

B.  McDowell 
iUtoa  aaMnMUa. 

J.  W.  Baidakaar 
/n4Un  tarM/  aiMm/*. 

J.  A.  r 


ap.  ubMmh 


O.  If .  Balet-Daaoal.  Nonk  Can- 
Una.  K.  A.  Oldkaa 

D.  L.IHX 

InUmml  tmpi*mmmtt.    8m  PabUt 


.  F.  BockwaU 

W.  W.HoUaa.  C 

I.  W. 



T.  C.  BwTto 

Ktkakt*  BapUaU.     8m    Maptiatt, 

Xbta't  Maantatn.    Bm  Uat  tUU. 
II.  B.  AdMaa.  R.  CaapkaU,  J.  W. 

DaPtyitf  r,  J.  W.  8.  D»t,  L.  C. 

Diaper,  H.  J.  Elam,  J.  J.  liar- 

dla,  R.  I.athan,  J.  S-  Pre>UiD, 

D.  Bcbrnrk,  K-  Sharklelon,  B. 

Hkarp,  W.  U-  mmm«,  A.  Hnjrth, 

D.  Vure,  E.  D.  WarAeld,  J- 

Xa  A7ar.    See  lAal  tlltt. 

W-  II.  Battle,  a.  W.  BrookJ.  J. 

P.   (irven,   W.  W.  llolden,  J. 

W.  Moore,  R.  A.  SbotiraU 

W.  H.  Banla.  J.  badell.  Jr. 
Itaal  PrafnaUm. 

E.  (i.^rade 
t*ai»tattr*  M'fnuat. 

J.  II.  Wheeler 

8.  B.  Weeka 

T.  L.  CUogaiaa,  8.  B.  Weeki 
Lacal  aottmwunt. 

wTa.  Webb 
£«l*r<«  bandtU. 

Mn.  M.  C.  Nomeot 
XaMemn  PAare*.    8ee  Mat  MI/<- 

O.  D.  Bemheim,  C.  A.  O.  Stork, 
J.  C.  VeUbaniaa 

JTaeoa  dmatii. 

C.  D.  Smith 

Land  Wa  LoTt.  Oar  LlTiac  aad 


Oar  Dead,  Soath  Atlantic,  Uai- 
Tersitjr  n  agazina 
Manaert  and  euatom*. 

J.  Bernard,  J.  F.  D.  8mjrth,  D. 
Map:    etatkallUla. 

J.  D.  Caaaiva,  C.  Cobb,  K.  F. 


Jficklanbart  Ckaaly.    8m  thai  tUt*. 

J.O.  M.  Raonay,  D.  A.  Tompkiu 

Mtckttntmra  CnUanial  Attocimtioa. 

J.  II.  wVflir 
Mtcklenburg    litctaralUm    af  Jnda- 
ptadtnct.    See  lAat  Httt. 
L.   C.  Draper,    D.   K.  Uoodloe, 
J.  a  Joan.  AW.  MiUer,  B.  M. 
Sanndert,  W.  L-  Saooden 
Mtdldnal  PlanU. 
W.  Slnpaon 

8.  J.  WkMler 
MtUantom.    See  Ctlmalalafi/. 

J.  A.  Uolmea 

E.  W.  Atwalar.  O.  W.  Bala.  J. 
A.  Baldwin,  L.  S.  Barkhead, 
P.  Doub,  J .  £.  EdwanU,  W.  L. 
OriHon,  II.T.  HadMn,  J.Jen- 
klna.  A.  W.  Maacnn,  M.  U. 
Moore,  W.  M.  Pouaon,  J.  W. 
aod  F.  L.  Reid,  D.  II.  Tattle. 
8.  B.  Weekt.  R.  U.  WUlia,  M, 
L.Wood.  .4<w.-— J.R.Brooka 
MttkadUt  ProUataat. 

J.  Parte 
JTasfeaa  ITor. 

W.  F.  DUK7,  W.  t.  Qtaaa,  J. 
Joaaa,  Rater,  L.  D.  WUaoa 

D.  O.  BriBtoo,  W.  B.  PUlltpa 

D.  U.  Briatoe,  H.  M.  Cbaee,  K.  J. 
Cbapniaa,  F.  A.  Uealh,  Ueo- 
loiriral  Sarrara,  Oold  minei, 
P.  M.  Bale,  W.  E.  Iliddra,  C. 
L.  Hualar,  W.  R.  Johnaon,  W. 
C.  Kerr,  O.  F.  Kanx.  T.  T.  a 
Laidlejr,  North  Carolina,  L. 

R.  A-  Cobb,  M.  J.  Wright 
Maan't  Crttt,  BaltU  a/. 

N.  RocbMter,  J.  U.  Wright 

tj..MaMa,  L.  T.  Relehel 
MotfBnHOffa  t. 

ii.  Darei 
Mound),  prthtHoric.    See  UmI  MU. 

E.  Bo/le,  F.  O.  Carpenter,  i.  W. 
Cblrkering,  MImi  Chunn,  O. 
Dinimock,  P.  C.  Fiaher,  F.  L. 
UawKa,  K.  KinK,  J.  I.ewia,  E. 
Mit^lirll,  .North  Carolina,  A.  E. 
Scott,  W.  G.  Zrigler 
Mutarmt't  MUt. 
J.  J.  Hardin 

Jfataral  klHofy. 

Agriculture,  G.  T.  Atkinaon,  Bot. 
any,  J.  Brickell,  M.  Cateaby, 
M.  A.  Curtia,  Dismal  Swamp, 
Geological  Surrcr.  J.  Lawaon, 
Ornithology,  Ptne,W.  L.  Poiaai, 
T.  F.  Wood 
ifatal  ttan: 

J.  A.  Moroao,  Wilmington 

O.  W.  BUeknall 
JFtara  auPraga. 
S.  B.  Weeka 
Sne  Btrn.    Stt  that  lUle. 

Albeit  (New  hoUl).  K-  P.  Battle, 

C.  DeGraflenreiO,  J-  HaTena, 

H.  C.  Jones,  F.  Kidder,  S.  F. 

Miller,    W.  II.   Olirer,    L.    C. 

■  Vasa.    i4/ao.'  — C.  HaUock 

Jftte  Oardtn  Boardlaa  Sckanl. 

N.  Mendenhall. 
Aid  Sauth. 

8.  Andrews,  M.  B-  Blllrard,  C 




Ney,  Jfarshat. 
J.  A,  'Weston 

S.  B.  Weeks 
Xorth  Carolina, 

J.  D.  Cameron,  W.  C.  Kerr,  Z. 
B.  V»ncc,  D.  B.  Warden,  J.  II. 
Wlieeler,  "W.  Winslow 
"  North  Carolina  illustrated" 

D.  H.  Strothcr 
Northeastern  North  Carolina. 

G.  I.  Nowitzkv,   S.  B.  Weeks, 
D.  A.  WiUey" 
Northwestern  North  Carolina.     See 

Guide  book  of. 
Nullijlcation.    See  North  Carolina. 

Observatory,  First  college. 

J.  L.  Love 
facial  Records.    See  Civil  War. 
"  Old  North  State." 

P.  Busbec. 

G.  1".  Atkinson,  M.  Catesby 
Orphan  Asylum.  See  ih^t  title. 

F.  Winslow 

Pamlico  Section. 

J.  Havens 
Peace  Institute.    See  that  title. 

W.  S.  Primrose 
Pension  Boll.    See  that  title. 

W.  B.  Phillips 

R.  Dillard 
Physiography.    See  Geological  sur- 

T.  C.  Harris,  F.  A.  Ileywood 

S.  A.  Ashe,  S.  C.  Haghson,   J. 
Sprant,  S.  B.  Weeks 

J.  D.  Cameron 
Political  and  social  South. 

Z.  B.  Vance 
Politics.    See  "C"  letters. 
Population.    See  North  Carolina. 
Portrait,  History  of  a. 

3.  H.  Wlieclor 
Prehistoric  mine. 

F.  W.  Simonds 
Prehistoric  mounds.      See  Mounds, 

Presidential  electors. 

S.  B.  Weeks 

S.  C.  Alexander,  J.  Banks,  J. 
Barr,  E.  W.  Caruthers,  D.  I. 
Crais.J.DouKlas,  W.U.Foote, 
J.  Hall,  W.  S.  Harris,  Y.  H. 
■  Johnston,  R.  Z.  .Johnston,  D. 
Lacy,  W.  E.  Mcllwain,  N. 
McKay,  J.  McLaurin,  J.  Parks, 

A,  L.  Phillips,  Presbyterian 
ministers,  W.  S.  Primrose, 
Rowland,  J.  G.  Ramsey,  E.  F, 
Rockwell,  L.  C.  Vass,  S.  B. 
Weeks,  C.  H.  Wiley,  Wilming- 
ton, J.  M.  Wilson 

.  •Proposaisfor  transportation. 

W.  Gibson 

W.  W.  Holdcn,  S.  B.  Weeks 
Progress  of  North  Carolina. 

W.  W.  Avet7 
Protestant  Episcopal  Church, 

T.  Atkinson,  K.  P.  Battle,  J.  G. 
Burr,  J.  B.  Buxton,  J.  B.  Ches- 
hire, Jr.,  R.  B.  Drane,  Jr.,  R. 

B.  Drane,  Sr.,  F.  L.  Hawks, 
H.  C.  Lay,  J.  S.  Ruvenscrolt, 
W.  W.  Skiles,  S.  B.  Weeks 

Province.  See  Colonial  North  Caro- 
lina,   See  North  Carolina. 

Public  Improvements.  Sec  that  title. 
J.  Caldwell,  U.  Fultcm,  F.  L. 
Hawks,  A.  D.  Murphey,  J. 


A.  Coffin,  C.  F.  Coffitf,  E.  Coffin, 
F.  L.  Utwka,  M.  M.  Hobbs,  N. 

and  W.  Hunt,  R.  Jordan,  N. 
Mendenhall,  SUveiy,  S.  B. 
AVeeks.  Also: — J.  Archdale, 
D.  Clark,  L.  Coffin,  E.  M. 

Rail  Roads. 

Albemarle  section,  R.  Barrintrf-r, 
Cape  Fear  and  Yadkin  Valh-y, 

F.  A.  Hcywood,  Piedmont  Air 
Line.    Also:  —  B.Dobbin 

Raleigh.    See  that  title. 

D.  W.  Bain,  K.  P.  Battle,  C.  B. 
Denson,  A.  W.  Mangum,  W.  S. 
Primrose,  D.  L.  Swain,  R.  S. 

Raleigh  Colony.  SeeRoanoke  Colony. 
Randolph  County. 

J.  A.  Blair 

F.  M.  Hubbard,  C.  H.  Wiley 

S.  A.  Ashe,  W.  H.  Battle,  G.  W. 
Brooks,  Fraud  Commission,  I). 
R.  Goodloe,  J.  P.  Green,  S. 
Hyacinth,  W.  W.  Holden,  Ku 
Klux,  J.  W.  Moore,  R.  A.  Shot 
well,  Z.  B.  Vance,  J.  Worth 
Records  and  documents. 

W.  Clark,  W.  L.  Saunders,  J.  H. 
Regulation.    See  that  title. 

F.  L.  Hawks,  T.  B.  Kingsburj', 
W.  P.  Mangum,  D.  L.  Swain, 

A.  D.  Vinton,  A.  M.  WaddcU, 
J.  II.  Wheeler 

Religion  in  the  colony. 

W.  H.  Bailey,  F.  L.  Hawks,  S. 

B.  Weeks 
Religious  development. 

S.  B.  Weeks 

R.  Dillard,  D.  R.  Goodloe,  T.  E. 
Skinner,  J.  H.  Wheeler 
Resources,    See  North  Carolina. 

8.  A.  Ashe,  W.  H.  Bailey 

n.  B.  Adams,  M.  A.  Curtis,  F. 
M.  Hubbard,    C.    L.    Hunter, 
S.  B.  Weeks 
Revolution,    See  that  title. 

II.  B.  Adams,  S.  A.  Ashe,  W. 
Avery,  J.  Hanks,  K.  P.  Battle, 
J.  D.  Bellamy,  T.  Burke,  J.  D. 
Cameron,  E.  W.  Caruthers,  C. 

C.  Chesney,  W.  D.  Cooke,  R. 
B.  Creecv,  E.  G.  Daves,  (i. 
Daves,  W.  R.  Davie,  Declara 
tion  of  Independent'e,  R.  Dil- 
lard, L.  C.  Draper,  J.  Drayton, 

G.  Dudley,  H.J.  Elam.D.  Fan- 
ning, A.  Garden,  J.  R.  (iilraore, 
J.  Graham,  W.  A.  Graham,  R. 
Gray,  (f.  W. Greene, N.Greene, 
(iuilford  Court  House,  J.  J. 
Hardin,  C.  Harnett,  J.  T.  Head- 
ley,  R.  Henry,  Hero  of  76,  A.M. 
Hooper,  R.  Howe,  F.  M.  Hub- 
bard, J.  Iredell,  W.  Johnson, 
J.  S.  Jones,  King's  Mountain, 
T.  B.  Kingsburj',  R.  Lathan, 
H.  Lee,  H:  Lee,  Jr  ,  T.  Leon- 
ard, II.  A.  London,  II.  McDon- 
ald, S.  McDowell,  R.  MacKcn- 
zie,  Moore's  Creek,  M.  Moore, 
W.  Moultrie,  H.  Niles,  North 
Carolina,  Pension  Roll,  Provin- 
cial Congress,  J.  S.  Preston, 
B.J.  Ramage,  J.  G.  M.  Ram- 
sey, N.  Rochester,  E.  F.  Rock- 
well.  Roster  of  N.  C.  troops,  D. 
Schenck,  W.  Seymour,  D.  L. 
Swain,  J.  Sumner,  U.  Suther- 
land, B.  Tarkton,  Tory  Massa- 
cre, A.  M.  Waii.lell",  S.  B. 
Weeks,  J.  II.  Wheeler,  Wil- 
mington,J. G.Wright.  Also;  — 
H.  Murfree 

Road  making. 

W.  Cain,  J.  A.  Holmes,  D.  A. 
Roan  Mountain.    See  that  title, 
Roanoke  Colony,  1S84-91. 

E.  C.  Bruce,    J.  D.  Davis,    E. 

Eggleston,  R.  Ilakluyt,  E.  E. 

Hale,  T.  liariot,  F.  L.  Hawks, 

W.  W.  Henry,  J.  S.  Jones,  E. 

Lane,  II.  Mcilillan,  F.  A.  Olds, 

J.  Paris,  W.  S.  Perry,  W.  B«. 

loigh,  J.  Smith,  W.  Strachey, 

I.  N.  Tarbox,  C.  L.  Tuthill,  Z. 

B.  Vance,  S.  B.  Weeks,  W.  L. 

Welch,  J.  White 
Roanoke  Colony,  Survival  of. 

U.  McMillan,  F.  A.  Olds,  S.  B. 

Roanoke  Ijitet.    See  that  title. 
Roanoke  Island. 

F.  Kidder,  E.  Williams 
Roanoke  Island,  Battle  or. 

L.  Traver 
Roanoke  River,    See  that  title, 
Rockingham  County,     See  that  tiUe, 
Rosters  of  North   Carolina   troops. 

See  that  title, 
J.  Jones,  J.  W.   Moore,  W.  L. 

Saunders,  D.  Schenck 
Rowan  County. 
J.  Rumple 

Saint  Mary*s  school. 

K.  P.  Battle 
Salem  female  academy. 

A.  E.  Fries 

A.  W.  Mangum,  J.  Rumple 

Albemarle  section,  Asheville, 
Cape  Fear  and  Yadkin  Valley, 
Charlotte,  II.  E.  Colton,  Greens- 
boro, B.  S.  Grosscup,  J.  D. 
Cameron,  Health  Resorts,  Land 
of  the  Sky,  T.  II.  Lindsey,  Lin- 
ville.  North  Carolina,  Piedmont 
Air  Line,  11.  A.  Sawyer,  South 
Illustrated,  D.  H.  Strother, 
Summer  Resorts,  Mrs.  A.  V. 
Winkler,  Winston-Salcm,  W.B. 
Zeigler.  Atso:  —  T.  S.  Pres- 
brey,  J.  R.  Randall 
Schools.    See  that  title. 

North  Carolina,  C.  L.  Smith 
School  History. 

J.  W.  Moore,  Mrs.  C.  P.  Spencer, 
C.  II.  Wiley 
Sco^cA  Hall. 

C.  Hallock 

G.  Daves 

T.  E.  Skinner 
Shelby.    See  that  till: 

W.  C.  Kerr 

*' Uncle  Moreau" 
Slave  Insurrection. 

8,  B.  Weeks 
Stave  poet, 

K.  P.  Battle 
Slavery,    See  that  title, 

W.  G.  Hawkins 
Social  history. 

J.  Iredell,  Manners  and  Customs 
Soticiloi'  General. 
J.  B.  Cheshire 

E.G.  Harrell  and  J.  B.  Neathcry 
Special  Tax  bonds. 

S.  A.  Ashe 

North  Carolina,  D.  B.  Warden 
Supreme  court, 

K.  P.  Battle,  W.  Clark 
Surry  County. 

M.  Folger,  A.  H.  Guernsey 
Swamp  Lands. 

Geological  surveys,  W.  C.  Kerr, 
N.  S.  Shaler 
Swiss  settlement. 
C.  DeGraffenreid 

Tennessee.    See  Stats  of. 

Franklin,  J.  R.  Gilmore,  J. 
Haywood,  J.  G.  M.  Ramsey, 
T.  Roosevelt,  8.  B.  Weeks. 
Also:  — VI.  B.  Garrett 


..  U.  Jtckwn.  T.  Hutehiiu,  W. 
C.  KeiT,  U.  PUlJOB 
Itaiu.    8*«  Ukal  tUU. 

THult.    a^UmttUU. 

i.  Boawd.  W.  Bvtnun.  T.  W. 
Clwkt^.  ud  F.  A.  MIchuz, 
t.  T.  a.   Smjrth.    VoTU*   to 
TMMMrCkllM*.    aarUMlHIU. 
U  B.  BatikMd.  W.  T.  QuaawsT, 
J.  r.  Hilwm.  a  L.  SbWi.  8. 
7VM<t'<  cantr. 
M.  Maor* 

v*»  AMsMvott*  ^v .  n* .  A  very  ■  Ka 

r.  Bmiw.  r.  11.  bmu*.  w.  h. 


Battle,  W.  J.  Battle,  F.  P. 
Brewer.  P.  C.  Caroeroa,  W, 
Hooper,  J.  L.  Lore,  J. S.  Long, 
C.  D.  Melrer,  J.  Manning,  C. 
L.  Smith.  C  P.  Spencer,  U.  M. 
Tbonpioa,  D.  L.  Swain,  Z.  B. 
Vaaee.  8.  B.  Week*,  O.  T. 

ruMealion  o/ytrth  Oarollna. 

W.  J.  Battle.  J.  J.  Daria,  J.  8. 
Jonea,  D.  ScheBCk 

J.  OfMBwajr 

Wakt  nrtH  Coilia*.    See  tAat  tUU. 

BapUaU.  W.  T.  Bnoka.  F.  H. 

Inj.i.  H.  MiUf.  J.  S.  Parefor, 

W.  U.  Blmmniw,  C.  L.  Smith, 

S.  Wait.  W.  M.  Wincata 

War  »/  tS13. 

J.  BUkeley.  J.  Jobnaoa,  Boatar 
of  North  Caraliiia  traopa 

W.  C.  KtfT,  G.  F.  Swalo 


ir<«<eni  yorih  Oarolina. 

H.  E.  Colton,  A.  T.  Davidson,  8. 
U.  Dogger,  F.  C.  Fislier,  B.  S. 
Oroiacap,  ll.  A.  Helper,  C.  L. 
Hunter,  £.  King,  C.  Lanraan, 
T.  H.  Llndwy,  A.  and  F.  A. 
Hlcbaox,  E.  Mitchell,  M.  V. 
Morre,  North  Carolina,  Mr».  J. 
A.  Oertrl,  Piedmont  Air  Line, 

L.  P.  du  Pratz,  H.  A.  Sawrer. 

F.  Woo 
•on,  W.  B.  Zeigler 

H.  E.  TalUfFrro,  C.  F.  Wool- 

tnimlnftm.    See  lAal  ttU: 

B.  W.  Brown,  J.  G.  Borr,  E. 
Caatwell,  W.  L.  DeBoawtt,  J. 
II.  Dickion,  il.  B.  Dnuw,  J. 
Johna,  G.  McCaithjr,  J.  A. 
If Anao,  W.  M.  Poiaaon,  J. 
FotU,  J.  Reilrr,  J.  Sprant, 
D.  H.  TutUe,  T.T.  Wood 

O.  W.  Blarknall,  J.  W.  Howa 
WintloK-SaUm.    See  that  tUU. 
Mn.  A.  V.  Winkler 

Yauna  Jten't  OhrUtian  Auodalion. 
8.B.  Weaka 

Z  Weeks,   Stephen  Beauregard 

1319  A  bibUography  of  the 

WiU  historical  literatiire  of 

North  Carolina